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Title: A Kiss Can Be Deadly  ***Hard Smut***
Author: Princess Destiny
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Rating: NC 17+
Couple: Alucard And Seras
Summary: 'One Hour Challenge #39 and 167 Combined :  Response Fanfic. Alucard and Seras are forced to the Christmas party at the Hellsing manor, and the blonde takes full advantage of the mistletoe to try and find a connection to someone.  Her Master knows that she can only experience true lust with another vampire, and decides that he is just the one for the job.  
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 Year Completed: 2012
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In this Chapter, Alucard and Seras have some naughtiness in an alley and she finally gets a clue from kissing other males, that the feelings between her and her Master are real.  I will be posting the remaining Chapters for this Fanfic as I edit them, so you won't have more than two or three days between each part to wait.  Now, from here on in, this Fanfic gets incredibly sexually explicit and in some parts violent.  I've taken off the gloves with censoring my story, so some of it may shock those of you who aren't used to my new writing style.  Depend upon the reviews for this one, I may start only posting on Destiny's Gateway, as this is getting into the high NC rated content.  *Grins*  I'm sure that those of you who adore all things smutty will not object, but some of the more delicate readers might be offended.
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By Princess Destiny
princessdestiny@destinysgateway.com ]
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Chapter Eight
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The two vampires dematerialized somewhere in the city and Seras pulled back from her male's embrace to glance about curiously. They appeared to be on the seedier side of town, near the factories. The street was very dark and poorly-lit, buildings large and ominous looking with only a few scattered lights in windows. She looked at the place in front of her, a three story building. There were only two lights burning on poles set in the entrance, which had double doors with black glazed glass to hide in the interior. There was no name anywhere to show it was a business. "This is the place?" The blonde said doubtfully, hands still clinging to the material over his hips.
Alucard grinned down at her in amusement and gently detached his Childe's hands from his body, moving back from her. "This is the right place. It has no name, but is very well known in the vampire community." He murmured.
"No name?" Seras asked in a confused manner, moving wary red eyes about the building, senses trying to detect danger. How the hell did they advertise about with no name? And how did the vampire's meet each other? What, did they say, oh let's go to that place and do you know what? Her Master chuckled out loud as he obviously heard her thoughts and she flushed in embarrassment. "Okay, so the plan is I go inside and start asking for kisses?" The small vampire asked, tilting her head to the side.
"That's right. They will be-more than willing." The dark-haired male said in a hard tone, already having second thoughts. Was it entirely wise to bring his intended Mate to such a den of filth? He had wanted her eyes to be opened to what happened between their kind, but not to the point that Seras was terrified and in danger. Perhaps-
"I'll do it!" The blonde blurted out, sensing her Master's sudden concern and unwillingness. He did not want her to be kissing other males and she could understand that. If Alucard went out and wanted to kiss other females, she would seriously kill them! But this was the only way that Seras could believe that the ancient vampire really wanted her for herself and not because she was a female of his kind! Her small hand went to his cheek and stroked over it lightly, a smile curving her lips. "I will be fine, Alucard." The blonde murmured.
Would she be? The dark-haired male tried to push back his misgivings and turned his head to press his lips into his new lover's palm. "Alright. But Seras, if there is trouble, you must contact me immediately." The ancient vampire said in hard tone, crimson eyes burning. If she was harmed, he would never forgive himself!
Seras smiled at him and then pulled back, turning towards the building once more. A frown slowly formed between her brows as she wondered why the hairs on her body were rising up. Something was really wrong with that place and she could sense a lot of her kind within, as well as humans. "What sort of place is this?" She demanded over her shoulder. Alucard wouldn't have brought her somewhere dangerous would he? But still, the girl felt like something was off about a dark unmarked building in a bad part of town.
Alucard stepped closer till he was pressing into her back and he was satisfied when his Mate leaned into his warmth. "It is a place where vampires come to share blood and sex, with their own kind and humans." He murmured to her and felt Seras stiffen. He almost smiled in amusement at her innocent, but knew that his female would be annoyed. She didn't like to feel naive and the ancient vampire was proud of her bravery. He could sense her unease and yet the blonde was willing to go ahead with his plan, so that they could be free to be together.
