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Lil Lovely Angel: Happy Happy Happy New Year!!! I hope everybody didn't drink so much. If you're underage then don't drink whatsoever! Just get some sparkling cider. That works ^^
Talya: Forget that! Come on we gon' party!! Whoooo it's a new year Lovely!! *rocks out to Avenged Sevenfold* Oooh you know I make you wanna scream!!
Lil Lovely Angel: *sweat drops* uhh… okay… just smile and nod.
“I never really feel quite right and I don't why! I all I know is somethin' wrong! Every time I look at you I seem so alive!!! Tell me how do you do it? Walk me through it! I follow in every footstep!! Baby on your own you take a cautious step! Do you wanna give it up? But I want is for you to shiiiiiiine!!! Shine on this light that's burning out!!! Wow Paige I like the song. It makes me wanna step out into the world and be confident about myself.”
“Well that's what we models do. We're confident! Let's get to Genkai's place faster!!”
Paige took Ezminé' and Sylvia's hands and flew faster toward Genkai's temple. When they arrived Sylvia hesitated to enter the temple. She lingered behind the other three girls as they walked toward the doors. She wasn't noticed until Ezminé turned around and called her name out. “Sylvia! Come let's go inside.”
“I can't. I can't go in. You guys go ahead.”
Talya perked a brow and walked toward Sylvia. Why she wanted to dawdle around outside was unknown to her. She had assumed that she returned to Tokyo so that she could be reunited with Yusuke. Now wasn't the time for her to get the nervous. “You have got to be kidding. Listen here Silver! You are going to go and see Yusuke. He wants to see you. He wants an explanation on why you left him two years ago. It's not fair to him.”
“I have a reasonable explanation!”
“Well I'm not up for hearing it. You need to tell him before he walks out on you. You have a choice to see him or not.”
Sylvia sucked in her breath and released it heavily. So far she had not said one thing to justify herself. Ezminé was right. Anyone's destiny could be changed and everyone had a choice. Her choice may have severed the love between them. “I don't want to hurt him anymore but what if he doesn't forgive me?”
“Well that's something that you'll have to figure out. The same way I have to find out with Kurama. I'm sure the red head still loves me and all and without a doubt Yusuke still loves you too.” Talya said cheerfully. Sylvia wrapped her arms around Talya as she allowed herself to cry on her shoulder. Smiling, Ezminé and Paige wrapped their arms around Sylvia and Talya. “We care very much for you two. I hope everything works out.” Ezminé said.
“Thanks Ezminé. We hope that the romance between you and David sparks before Kurama and my wedding.”
Ezminé yanked a lock of Talya's red hair. She just had to ruin a wonderful moment between her and her friends. Just then she stopped her train of thoughts. She had friends. Not just Crescent Star but other who cared for her. When all of this was over she promised to do something for herself. There was something else she wanted.
“Welcome back.”
“Julian!!! My Julian!!”
Talya and Paige left their friends to join their lovers. Paige had thrown herself in Julian's arms while Talya had taken Kurama off of feet and to the ground. “I missed you Kurama!”
“I missed you too. I brought Yusuke with me!”
Sylvia's purple eyes lowered from the dark brown haired boy. After two years she couldn't bring herself to look at him. Before Yusuke could say a word, she turned and walked toward the temple. “Where are you going Sylvia?! Or is it Harue now?”
“I can't bring myself to look at you Yusuke. I… I've done something terribly wrong.”
“Like what? Did you cheat on me while you were god knows where?”
“No I did not! I never cheated on you and I never would! There's something that you have to understand. I'm the princess of Welgaia now. That title came with a big responsibility. I was not allowed to leave the city because I had to look over my people. My vampires that have become angels live as outcasts. Lord Ganza feels they're dirt compared to the pure bloods. I can't do anything there on my own. Everything is chosen for me.”
Yusuke snorted after listening to Sylvia. He didn't buy anything she said. Choices were made for her, rules had been set down, and none of it fazed him. “I don't give a fuck Sylvia. If you didn't like the way things were up there then you should have left. Hell, you could have started your own place if you wanted to. You're not the Sylvia I remember. The Sylvia I knew was willing to do anything to save her people. She put her life on the line. This isn't her in front of me. This is a coward.”
