Hellsing Fan Fiction / Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ Young Miss Hellsing: Princess of Darkness (Revised) ❯ Training ( Chapter 9 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

It was three A.M. when Sage woke Paige and Ezminé up. The two women were fast asleep under their covers when they received the rude awakening. Sage had turned their beds onto their sides without touching them as she went through Paige's closet. “What in hell was that for?” Paige almost shouted.
“Yes Sage it's still morning. Why, the sun hasn't even risen yet. What is the meaning of this?” Ezminé added. Sage ignored both of the women in disgust that Paige had absolutely nothing for training in. Everything from designer outfits to purses and shoes were lined up inside. How was she expecting to save Celeste and keep her clothes intact? “Well if that's how it's gonna be then so be it. Paige, Ezminé, you'd better be up by the time I get back.”
When Sage disappeared Paige pulled the covers back over herself and tried to sleep but Talya had picked up the bed and shook her out of it. The playful red head floated in front of Paige with a silly grin on her face. “Why you fire headed-”
“Hey! Sage said you have to get up and made sure that we got you up in time.”
Paige frowned and turned to see Sylvia brushing Ezminé's long black tresses. When she had finished she held up a Chinese style shirt and a pair of pants in black for Ezminé. (Just like what Kurama wore when he fought Gama). The princess giggled sweetly and ran to try it on while Paige turned away in disgust. There was no way she was going to were something that hideous. She had rebuked the clothes on sight. “I refuse to wear such monstrous clothing. Send it back.” She demanded. As she walked away Sylvia held out her hand. “Halt!”
“Huh? Ahh what the f-”
“Hush your mouth. You are going to wear what I give you and like it. Get her Talya.”
Talya took the clothes and in a flash, put them on Paige. When she had finished she clasped her hands together at the sight of Talya in her new outfit. “It's so pretty.”
“It's s so ugly. The pants I'll level with but this shirt fully covers my assets.”
Paige snatched off of Ezminé and tossed a strapless top at her. Ezminé put the top on and looked at her reflection. It didn't look bad on either one of them. Before Ezminé could compliment it, Sage had returned. “It's time to go ladies. Let's get moving.” She said. When they stopped walking they found themselves in the middle of a clearing. Genkai, Kurama and Yusuke were standing together awaiting the arrival of their new students. “Master Genkai. I've brought them as you're commanded.” Sage said.
“Yes, now then your training shall begin. This training is for you to learn how to harness your spirit energy. Kurama and Yusuke will take her while Sage will train you Ezminé. By the end of the day I want to see great progress. Now go and get started.” Genkai commanded. She left everyone to begin their while she meditated in her temple. Sage led Ezminé a good hour's walk away from Paige and stopped suddenly. Ezminé waited for Sage to say something but instead she received five pieces of glass into her belly. Ezminé grasped the glass and began to ease it out of her gently but Sage ripped the pieces out one by one. “Damn you Sage!”
“If you hate me so much then do something about it princess.”
Ezminé came at Sage but the green haired woman easily stepped aside to drive her elbow into her back. “Get up and attack me princess.” Sage demanded almost silently. She lowered her purple eyes down at the pink eyed princess in disgust. She kicked her aside and walked past her to light another cigarette. “Whenever you're ready to attack me your highness. I'll even let you attack me from behind.” Sage offered.
“Do not mock me!! I am of noble blood!”
Ezminé charged at Sage and this time she grabbed her successfully. She pulled at her hair, scratched at her face but Sage pushed her back. “God damnit how weak can you be?”
Elsewhere, Yusuke and Paige were locked inside a heated battle. Yusuke was surprised at how well she had held her own but it was because of the gloves she wore. Her power was massive. “You're not so bad Hellsing. Those glove amplify your power but you're relying too heavily on them Paige. Anyone can snatch them off at any given minute. Come on give it a try.” Yusuke urged.
“Go on Paige give it a try.”
Yusuke grinned when he saw David and Julian run toward them. Talya and Sylvia might have led them to where they were. It didn't upset Yusuke but it made him happy. They were taking part in this battle as well. “Hey Kurama why don't you show them how? You're better at showing them how to do things instead.” Yusuke suggested. Kurama jumped down from his place in the tree behind Yusuke and approached Paige. “This may take some time to master but you'll achieve it. You have to find the spirit energy within yourself first.” Kurama pointed out.
