Gundam Wing Fan Fiction ❯ A Church is Burning ❯ Where There is Smoke, There is Fire ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
They were running, escaping the Oz base. The mission had gone tail end up fast, and Heero glanced over his shoulder to make sure Duo was keeping up. Not that he cared, he told himself, because he didn’t. The other boy was not growing on him, and he wasn’t going to touch that. Especially not at that moment. Still, Duo was keeping up rather well, and Heero knew Duo could surprise him at any moment. The boy was full of surprises, and whenever Heero expected Duo to fail in some sort of capacity the braided boy would swiftly turn the situation around. It was something Heero could appreciate. Competence was an excellent trait, one Duo had despite the silly exterior.
Duo stared in amazement at Heero as they ran. Heero was aesthetically pleasing, that was obvious. But the other boy was frighteningly competent. Duo knew he was no match for Heero Yuy, but a kid could dream, even though Duo was positive Heero was as straight as could be. After all, didn’t he have that obnoxious Relena girl? Another loud explosion sounded behind them and Duo pushed himself to go faster. Keeping up with the Perfect Soldier was hard enough, but hiding minor injuries while doing so was even rougher. Out of the corner of his eye there was a flicker of metal and Duo’s instincts kicked right in. He booked it forward and shoved Heero to the ground. He turned, pulling out his gun, but he was far too slow for the two Oz soldiers. He felt the fiery pain rip through his chest and he staggered back, swearing violently. He barely took time to aim before firing off a round in the direction of the soldiers. He wasn’t sure he had actually hit either of them, but he knew Heero would be on his toes even as he collapsed onto his knees. He pressed his hands to his wound, watching out of the corner of his eye as Heero took out the two soldiers. So much for efficiency; he’d managed to get shot, and in the chest too. He felt that tell-tale tickle in the back of his throat and nearly groaned. He would have felt an exit wound, so that meant he had a lovely new addition to his body that wasn’t exactly wanted. He suppressed a cough, knowing full well it would only cause more pain and more blood. Definitely a lung, then. Lovely.
He braced himself against the floor with one arm, the other pressed tight against his chest. Finally, he looked up to find Heero standing over the two, now presumably dead, guards. He dropped his head again, staring in morbid fascination at the blood dripping despite his best efforts to stop it. Yeah, this was bad. He must have lost some time then, because suddenly he felt Heero crouching beside him. Without speaking, the other pilot grabbed his unoccupied arm and slung it over his own shoulder, dragging Duo up with him.
“We need to move,” was all the other pilot said. Duo nodded, stumbling forward when Heero started jogging towards the carrier bay. Thankfully, they were still on earth, and not terribly far from Quatre’s compound. Still, Duo was doubting he could make it there. They didn’t have their gundams, and Duo was really hoping that there was at least one plane or carrier in the bay. He kept a hand firmly pressed against his chest, yet despite that he was leaving a trail of blood. Thankfully, they didn’t meet much resistance. Finally, they made it to the bay. That’s when Duo’s knees finally gave out, nearly dragging Heero down with him. Yeah, that wasn’t good.
“’Ro, just go,” he ground out, still suppressing the urge to cough. He was already struggling to breathe, and he was slowing Heero down and possibly compromising the mission. But the other pilot said nothing and dragged Duo to his feet, easily supporting him and hauling him into the nearest plane. Duo continued to protest quietly; it wasn’t that he wanted to die, because he didn’t. But the mission was bigger than him, and for all the joking around he did he knew that. Still, Heero was a stubborn guy. The other pilot propped him against a bench in the plane, and headed towards the cockpit. Heero had to pick this little puddle jumper. Duo kept a hand pressed to his chest, trying really hard to ignore the puddle of blood growing beneath him. He could no longer suppress the urge to cough and he started doing just that in force. Yeah, coughing up blood was not in his top five favorite things. He wiped his mouth with the back of his free hand and used that hand to steady himself again the floor as the plane launched into the air. He was struggling to stay conscious; he took to biting his lip to do so. New, different pain to focus on, and he tasted blood. He wasn’t sure if it was from the blood welling up in this throat, or if he had actually bit through his lip. He was startled by the sound of a gunshot, just one, and he really hoped Heero had been the one doing the shooting. His vision fogged out for a moment, snapping back into focus as the other pilot kneeled next to him.
“Gunshot?” Duo ground out, hoping Heero would understand the whole question contained in that one word.
“Shot the tracking and navigation box. We don’t need to bring Oz to Quatre’s doorstep,” the other pilot said, laying down a med kit and opening it. Duo nodded, laying his head back.
Heero frowned. There was an awful lot of blood, and Duo’s shirt was soaked when he touched it. The second pilot was losing too much blood, the Heero could tell just from his first glance. There was also blood on Duo’s lips, and Heero’s frown deepened. Heero gently moved his partner’s hand out of the way. He pulled out a knife and sliced right through Duo’s shirt, expecting some sort of protest. It worried Heero that there was none. He peeled back the soaked shirt; he had grabbed what he could to clean the blood off, but he wasn’t quite sure he had enough cloth. He couldn’t see the damage very well, and he needed to. What he could see, though, made him a little nauseous. Blood bubbled out in tandem with Duo’s heaving breath, and Heero internally swore. A lung, then. They were a good twenty minutes out from Quatre’s compound, and with Duo with a sucking chest wound Heero was beginning to doubt things. Still, he plowed forward. Heero dug through the medical kit, sincerely hoping it was complete. Oz kept good med kits, Heero had learned, including basic equipment for gunshot wounds. He finally found what he was looking for: a piece of clear plastic and some medical tape. Not much, but it was exactly what Heero needed at that moment. He proceeded to clean as much of the blood off Duo’s chest as he could, allowing him to see the wound clearly. He taped the plastic down, leaving one corner free. Working around his partner’s heaving chest was a little difficult, but Heero did the best he could. Duo continuing to breathe was what mattered at the moment. He knew there wasn’t an exit wound, which could either be a good or a bad thing. He shoved a clean piece of cloth in Duo’s hand and placed it back over the wound.
“Keep pressure on it, and stay awake,” the Japanese pilot ordered, waiting for his partner to respond. Duo opened his eyes and nodded, satisfying Heero enough that he stood up and headed back towards the cockpit.