'What?' The girl gasped, tilting her head back till their eyes met over her head. Her Master's crimson gaze was pensive and there was darkness swirling in the depths. She could sense his evil and darkness keenly, as the male's thoughts became lost in some memory. Had he been here a lot?
"Quite a few times in the past. Nothing recent." The dark-haired male murmured in response to the girl's silent query. She was still curious, but he said no more. "Kiss a few males and get out, Seras. Especially any that you feel attracted to. I will be watching." Alucard hesitated and then swiftly bent down and picked up his Childe, grinning at her squeal and using vampiric speed to take her down the alley between the building and the one next to it.
"Alucard?" She asked uncertainly as she was deposited on the ground a few metres into the dark alley and then was crushed up between the brick wall and her Master.
The dark-haired male smirked at her. 'If you are going into that place, then you will do so smelling of myself.' He growled possessively, eyes burning with hunger. His Childe would go inside, but if she smelled of himself and their lust, then the males would not touch her. Not if they valued their immortal lives! His hands dove into the girl's soft blonde hair and jerked her head back gently, his lips covering hers.
Seras could only gasp into his mouth as she was kissed ravenously, his knee pressing between her legs. She moaned as his thigh touched her core through the leather pants and the blonde immediately ground down. Her Master hissed and then pressed up into her heat, lips moving harder over her own.
Alucard had intended it to be a kiss only, since the others touching her lips would smell him there, but the moment they came together he became painfully hard. He left the blonde leaning up against the wall and his hands went to her pants, undoing them. The male bent swiftly and yank them to her ankles, helping Seras to step out of them completely. He heard her gasp as his hand went back up for her underwear and dragged that down also.
The blonde stared at him incredulously as her Master knelt down by her feet and yanked off her pants, leaving her half-naked. She cast a nervous look down both ends of the alley and was satisfied that they were unlikely to be interrupted. Her core began to get wet and the breeze on her flesh made her squirm in pleasure. And then there were hands on her thighs, parting them, and a hot mouth on her. Seras screamed out as her lover's tongue went to work on her, licking and sucking till she had barely enough energy to hold her legs up. She came to release quickly, moaning out as her male's wet warm mouth drank up her juices.
The ancient vampire rose up then and reached for his pants, but found to his surprise that his Childe had beaten him to it. Her small hands undid the button and his zipper and took his aching hard length into her hand. She further stunned Alucard by closing her fingers about his cock and pumping up and down. He moaned at her, crimson eyes glinting with hunger, and his head titled back to show her his neck. The blonde didn't recognise total submission from her male, but he was still pleased that she had touched him. The male was putty in her hands and Seras had a power over him that no other being ever had or would have again. 'Seras.' He whispered mentally.
The small vampire was panting with desire as she boldly stroked him for the first time, loving the feel of the soft steel in her hands. Seras moaned as he pulsed in her hand and then drew back abruptly. Hands went to her waist and she was lifted up along the wall, her male stepping between her thighs and urging her to wrap her legs about his waist. She linked her ankles and breathed in sharply as his hard length was pressed to her folds and parted them, and then her Master rammed inside. She cried out, writhing at the feeling of being stretched out, and then he began to move slowly, then faster and harder as she got used to him.
Alucard was unable to take it so as he had wanted, because once inside her wet heat with the muscles clenched about him, all he wanted to do was bury himself there forever, the scent of his intended Mate in his nose, her hunger in his mind. He took a hold of her hips and held her against the bricks as he thrust madly into her folds, breathing becoming harsh in the night air. Her little whimpers of pleasure spurred him on, and even though the male's claws were digging into her skin, his female wasn't pulling back from the pain and he was stunned and pleased to feel that she was actually enjoying the sting.
'Alucard!' She screamed to him, thrashing under her male as her body rocked up and down, the scrape of the bricks on her flesh welcome, as was the sting from the ancient vampire's claws on her. Seras had not had any idea that she liked a little pain with sex and was rather shocked by it.
'It can feel wonderful, Seras. The pain mixed with pleasure can be exquisite.' He purred to her, drawing closer till her breasts were pressed to his chest. The dark-haired male did wish that he could bare her breasts, but knew that his Childe was already feeling rather self conscious from being naked from the waist down. He would sense if someone came near and deal with them. No one would see his Mate unclothed!
