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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Revolution
Part Five

The message went out only a few hours later, relayed all around the world. Of course, only certain people received it, those who had been chosen by the colonies to bring a great change to the world below them. The blonde haired, oddly delicate looking young man sitting in the tent sighed to himself softly, reviewing the data.

"One of us is gone," Quatre Rebaba Winner sadly murmured, his formal garb odd compared to his surroundings. "I wish.." he shook his head, running a hand through his short hair. The rose signet he wore caught the light, glowing red and silver.

"Quatre-sama," one of his lieutenants came in, "it's nearly time."

Quatre nodded, giving the man a gentle smile, "Then lets go." He stepped out of his tent, pausing just a moment out there to look across the oasis at his Gundam, Sandrock.

"It's a most noble machine," the middle-eastern man beside him said, taking in the suit.

"It's a weapon," Quatre shook his head, "but it's a necessary one." A slight smile, "Let's get to work, we've got a mission to complete."

In another part of the world, a group of OZ mobile suits paused on the pavement, the grayish war machines raising their weapons. "It's coming!" one said frantically.

"It's just one suit," the commander growled back, "we can do this! Just be ready."

"Sir," another voice, an edge of panic in his voice, "incoming!"

Before any of them could even move, a wave of mini-missiles dropped on their location, hammering them backwards and sending their formation into chaos. From the smoke the suit appeared, the massive gattling gun was aimed, then it fired. The weave of metal slugs tore into the unit, ripping them to shreds.

"I'm sorry," Trowa Barton murmured, brown hair falling into his eyes, "I just wanted to destroy the supplies depot. But you saw me, and so your fate was sealed."

A soft chirp reminded him of the data streaming across a screen even as he popped the suit's breastplate open, revealing two more cannons that opened up on the surviving troopers. When only ruins remained, the boy in the pilot seat turned his attention to the message itself.

"We've lost a pilot," Trowa murmured. His hand tightened on the control stick involuntarily, and he felt his signet cutting into his finger.

"Here," the Asian boy passed the briefcase full of money over to the man in the truck driver's seat, "is everything I ordered there?"

"Of course," the gray haired fellow nodded to the loaded trucks, "the weapons and supplies you asked for are all aboard. Where do you want them?"

"Just leave it here," Wu-fei Chang said coldly.

But.." a young driver protested, "we can't just leave this stuff with a kid!"

"He's paying us in cash," the older man roared, "he can do what he wants with it!" His fellow thoroughly intimidated he looked over at Wu-fei, "Nice doing business with you."

Once the men left he climbed up to check over the gear just in case, then moved to where he had a small shelter concealed nearby. There was a message waiting for him on the computer, and he accessed it quickly, eager for a new mission. He read, then frowned slightly.

"So one of us is gone," Wu-fei Chang said to himself darkly, "then he was too weak anyway." He scowled, clenching his fists, the signet gleaming in the light as he cried out to the sky, "There are too many weak opponents!"

In a safehouse in another part of the world, Duo Maxwell smiled to himself grimly as he ran through the message. He had been the one to notify them, but it was still comforting to see his own report bounced back to him. He got up from his seat, the ring that he wore on a chain around his neck bumping up against his chest.

It was the second part of the message that concerned him, honestly. "Porotect second Gundam," Duw murmured that part to himself, "use own discretion to find sympathetic pilot." He shook his head, "They must be crazy. There's no way I can find another pilot!"

A flash of orange hair in his mind's eye, and Duo winced. The woman certainly had no love for OZ, that was true, but she was a complete unknown. Putting Arisugawa in the pilot seat of a gundam would be a great gamble, one that could blow up in all of their faces.

Duo smiled to himself wryly as he admitted, "Or it could pay off big time."

Not so far away, a tall figure strode out of the dorms, her long orange hair blowing behind her like a banner. The boy's uniform Arisugawa Juri wore was crisply neat, but there were a few bags under those intense eyes.

'Wish I could sleep better,' Juri thought to herself grimly. The last two nights sleep had been fitful, her dreams haunted by the memory of what she had done. She knew she hadn't much choice, and she was sure that Heero would have tried to shoot Duo, but... The man was dead, and she carried at least some of the responsibility for it.

"Arisugawa-san?" the pleasant voice startled her from her dark thoughts. Looking down she saw that Releena had fallen into step beside her almost silently, the brown haired young woman giving her a worried look.

"I'm sorry," Juri sheepishly apologized, "I was lost in my thoughts."

"And very grave thoughts they were," Releena said to her gently, "at least from the look on your face. Care to talk about it?"

"One of those moral issues," Juri murmured softly, "where there isn't really a right answer and you just have to muddle through it."

"Those are tough ones," Releena said sympathetically. Changing the subject she offered Juri a smile, "Thank you for coming to my party, by the way."

"You're welcome," Juri managed to smile back. "I hope I didn't manage to scandalize anyone too much by dancing with you," she added.

Releena chuckled softly. "The only problem your dancing with me caused," her eyes twinkled with humor, "was all the disapointed ladies there were when you left early."

"Oh, really?" Juri raised an eyebrow.

More seriously Releena continued, "I'm not kidding, you know. I suspect you're goimng to get mobbed by the girls at our next school dance."

"Now there's something to look forward to," Juri muttered.

Releena chuckled softly. They walked along together, Juri not really noticing the girls that lined her route to the school. She looked up at Juri and curiously asked, "I haven't seen Heero Yui around at all lately, has your nemesis given up?"

"He isn't exactly my nemesis," Juri said a bit uncomfortably. Keeping her voice as casual as she possibly could she continued, "He did transfer here rather suddenly, so maybe he had to leave for the same reason?"

"Maybe," Releena looked up at her thoughtfully.

"Hey, Arisugawa!" a boy's voice cried, and for just a moment Juri felt relieved at the distraction. Then she saw who it was and nearly froze. Leaning up against a wall, his brown braid neat with his boy's uniform stood Duo Maxwell. "Took you long enough," Duo said.

"What are you doing here?" Juri blurted out.

Releena looked between the two of them, "You two are friends?"

"We've known each other a while," he grinned before giving Releena a slight bow, "Duo Maxwell, at your service."

"Sorry, Releena," Juri recovered pretty quickly as she continued, "I just wasn't expecting him to meet us here."

Releena smiled slightly, "Did you want to talk? I could go on ahead.."

"Nah, that's not necessary," Duo gave them an engaging smile as he offered, "Why don't we all walk to our classes together?"

Juri gave Duo a look that would have killed a lesser man. "Of course," Juri said as they walked off together.

To be continued...