Gundam Wing Fan Fiction ❯ As I Lay Thee Down ❯ 'Watch your tounge...' ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

'FORGIEN TRANSMISSION!' flashed the screen of Trowa's computer yet again. They all 'Hnn?' -ed, and looked towards it. Trowa and Quatre walked over, and Quatre called back, "Odd…it's from…Sydney." Trowa accepted the message, and a familiar face came into focus. Soon enough the screen sparked the interest of all the pilots and they gathered around it to see none other than… "Milliardo Peacecraft?" Quatre asked the man in the other end.

"Yeah. But please, it's Zechs. Listen up…we're the ones who stole that MS." Zechs said, with Noin in the background working on repairing something. The guys stared for a moment, then a few nodded, and Zechs continued, "Listen…I'm not sure about this, but we got some signals from there base while Noin was on the mission…before is was destroyed. I'm not sure who these people are, but they're holding a secret meeting soon…somewhere in Korea."

"We're not sure where, exactly." Came Noin's voice, "Just that it's in Korea…probably somewhere inconspicuous." Zechs nodded in agreement.

"That could take weeks!" Wufei suddenly shouted angrily, "Do you know how many towns and villages there are in Korea?! Hundreds!" Wufei glared at the screen, even though he knew very well it wasn't Zechs fault that there were a lot of small towns in Korea.

Zechs held up a hand and nodded. "Calm down, I know this. That's not the problem right now; we don't even know how important this meeting will be. The problem right now…is if we accidentally received that message…who else might have?"

Well, that brought even more silence to Trowa's apartment. "Hey…hey Wufei…" Duo said, as something seemed to be concocting in that little head of his, "How did you-" …Wufei was gone, again.

'I'll find them…' Wufei thought as he left the city, enraged, and going completely over the speed limits on his motorcycle, "I swear it, that I will! Do you hear me?!"

Quatre sighed, and worriedly looked out a glass window, "Well…there he goes." He said wearily, as he listened to the tapping of the seemingly ever increasing pouring of the rain against the window.

"`Ey, don't worry about Wufei, he'll be fine!" Duo said, and gave Quatre a probably-little-too-hard pat on the back. Before sitting down to a can of soda, his prize of a victorious raid on Trowa's refrigerator.

Trowa broke the communication with Zechs and Noin, sighed tiredly, and shut down his computer. "Who do you think destroyed the preventers base, Quatre?" He asked slowly.

"I don't know…" Quatre replied, "It was such a random attack, we havn't a clue who destroyed it. There isn't any evidence, and the government's suspicions…I don't agree with them. The Omena base had no reason to attack then, because they were trade allies. Same goes for the L3 colony. It makes no sense…" Quatre sighed again, and continued looking out the window and letting the rain memorize him. "I guess…all we can do is wait…"

Days passed then another, and another, but still no sign of the enemy…or Wufei.

Wufei walked into yet another town in the small country of Korea. He looked his map, 'Ryuuku' was what this one read. He looked around, '…Smaller than the others.' People walked about the streets, off to do their shopping or running after their playful children. Or others worked at their shops and haggled with customers over the prices for their goods, while some even just walked without any purpose, just enjoying life. …Except for one. Wufei's eyes darted as a shifty figure suddenly flew down the street and into an alley. He smirked…and followed. The figure darted between buildings, and seemed to be unknowing of his presence. He followed, but with some difficulty. The figure was very fast, and had stealth like a thief. Dark alleyway after dark alleyway they crept through, until the figure reached a street like the one before, only much less crowded. The figure stopped very suddenly, which forced Wufei to stay hidden in the shadows of the last alley they went through. The figure looked around, for signs of anyone who didn't seem to fit in just perfectly. Wufei watched like a hawk from the shadows, and remained unseen. The figure walked over to the opposite side of the street, sighed, and leaned their head to the wall. Then…the unknown person turned, and showed its' face.

The eyes! The person's eyes were what instantly struck him, and yes, even scared Chang, Wufei. The pupils small, focused, and intense…the eyes of a predator. They darted at any and every movement or sound, searching violently until the subject was confirmed. The iris a brilliantly clear crystal teal-lime, with a misty depth within them, as if it was a small view of the figure's very soul…

Her name was Meiying. She stood tall and proud; on her toes, ready to spring into the air if needed. And the expression on her face matched her eyes perfectly, proud, high and mighty, but there was some worry in her face, somewhat of a panicked look. She wore a long baggy kimono of navy blue, turquoise, black, and white. It purposely did not fit her at all, it even slowly wore away as it dragged along the ground. She used it to cover her identity, and it worked quite well. When she ran, the long baggy silk flowed through the air behind her, making her look like a dark serpent swimming through the air just above the ground, even someone demonic in the black of night. Her hair was kept high on her head with hair sticks, except for her sideburns, which were grown even longer than the rest of her hair and were braid dread locked and hung in front of her shoulders and chest. Her body and limbs were long; strong yet slender. Her shoulder blades stood apart, they were unusually long and noticeable, making her look as if she was prowling around the earth, searching for something. Hunting for bread and water through the day and searching for her soul at night, wondering quietly where it could have gone to… Like a tigress.

She sighed, looked around at her surroundings one last time, then pulled an army-style phone out of her long sleeve. She looked at it for a moment, then started to punch in a large amount of numbers quickly, almost perfect eye-hand coordination. She stopped after a good twenty or more numbers, and put the large phone to her ear. She waited a moment, then spoke something into the phone very quietly, her voice no more than a whisper. "…Zuke shozai wa doko desu ka?" She listened, then made a face, "Oh fine, English." Wufei, still not moving a muscle, listened in as well as he could, but the woman was protecting anyone from hearing her true voice so it was difficult. Meiying's eyes darted about while she spoke, quietly and quickly, "Yeah…17 hours. Placed, set…yes. Information collected. All right…the organization? I'm not sure yet, the object is on me and I fear to open it this early in the operation. …Affirmed." Meiying's eyes narrowed, and it seemed that her pupils did as well, "Transmission out, matsubi." She turned the phone off, out it back into her outfit, then looked around herself again to make sure no was had been watching. At her waist, only then did Wufei noticed, where two sheaths. Each held a Sia, and wickedly curved ones at that. The pole of each only two feet long, but the blade in itself was the same length. Curved, with a main and smaller point, each deadly sharp.

Meiying started to walk back the way she came, her eyes narrowed and her head held high. She walked, actually, slowly but hastily brushed past Wufei. In half step, she stopped and looked down upon him. 'I should kill him…' Meiying thought at she glared, but her glare turned into more of a lifeless stare, 'he most likely heard some of what I said…but…' But for some reason her glance lasted longer than planned. '…Why? Perhaps no ordinary boy…'

"What are you staring at?!" Wufei growled, looking upwards and giving her a similar cold glare.

Meiying's eyes scanned a second more, then she smirked and pulled them out of her stare. "Watch your tougne, boy…." She sneered, then turned away and started to walk off, almost seemingly fading away into the darkness, "…You wouldn't want it forsaking you…now would you?"

And with the sound of her robes ripping through the air, she was gone from sight, having darted into the shadows. All that was left was her mocking voice echoing over again and again through Wufei's head…

You wouldn't want it forsaking you…

He hated every second of it. "She mocked me without hesitation…" He spat.

…Now would you?