The blonde's hands slid up his arms and around Alucard's neck as his pace became harder and frantic, his ravenous lust in her mind making her moan loudly. Their mouth's came together then, and they kissed as if they wanted to devour each other, tongue duelling and lips nipping and sucking. But then the male drew back and stared at her seriously, eyes intent and filled with hunger.
"Who do you belong to?" He whispered harshly, driving deeply into the girl ruthlessly, her body bouncing as he moved her up and down the wall.
Seras looked up into his fierce expression with glazed eyes, seeing how her Sire's crimson gaze was blazing into her. "You." She whispered back willingly, knowing in that moment that she close to falling for Alucard. She keened at the pleasure as he thrust in and out of her rapidly, her ass scraping the bricks.
"And who do I belong to?" The ancient vampire demanded, eyes locking on hers. His Childe was silent, bewildered as she gazed back at him. A sharp flash of pleasure exploded through their link and he felt her inner muscles clenching as she orgasmed. 'Seras!' He snarled at her, hands rising from her hips to her shoulders. 'Who?'
The small vampire was utterly stunned at the question, because it couldn't possibly mean what she thought. But Alucard wanted an answer and the words broke from her lips as her body thrashed under his so helplessly in the ecstasy. 'Me!' The blonde cried out, claws digging into his neck. 'You're mine!'
The dark-haired male gave a triumphant roar as his Childe said that he was hers, as was her right as his Mate. His cock twitched as it drove hard into her wet heat and then he climaxed, shooting his load. He belonged to Seras forever. She was not yet his though, as his claim had not been completed by their exchange of blood, but still...Alucard wanted her to know.
Seras was stunned at what had come out of her mouth, but it seemed to be the right answer and as she felt wetness splashing deep inside from him cum, arms wrapped tightly about her waist and he kept thrusting, his intense pleasure and joy in her mind. It appeared to be from her words and also their coupling. With a moan, she put her head on her arm as it lay about his neck and just held on as her male kept fucking her, harder and faster till she thought she would burn up, the lust moving like fire through her blood.
The ancient vampire couldn't get enough of the blonde, and her body under his felt perfect, and he had known a Mate would. She looked up at him then and he immediately captured her lips, kissing tenderly, lips moving over hers. She moaned into his mouth and kissed back, her hips moving in time with his and meeting the male's thrusts. Alucard's hands smoothed over his female's hips and along her ribs and then down to her ass, squeezing the cheeks till she whimpered at him and arched.
The girl was startled by the tenderness in their movements, which was more like making love, but she adored every moment. It was much like she had always thought sex would be like, but Seras also enjoyed the rougher, wilder sex too. As he drove in deeply, she suddenly exploded into release, mouth opened in a silent scream, and her hands clenching about his neck.
Alucard felt it and he hissed as his length twitched inside of her heat and then he thrust with more vigour until he orgasmed, and his mouth went to her neck, fangs driving deeply into Seras' neck. He swallowed her delicious blood, tasting the passion and pleasure as her heat tightened about his cock and he slowed down until they were both relaxed. He pulled out of her flesh, licking to heal the wound and then drew back to look at her sated expression.
Seras saw his nose twitch and breathed in deeply herself, smelling him-all over her! Had that been the intention before sending the blonde into the building? Her red eyes became rather unhappy at the thought that their sex had been some sort of possessiveness. But then his hand went to her cheek and a kiss brushed over her forehead gently and she smiled. No, it wasn't only that, though some of it was. "You're very possessive of your lovers, aren't you, Alucard?" The girl said in a faintly chastising tone.
The male grinned at her tone and knew he deserved it. "That, I am." He whispered to her, kissing her lips softly, then licking along the bottom lip. 'But only with you.' And it would only be his Childe for the remainder of their eternal lives.
'Only me?' The blonde repeated, a little confused. She saw something deep and indefinable in her male's eyes before he drew back and her legs dropped to the ground. She bent down to pick up her underwear, shaking it with a grimace before sliding it onto her leg, and then the other one. As the small vampire drew the material over her thighs, a warm hand cupped her ass and she squealed, dancing away from his touch. Her Master chuckled and she threw him a hard look as she yanked them over her backside and then bent back down for the leather pants, a wary eye on Alucard.