“Like meditation? Like if I close my eyes I can find it?”
“Yes. Try it and you're sure to find it.”
Paige closed her blue eyes in search of the energy within herself. Julian and David did the same thing and within moments they were holding a silver light in their hands. The two looked down at their hands then at one another with successful smiles on their faces. “Well done. Paige don't get discouraged if you can't find yours. It may take you a little while-”
“Damnit I know it's in here somewhere!! Urgh!!!”
Out of sheer anger Paige accidentally released her spirit energy and blew herself back into a tree. Julian and David's jaws dropped when they saw Paige on the ground. They look at her, then to themselves and finally Kurama for answers. “That's what happens when you try to force it out. She isn't in control yet. She's got to learn how to start out slow and work her way up.” Kurama said. Talya giggled from above Paige and offered her a hand up. Paige accepted the hand. She was gonna need it by the way things were going. “I have to speed up my training or I won't be able to find Celeste.”
“You gotta take it slow little Miss Hellsing. Now get on up. I'll loan you some of my power to get you started. Then we can work on upgrading you.” Talya took Paige's hands and allowed some of her power to flow out of her and into Paige. It gave them both a dizzy feeling that brought them to their knees. Their eyes drooped a bit but they finally opened. “Do you feel my power now?”
“Yeah I feel it but it feels like it's going to explode at any given minute. I'm scared that it's going to kill me if I don't get it out of me.” Talya looked down at Paige to see that she was shaking terribly. Talya held tight onto Paige's hands and tried to calm her but the shaking did not cease. She probably gave her too much of her power. “I'm going to take it back.”
“No!!! I have to control it now or else I'll never be strong enough to save my sister. Let go of my hands Talya!!”
Paige released an explosion of power that blew Talya back. Fortunately for her Alucard had caught her. He watched in amazement as Paige wriggled in pain on the ground. “If she survives this then that girl is truly a Hellsing.” He said.
“Alucard that's kinda screwed up. Saying `if' she survives.” Yusuke said. He watched the ghastly sight as memories resurfaced. When his body absorbed that orb it felt as if his body was being torn apart from the inside. Now Paige was enduring the same thing he was. Her screams filled the air and her body tossed and turned from one place to the other.
From afar Ezminé's training wasn't any less painful than Paige's. Sage had beaten her from one place to the other. She was giving her the chance to fight back but she continued to scream at her. Her pleas and tears would not stop Sage from beating her. “Come on your majesty. Get up and fight!! I'm going to keep beating you until you do.” Sage kicked Ezminé aside then vanished from her place in front of her to catch her from behind. She threw her to the ground and began punching her in the face. “You're weak. You'll always be weak.” Sage pushed Ezminé to the ground once again. As Sage lit her cigarette Ezminé wiped the blood from her jaw and the tears from her eyes. She had to prove that she wasn't weak. She wanted to save Celeste just as much as Julian and Paige did. She picked herself up but Sage kicked her back down. “I didn't say you can get up pussy ass bitch.” She said as she exhaled the smoke. She waved out the fire on the match and knelt down to taunt Ezminé once more but Ezminé dug her nails into her face. When Sage jumped back Ezminé quickly jumped to her feet and caught Sage in the side with a spinning heel kick. Ezminé caught Sage's cigarette and put it out by crushing it with her hand. “I am not weak and I'll prove it to you.” Ezminé screamed as she came at Sage while Paige continued to scream from the pain within her.
“It's killing her!! Talya you have to take it back before it kills her.” Julian said. He expected Talya to do something but she stood in place. Julian wasn't about to lose the love of his life. He ran to her but the power inside of Paige created a fire to cut her off from her friends. “I don't want it to control me. I refuse to let it control me. You will not control my body!!!” Paige forced herself up and held her hand out to the flames. The heat burned her hands but she held it steady. The flames slowly died out and as it did the pain within her began to cease. “I did it. This power is mine now! I'm not weak anymore!”
“I'm not weak anymore!”
“You can say that one more time.”
Sage popped her shoulder back into her socket and approached Ezminé. She stopped a few inches away and bowed her head. “Your majesty.”
“Miss Hellsing.”
