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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Revolution
Part Six

The morning sunlight lit up Noin's dark hair, casting her face into shadows as she walked down the stairs from the transport plane. The woman who was waiting at the base of the steps for her had her brown hair pulled back in the military style, her Specials uniform crisp and neat, the insignia of the medical services shining.

"Lieutenant Noin," the woman saluted her, "my name is Sally Po."

"Lieutenant Po," Noin returned the salute gravely. They fell into step together towards a where a jeep was waiting as Noin drawled, "I'm still not quite clear on why I was sent here."

"Officially this base is here to help study the stress levels of pilots in Mobile Suits," Sally smiled as they climbed in, taking the driver's seat while Noin took the passenger's seat. "In fact, that sort of work is the reason that I'm here."

"And unofficially?" Noin asked curiously.

"Unofficially," Sally smiled slightly as they sped off towards the nearby buildings, "this is the headquarters of the second generation Mobile Suit project." She held up a hand before Noin could say something, "I can't go into detail, not until we're inside."

"Concerned about satellite surveillance?" Noin quietly noted. She smiled grimly as they bulled up to the hangars, "The colony rebels, of course."

"Exactly," Sally agreed as they strode across a dusty floor through what appeared to be an unused building. She swiped a keycard through a reader concealed on the back wall, and a door slid open. Sally waved her into the elevator, "After you."

"Very covert," Noin noted as they descended, "but is it really necessary?"

"The Gundams have been able to launch attacks on OZ facilities around the world," Sally noted, "many of which were also covert." She shrugged, "With what we're working on here, it's better to be safe than sorry."

"And what are you working on here?" Noin asked as the elevator descended, taking a moment to study the doctor. She was poised, but there was nervousness, too.

"Originally we were involved with developing the Mobile Dolls project," Sally said, watching the floor numbers count down, "but we've changed our focus to a new project with the arrival of the Gundams, and the difficulties our Leos are having with them."

"And what would that be?" Noin asked as they finally came to a halt. They exited the elevator together, walking out into a large hanger. Noin slowed, then stopped as she gazed in surprise at what waited there for them.

"That," Sally said with some satisfaction.

The mobile suit stood there, gleaming silver in the lights of the massive hanger. The figure resembled a European knight, unlike the regular mobile suits that were used by OZ. The size matched that of a Gundam, the suit giving a sense of restrained power.

"What's it called?" Noin murmured softly, an odd catch in her voice.

"Tallgeese," Sally said softly, "or technically the Tallgeese II. The first one is currently out in the field, being used by Zechs."

"Can it hold it's own against a Gundam?" Noin asked never pulling her eyes away from the mobile suit She smiled slightly, taking in the cannon mounted on the back, the shield resting on one arm. 'Beam saber, too,' she noted.

"Hopefully," Sally said with a slight shrug. "Zechs is pleased with the suit so far," she said as she urged Noin down the walkway, "but we're still working the bugs out of the design."

"Like?" Noin frowned, her eyes intent.

"The strain that the suit puts on a pilot is immense," Sally said quite frankly. "Lt. Zechs used the Tallgeese in the recent Sanq Kingdom operation, and it left him bedridden for days." Her face was grave as she continued, "One of his pilots used the suit to finish the mission, and his heart simply gave out under the strain."

"The pilots will have to be exceptional," Noin murmured thoughtfully as they went into another part of the facility. Here researchers worked on design terminals, others bent over work tables designing pieces of technology.

"We're training the pilots here for the Tallgeese," Sally said crisply, "as well as developing additional improvements to the standard Leos."

"Any bright lights?" Noin inquired.

"Zechs has suggested you for this," Sally smiled at her slightly, "and from what I've seen of your record, I'd have to agree. We also have one other pilot candidate in training with the simulators, you'll be meeting her pretty soon."

"Is OX manufacturing more of the Tallgeese suits?" Noin asked.

"Yes, but it's going slower than I'd like," Sally acknowledged, "as the representative of the Romafeller foundation keeps reminding me."

"Who are you dealing with?" Noin asked crisply.

"Tubarov," Sally said quietly.

"Is my uncle giving you trouble again?" the young woman's amused voice came from behind them. Noin quickly turned, taking in a young woman wearing a simple flightsuit. Her long blonde hair flowed around her, her smile impish, her eyebrows oddly shaped.

"Occasionally," Sally agreed good naturedly. She smiled at Noin, "Lt. Noin, I'd like you to meet our pilot trainee, Dorothy Catalonia."

"Lt. Noin?" Dorothy smiled, looking over the dark haired woman thoughtfully, "Your reputation as a trainer precedes you."

"Thank you," Noin nodded, "and my reputation as a pilot is just as good."

"Do try not to sneak up on OZ soldiers," Sally scolded Dorothy, a slight smile on her face, "it tends to result in people being shot by accident."

"Your concern for my welfare is touching," Dorothy drawled. She looked over at Noin, "She's shown you the Tallgeese?"

"First thing," Noin nodded slightly.

"It's a magnificent war machine," Dorothy said, pulling her flight suit gloves off, "I hope to pilot one like it, eventually." She waved to them as she turned to walk away, the rose signet ring she wore shining in the artificial light.

"You certainly deal with her casually," Noin said to Sally softly, once the pretty blonde had walked out of hearing range.

"She's pretty useful," Sally explained calmly, "she'll go talk to Tubarov, and he'll get off our backs for a few weeks." At Noin's surprised look she continued, "I don't know how she has so much influence with him, but she does."

Noin nodded thoughtfully, "And is she a good pilot?"

They walked on a few steps in silence. "She's very good," Sally admitted, "I'd be ready to put her in a Mobile Suit right now if she wasn't so damn eager."

"Eh?" Noin blinked.

Sally sighed, "Dorothy sees a battle like a pageant, a beautiful display of arms and mecha. I don't know if she quite understands that lives are being lost, people slain." She paused, "Or if she does know, if she even cares."

"One of those ones," Noin nodded thoughtfully, "I ran into that type when I was training pilots. I'll keep an eye on her, do what I can."

"Thanks," Sally sighed.

Safely hidden in the shadows Dorothy watched them walk by, her expression thoughtful. 'Another duelist,' she mused, having seen Noin's ring when they talked. Once they were gone she slipped from her concealment, walking the other way.

'I was cultivating Sally Po as a possible resource,' Dorothy thought, unzipping her flightsuit to make herself a bit more comfortable, 'I'd best look into this Noin, as well. One never knows when one might need an ally.'

There was a dangerous, almost catlike smile on her beautiful face as she made her way to the staff quarters. She reached her room, the door slid open and she walked in, 'There will only be one victor of the Duels.' A soft laugh as she stripped, changing to a dress that was almost the opposite of her flight suit as she said aloud, "And that will be me."

To be continued...