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There was no other way to enjoy Tokyo then from above. Every time Paige leapt into the air, she hovered above buildings for a short period of time. She looked down at Kurama and Hiei with a smile on her face. “How ya hangin down there boys?” She asked.
“We're all right Miss Hellsing. How do you like Tokyo?” Kurama asked. Paige waved down to Kurama and landed beside him. “It's beautiful here, the lights are perfect and the people look like they're having a good time! Come Julian let's show em how we have fun!” She yelled. Paige ran ahead of Kurama and jumped into the air. She back flipped and as she came down she did a front flip just before landing on her feet. Paige looked behind her at her friends and smiled. They landed beside her and looked out as far as they could see. The lights were endless with beautiful gleaming colors. Paige smiled but looked over to Ezminé. Grinning, she teased the vampiric woman. “Welcome to the city of light Night Dweller.”
“Oh, this can't be the city of light. There are even more beautiful places such as Paris, Beijing, Barcelona, New York City... I'd like to go there one day. Even if it is just once.”
Ezminé looked over at David, who was chatting with Kurama about entertainment in Tokyo. If there was anyone she wanted to experience the wonders of the human world with it would be David. The first man to show her gentility was indeed a human. Humans were wonderful people and yet, her father had made them out to be selfish and ravenous creatures. No, he was wrong and Ezminé had the proof. Humans were incredible. “Come on Paige! Let's move!”
“Now you're talking your majesty!”
Kurama placed a hand on Paige's shoulder and pointed to a house nearby. “That's my house there. We're heading to the mountains to pay a visit to a friend. Come now let's go.” Kurama said. Everyone followed Kurama and Hiei into the mountains and in front of a huge temple. They entered the temple and was greeted by a petite girl with icy blue hair. “Yukina!”
“Kurama. Hiei, what a pleasant surprise. I was hoping you'd come visit. It's wonderful that you've come. Oh, who are they? New friends?”
Paige smiled at the petite girl and pointed to herself conceitedly. “I'm Paige Leonette Hellsing.”
“Name's David Joshua Hellsing.”
“My name's Julian Dollneaz.”
“And I am Princess Ezminé.”
Yukina smiled to the four visitors then turned back to Kurama. She assured him that they would be well taken care of. And so, Kurama said good night to Paige and her friends and headed back to the city. “I'm certain that you are exhausted. Come, this way.” Yukina beckoned. She led everyone down the halls and into a large room. Everyone marveled at the sight of the room and was just about to enter when Ezminé put up a barrier to the room's entrance. Paige turned to her in confusion but Ezminé simply blushed and replied: “You must take off you shoes before entering a Japanese household.”
Ezminé took off her shoes and entered the room then everyone followed suit. They gathered around a table and thanked Yukina for allowing them to stay for the night. “You're quite welcome. If I knew we'd have company I would have prepared a meal. It might take a while but-”
“No, by order of a princess you are to relax. It is we who should ask for forgiveness. We entered your home without word of our arrival. Please, allow me to fix a meal.” Ezminé rose gracefully from her place beside David and head her hands together. She took a deep breath then quickly placed her hands before her. Her hands produced a glowing red light then she took away her left hand. With her right hand, she shot the light at the table and when it burn out, a beautiful feast laid on the table. Paige gasped and looked up at Ezminé. “Let's here it for Princess Ezminé everyone!” She shouted.
“Please just enjoy yourselves.”
Ezminé watched as everyone began to eat but slipped outside to look at the shining moon. She was so absorbed in the moon's beauty that when David touched her shoulder she jumped. “I didn't mean to frighten you. I wanted to know why you're isolating yourself from everyone.”
“I'm not. I wanted to see the moonlight. I caught a glimpse of it when we first came to the temple. Unfortunately I couldn't see it from the city. Did you like the food?”
“I didn't try it. I was waiting for you. Come back inside, it's chilly out here.”
Ezminé walked toward David but hesitated to go back inside. She looked up at David then turned away quickly to hide the blush on her face. “What?”
“Come on don't gimme that.”
“David please, I have to go inside it's very cold.”
Ezminé walked past him and went back inside to take her place beside Paige. She was eating her rice quickly and reaching over for some sashimi. “Oh god, this is great! Hey Julian are you gonna eat that?” Paige asked. Julian handed Paige his tray of sushi and sashimi with a sweat drop hanging from the back of his head. He caught Ezminé staring and leaned of to whisper in her ear. “She's going to regret stuffing her face like this. Just give her a few months.” He teased.
“But why?”
“Paige is a model back where we live and she has to retain a certain shape. She's been working herself hard on a diet but-”
“Forget the diet! The stylists and photographers can kiss my ass! I've been starving myself! And besides, sushi and sashimi can't be that all fattening. They can piss off!”
