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The moonlight shined brightly causing her new purple eyes to glow brighter. It had been a while since she'd returned to the human world. The bright lights and the light of the moon brought back so many memories. “Thanking about the good days?”
“Apparently yes Yusuke. I'm a far cry from the timid girl that I once was. I wonder if Kurama doesn't like the new me. I love parties and drinks. I can still be formal and all but I just like the way I am. You don't think I'm different, right?”
Yusuke placed a hand on Talya's shoulder. Deep down she was the same girl that she'd always been. She still had that warmth in her that made everyone want to come closer. She was an angel after all. Angels had a light within them that would never be extinguished. That light had remained apart of Kurama, Yusuke and all the hearts Talya had touched. “You know, I never knew that Sylvia was yours. Otherwise I would have brought her back to see you. I've wanted to come back here so many times but my mother and my job at the club just tugged at me. I sent letters though! Don't you think that's cool?”
“Unfortunately it's not Talya. Kurama needed you. It hurt him to see what you'd become in the three years you've been gone. When I find Sylvia or Harue or whatever name she goes by now we're going to have a long talk. I don't want to love someone I'm so far apart from. She's never sent letters she's never been to see me. She might as well say no to my proposal.”
Talya gasped when Yusuke spoke of his proposal. If Kurama had ever asked her to marry him she'd come running back. How could Harue do that to him? Then again, Talya had no right to be so judgmental on Harue. She too had disappeared without word. Kurama had every right to be angry. “Do you think he'll ever forgive me?”
“He's in love with you Talya. He won't be mad at you for long.”
Talya turned to Yusuke with her eyes burning with hope. Hope that Kurama would one day forgive her for her absence. “I'm still in love with him. I hope he loves me back.”
“He will love you Talya. If you tell him you're sorry for disappearing and ask for his forgiveness then he's bound to forgive you.”
Ezminé approached Yusuke and Talya silently with her eyes focused on Talya. She gave her a gentle smile to ease her anxiety. Even though she'd never experienced love she read about it in stories. “You will find love Talya.”
“I think I'll find my way out of this conversation. Good night ladies.”
With Yusuke gone, Talya and Ezminé were able to grow into a feminine conversation about love. Talya had explained how she and Kurama had come to be then requested to hear of her encounters with love. “Unfortunately I don't have any.”
“What do you mean by that?!?! Your man can't be a total psych-ahh hahaha he is isn't he?”
“He's not psychotic just blind. He wants to wipe out all human life so that he can live in this world full of light. He's doing it just because humans will not accept us. But if Princess Harue can change me then no one's blood will be spilled.”
Talya put a hand on her hip and gave a wink to Ezminé to assure her that all would be fine. “Princess Ezminé, I think it's time we got ourselves in bed. If we're gonna travel to Harue's place then you're gonna need some sleep. I'll only take both you and Paige. Meaning you'll be separated from your boyfriend David.”
“David is not my boyfriend. He and I-”
“Have a lot in common. Not to mention the sensual passion between you too. Ezminé just between us girls, have you ever had sex before?”
Ezminé turned red when Talya asked her the question. She had no right to ask her such question. Shaking the blush from her face, Ezminé told Talya that she was not going to answer the question. “Oh come Ez! If you're a virge then it's nothing to be ashamed of. Listen, if you like David that damn much then you need to tell him. Hell, look what it did for Kurama. He told me how he felt and we were a great couple.”
“You still are. Just give him time. Anyway, let's get to bed.”
Ezminé left to travel up the winding staircase to her room. She hated the fact that David had grown on her. Once everything was over with she'd return to Armand. She was still his betrothed after all. She had a duty and a promise to uphold. Ezminé tried to sleep but images of David floated through her head. She vowed inwardly that she would not fall in with a human, especially David.
