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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Revolution
Part Four

Duo Maxwell puffed out a breath, the boy dressed in priest's garb looking between the tall girl and the other young man's body. "Thanks," he finally muttered to her softly, "you may have saved my life." Duo knelt down, reaching out to shut Heero's sightless eyes before pulling her to her feet. "You'd better get out of here, Miss."

"Arisugawa," the orange haired girl shot back, looking down at Heero's body, "he was fighting against OZ too. We didn't even need to be fighting."

"Fighting OZ," the Duo murmured as out in the bay two robots began to rise, one black and the other gleaming white. "Duo Maxwell," he introduced himself as he gave her a push forward. "You have to get out of here before the army or police arrive," he said urgently.

"Right," Arisugawa visibly marshaled her self control as the woman walked away from Duo towards her motorbike. She climbed aboard, pulled the black helmet on, and Duo just stood there, watching her thoughtfully.

Duo smiled grimly as he murmured, "I'll be seeing you, Arisugawa."

Arisugawa wheeled the bike about and was gone in a squeal of tires into the night. Duo noted with some admiration that she chose to make her way overland, bumping roughly over the stone and uneven ground, but also keeping well away from the major roads that the armed forces would be using to get out to the base.

"Well, back to work," Duo leapt down, smiling in satisfaction as his Gundam emerged from the waters, carrying the white Gundam that he had found on the ocean floor hours before. His original intention was simply to keep it for spare parts, but now...

A chopper whizzed by overhead, jerking him away from his thoughts. He moved out of the pool of light, keeping to the deep shadows as his remote controlled Mobile suit returned to the depths with a flick of a switch. He slid the remote away with a frown, wishing the effort of hauling them up hadn't been wasted, but he couldn't risk them being spotted.

The jeep was not far from the base, right where he had hidden it earlier, and Duo made it there easily. 'The regular army,' he thought to himself wryly, 'what a joke.' His smile faded as he continued, 'Now if it was OZ troopers out there, I might just be in trouble.'

Duo grabbed the uniform that he had stashed in the back seat, changing clothes quickly. Where a boy in priest's clothes had once been a Major in the Specials now sat, insignia gleaming and uniform crisp. He started up the jeep, pausing just a moment to pull on the matching cap, then he was gone, driving off into the night whistling a merry tune.

He passed by two checkpoints while he was getting off the station, his set of false papers and borrowed uniform carrying him past them easily. Still, Duo made sure to use evasion techniques to keep anyone from trying to tail him, finally dumping and then destroying both the jeep and uniform before moving on to his safe house.

Duo had his gun in hand, unlocking the door and carefully moving inside. He searched each room, scanning for any signs that someone else had been inside there. Finally he slid the gun away, moving over to a small personal computer.

The first thing he checked was for any new missions from his superiors, but there was nothing posted yet. "Well," Duo smiled, "lets take a look into our Miss Arisugawa." The search engine was first, and he frowned intently, sorting through the photos and articles. He found out that her first name, Juri, and with a bit of looking found that she was attending a major academy nearby. But Duo really reacted when he found the report about the fire at Ohtori.

"Colony terrorists?" Duo snorted in amusement, "yeah, right."

Duo raised an eyebrow at the accusations that Juri had made about the Specials, her claim that a group of OZ soldiers had really been the ones to cause the fire at Ohtori. It had all been hushed up pretty quickly, of course, but it must have been worrying to the leaders of OZ. She hadn't been shut up, instead they had discredited her using her relationship with another female student.

"Well, I guess she meant it when she talked about fighting against OZ," Duo said to himself thoughtfully. He leaned back in his chair and looked up at the roof as he murmured, "But what do I want to do about it?"

In another part of the world, a irritating chime roused an older woman from her sleep. Short black hair stood up messily, but she seemed to awaken almost instantly, looking around her calmly. She reached out to hit the activation switch for a nearby communicator and coldly said, "Whoever this is, it had better be good."

"Noin," the silver helmeted figure appearing on the screen smiled at her slightly, "I'm sorry to disturb you so early."

"Zechs," Noin smiled back wryly, "I should have known." She sat up, running a hand through her hair to straighten it out, "What's the situation?"

"We're inbound to your position, ETA two hours," Zechs calmly explained, "there's some very important matters for us to discuss."

"I'll be ready," Noin answered, and he signed off without another word. 'What in the world does Zechs want with me now?' she wondered as she almost jumped up out of bed. 'I told him that it was over, the last time we met,' she thought grimly.

Noin stripped off her night clothes, stepping into the small shower for a few moments of hot water, then she switched it over to ice cold. A muffled scream later, and she was feeling much more awake. She dried off, dressed herself quickly in her dark blue uniform of the Specials, and after making sure she was presentable she was gone. Only a few minutes later she was up in the base's tactical room asking for a situation update from the very startled looking staff there.

A few moments of studying the military data coming in from the other bases, and Noin knew that there was only one real military problem: the Gundams. Four Mobile Suits from the colonies, each one of them different in design and capabilities. But they all had one thing in common: they were all striking against the OZ controlled bases. One was downed by Zechs himself, but no one else seemed to be able to stand against them.

'Does Zechs think the Gundams are going to attack this training center?' Noin thought to herself grimly. 'Or is there something else here that he needs?' She shook her head and sighed, she had broken up with Zechs because she didn't understand him, why should this be any different. "It's going to be a long two hour wait," Noin muttered.

"Ma'am?" one of the techs looked at her in confusion.

"Never mind," Noin turned, leaving the room.

The mobile suit transport plane landed right on time, Noin and a few of the other high-ranking officers of the base waiting for them to disembark. As Zechs climbed down, the scarlet clad ace of the Specials, Noin felt a pang of regret. But they weren't going anywhere, and she would not let herself be used, even by such a man.

Zechs offered respectful salutes to the officers, then nodded to Noin. "I need to speak with you privately," he said to her crisply.

The other officers, as well as Zechs' lieutenant all moved away. "Zechs," Noin actually found herself feeling irritable, "this had better not have been a personal visit. It's over."

"I know," there was an odd sound of regret in Zechs voice, "I'm here under orders from Treise himself." He took an envelope from his pocket, passing it over with a simple, "Here."

Noin turned the envelope over in her hands, looking curiously at the wax seal marked with a rose emblem. She popped the seal, and a stiff card as well as something heavy dropped into her hands. The rose seal glinted in the light of the dawn, and the card bore elegant script, "You have been chosen to become a duelist." Just below that, oddly, was the phrase, "End of the world."

"What in the world?" Noin looked up at Zechs in surprise.

"It seems that you've been chosen, too," Zechs said to her quietly, "chosen to be a major player in the coming drama."

"Too?" Noin narrowed her eyes in thought, remembering seeing the rose signet that Zechs also wore. "What is this all about?" she asked.

"The chance to achieve all our ambitions," Zechs smiled slightly, "the chance to hold miracles in our hand. One could even revolutionize the world." He paused, "but only if you choose to accept it."

Noin looked up at him, then down at the ring on her palm. She took the rose signet in her hand, then with a simple motion slid it on her finger. "What do we do now?"

"Your new orders," Zechs handed papers over to her, "you are being reassigned to the mobile suit divisions at your own discretion."

"That means I can go almost anywhere, do anything," Noin murmured, looking through the papers to confirm it. "Am I to go after the Gundams?"

"The Gundams are a part of this," Zechs said thoughtfully, "but not the only part. There are still players waiting to be revealed."

To be continued...