He watched her intently till she was presentable again, and then the ancient vampire reached out for her short blonde hair, combing it with his fingers and tidying it. She gazed at him with a perplexed little frown between her brows that made the dark-haired male want to kiss her thoroughly until her eyes were glazed with passion, but he restrained himself. "Go inside, Police Girl. Or I will quite happily rip your pants back off and fuck you till you scream out my name." He said with a mocking little smile that made her face clear. His Childe glared at his tone and then she turned and flounced away. 'Such passion.' He said tauntingly into the blonde's mind. And it was all his.
Seras was annoyed as she stormed out of the alley, eyes flashing. Sometimes she forgot about who she had taken as a lover. He was back to his usual mocking self and it infuriated her. She felt his amusement in her mind and sighed. "Damn it, Master." The blonde whispered, staring at the front door and wondering what awaited her inside. Of course, she had been very tempted to take his offer and have her pants torn off and her body taken. It made her moan out loud with longing, but she had to get this over with, so that they could really be lovers. The girl was already having doubts about her convictions and was starting to believe that her Master really wanted her because the lust between them was real. Even if they hadn't really been close, or paid attention to each other over the last year, what was happening between them seemed real. And fiery and passionate.
Alucard could feel his Childe thinking over his words to fuck her and waited for a long moment, but then the girl decided to go inside and he gave a breathy moan. "A pity." He murmured, smirking at her fiery temper. The blonde had been hiding her passion and he had never noticed it over the last year since he turned her into a vampire. He then vanished, and appeared in his chamber in the mansion, mind still connected with his Childe. The blonde hesitated, clearly uneasy and then walked to the double doors and went inside. This was a test for her, and he hoped to hell that his intended past it.
Seras wanted to run the moment she walked into the building and looked around the dark deserted lobby. She peered into a couple of rooms on the ground floor, but they were full of dust and old broken down furniture, clearly unused. The blonde stopped at the base of the large staircase to the left of the lobby and then she started to ascend, nibbling on her bottom lip. There was a light at the top, and more spreading out on either side of a long corridor leading either way. She chose the right and followed it along to an open doorway that lead into a large chamber. The girl stopped dead, her eyes flying wide in shock at what she saw. In every corner of the room was something that made her blush in embarrassment. Couches along the walls were filled with vampire's that were being pleasured by others of their kind, whilst they fed from the wrist, or some other body part of a human. Sex was blatantly going on up against walls and on the couches and floors, the scent of it heavy in the air along with blood. She barely noted the red and gold wallpaper, the quality of the couches and the black carpet on the floor, or the gold candle holders, sparsely lighting the room. The small vampire shut her gaping mouth and looked off to about a dozen rooms leading off from this massive chamber, leading to other smaller rooms. What the hell was this place?
'Alucard, are you serious?' She shouted at him in outrage, red eyes skittering away from a couple having vigorous sex on the floor. Against her will, the blonde found herself a little turned on. She had never seen such blatant acts of sexuality in her life. It was also a lot more of her own kind, than the small vampire had ever seen. Dozens of vampires of every age. The human's appeared to all be willing and that was a bit confusing to her.
'They come willingly to be fed on. As it aroused our kind, biting can also do the same to some humans who enjoy pain. To some mortals, a vampire's bite can give great pleasure.' He noted in amusement and derision. Alucard did not think much of human's who craved the bit of an immortal. It had never held any fascination for himself, or even been curious enough to try it. His Master Integra was different to other mortals, of course, and a few others such as Walter. He did value human life, and thought that perhaps if anyone could kill himself, it would be one of their kind. The ancient vampire had been one of them once, after all. 'Police Girl, find the owner and ask him to choose some male's for you to kiss. They ought to be quite willing to indulge you.' His voice became icy and dangerous. 'But if they touch you more than their lips, they will die.'
