Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Integral gets a break ❯ Of vigile nights and annoying vampires ( Chapter 2 )

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Serace was in her room, listening to some CDs, she had taken them from her now unneeded apartment and Walter let her borrow the CD player. Finally, some undisturbed quality time to spend really alone, she reasoned. The music was so arousing; she started to sing, not caring if anyone would hear her, again there was nobody who would. Walter was asleep, Integral hardly left her office and her Master had gone, she felt it. While flexing her limbs in the rhythm of music, she figured if the Hellsing leader had ever danced. The idea of Integral in a pink tutu and piths took her off; she burst in laughter that landed her on the floor. Serace would be in for a surprise if she observed her commander from a dark corner of the pub.
Alucard regretted he hadn't taken a camera of sort with him. He usually loathed annoying human gadgetry, particularly one that did not cause any harm, but it would have come in handy during moments like these. Integral was a bad dancer, he admitted, though she had never had enough time to spend on such nonsense. If she was more compliant, he would have thought her the right way. . .
Letting the trace of thoughts shape up, he made a mental note of offering such a possibility, properly applied, it would also make quite a caustic remark Well, maybe after this night she would consider that
The young woman was doing her best to keep in the rhythm with the others and not to step on anybody's foot. It was exhausting, but somehow, also liberating, she felt happiness. One man beside her started to act too arbitrary, he was mellow and gave Integral's backside a nappy pinch.
HA ha, wrong move, Alucard figured, his master certainly wasn't a type who would tolerate such attitude, not even merry in a bar full of noisy Irishmen. He tried to access her emotions, but soon found out it was unnecessary. Vampire jeered, from now on staying in this noisy and crammed place became interesting.
He noticed an ice chill flaring in his mistress's eyes, all the giddiness was gone, she raised her arm for a blow, and soon the guilty party had gotten himself a black eye. Everything happened so quick that nobody noticed a thing; funnily enough the villain didn't object and continued dancing.
Integral had a different opinion, enough was enough. The sense of duty had taken over her again, even now when she could hardly walk straight. Winning her way she was determinately leaving for exit, limping slightly, she had sprained her ankle.
Once on the street, she felt her mind clearing. The cool breeze that carried a hint of Indian spices - nutmeg and cardamom seemed unreal compared to the stale smoke filled air in the pub. The tobacco was cheap and useless, leaving a nasty aftertaste and some of its foul smell had caught in her robes
She walked slowly, breathing eagerly, persuading herself to move, not to fall asleep on the street. Now she felt how tired she really was. The journey home would be too long for her, eventually she would collapse somewhere. This perspective wasn't a pleasing one. She could have called Walter, to take her home, but she didn't want to mislead him about her night experience, it was too early for public transport, her ponderings took her to her pet vampire. Integral exterminated the thought at its root, there was no chance she would rely on him, she could of course, but it was a mater of principle.
I am not a child, unable to brace itself together! This thought was challenging enough. Determinately she continued, turning up her collar.
Thin mist started to rise from Thames, as she calmly walked down a glimmering street. She was shaken by a sudden noise in a side street. She mechanically pulled her weapon, balanced all pro and contra, as she stood in defensive position. Fortunately her reaction wasn't delayed. However the causer of the noise was only a dark mongrel, in two seconds it struck her - What kind of dog? She glanced at the side street again, it had vanished. The fair woman shook her head, is she really that tired?
The moment she had turned to continue her stroll home, she ran into a tall, dark crimson figure that wore a distinctive sneer.
Caught off guard aren't we?
YOU?! Integral was close to maniacal laughter, he was the last person she would like to meet in this moment. - Have you arrived to make my way home as unendurable as possible?
I would enjoy that very much, but your “little friends” kept me from boredom, master. He hinted at the side street
What are you talking about? She asked absentmindedly.
My, my, what overwork does to you. He winkled.
I am capable of defending myself. She stated, straightening herself.
This isn't a solid argument for someone in your state, Master.
Integral had to admit her defeat yet again; she was worn out and could have possibly made an easy meal. She sighed.
Thank you, Alucard.
His crimson eyes flashed behind yellow lenses, exquisite, a Hellsing talking in humane tongue, he was pleased.
Among other things, “The Drunken Lady” is a multinational pub.
He did enjoy the puzzlement in her face; it made her look charming in his opinion
Integral's eyes widened, among with irritation and surprise, various questions buzzed in her mind, but she gave preference to the most enigmatic one.
What did you mean by multinational, all I met were Irish.
I'll put it simply this time; the man that pinched you was a werewolf.
The vampire took his time admiring the way his mistress's jaw dropped.
Watch your step, young Master. He bowed mockingly and dissolved in mist.
Integral now stood perfectly alone, but then again, she doubted even that. Peachy, now he had provided her mind with enough disturbing information to keep her awake until she reached the headquarters. When she did the aurora was tinting the pale sky pinkish.
Silently she crept into the mansion, happy for not meeting anyone in her way, especially Walter, he was the only one apart herself and Alucard who ventured to lecture her. She didn't usually take their notes though.
Using her run of luck, she made way to her quarters, took her shower utensils, it had been a hard night. . .
She had a clear trace of thoughts even when her body still felt limp and unwieldy. Integral hated that feeling, it reminded too much of a weakness she had always battled with. She cautiously stepped into a shower - bath and let cool jets of water flow against her hot brow, her eyes closed. It was a pleasant feeling; it seemed that all that night's events were slowly being washed away. Tepid aptness emptied her mind and left it solemnly calm. This blessed tranquillity was to last a small while. A pale, oddly magnetic face emerged from shadows on the wall opposite to Integral's visage as she began to launder.
Care for a rub on a neck? Inquired a highly amused voice.
Her yes shot open, she had forgotten her towel!! “Stupid woman” she scolded herself.
For all that is sacred, do not disturb me.
I was just wondering if my Master needed any more help today, he continued in faked solicitude.
You have shown enough care for one day, now leave! Integral frowned at her servant
Such expression doesn't suit you at all, Master. Alucard smirked.
He resembled a leech which had gotten to a good spot and was not intending to clear off.
Why do you seek for excuses to stay? Young Hellsing asked irritated.
He could have sworn her eyes were flashing with anger at him.
Are you feeling uneasy young Master? His crimson eyes were slowly sliding down her body
Even a non mind reader could have gotten that quicker. She spat. Per chance if you haven't noticed, you're interrupting my bathing ritual.
Oh, is the fact of your servant sees you naked bothering you? Vampire inquired innocently, handing out the object she had forgotten. Integral took it gratefully and wrapped around her.
Yes, it is. She replied calmly regaining her self composure
Well let it not trouble you, I have seen a lot of women during my lifespan.
- If there's nothing new to see, why don't you depart? She hissed. Integral had a desire to decapitate the arrogant intruder or let him bake in the sun from dawn to dusk, a combo would be perfect.
Did I deny I liked what I saw? Now his grin was broad. He had gone too far, he knew it.
OUT!!! She shouted when his smirk vanished into a wall.
“This is irritating” said Integral to herself. She leant against the shower wall. “That disgusting creature, how dare he disturb me at my most personal moments? Am I really loosing my grip? Have I become too soft and weak to be a proper leader? What is the matter with me?!” Her last thought escaped her lips and echoed hollow in the bathroom. “Perhaps some rest would make it all better?” drifted through her mind. She knew who these thoughts belonged to, they weren't hers. “This is none of your business!”
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