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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Revolution
Part Three

The battered ambulance bounced along the seaside road, Heero Yui gazing out the front window intently. He had a mission to complete, a lost Gundam to deal with. He knew what he had to do, where he could acquire the weapons to destroy it.

The bike came up the other side, and Heero met the eyes concealed beneath the helm, recognizing them from the flash of swords. 'Arisugawa,' he noted, even as she sped by him.

The bike smoothly slid to a stop, the kick-stand going down in one strong motion. The young woman took her helmet off, shaking out her long orange hair as she saw the ambulance disappear over a rise. "Heero Yui?" Juri murmured, a thoughtful expression on her face. With a little shrug of her shoulders she climbed on her bike and was gone.

The party was already in full swing as Juri brought her bike to a gentle halt in the driveway. The oversuit she wore was swiftly removed and folded away into a compartment on the bike, leaving the clothes she had chosen for the party revealed. She swept her hair back, grasped the invitation in her hand and went forward.

"Miss Releena," one of Releena's friends approached her to asked, "do you think that Miss Arisugawa will come?"

"I do hope so," Releena smiled, her long brown hair flowing down her back, her light pink gown hugging her slim body.

There was a disturbance at the entrance, and they turned to look only to gaze in shock. Arisugawa Juri strode through the doorway, the dark colored men's suit clinging to a clearly feminine body. A red rose in the pocket, and she carried a bouquet of flowers in hand. She scanned the crowd, then moved forward through the mob towards Releena.

Juri smiled slightly as she offered Releena the flowers, "Happy Birthday, Releena. I'd have picked up a more suitable gift, but there wasn't time."

Releena took the bouquet in her hands, bringing them to her face. She breathed deep of the scent, them smiled up at Juri, "They're wonderful, thank you."

"You're welcome," Juri said to her gently. With a bit regret she said, "I won't be able to stay too long." She thought of Heero Yui with a flash of pure irritation as she added, "There's something I need to do this evening."

Releena frowned, but quickly masked it. "I hope that you'll stay for the dances, please," she smiled, "everyone is so looking forward to it." Two older people came from downstairs and she smiled wryly, "My parents, please excuse me."

Juri watched her go thoughtfully, then look a look at the students around her. A good percentage of what could be thought of the elite of the school was gathered here, all in Releena's honor. With a bit of nervousness she noted the adoring looks that the girl's were giving her, and the glares coming from the boys.

Juri sweatdropped. 'It's going to be a long night,' she mused.

Releena's mother smiled slightly as the girl neared her, "Who is that striking young man with the long orange hair?"

Releena blushed slightly, "Sorry, but that's a girl, mother. Her name is Arisugawa Juri."

Her father's eyes widened slightly as the name triggered a memory, something from a confidential document. "From Ohtori Academy..."

Releena looked up at her father, "Do you know her?"

"No, no," he quickly shook his head, looking out at Juri with the oddest look on his face.

Releena looked up at him, about to ask him again when there was a disturbance at the front door. The young military officer made his way over to their side, and Releena just knew what was going to happen. He drew her father aside, and they talked for a few moments.

"... but it's my daughter's birthday!" her father finished forcefully.

Releena smiled wryly, knowing how that discussion was going to have to end. She put her hand on his arm, "It's all right, daddy. I know your work is very important."

He hesitated, then gave her a relieved smile. "Thank you," and with that he seemed to change, becoming the diplomat he was. With a intent expression he left, force in his stride.

The music for the dances started, but Releena just stood there, lost in her thoughts. She was startled when a gentle hand rested on her arm, and she looked up to meet Arisugawa Juri's expressive eyes. "Could I have this dance?" Juri asked softly.

"Yes..." Releena answered softly. Juri pulled her out into the middle of the large room, ignoring the murmurs of the crowd. Releena relaxed, quickly discovering that Juri lead the way she fought, both light on her feet and with great skill.

"I have to go," Juri finally said softly, bringing them to a stop. She took Releena's hand and gentlemanly kissed it, then she smiled slightly. "Happy birthday," she repeated, then turned around and strode out of the room.

Juri left the front door and took the steps down to where her motorcycle waited just as she left it. She pulled the oversuit on to protect her suit then climbed on the bike, pausing when she felt a gaze on her back. Looking back she was Releena on the steps, the door open behind her. Juri waved once, then was off.

The bike ate up the road as she gradually sped up, following in the direction that she had seen the battered ambulance speed off to. She didn't know what was going on with Heero, but whatever it was bothered her enough to check it out. In the distance along the shore she saw a flash of light, and her eyes widened.

"The munitions supply base," Juri muttered softly, opening up the throttle and racing ever faster down the highway.

Heero stood beside the lift, the rack carrying a bundle of torpedoes. "This should be sufficient to destroy even a Gundam," he muttered, bending over the controls intently. There was a flash of motion and he drew his gun, pointing it coolly.

"What are you doing, Yui?" Arisugawa Juri asked, looking at the gun the boy carried warily. 'A military Otaku,' she quickly assessed him, all dressed in the olive and gray garb those sort of boys liked. The gun looked awfully real, though, so she was going to treat him with caution.

"Somehow, I was almost expecting someone else," Heero murmured before pulling the trigger, the gun discharging loudly.

The bullet cut through the air, but Juri wasn't there. She ducked and rolled, coming up nearby him only to find the gun pointed at her face. 'Shit,' she cursed silently, meeting his gaze calmly.

"Not bad," Heero's finger tightened on the trigger when a shot rang out. He gasped in pain, staggering backwards as red blossomed on his shoulder.

"Ah, ah," the young man in black smiled, his white clerical collar gleaming as he leveled a gun at Heero, "can't have you shooting defenseless ladies."

"I'm not that defenseless," Juri murmured, trying to get a better look at the face hidden beneath the boy's black cap.

He gave her an impish smile, "Sorry, Miss," A flare blazed to life just above him, nearly blinding Juri as she took a half step back, shielding her eyes with her hand. "I'll just be taking the two Gundams and be going now."

"No!" In that moment of distraction Heero moved, his pistol coming up.

Juri jumped on him, the two fighting for the gun as the boy in black looked on. Juri met those wild eyes, a desperation and complete commitment to a purpose in them. They wrestled for the weapon, hands clambering over it, then suddenly a shot rang out.

Heero's grip eased as he fell backward, blood spreading out over his shirt as the gun slid into the dark waters. "I didn't mean..." Juri stammered out, "didn't want him to..."

Heero grabbed her hand, squeezing weakly, "OZ... the Specials... my mission..." He slumped, life escaping him as he slumped.

The boy in black puffed out a breath. "Thanks," he muttered softly, "you may have saved my life." He knelt down, shutting Heero's sightless eyes before pulling Juri to her feet. "You'd better get out of here, Miss."

"Arisugawa," Juri shot back, looking down at Heero's body, "he was fighting against OZ too. We didn't even need to be fighting."

"Fighting OZ," the boy in the cleric collar murmured as out in the bay two robots began to rise, one black and the other gleaming white. "Duo Maxwell," he introduced himself as he gave her a push forward. "You have to get out of here before the army or police arrive."

"Right," Juri marshaled her self control as she made her way over to her bike. She climbed aboard, pulled the helmet on, then frowned slightly as Duo stood up there on the platform studying her intently.

A grim smile on Duo's face, "I'll be seeing you, Arisugawa."

Juri wheeled the bike about and was gone in a squeal of tires. She made her way overland, bumping roughly over stone and greenery, but away from the roads the armed forces would be using to get to the base. She made her way across the moonlit terrain, and every moment considered what she had just done, the life she had accidentally taken.

To be continued....