Seras shivered at the menace in her male's tones and then she grimaced, eyes searching the writhing bodies for someone who looked official. Which one was the owner? It could be a male or female... Her head whipped about as someone finally approached her still form by the door and she saw a male there dressed in black leather pants and a black velvet top with a long silver chain dangling down to his waist. He was blonde, but it was a darker colour than hers and fell smoothly down to brush his shirt.
"Well, what do we have here?" The male drawled, eyes raking over the blonde. She was young, maybe eighteen and also couldn't be more than a few years as a vampire. Innocent and like a little lamb wandering into a den of wolves. "You smell new, little girl." Ian whispered, licking his lips. Her tight leather pants were driving him to distraction, even before the girl said a word.
"Hello." Seras murmured awkwardly, still gawking around at what was happening in the room.
"And what can Ian do for you?" He asked her, with raised brows, wondering if the female had wandered into the wrong place. Did she even know what went on there? "How old are you?" The blonde man suddenly demanded, sniffing at her. She smelled maybe two or three, but he was not certain.
The girl frowned at him, tensing as her body instinctively wanted to back off. There was something about the male that made her uneasy, even though his red eyes were relatively bland and vaguely friendly. He had to be the owner. "I would rather not say. I don't know you." Seras told him, crossing her arms.
Ian almost moaned as her perfect white breasts were thrust up above her arms, tight against the green velvet of the small vampire's top. She was a tempting little morsel and he fervently hoped that she had come to play. But her arrogance was annoying him greatly. Didn't she knew who he was? "Don't be coy now. I'm your senior." He growled out, powers flaring up. They surrounded the girl and he was stunned to feel them being pushed away. She couldn't have that much power! "You will obey me!" The male said furiously, eyes flashing.
The blonde blinked as she sensed his mind trying to dominate her own, and batted it back angrily. As she glared, his eyebrows shot up and an unknown expression crossed his face before being hidden.
"That's interesting..." The blonde male murmured, looking the girl over again. "Who is your Sire? He must have some powerful blood for such a young fledgling to be able to resist my abilities." He said thoughtfully. But whoever had made her wasn't as powerful as himself.
"I would rather not say." Seras responded stiffly, backing off a little. The male watched in amusement, eyes gleaming.
"That's right-back up. Your Sire might be quite powerful, but I am even more so than him." He whispered tauntingly, stepping towards the bold girl. She was right to be afraid of him, but something seemed a little off. As he watched, her chin went up and her scent changed, the fear vanishing.
"I highly doubt that." Seras response derisively. Seriously, this arrogant vampire thought that he was more power than her Master? He was dreaming! She felt the touch of her Master and was reassured that he was still watching and protecting her. Or else, the blonde would have hightailed it by then. This was not a place that she would have willingly ever come to.
'You have not even looked around, Seras.' Alucard murmured into her mind, hunger rising as he remembered the delightful things in the other rooms. He would have liked very much to strap his Childe into them, and bringing her both pain and pleasure. But it was not something that the blonde would be ready for yet. Perhaps not for a few years at least. He sighed in disappointment, feeling how hard his cock was under his pants. He was watching their host carefully, trying to assess what sort of a male he was. So far, he appeared merely arrogant and no danger to Seras.
"I am the oldest vampire in this city at one hundred and twenty seven years. There is no match for my powers." Ian told the girl, grinning as her eyes went wide. She was impressed.
"You aren't the oldest." The blonde retorted, red eyes flashing with irritation. Definitely, she wanted this conversation to be over, and had the oddest urge to rip his throat out. She eyed the smooth white skin, expression considering and little hungry. As if he sensed her intent, the vampire looked uneasy, then angry that he had been made to feel fear from a weak, young vampire. The small vampire had felt the rush of lust from her Master before and was trying not to be turned on by it, as the host would smell it.
'Do not fight the urge, my little Police Girl.' Alucard murmured wickedly into her head. 'If I were in your place, I would most certainly have done it already for the insult.'
Seras moaned as his darkness washed over her, and despite her efforts, she became wet between the legs at the temptation to spill blood. Her Sire's hunger matched hers, his mind wrapped about her own and sharing it. She suddenly wished that they were back in bed, and to hell with kissing other males!
Ian narrowed his eyes and his nose twitched as he smelled her arousal. "Well now, that's more like it." He purred at her. "Did you suddenly get turned on by how old and powerful I was, little one?"
