Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Stronger Without You ❯ Chapter 4

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

This evening, I fed Rick while looking at the moon. Everyone was totally glad to see and hold Rick today. But Boss and Stan are still mad at Maxwell... can you really blame them though? Jeez Rick, can you clamp on my teat any harder? You must really be hungry.... I think Penelope had the hardest time giving Rick back, she must really like him. Pashmina still cares about me too, even though she's still a bit mad.

'Sandy, I know you and Rick are doing well, but I'm not going to let what happened to you just slide.' said Pashmina.

'I know.' I told her. 'I don't expect you to, just don't harm him.'

'Sandy, why don't you want him hurt?'

'He's hurting, Pashmina, but hurting in a way where, it can't heal after injury, his very soul.'

'You do know that there are three of us that want to beat the living crap out of him, right?'

'I know, but leave him to me, I'll deal with him myself.'

'Really now?'

'Totally, and I'm not through with him yet.'

And...... I'm not done with Maxwell just yet. The sperm-doning bookwrom thinks that after that scorning that I'm done with him? No, totally getting started with him. Like, there is soooo much that I have to do for how he's treated me. I walk away from the moon and place Rick in his crib, pecking him good eve on and keep him cozy, then return my gaze to the moon. "I plan to make you suffer, and suffer you shall. Just like I had to suffer during my pregnancy on how I tried to tell you about how Rick was on the way." I cry to myself and the moon. "If you think I'm done with you, you're wrong. I haven't even begun to make you suffer." Maxwell, you fool, I should have Stan and Boss and every other ham that feels for me make you a bloody mess, but I have no malice towards you. Knowing that I will keep Rick away from you as long as I protect him is enough justice for me. "You never cared about me at all that night! it was just a minro cause and effect to you, wasn't it?" Tears roll down my eyes. "Why did I have to relinquish my body to you that night?" I sigh, "......Oh yeah.... it was because.... I, like, loved you then."

I reach for pellets and seed and eat contently, but my thoughts still run on. I used to love you Maxwell, when you were sweet, understanding, there to listen to my problems..... but the biggest problem I had that I brought to you, you turned away from me, you turned away from your role as a father, you turned away from Rick. You wonder why I won't let you anywhere near Rick? Because you totally turned your back on him, before he entered the world..... And for that, since he isn't able to, I will make you suffer. And you will suffer for as long as I have him under my protection. You will suffer until I say you've suffered long enough. I will raise Rick myself and with my friends to pitch in a hand and my bro to watch him if need be.

I don't want, no, we don't need, nor do we want you in our lives, Maxwell. We'll pull through without you. I'll get through because I am strong... I am stronger now than I was before..... stronger without you.