Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Integral gets a break ❯ Integral gets a break ( Chapter 1 )

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It was a quiet evening in the Hellsing mansion. The most of the windows were dark except for Integral's office. She was buried “literally” in a heap of papers; Walter had just brought some fresh tee in, to discover the previous cup being located on the corner of the table cold and untouched.
Thank you Walter, she said in a businesslike tone, not even glancing at him.
It seems like you have more work than usual, you should take a rest, otherwise you will exhaust yourself, Sir Integral.
Yes, I know Walter, it is simply…. I cannot abandon my work right now, you know it, in fact, it isn't much left thank Heavens.
Walter left the room, a sigh of relief left his mouth, finally this stubborn woman is going to take some care of herself, he knew it, since she valued his advices higher than anybody else.
Integral removed her glasses, massaging her eyelids lightly, it was one AM in the morning and she really needed some rest. She noticed some unneeded papers on her desk, and before sitting up to dispose of them, she crumpled them in a ball and threw into a wastebasket, in the corner of the room, it was a successful shot. A slight smile sneaked in her face, a rare one at that. She needed change, at least for one evening, to get away from all that annoying paperwork and being a responsible leader. Her mischief, even cleverly disguised was about to brake free, she was a human for crying out loud.
Suddenly the room became colder, she was used to this, so she ignored the change in the temperature, but hid her smile and prepared for encounter, she was annoyed by the disturbance but still could pull herself together not to show her emotions.
A tall dark figure appeared at the wall opposite to Integrals cabinet.
- Good morning Master, he said with a slight bow, looking quite amused.
- Good morning Alucard, what brings you here tonight?
- I hoped to find you in the same mood you were minutes ago.
- Spying on me again, aren't you? There was a slight touch of irritation in her voice, not because she didn't realize it earlier, simply she hated the fact.
- I'd rather call it observation, is there something bothering your mind Master? He said, now standing on the opposite side of the desk. He could hardly notice her face turning slightly pink, that tickled him even more, he took his time listening to Integral's thoughts, she was whether too tired not to let him, or simply didn't want to hide that she was throwing mental daggers at him.
That bastard, she is tired and out of any mental or physical strength and he makes fun of her??!! Asking such questions, knowing precisely what she's doing and for how long {she actually had very little private time} and how fed up with all of it she was.
Anger boiled in her behind those calm blue eyes and the vampire knew it, which was the reason why he used to visit her at this time, he found the idea of being ripped to shreds entertaining.
Enjoy listening to my thoughts, said his master with a blank expression on her face,
You're so predictable, Integral, he said leaning on her desk, his gaze fixed in the height of her eyes. She was fighting with the urge of shooting a few holes in his self satisfied smirk, but that would show her weakness, she had a better idea.
Unfortunately for Alucard, he wasn't paying attention to his masters thoughts for a moment, that was his mistake [this fact bothered him for a long time]. Using the privilege of distance between them, Integral cupped his face in her gloved hands and used the moment of surprise to draw him closer, it would have continued a shorter while, if he wouldn't have gotten concerned.
What are you doing? He asked in a soft yet confident whisper, he couldn't read her mind anymore, but he had a clue of her intentions.
Shut up. She answered quickly before kissing him hard. This was the time Alucard`s eyes widened, he wasn't taken aback by the kiss fact, he knew Integral was much more sensual than anybody else would think, he was surprised by the quality of the kiss. Its force and possessiveness would carry any mortal away, but not him, he wasn't mortal. However, vampire still was enjoying this; the sensation was more than pleasant. Her hands travelled down his raven hair and while he was holding her face gently in his He savoured the fragrance of her lips and kissed back, bearing in mind not to bite her. These two imperious beings were caught in a swirl of emotions, competing even at this range.
Still, Alucard had an upper hand in this sweet battle, he didn't have to breathe. Integral was the one to break the kiss, she did it reluctantly, but didn't regret the fact it was over, by the way, she was expecting a different reaction. She knew her pet would tease her for that with no end in his own, sadistic way. Her alter ego was expecting that eagerly in the back of her mind He grinned, these morning hours weren't a waste of time after all. ”We should battle like this more often” he thought, but chose not to tell his master, that would have been too much grace from him in one evening.
I was right, he said leaning back and licking his lips, you are desperate.
A spark of anger flashed in his master's eyes as he disappeared in the chuckling shadows.
Proud vampire kissing a mere human and who is the most desperate one? Integral inquired, feeling satisfied, because there was no answer and she knew he had heard her.
Integral went to her apartments bothered by idea of being alone. Was it really a step of hopelessness? She shook her head glancing at her reflection in the mirror. She was beautiful although she had dark shades beneath her eyes. Some part of her said firm NO to this situation, she had to leave the house, to wander the streets, to get rid of annoying thoughts, most likely in a place they couldn't be read.
“The night is still young” this phrase commonly used by her servant was quite encouraging, so she decided to take the risk. She opened her wardrobe and tried to dress up as casually as possible, not to draw too much attention to her. She made a choice for sandy velvet breeches, low heeled top boots a white shirt and a navy blue velvet jacket. She had to admit she actually looked like a woman; it wasn't bad for such occasion. Integral remembered her gun, she always took it with her and that wasn't an instant to act blindly. Although she was up to no good, she still was fully aware of all creatures that lurk in the dark.
As she was passing through the hall, her sneering nightmare appeared next to the exit.
Tisk, tisk, tisk, the fearless leader is abandoning her direct duties?
In order to keep sanity, Yes.
Oh, it means there is something bothering you. What is it? Alucard asked playfully his smirk widening. He liked torturing his master this way.
Integral was furious, she knew she was loosing to him in his own game, she didn't want to appease his confidence, but she also couldn't hold it back any longer.
You are!!, she nearly shouted and left the building. Alucard was satisfied for a moment, seeing his master so tense was a rare opportunity.
The night was still young and he had nothing to do, so he decided to follow his master, after all she hadn't ordered him to stay behind had she? He didn't bother taking Serace with him, she would just expose herself and spoil all the fun.
He followed Integral through the shadows, he didn't take shape yet, he wanted to know where she was going for sheer fun.
Integral went down a quiet street in London, as quiet as they may come this early in the morning. Carefree chatter came from the pubs along with a couple of drunk people making their way googly down the street, they didn't notice her and she was grateful for that. Suddenly she came to a halt, there was one Irish pub called “The drunken Lady” the name amused her for some reason and she decided to enter.
What can I give ya` bonnie lass? Asked a red -haired barman, while drying a beer cup.
One ginger ale please. Integral didn't order on purpose, it was the only thing she could think of while entering an Irish pub.
The ale was quite a knock - down, still she sipped it slowly relaxing. In a moment she remembered that Alexander Anderson was Irish too, and let out a giggle.
Slowly she took a closer look of the place. It was packed; still some men could get enough room for the Irish folkdance, while the local band was playing. She observed the merry men doing some kind of dance, hardly balancing and finally tripping over each other, she was enjoying herself quietly, drinking her ginger beer.
Soon a couple of these tomfools made their way to the counter, ordered some drinks and cried out - For the bonny las in the corner - it took moments for Integral to realize that the toast was proposed for her. In her condition she couldn't do anything else but smile.
She was not the only one smiling. Her pet vampire had managed to get into the pub unnoticed and was taking his time, observing his master in the wild, as he defined it.
Considering her state and mood, things were bound to become more interesting, ending up with something disgracing or embarrassing, spelling fun for him. Though he couldn't oppress a slight surge of jealousy when he saw the two men inviting Integral for the dance. Vampires are possessive creatures, there is no point regretting that and he was one of the finest examples.