The small vampire's eyes went flat and unfriendly and she hissed at him. "Dream on! My Master is the only one who can make me wet." Her cheek flushed a fiery red after the words left her mouth and she winced.
"Your Master? Oh, your Sire. Does he talk to you?" The male looked extremely uneasy, glancing about him and shrugging his shoulders as if there were an oppressive weight on them. "He is quite powerful then. Most fledglings can't talk mentally for at least a decade or so."
Seras stared at him with an open mouth. 'Alucard, what is he talking about?' She demanded, keeping an eyes on the blonde vampire, who was gazing at her with an interest and sudden desire that made the girl very unsettled. Just hearing about how she had strong abilities from her Sire had turned the guy on?
'My blood is so powerful that you are also.' The ancient vampire murmured indifferently, as if it were a commonplace thing to him and nothing special. 'You have inherited many of my own abilities, and they will get stronger over time.'
Oh, that made sense. The blonde held up a warning hand as the male drifted closer, sniffing at her as if trying to figure out something. "You aren't as old as other vampires I have met. Helena is at least two or three hundred." She said scornfully, looking about her for something more interesting to do.
"Helena? You know her?" The blonde vampire deflated a little and leaned in close, annoyed when the girl leaned backwards to avoid him. "Just keep that to yourself, okay? I have a reputation to uphold!" He hissed out.
Seras nodded, not really caring what the hell he was saying at this stage. She gazed at the occupants, noticing more by the second. There were human's there! In every corner of the room was writhing bodies and it reeked of blood and cum and sweat. The girl could also smell fear, lust, loneliness and some other much darker, sadistic emotions that had her shuddering and closing off her senses. "What is this place?" The small vampire demanded. And why had Alucard brought her here?
"You don't know?" Her companion demanded back incredulously. He boldly reached out and took her elbow, yanking the girl to once side and staring at her seriously.
The girl allowed it, but was angry, and she heard Alucard's possessive snarl in her head. When the male released her, her Master backed down. The stupid blonde vampire had no idea just who's property he had been manhandling! She winced at the thought of calling herself property and heard her Sire chuckle in amusement.
"What are you doing here, exactly? You can't be more than a few years old, and far too fresh and innocent to be in a place like this." He told her coolly, searching her face with a disconcerting intentness.
"My Sire brought me here and then left. He said it would do me good to be around other male vampires..." Seras hesitated and blushed looking down. "You see, I've only been around him since he made me, and I was trying to find a-lover in the humans, but he told me that I would only be attracted to other vampires."
The male looked a little disgusted at her reasoning. "Of course you're only attracted to one of your own kind! Why would you want a filthy human?" His brown eyes raked over the girl from head to toe. This was why her Master had brought her to this den of sin? She was like a lamb in a room of wolves. The vampire who had created her was a fool to let this young one in with them all. The others there would eat her alive! And he was determined to get her first. "So, you're just here to watch?" He asked her, frowning.
"And kiss." The blonde mumbled in humiliation.
The other vampire stared at her incredulously and then snorted in disgust. "Kiss?" He demanded. "Why?" There was no way the vampires in this place would just let the girl walk away with a little kiss. They would gang up and rape the fool. Ian would be first in line, but he had to be sly and fool the girl.
Seras was incredibly frustrated at this stage and gave a little shriek. "Because I didn't believe my Master when he said that he didn't just fuck me because I was the only female vampire around!" The girl practically howled.
The room went ominously silent, everyone's eyes turning to her with mixed emotions of anger, scorn, lust, disbelief and amusement.
Ian saw the young blonde go red in the face and she looked miserable, as if she wanted to die. Her Sire had fucked her? Hmm, and she had thought he did it because she was the only one around? What, were the two of them locked up somewhere and there was no others of their kind around? Very strange. "Alright!" He said in exasperation. "Then I will accompany you and make sure the others don't molest you." For some reason, her Sire had left her there. She was so innocent that he ached to corrupt her. The blonde was fucking hot.
'Stay with this male.' Alucard instructed softly, startling his Childe. 'He is willing to protect you.'