Ezminé sighed and shook her hand at Paige. She was definitely different from the girls she had known for the last fifty years.
The following afternoon after breakfast, Yukina had found Paige, Ezminé, Julian and David hanging out in her garden. It seemed that Ezminé had a way with birds and was showing Paige how to charm them with a gentle smile. She greeted them with a gentle good afternoon and told them that Genkai was awaiting them in the training grounds. They followed Yukina through the mountains until they came to the training grounds where an old woman was waiting. “This is Genkai everyone.” Yukina introduced. Everyone bowed their heads to Genkai then raised them back to her. They waited in silence until Genkai pointed at Paige. “You.”
“Me? What about me?”
“Celeste Hellsing?”
Paige dropped her head and heaved a heavy sigh. Once again she was mistaken for her sister. “I'm not Celeste. I'm her younger sister Paige. She was kidnapped and now I'm looking for an angel by the name of Harue. She once went by the name Sylvia Silver and now-”
“Princess Harue. Yusuke's love that disappeared nearly two years ago. We haven't heard from her in so long but I know where she is. Unfortunately it won't be easy for me to contact her. You see, she hid herself somewhere in the Makai and it's not easy to track her. She went off to start her own kingdom. Finding her won't be easy.”
Paige turned to Ezminé's disappointed face. She dropped her head and sighed tediously. Genkai saw the disappointment in her face and frowned. “I may not know where Harue is but I know someone who does. You can find her in a bar called Tatsuyu in the Makai. She's the club singer there.”
“Who is she?”
“She goes by the name Talya Valentine. Be sure to tell Kurama about her. He'd love to see her again as well.”
Ezminé took Genkai's hands and thanked her wholeheartedly. She demanded that they'd leave immediately but Paige shook her head. “We have to find Kurama first remember?”
“You can wait for Kurama but I can't! I'm going to find her!”
Ezminé opened a portal and turned to Yukina. “Will you come with us Yukina?”
“I will tell Kurama when he comes. You go on ahead and he'll follow you.”
Ezminé took David's hand and jumped into the open portal. When they arrived on the other side, they looked around but found no club. “We have to find it! Put on your gloves and lets move.”
David put on his gloves and followed Ezminé throughout the forests until they came to a small town later that evening. Taking David's hand bashfully, Ezminé walked through the town asking people about Talya Valentine. “Excuse me, but would you happen to know where I can find a Talya Valentine?”
“Talya Valentine huh? That little slut is performing in the Tatsuyu tonight. Ten o'clock sharp. But I wouldn't waste my time she isn't anything to gloat about.”
Ezminé thanked the woman none to kindly and went to find the Tatsuyu. When they did, they went inside and looked around the room. There were demons everywhere, fighting drinking, throwing mugs and glass bottles at one another. Slowly, David slipped his arm around Ezminé and propelled her toward the bar where he hoped they be safe just until Talya came to perform. “Are you going to be all right Ezminé?”
“Me? I know I'll be fine but it's you I worry about. You are human you know. I don't want Paige and Celeste to receive their brother in the form of ribbons or ashes.”
David chuckled and thanked Ezminé with a kiss to her hand that brought flush to her cheeks. He assured her that she needn't concern herself with his safety. She hadn't seen him in action yet. During their period of peace, David had practice with his whip for three hours a day so that when he'd meet a demon he'd have victory with the lightest of effort. And if his whip wasn't useful his gun would suffice. “Hey there handsome.”
David and Ezminé looked up at the green haired fox demon. She gave David a flirtatious smile that brought Ezminé's blood to a boil. “What can I get you?”
“Oh um… I'd like a Gin and Tonic and for Ezminé a Long Island-”
“Grey Goose Martini, two olives and a lime.”
The bartender grinned at Ezminé and turned to fulfill the two orders while David looked at Ezminé in disbelief. “You drink?”
“Lord Armand used to walk the human world during the night. He didn't like it but he would disguise himself to appear like a human. He would often take the five of us out. Everyone except Crescent and I would drink hard liquor or beer. I wanted to fit in with them so I started ordering hard liquors. Of course Crescent never got into it so she drinks easy drinks like Twisted Iced Tea, Long Island Iced Tea, Smirnoff Ice. Bitch drinks as Thelessa likes to put it. I don't want to be ordinary.”
David shook his head at Ezminé in disagreement. “You're far from ordinary Ezminé. You're the most amazing, beautiful vampire I've ever seen.”