The following morning Talya woke Ezminé and Paige to go find Sylvia. They left from Talya's castle and appeared in the demon world before a cliff. In every direction they looked, Ezminé and Paige could not see anything else. “Are you sure this is it? You're not telling me that she's down there.”
“Fortunately for you human. She's up there beyond the clouds. Seeing as I'm the only angel out of the three of us, I'm not going to get in trouble for going but you two… oh no there's a problem. So I'm taking the liberty to make you guys wings. Now turn around. Come now! Turn, turn, turn.”
Paige and Ezminé turned around so that Talya could work her magic. She rose her hands to the skies and shot a white light at them. When the light shattered, Ezminé and Paige had wings. They looked at each other's wings with glee then flew off towards the clouds. “Hey!! You guys don't know the way!!!” Talya called from land. She took off to join her comrades and sped past them. Paige and Ezminé followed Talya through the clouds to a battle city in the skies. The city was pure white with lovely houses, lakes and gardens in back of each house. Trees that blossomed so beautifully bore fruits and exotic flowers. Paige smiled as she looked down at the city. It was nothing like her home. Her mother had tended to her garden very carefully every spring but it was nothing compared to what Sylvia had created. They landed before a pair of tall golden gates with two guards standing in the nearby towers. “Halt! State ye name and purpose in Welgaia!!”
“I am Talya! Daughter of the goddess Arianna! I have come to visit her majesty Princess Harue!!”
The guards looked down at Talya then turned his eyes at Paige and Ezminé. He pointed his staff at the two women and demanded to know who they are. “And those two?”
“These two are my mother's maids! They are her strongest and most trusted maids. She would not permit me to travel without them.”
The guards parted the gates for the three women and allowed them to enter the royal palace. As they traveled inside the palace Ezminé couldn't help but look around. It was unlike anything she had ever seen. The halls were filled with statues of angels on pedestals, each baring a name. Queen Arella, Sir Ryosuke, Lord Chiaki, Duke Ganza Seichiro and Prince Suburu, each had a statue of their own in the hallway.
“When I first arrived her I was adopted by Q ueen Arella as her successor to the throne. She had no children and needed someone pure of heart with noble blood coursing through their veins to rule when she died. It meant I had to take on great responsibilities.”
Talya turned around to see that Sylvia was standing behind her. The three women bowed to Sylvia and in return, Sylvia bowed to them. It was confusing to Paige that Sylvia would bow before them. Even if she and Ezminé were posing as Talya's maids it still didn't mean that she had to bow. “Is that a standard custom here in Welgaia?”
“No it isn't but I must show my respects. Talya is indeed an angel as well as a servant to our imperial royal god. You two however are of no angel or godlike blood. Yes, Paige and Ezminé I know who you are. Ezminé is the daughter of a great vampire. His lordship Cian and Lady Azmarie are your parents. And I know who you are Paige Leonette Farbrook Hellsing. You're the youngest of Wesley and Lily Farbrook and the granddaughter of Integra Wingates Hellsing. You are royalty among demon slayers. My condolences for what happened to your father. Evil can taint the mind and tempt even the purest of hearts. It doesn't matter how pure you are if you have a weak heart. Paige you are a descendant of a great family and for that I must show respect. I must say what happened to your sister was quite tragic. I know you want her back. Please let me know if there's anything I can do.” She said.
“Well there is! I need your help Sylvia. I want you to turn me into an angel.”
Sylvia looked at Ezminé in shock. She knew she wasn't going to like what she was going to have to say. She walked away to look at the statue their late queen. “Princess, I'm sorry but I can't do that. Parliament would never allow it. There are things that must be done. The vampires that I set free from the darkness all live here in Welgaia. That was only because they were under my command. Ezminé you are the betrothed of Lord Armand. He has his own country to rule in. He belongs in darkness. As do you Princess Ezminé. It is your destiny.”
“That's where you're wrong Sylvia! Anyone can change their destiny. Nothing is written in stone until one's death. I can change my destiny just like anyone else. Please, I need your help.”
