Hellsing Fan Fiction / Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ Young Miss Hellsing: Princess of Darkness (Revised) ❯ Captured ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

No matter how much she tugged the chains would not break. The cold steel clenched around her wrist, holding her in place and not allowing her to break free. Sylvia groaned in pain as the lump on her head throbbed with pain. The last thing she saw was Celeste inside of a coffin before Karma knocked her back into it with the hilt of her blade. She was chained in a cold, wet room with torn clothes. She was freezing. When the door opened she looked up to see Crescent Star entering. She approached Sylvia and bowed her head to show respect. “Princess Harue, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Forgive Lord Armand for not coming but I hope my presence will be sufficient. He sends you this dress as an apology for Karma's actions.”
“What have you done with the Hellsing girl?”
“Celeste is still sleeping. We'll give her back once you return Princess Ezminé.”
Crescent Star's eyes burned the steel from Sylvia's wrists. Once she was free Crescent handed the dress to Sylvia. As she dressed she turned look at the moonlight. “It's so beautiful. The most beautiful thing I've seen in my life. You know… I'm going to miss it once I leave the darkness. I want more than anything to touch the sunlit skies and rest on the soft white clouds. Armand made promises to me that my old master could never keep.”
“But you're willing to watch him slaughter millions for that dream to be achieved. I can't believe you're willing to fall for that bullshit.”
“You don't know anything about it! You live your life in sunlight! You have no idea what it feels like to be alone in the dark.”
Sylvia looked into Crescent's angry eyes. She didn't know what it was like to live in darkness but she knew what it felt like to leave someone in that state. She never wanted to hurt him again. “You don't have to be alone Crescent.”
“I'm not alone. Armand loves me. All I've wanted is someone to love me and now I have that. I won't let anyone take that away from me.”
Crescent looked at Sylvia from head to toe. The red dress went well with her silver hair and purple eyes. The sleeves went around her arms a little below her shoulders and glittered beautiful. She had clipped her hair up and used her fingers to comb at a bang to cover her left eye. “You're lovely Harue.”
“Take me to him now.”
Crescent bowed her head and followed Crescent door the halls to the same room where Celeste was sleeping. When they arrived Celeste was standing but she was in a comatose state. Her eyes closed, her head was down so that her chin was touching her chest. “Celeste!!! What have you done to her?! You sick bastard!!” Sylvia screamed. She ran to Celeste and began shaking her but she did not awaken. She saw that her mouth moved but no words came out. Sylvia looked at her and tried to make out the words. She was calling for Alucard. “What have you done to her? What did you do? Answer me!!!”
“Nothing that can't be fixed my darling. You see, you've had Ezminé for quite some time and I've had enough of waiting. Took forever for one of you to come here but now you're too late. Celeste has taken her place in my family of deadly pixies. A nymph if you will. Just look how lovely she is without those horrid blue eyes.” Armand touched Celeste's face and when he did, she eyes slightly opened to reveal her blood red eyes and the marks on her neck appeared. Sylvia stepped forward to hit Armand but Crescent caught her hand. Sylvia angrily elbowed Crescent in the eye then lashed out at Armand but he caught her by the chin. “You have no power stronger than my own her. Don't bother to waste anymore of my time. I would want to destroy your beautiful face. You would be a lovely addition to my family.” Armand whispered tauntingly. He yanked Sylvia's head to the side and prepared to bite her but Sylvia released an explosion of power that sent him back. She couldn't fight him, not with Thelessa and the other lurking about. Without second thoughts, Sylvia grabbed Celeste and vanished from the room. Once she was out she began to fall but thankfully she spread her silver wings in time. “Celeste you have to open your eyes. Please open them.”
Sylvia looked ahead to see Sage carrying Paige and David while Talya carried Yusuke. When Sylvia arrived Paige called Celeste but got no answer. “She won't wake up. Listen to me. We've got to open a portal out of here and get back.”
“Harue!! Bitch get back here!!”