Sylvia took Yusuke's insults without word. Everything he said was true. On the flipside Talya wasn't going to let Yusuke talk smack about her friend. She took Sylvia by the arm and forced her to look up. “Don't listen to him Sylvia! He has no idea what you've been through these past few years. And he says that he loves you. You're full of shit Yusuke. You here me? Bullshit!!”
“If I didn't give a shit about her then I wouldn't be screaming at her the way I am now!”
“I don't want to hear anymore! I shouldn't have come back!! Just leave me alone!”
Sylvia screamed as she took off into the woods with tears in her eyes. Ezminé and Paige called after but David and Julian restrained them. Talya had chased after her before Kurama could pull her back. She spread her angel wings and picked Sylvia up off the ground. “Let go Talya!!”
“Sylvie come on. We're leaving. I've got a friend in the city who owns a restaurant. We'll go over to her place for dinner. I'll grab Ezminé and Paige. Come on, you can wear one of my clothes.” Talya wiped the tears from Sylvia's eyes and wrapped her arms around her. Yusuke was an asshole for what he said. Sylvia had been under a lot of pressure from the Parliament in Welgaia. “Sylvia?”
“Paige Ezmine! What are you guys doing here?”
“I'm sorry about Yusuke. He doesn't know what it feels like. I pray that Yusuke will find it in his heart to forgive you.” Ezminé whispered. Sylvia thanked Ezminé wholeheartedly and hugged both her and Paige. Talya was right. They need to relieve some stress but Ezminé's problem couldn't wait. “Tallie do you think your friend can wait? Ezminé needs my help.” Sylvia asked. She intended to deal with Ezminé's problem now that she was free from Parliament. “It believe I can change them but I can only do it of free will. The transformation is pointless if someone fights it.”
“Either that or we can murder the bitches.” Paige suggested. She wasn't in the forgiving mood. God only knew what Karma and the other women had done to her sister. Unfortunately no one had agreed with her. They stared at Paige in disbelief while she smiled sheepishly. “Hahaha, hey it was just a joke!”
The next thing everyone knew the ground was shaking. Ezminé stumbled back but Talya held onto her hand. The four girls stood together and the ground cracked beneath them to reveal Armand, Karma, Thelessa, Thesella and Crescent. Ezminé's gaze met her best friend's stare. “Crescent!! Are you all right?”
“Ezminé Ezminé, my beautiful fiancé. I see you've found a new set of friends.”
Ezminé was about to answer but Paige shot her gun at Armand. The bullet pierced his shoulder but no blood ran. He removed the bullet out of the wound it created and tossed it aside. “Is that anyway to greet a lord?” He asked Paige.
“It's the only way I'm going to greet you ya bastard! If you've hurt my sister-”
“Celeste is safe. I'll be glad to return her to you if you agree to let me have my darling Ezminé back. I've missed her terribly.” Armand extended his hand but Ezminé grew closer to Paige. Armand snorted and turned to Thelessa. “Bring her to me but for Crescent's sake don't hurt her.” He commanded.
“Grr fine then!”
Thelessa flew down toward Paige and Ezminé but she stopped dead in her tracks. Something had cut her face. When she looked at her hand there were fragments of glass sticking out. Smiling, she turned to Armand to announce that someone else was taking part in the fight. “Who is it now?”
“Lord Armand! It's been too long.”
Armand looked down at the green haired woman standing against a tree with a cigarette in her mouth. She inhaled then released the smoke. She walked into whatever light was left that the fading sun was providing to reveal herself. Paige looked at the woman closely with an astounded face. The appearances had changed but her voice remained the same. “Sage!!!”
“Paige, Paige, Paige, you need to stop worrying your mother. You haven't called her once since you've been in Japan. You look good though. Haven't changed a bit. Excuse me for a moment.”
Sage launched herself into the air to quickly take out both Thesella and Thelessa then took Armand to the ground. She sat on top of him with him pinned beneath her. He didn't struggle only laughed. “It's been a long time Sage. Didn't know you were into Asia. I've missed you dearly.” Armand whispered.
“That's true. You still look like the raggedy mess you've always been. If you were smart you'd fuse your blood with the new breed of vampire that Celeste disposed of.”