Sylvia searched for words to say but nothing would come out. What could she do? She was not allowed the act without Parliament's permission. “Ezminé-”
“There they are!! Lady Talya lied!! Send notice to her mother!!”
Sylvia and Talya stood in front of Paige and Ezminé as the guards and eight men came to them. Each of them bore silver or gold hair with different color eyes. All of them were as beautiful as a painted masterpiece. “Princess Harue, please step aside.”
“I will do no such thing. I have been requested for help and I will answer to this call. Parliament stand aside! I must return to the human world.”
One of the men stepped toward Sylvia with his solemn green eyes. He was the oldest Member of Parliament. He was Lord Ganza. “Princess Harue, let me remind you that when Queen Arella died she said that you are not to act unless Parliament has given you their consent. If you act without their consent then you will be charged as a traitor to the crown and its ancestors.” He announced.
“News flash fuck face she is the crown.” Talya reminded.
“But she is a servant acting on her ancestor's will. She isn't even one of us. Queen Arella took in her and her horde demon filth in as an act of sheer pity. Had it not been for her I would be wearing the crown.” Ganza said.
“Well let me remind you that you are not the crown but a servant to the crown. I speak as the daughter of a goddess. I know justice from injustice and right now I see that Queen Arella made a good decision in not naming you as her successor. And for the hell of it I'm gonna say it as a human would. Her decision kicks ass and that puts you below Princess Harue so shut the fuck up and start kissing ass.”
Paige stepped closer to Talya and whispered to her how great her speech was. Talya grinned at Paige then turned her smile to Ganza. The scowl on his face grew harder. “May I remind you that you're only half an angel? You're not of pure blood.”
“Oh who gives a flying fuck?!?! What is with you thinking you're all-”
“Enough Talya! Ganza is right. Queen Arella gave Parliament the power to monitor all my moves and have the finally say in my decisions. It was her last command as queen. I have no choice but to bid you farewell. Please tell Yusuke that I'm sorry. My love for him has never died. Come I shall see you off.”
Sylvia led the three visitors out of the palace and to the front gates. They said their goodbyes but Ezminé lingered behind as Paige and Talya soared toward the gateway back to the human world. “Why aren't you leaving?”
“I just have one thing to say. I want you to think about what is said early. If mankind can change their destinies then so can you. Anything can be changed as long as it's not written in stone. Think about it then let Talya know what your answer is.”
Ezminé left to catch up with Talya and Paige while Sylvia lingered behind. As she stood there she thought of what Ezminé had said to her. When she came to her final conclusion she walked back into her castle. She went straight to her room and dug through her closet. When she came to the very end she found an old pair of jeans, some boots, a strapless top and a jean jacket to match. It was in her old closet from her house in the human world. She changed out of her dress and put on the clothes, an old pair of sunglasses and Yusuke's wedding ring. As she walked down the halls the angels stared and whispered amongst them. Just as she was about to walk out of the gates Ganza intercepted her. “What do you think you are doing?!”
“I'm changing my destiny and as soon as I get back I'm changing the law.”
She continued to walk but Ganza caught a hold of her hand. “You'd dare betray the crown!”
“News fucking flash I am the crown. And you, you're my servant. You can have my tea ready when I get back.”
With that, Sylvia took off to follow Talya and her friends. She met up with them in Tokyo as they were heading for the mountains. “Hey there!! What changed your mind Harue?”
“My destiny. I changed my mind because I can change my destiny! Come ladies Yusuke is waiting for me!”
“And Julian!”
Paige, Ezminé and Talya followed Sylvia toward Genkai's temple where their friends were waiting. As they did, Sylvia thought of huge consequences that were awaiting her when she would get back but the hell with it. The most important thing at the moment was to reunite with Yusuke and help Ezminé. Silently, she closed her eyes and prayed to the gods that everything would be fine once the ordeal was over.