Thelessa, Thesella and Karma came sprinting at Sage and Sylvia. Thelessa tackled Sylvia causing her to drop Celeste. Paige shook free of Sage's grasp to fall toward her sister. When she finally caught her she held tight onto her sister and prayed that Sage would catch up but she was busy fighting Thesella off. Karma flew down toward them with her blade in hand, ready to slice Paige but the young girl had shot a bullet into her eye. “I have to get out of here. Lend me your wings so I can fly from this torment.” Paige begged softly. And within seconds, baby blue wings sprouted from Paige's back. She used them to soar up into the sky but stopped a dead to catch Yusuke. “Throw me up.”
“Be careful.”
Paige threw Yusuke up into the skies and as he traveled up he gathered his spirit energy into his Spirit Gun. He released it at Thesella and sent her flying back away from Talya, who now had David. “Talya drop David and catch my sister.” Paige called. Talya released David and received the unconscious Hellsing. As David fell downward he wrapped his whip around Thelessa's throat and threw her into her sister. The two girls fell down into the darkness while Paige soared up toward Sage. Sylvia had finished Karma off her was now opening a portal. When it was complete everyone made it in safely but Thelessa entered and grabbed Paige by her silver hair. David focused his power into his fist and knocked Thelessa out of the portal. When they arrived back in Tokyo everyone looked at one another and smiled. “Kurama would be proud. I know I am.” Yusuke said.
“Yeah well, don't expect me to hit another woman. Powers or not I'm still English. I have manners you know.” David said with an added chuckle. Yusuke nodded then turned his eyes back to Sylvia. “You must have grown Sylvie. You kicked ass.” He complemented. Sylvia flew over to Sage to take her beloved Yusuke away. She hugged him but decided they should rekindle their romance after they got Celeste to Genkai's. And when they arrived, everyone gathered in one room to look down on Celeste. Ezminé opened her eyes and checked her neck. To her dismay, she did for the bite marks. “Armand's bitten her. She's part of the undead now. Did she wake up at all?”
“No… Armand touched her and her eyes opened slightly. It's like she's possessed or something.” Sylvia answered. Ezminé shook her head. It was imperative that Celeste remain in this slumber. If she didn't then no one would like the outcome. “Celeste has to remain asleep. This way I can enter her dreams and try to help her awaken and not kill you all. Once Armand's blood is inside her while she's asleep all she knows is to serve her master and fulfill his wishes. As long as she remains asleep I can try help her remember who her family and friends are.” Ezminé said. David looked down at his younger sister then at Ezminé. “Can you do that?”
“I contacted her in her dreams before we met face to face. I believe I can help her cross back over into the light. I'm going to have to be alone for this. Yusuke please stand watch in case Armand sends his whores.” Ezminé requested.
“Hey I'd like nothing more than to blast those bitches fifty light-years from now.”
Once everyone was gone Ezminé looked down on Celeste. She felt responsible for what had happened to her but swore that she'd bring her back. She laid in the bed beside Celeste and tried to find sleep but Alucard's presence disturbed her. “What are you doing here Alucard?”
“She is my master. I intend to keep a thorough watch over her. Hurry up and bring her back.”
Ezminé sighed and closed her pink eyes. Finally she was able to find sleep. In Celeste's dreams there was nothing but beauty surrounding them. There was a house, the Hellsing household. Lily and a man were standing side by side. It had to have been Celeste's father. There were two young children but Celeste wasn't with them. “Celeste?!?! Celeste Annalisse!!”
“Who are you?”
“Who are you? I don't know you. Are you a long lost relative? Get out of our backyard or I'll tell mother and father. Get out of here!!”
Young Celeste ran away from Ezminé but when Ezminé ran to catch up with her a hand rested on her shoulder. “That happy family is dead now. It's just me now. The darkness will take me and I will serve him.” Celeste whispered.
“No, no Celeste you can't. You are not alone. Paige, David and your mother are alive. Don't you remember? Remember Julian and, and, and me. Princess Ezminé. You're my friend. You have family that love you and want you back. Please Celeste come back with me.” Ezminé extended her hand but Celeste shook her head. “No, you're lying!! I don't have any family! Nobody loves me anymore! They all left me!! Get out of my head!!!”
“No Celeste don't!!! You have to listen to me!!”
No matter how much Ezminé called Celeste ran from her. The princess chased Celeste and the further she went the dark the way became. Still she had to bring Celeste back to her family. So she followed her no matter how dark the road became. “Ahhhh!!!”
“Celeste? Celeste?!?! Answer me!!!!”