Paige turned to look at Alucard who was tilting his hat down. Paige knew he wasn't going to obey her just yet and it didn't worry her. His loyalty to her would come in due time. She had nothing to fear as long as she continued to prove herself to be as good a Hellsing and Integra had been. Julian came over to her and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. “Thought I lost you.”
“Never. Not that soon at least. Anyway, lets go find Ezminé and Sage. We've got a war on our hands and we're going to fight it. Even you Alucard.” Paige looked that the vampire in red. He approached her slowly and handed Rosé to her. “Your gun Miss Hellsing.”
As Paige began to take the gun Ezminé jumped on her from behind. She picked Paige up and swung her around in circles. She too hand proven herself worthy and was now ready to fight beside her friends. She smiled down to Paige then turned her gaze to David. He had an expressionless look on his face. Why? Wasn't he happy to see her? Ezminé walked over to David and stopped a few feet away. “Why are you looking at me like that?”
“Huh? I'm sorry I didn't mean look at you like this. I'm sorry. Talya what is your plan now?”
“There isn't much to do.” She said. “We'll have to wait for Sylvia to come back. She went undercover to Armand's castle. She went to see what they were doing with Celeste.”
Yusuke's jaw dropped when he heard where Sylvia had gone. How could she go alone? Yeah he was upset with her disappearance but that was no excuse to take on a suicidal mission. “Setsuka you have to take us to Armand's castle!!” Yusuke exclaimed.
“I thought you didn't love her anymore.” Julian questioned.
“I never said I didn't love her I was just hurt that she left me all those years. I didn't want her to go get herself killed. Setsuka please.” Sage looked at Yusuke and took in a deep breath. None of them knew what Armand was capable of. Sage had known Armand all of her life but never did she know him to be a violent person. He was always so kind and gentle but always had an obsession with life.
“Sage… there's something that's been bothering me ever since you arrived.” Ezminé said. Sage looked at the princess with no expression and waited for her to continue. Ezminé stumbled with her words but finally was able to speak her thoughts. “I could have sworn that I've heard of or met you sometime ago. It could be my imagination running off with me and yes this is the most peculiar of times but I had to say it before it left my thoughts.”
Sage shook her head at Ezminé and prepared to open a portal. “Julian I want you to stay with Ezminé. The last thing I need is for her to get kidnapped while you are away. You two will stay in Genkai's care. Yusuke, Paige and David shall come with me. Ezminé I promise not to harm Armand or Crescent. They will both be fine.”
Ezminé nodded but looked at David. Her heart was aching now that he was leaving. He was the last to enter the portal because he had stayed to kiss Ezminé's hand goodbye to quell her concern. “I'll be fine. Don't worry.”
“Please don't hurt Armand. He and Crescent Star are all that I have in this world.”
David nodded and turned to enter the portal but he stopped. He turned to Ezminé with anger in his eyes. “When I come back I want you to tell me that you love me instead. You don't love Armand!!”
Ezminé covered her mouth and turned to Kurama and Julian. The fox said nothing but Julian cleared his throat. “He's finally being forward with his feelings. It's about time he has. Ezminé he's been in love with you for a while. He just wished that you would stop using your engagement to Armand as an excuse not to love him. We'd better get back to the temple.” Julian suggested. He and Kurama escorted Ezminé back to the temple. As they walked Ezminé tried thinking back to when David began to love her. Had it been ever since they met? How could he live with himself knowing that he loved another woman that was engaged? They would talk about it when he returned. ::: If he returns. He doesn't know Armand's power. :::
“Yes Julian?”
“You should rest for a bit. Yukina will look after you while I continue my training with Kurama. Go ahead inside.”
Ezminé nodded and ran ahead to Yukina. She was taken to a room with a kimono to wear while she rested. It was still early and thankfully the sun was not rising. She needed rest. She laid in on the bed and stared up at the ceiling with nothing but David on her thoughts. He was too generous and handsome too. He had always been polite to her but his outburst had startled her. He'd never said such things like that. Yes she had grown fond of him. There were times when she had wished that she were human so that she could have a relationship with David. She knew that he had less to offer her than Armand but the feeling of love that she had yearned to know half of her life was more than Armand could ever offer her. Sleep had come for her and her eyes were now growing heavy. She closed her eyes and dreamt beautiful dreams of love with David as her lover.