Armand kicked Sage off and jumped to his feet. He wasn't about to let someone from the past ruin his dream. Sage knew nothing of his pain and struggle. “Don't get in between us Sage.”
“And what if I do? Armand… I don't want to hurt you but if we stand on sides that oppose one another then I'll have no choice. Stop this nonsense and let Sylvia help you.” Sage walked toward Armand but the flames he created stood between her and him. “Armand!!”
A white gloved hand pulled Sage away from the flames that nearly burned her. Alucard had saved her from being burned to ashes. Sage turned against her fellow vampire with a looks of sadness. “When did you get here?” She asked almost silently. He grinned and turned to Armand with the same grin. “Where is she?”
“Your master? Why she's standing right behind you.” Armand answered.
“I am merely fulfilling my master's last wish in protecting her. You'd be wise to return her to me.” Alucard warned. Armand only smiled at Alucard's warning. He'd have his darling Celeste sooner than he'd think. The tide had changed and the time for battle had come. If he were going to win the he would need every member of his battalion, even the petite green haired girl standing beside him. Armand looked down at Sage once more before stepping into the darkness that led him home. “No!!! Armand don't go!!” Sage called out.
“We will meet again Sage. Next time when I leave I'll be having your head with me.” Armand promised.
When he had gone Sage dropped her head. This wasn't the Armand she'd known to love. Whatever happened to the small timid boy that was do everything in his power to have humans accept him? Why had he resorted to violence?
“It was his own decision Sage. It is that very decision that will lay him in his grave.”
“I won't let you kill him Alucard! I love Armand dearly and I know deep down somewhere is that young boy that I grew up with.”
Alucard neglected Sage and her issues with Armand. That son of a bitch had taken his master from him and had it not been for Celeste's command to protect the weak and useless Paige then he would have brought her back. “Alucard… I know what you're thinking. Mind reading is a technique I acquired a few months back. I bet if I train Paige she'll be able to tame you. I will take Paige and Ezminé with me for a little training.” Sage said.
“Why her majesty?”
“Because her majesty is a pussy and I intend to give her some balls. Well, I'm gonna go break the news to them.”
Sage walked over to Paige and received a hug from her. She couldn't help but accept the huge. She did miss the young girl but now wasn't the time for a happy reunion. “I need you, Ezminé, Julian and David to be ready for the task ahead. I will ask Yusuke and Genkai to assist me in your training. It'll be hard, it'll be rigorous and I will be strict. If you want control over Alucard then you will have to earn his allegiance. Come, there is much to be done.” Sage's announcement of training had shocked both Paige and Ezminé. Why would Paige need training? Her aim was fine and her swordsmanship was refined. What more did she need? There was no telling what Sage had in mind but she had to trust her. What ever Sage was planning her trusted it to help her bring her sister back. Paige followed Sage back toward Genkai's temple where she would begin her training.
In the darkness, Princess Crescent Star had wandered to Celeste's bed. She looked down at the sleeping girl with sadness in her eyes. “It isn't fair that you've been taken from your family.”
“But I assure you that I will return her to them unharmed. You have my word.”
Armand came to Crescent Star and wrapped an arm around her waist. When he did she trembled with anxiety. She tried to inch away but Armand drew her nearer. “Crescent, why do you always attempt to flee from me? I won't allow you the chance.” Armand said. He tangled his fingers with her lovely lime green tresses. “My Lord, you are Ezminé's fiancé. She departed with you in her best interest.”
“But she has others in her interest. The one known as David Hellsing is where her heart lies. She doesn't love me anymore. At least not the way you have loved me all these years. I'm sorry I did not discern your love. I wanted to remain faithful to Ezminé and my promise to her father to marry her. She broke my heart when she gave hers to David. I know that you love me most and I wish to feel your love always. Be mine Crescent Star. If you are mine then I shall be yours in return. Give yourself to me the way you have in your dreams.”
Armand took Crescent into his arms and kissed her lips lightly. The young girl's heart raced with excitement. All her dreams had become a reality. Armand wanted her as she had wanted him. It couldn't be anymore beautiful then it already was. But from afar her dream was seen as a nightmare. Thelessa's grip on her axe almost broke it in half. It was also her dream to have Armand's love. She walked down the halls into her own chambers so that no one would witness her tears. She would always be nothing to him. Her love and sacrifices would never be enough.