'Is he? Okay...' Seras responded, crimson eyes going to the vampire curiously. She had a protector already? That was sort of flattering, but she suspected it was because she was so innocent and he didn't want any trouble in his place. The blonde was pretty certain at this stage, that it was this male's building. "Alright. Thanks."
"Sure." Ian replied dryly, sticking his hand out to her. "My name is Ian. And you?" That was right, trust him. It was not the first time that the male had used this ploy on females. If her Sire had been stupid enough to bring her to such a place, then the girl got everything she deserved. He smiled gently, keeping up the pretence. The vampire felt the eyes of some of the others in the room, their gazes knowing and lustful. Maybe he would let them play with her when he was done. If the blonde was still alive.
The small vampire blinked at the courtesy and then smiled genuinely. Somehow, she had made a friend! And he was one of her own kind too. "Seras." She murmured shyly, blushing.
The girl was definitely a blonde, because she lacked common sense, but she sure was a beauty. Seras had flawless white skin, large breasts, curves that wouldn't stop, and despite her short height, her legs were long and slender. Pretty mouth-watering really. She suddenly frowned and glanced at him, smelling the air. Damn, she had picked up on his desire.
Seras took a wary step away from Ian, his lust in the air clearly, and it had been caused by her. Alucard growled low in his throat and her eyes flashed red angrily. 'If you're going to be all possessive, then why did you bring me here to kiss other males?' The blonde demanded.
'Because you would not take my word that I desire you for yourself, and not because you are a female vampire!' Her Sire roared back, infuriated.
His Childe flinched and went pale, a hand going to her head. Damn it, Alucard didn't have to yell at her. 'Fine then. I will get on with the kissing.' She hissed back at him furiously, snubbing the ancient vampire. His darkness flared up and she tensed, but then he seemed to get a hold of himself and retreated into a dangerous silence.
"Is there a problem with your lover?" Ian asked curiously seeing that the girl was in some sort of metal pain. Her Sire must be angry for some reason. It was a worry that the two had a strong bond, because the male might come to his Childe's rescue.
"No. Not at all." Seras growled out. Her red eyes went about the room impatiently. "Alright, you pick some people for me to kiss. Not bad ones." She asked the blonde vampire rather shyly. She bit her lip, unable to comprehend that she was even doing this. The male threw her an exasperated look, eyes angry. As if to say that there were no good ones in that place.
The first two that she was led to eyed her with a disconcerting hunger and she kissed them swiftly, then drew back, fighting to hide her disgusted look as she smelled the lust lingering about them.
And then Ian led her to the far side of the room, to where there was a dark-haired woman laying on a couch, with a male vampire between her legs, his between her thighs. Her dress which was gold and had a long slit from hem to groin, and a very low bodice, where her breasts were spilling out off, the laces from waist to bust undone. A human male was sucking on one breast and a human female at the other.
Seras stared, cheeks going red, and her eyes darting from the three pleasuring the woman, them to the female, who's red eyes were languid and already looking at the blonde.
"This is Celeste." Ian said with a small smile, hiding his sudden ravenous lust. He exchanged a quick look at his best customer, and then looked towards the blonde he was escorting. She was blushing and didn't know where to look.
"Umm..." The small vampire said, very confused. Her red eyes dropped reluctantly to the male between Celeste's legs. Good lord, she hoped to hell that he wasn't the one that her host wanted her to kiss! A loud snarl sounded in her mind, as her Master completely agreed with the assessment.
"You said that your Sire wanted you to kiss others so that you could tell his lust for you was not because you were just a female vampire?" The blonde male said, loud enough for the female on the couch to get a clue as to what was going on. "Well, wouldn't it be good to kiss a female as well? Just to be sure..." He trailed off suggestively.
Seras looked at him uneasily and licked her dry lips. She stared quickly from the female on the couch, to her host and then nodded jerkily. He was right. If she was going to figure this out, then she had to kiss a girl too. Maybe. 'Master?' The blonde queried softly, wanting his opinion.
'Go ahead.' Alucard purred at her, intrigued by the suggestion and very much aroused over it. It would be interesting to see how his Childe reacted to being kissed by another female. He would watching closely.
