Gundam Wing Fan Fiction ❯ As I Lay Thee Down ❯ The New War? ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

As I Lay Thee Down

By: Ryo-chan

"Code 8808765346." Trowa Barton quickly mumbled at the monitor set in front of him, from his small and inconspicuous apartment hidden in the shadows of New York, New York. An old city, how it even still stood he would never know. The screen in front of him flashed green words bearing the news, 'Access Granted' and soon enough a face on the other end of the conversation came into focus.

"Hnn…" Came the sleepy 'reply' of Heero Yuy, "Yeah?" Heero stared into the monitor, his icy glare not moving a muscle.

"A fax came in from Quatre, from colony L2. Apparently…it's urgent." Trowa replied, as he read his copy of the message and sent Heero his. On Heero's side of the line, he averted his glare from the screen to the paper printing from the nearby computer. As soon as it's task completed, Heero ripped the paper from the printer and read Quatre's message. It read:

"GMS pilot 01, 02, 03, & 05

3:57AM - Sudden explosions reported near the L3 colony and Omena base. It was found that the Preventers' Stations was bombed and members hunted down and murdered. Status of station: Annihilated. Surviving members: …0. Death by injury: General Toneh Neihai…' The letter continued on to spill out name after name, moving on to the death on the battlefield… 'Tohei, Kyoko; Major Sally Po; Commander Thayde Sincuu…' Then it went on to the soldiers that were missing in action. 'Only one MIA. Name: Givaan. (first name unknown) Enemy unconfirmed, it is suspected either the Omena base or the L3 colony. (But my personal opinions differ)

I'm sorry guys…

-GMS pilot 04"

"Hmmmm…" Heero mumbled as he set the paper aside, "That was completely unexpected…is it not the preventers job to correct things like this?"

"Yes." Trowa replied, "Our enemy is smart, without the preventers there job is easier…if they mean harm, that is." Trowa closed his eyes, in vexation.

While Heero read through the list of names again, and stopped on one particular name which sounded quite familiar. "…Major Sally Po."

"Hey! I remember her!" Came a perky voice all of a sudden. Along with the voice came a lot of brown hair, tied into a long braid, two big blue eyes, and a wide smile onto Trowa's screen. Duo Maxwell was sitting on Heero's monitor and hung his head over the screen upside down. Trowa did a double take, and Heero's icy glare flared for a moment. Duo continued, "She's dead?" Duo jumped/got ripped down by Heero off the monitor and stood right side up again, "That's a shame."

Trowa nodded. "Quatre suggested that we all have a little 'get together' and talk this over…but there's one complication." Heero and Duo rolled their eyes and nodded, understanding instantly.

"Wufei…" They said simultaneously. "Were that guy is when you need 'em…" Duo said, and shrugged, "Well, let's just say the world will never know." Trowa chuckled, and Heero just grunted and nodded.

"At least I can stand right side up, Duo." Came a growl from behind Trowa. Trowa, caught completely off guard, turned around to see the usual ill-mannered Chang, Wufei walk into the room holding his sword lightly. He glared at the screen smugishly and leaned against the wall of Trowa's apartment. "Wondering how I got here, are you?" Wufei sneered. They nodded a yes, halfway against their own wills. "Well, according to "Rocket Scientist Maxwell" here, I can be anywhere." Wufei was obviously enjoying every moment of this; he had a way with words.

Trowa cleared his throat, "Anyway…Quatre requests that we meet in three days, in this very spot." The others nodded, and agreed to those terms. In three days, they would meet in Trowa's apartment, early in the morning. Heero nodded, and Duo waved as their transmission ended and both screens shut off. On Heero's side, which was in a small house in Kyoto, Japan, Duo went about fixing himself an overly large breakfast, and Heero continued to vigorously punch in keys into his lab top.

"So you'll be here the-" Trowa stopped talking as he turned to see Wufei gone as quickly as he had appeared. Trowa walked outside, and stared up into the blue sky that seemed to move so quickly around this unshameful planet. "Weren't you a member…of the preventers once?"

Silence…for a moment. "Long ago." Wufei spat, though the flow of time proved him wrong, in his mind it was very far back, and put behind him without any regret. "I left. That damned organization was doomed from the beginning." Wufei snarled, as Trowa turned and looked up to see Wufei perched on low fire escape, sitting outside the rail and letting his legs hang over the side, "In order to prevent wars, those weaklings did trade with our enemy in order to survive and keep bonds peaceful. Fools! They've been plotted against for years but took no action!" Wufei stood, and yelled into the sky, "TRAITORS! You forgot your loyalties, and now look what it's done to you!"

In the black of night…far away from the 4 Gundam pilots, someone ran through the night, her mission the only thing on her mind. She was on a different continent; Australia to be exact. The dark haired women ran through the trees, wearing a camouflage uniform to hide herself. She looked down at her watch. A mere 17 seconds left of the timer. She looked back at the sleeping base behind her; all was silent. 'Good…I'm out of range now.' She turned, and watched expectantly. 'Six…five…four…' Nothing stirred, except for wild Kangaroos in the field that she stood in. 'Three…two…' The Kangaroos were letting their joeys run about through the grassy plains. "One." The girl said, and closed her eyes in vexation as the base exploded into a mushroom cloud of flames and burning metal. The joeys panicked and fled back to their parents, who took and them darted away from the horrible noise of the explosion. The women opened her eyes again, and watched as the entire base erupted into flames…except for one hanger, one hanger set apart from the others. She glared into the flames, then all at once let her furry lose and ran towards the standing hanger. With all the commotion and utter madness, there was no one there to stop here from entering and high jacking what was inside. Inside, their was a MS…a very special MS that affected history more than once.

"Hey! Look! Someone's getting away with that suit!" One of the officers yelled, but it was too late for them. The suit jumped into the air, turned and gave the base a burning glaze before the new found pilot blasted into the night sky and disappeared; like a blazing panther.

From inside the cockpit of the suit, the women pressed many buttons and made a call to her allies. "Hey…yeah, Noin here. I successfully stole the hidden and repaired Gundam Epyon; it still exists. What…? Hmm…" Noin smiled, "Thanks, Zechs."

"It's been awhile since we've all been together like this." Quatre said as he sat down with his fellow pilots, "Nice to see you all again!"

"Missed 'ya too, Quatre." Duo said as he slumped into an armchair. The others just nodded, or said nothing in reply as they sat down and Trowa pulled out a map of the earth.

"I received word that a base…" he pointed to Sydney, Australia, "near here was under attack a couple days ago. But…the attackers…only took one thing. An MS suit."

"Just one?" Duo asked, "They could of taken a whole fleet it they felt like it! Why just one?"

"Perhaps it was the only suit worth taking…" Wufei said, in thought s he closed his eyes and leaned against a well, slight vexation showing.

"That's likely." Heero said dully, and the others soon agreed; it made sense. "Who was it taken by?" Heero asked.

Trowa paused, then replied, "Don't know. The odd thing is…it was taken from an old, supposedly abandoned OZ specials base." That silenced the other boys, it didn't make any sense that someone take up and use an old OZ base and use it as their own…