Ezminé's heart skipped a beat when David had complemented her. Could it really happen? Could David be attracted to her? She never denied herself the feelings she had toward David. She found him unbelievingly handsome, far more handsome than Lord Armand. David gave her a sense of purity, the type you felt in a church or in a garden. Purity, security, happiness, things that Lord Armand never made her feel. Not once in his presence did she feel remorse or melancholy. There was something about this human that she liked. Thought she wanted to say love, there was still something holding her back. Before Ezminé could speak, the crowd had gotten to their feet, howling and waving bottles as the piano started. Some threw bottles calling for “that bitch Talya” and others called for the “fiery red head.” Finally, she came from behind the curtain in a gorgeous sparkling red dress. Her hair stopped just below her shoulders and flowed over her right eye. She walked on the stage blowing kisses to the crowd. “How's everyone doing tonight? Good? I don't give a fuck.”
She walked up and down the stage singing a song she had written called Fire. “Fire!! I love the way you burn my soul with ecstasy!! Rori you bitch fix me another drink!”
“Screw you Talya you ain't shit!!!”
“Shut up and fix me another drink hoe! You're lucky you still work in this fucker!!”
David and Ezminé couldn't believe what they were seeing. How could Talya be affiliated with Princess Harue? “We're thinking the same thing Princess.”
Ezminé turned to see Paige, Julian, Kurama, Hiei and another boy with them. “Kurama you know her?”
“Yes I do. She's my love.”
Kurama watched as Talya romped on stage dodging bottles and hurling attacks at the crowd until she met Kurama's gaze. She smiled and waved over to Kurama. “Kurama!! Baby is that you?!?! You missed me you ugly horse demon!! You better be glad that shit didn't hit me!!”
Kurama shook his head and waited for Talya over at the bar. When she did, Talya gave Kurama a kiss on the lips. “I missed you sexy. Oh god you brought Yusuke with you!! Hey Urameshi!! Why didn't Hiei and Kuwabara come?” Talya asked.
“It wasn't a mission you know. I just so happen to have run into Kurama on my way over to Genkai's. Seems like you're quite at home over here Tally.”
Talya smiled and took a sip of her Hypnotic. “Yeah nights are fun when I have company. Lately Miss Harue doesn't like to come and play now that she's got her own Kingdom of Heaven. I met her at a gathering a few months back. I got her to leave behind her throne to come party with me. She's friggin' awesome when she's drunk.” Talya said.
“Talya, when's the last time you heard from her?” Yusuke asked, anxious for an answer. Talya called for another drink but when it got there Kurama took it away, waiting for an answer. “Well, Princess Harue is quite the stuck up princess now. She had to just go and isolate her and her angels from the human world. But I can sneak in easily because only angels can get in. I like to drag her around but I haven't seen her since the goddess and angel gathering. But I can go find her.”
Ezminé slammed her hands on the bar table and demanded that Talya take her to see Princess Harue and Yusuke agreed. He felt that he wanted to see her more than any of them. It had been so many years since he'd seen her and when he had, she was Sylvia Silver. She'd been gone for over two years with nothing but letters. It was high time he searched for her instead of waiting. Unfortunately, Talya had no intentions of taking Ezminé or Yusuke with her. “I'm sorry babes but I gotta go this one alone. But fear not I shall return with your beloved Sylvia Silver AKA Princess Harue. I'll go find her and I'll be back soon.” As Talya walked away Ezminé grabbed her by the wrist. When Talya saw her Ezminé's pink eyes had turned a deep gleaming green. “I'm going with you to find Harue!!! You WILL take me with you.”
Talya lifted an eyebrow and jerked away her hand. “It must mean a lot to you kid. Tell ya what, I'll take you tomorrow night ok? I just wanna get back to the human world. There's some thing I have to look over. How about you stay at my place?” Talya offered.
“Your uncle's house?”
“Yeah sure, I have a friend of mine watching over it. She's even running my uncle's business. I decided that the whole stealing precious artifacts isn't my style. To be honest, I used the illegal money he made to open several restaurants across Japan. Two fine dining, three pastry shops and a private restaurant on my private ship. I also had some left over so I gave it to charity. You could say the bastard did me a favor by dying. Come on, het's get outta here.” And so, Talya led her friends back to her mansion for the night. When they arrived it was the same as Kurama and Yusuke had remembered. Walking down the long driveway had brought back memories of their last battle with Talya's uncle, Len. This time, when they walked toward the house there was a beautiful fountain with a sculpture of Talya's mother in the middle. “It's beautiful Talya. I'm sure she'd be honored.”
“Don't worry Kurama. She is honored and whether or not I believe it, she's proud of me. Somewhere, somehow, my mother the goddess Arianna is proud of me.”