The blonde felt her Sire's hunger and moaned under her breath, a little turned on herself. There was sudden movement and Celeste was pushing back the human's, and shoving the male out from between her legs. He fell to the floor, mouth wet with her juices and glared at Seras for interrupting. The girl backed off a little as the other female approached, seeing lustful crimson eyes searching her own.
Celeste looked the girl over from head to toe, eyes gleaming. Mmm, but she was a delicious little morsel! She would have to thank Ian later for bringing the blonde to her side and now knew what was going on. So the child's Sire had told her to kiss others and had seduced her, but the little vampire didn't know if his feeling were real? "Come here, little girl." She whispered, hands extending. She grabbed the blonde's hand and tugged her closer till their breasts brushed.
Seras' red eyes were huge in her face as her chest brushed the other female's and her hand was released so that Celeste could grip her hip tightly. It was impossible not to smell the lust on the woman, or the way her crimson eyes were burning into the small vampire. Her heartbeat picked up it's pace and she couldn't stop the blush on her cheeks. "I don't know if I-" The blonde began nervously, trying to lean back, but the brunette's face followed.
Before the small blonde could escape, Celeste quickly darted in, her lips covering the other female's. She moaned and swiftly deepened the kiss, tasting a powerful male there under that of the other male's the girl had pressed lips with. Mmm, it seemed that the little vampire had strong Sire. Very powerful and ancient. Her tongue swiftly parted the delectable pink lips, and slid inside, tangling with the wet flesh there. This girl tasted innocent and untouched and it made her ache to corrupt her.
The small vampire was utterly stunned as her mouth was ravaged and she just stood there for a few seconds, unable to even comprehend that she was kissing another female. But as their tongue's slid across each other, Seras abruptly drew back, eyes shocked.
Alucard hissed out at the passionate kiss, deciding that he didn't like another female kissing what was his after all. This Celeste was a wolf, and had quickly taken the kiss to the next level. He could feel how poleaxed his Childe was to be devoured that way and it infuriated him that he had been unable to stop it. Seras shoved the woman away then, and the brunette laughed softly before turning away and sitting back on her couch. 'Go to the next male.' He growled at her, crimson eyes blazing.
Seras blinked at the rough order, watching as Celeste's eyes locked on hers as she sat back on the couch and spread her legs wide, revealing the lack of underwear. Her wide red eyes watched as the male vampire crawled across the floor, head going back between the brunette's thighs and his mouth such the wet lips of her sex into his cavern. She gasped and jerked her gaze away, cheeks burning. 'What the hell kind of place did you bring me to?' She wailed to her Master, barely feeling Ian's hand as he grabbed her and led her away.
'It is almost over, my little Police Girl.' He murmured soothingly, feeling how distressed her mind was suddenly, to have been kissed that way and to see what she had. Seras was so innocent, and she had to know what her kind was like. Vampires were instinctive, primitive creatures, who sought pleasure and pain and blood. He was no different, and it did both the ancient vampire that he was corrupting his Mate that very moment. In a place like that, her naivety would not last long.
"One more." The blonde said fiercely to Ian, startling him with her fire as her red eyes blazed into his. "And then I am gone." She was already convinced now that what was between Alucard and herself was real feelings. Lust and...more, on her part. She very much feared that her emotions were running far deeper than mere ardour for the one that had created her as an immortal. It hurt her heart to think of him touching and kissing someone other than herself, and Seras tried hard to hide it from her mind in case he was listening.
The ancient vampire was very aware that his intended Mate was hiding something, the subtle flare of hers power was to keep his mind from hers. Alucard could also sense a sort of sadness and distress and was wondering what the blonde was thinking of. It would be very easy to find out, by delving further into his Childe's head, but he would not.
The blonde man looked at Seras rather warily, seeing her red eyes showing a fury that actually made his skin crawl! He realized that the level of power and darkness in the small vampire was far higher than he had suspected, and she was not at all pleased to having kiss that way by Celeste. Hiding a grimace, the male led her to another of his regulars and watched with anticipation as they exchanged a chaste kiss. It would be his turn now and he couldn't wait to kiss those lips, and caress that hot little body anywhere he wanted. If he could catch the girl by surprise, she wouldn't even have time to use her powers on him.
To Be Continued…
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