Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Integral gets a break ❯ Seras`s adventures ( Chapter 3 )

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It was 7 `o clock in the morning when Integral had finished her douche. She wrapped in a big Turkish towel and set forward her room. It was a pleasant to feel the first rays of sun on her skin, as they played in her fair hair and all over her body.
She had entered her room only to change into her common clothing and go to her office for another tiring day of paperwork. Walter met her on the way.
Good morning, Sir Hellsing, did you rest well?
Good morning Walter, thank you, I had a bit of a brake, it is nice to do something else for a change. She didn't want to lie to Walter but also didn't want to tell him about the night's events.
Indeed,” replied Walter with suspicion in his voice. Integral surely didn't look very good, as if she had no rest at all. Sadly for her he realized what had happened.
Walter, could you please bring me strong tee with lemon. She mentally begged the butler to disregard her state, despite his age, he still was very insightful.
It will be ready in a moment, besides how did the night go?
The Hellsing leader was awestruck, how did he know? “My Walter, you tend to know everything.” She managed one of her friendly smiles. “
“This is my duty.” he responded naturally.
“It was quite fine, thank you.” She added after a moment of hesitation.
Integral took refuge in the safety of her office, slumping into her chair. “This is defiantly not good” she said to herself. “How am I to finish all this work in such state?” Uncomfortable events that took place earlier in the morning, returned her to senses. “I hope the tee does the trick.”
Meanwhile Serace was racing down the hallway. She felt like on safari, her being the pray, Walter, after he had brought tee for Integral, and her Master on her tracks. “Why, why, do you always have to get yourself into this?!” She swore under her breath.
It all started with the blood. Yes, she didn't want to drink it and she didn't like being forced to do so. The girl tried to avoid her meals by any chance, even if it meant wandering through the mansion, well she never minded some exploratory work, and she had a perfect excuse for not being in her room. That was until her master started taunting her and Walter grew suspicious. Yes, all because of her master, well, fine, not all. Little vamp was bad at hiding her blood packs; she couldn't just throw them out, that would be foolish, too much evidence. She tried hiding them somewhere, but, well blood is blood, it stinks when it's old, and vampires have very keen scent. In several days most of the potted plants reeked with blood as her master confirmed. Why in the world should he sniff around pot plants?! Serace considered it could have been funny if it wouldn't have been so sad.
Now she had set her foot in an unknown hallway of the mansion and had no idea where her pursuers were, let alone, where she was, until one of them appeared in the end of the hall, walking contently towards her. “Hmm that's Walter; he shouldn't be much trouble at all.” The young vampire tried out a new, tactic, unsure if the Angel of death would fall for it, but, hey, what other chances did she have? She hindered, stopped and walked slowly towards him. “Hi, Walter!” She said with an innocent smile, eyeing the blood pack. The butler stopped as Serace measured the space between Walter and both walls, as if she wanted to pass him. The old man was aware of what she was doing. So he strained every nerve to catch her. She pushed against the floor and ran like wind in an opposite direction down the corridor. Walter sighed, he was getting too old for this, this young tomboy was much faster than any human or ghoul, luckily Alucard was more than happy to help.
Serace was rapidly approaching the other end of the hallway, when she saw a tall, dark figure in its end. Yep. That's her Master all right. He didn't draw nearer but his presence was enough, she wouldn't get past him.
Remind me of teaching you proper eating manners.
The little one yelped and backed away, she hated when he was in her mind
“Think, Serace, think!” She desperately moved in the opposite direction, there was no root of escape.
You know every passage has its end
“Damn!!” she thought. She eyed the wall on her right and saw a passage that she didn't notice earlier. “Ha, ha I'm not giving in yet!” She was almost proud when she entered it only to discover a dead end. Cursing English architecture, she recoiled as far as the passageway let her.
She heard a pair of soft footsteps on the carpet as both men approached. She knew they enjoyed that, at least her Master did. They stopped at the entrance of the traitorous passageway and started to chatter, not paying any attention to her; they knew she couldn't get away.
“Why, good morning Master Alucard, so strange to see you in this part of the mansion.” Walter emphasized traditional English politeness.
“Oh, it has indeed been a while, Walter.” Vampire played back.
“My then there should be a particular reason, to act so, out of ordinary.” Butler smirked.
“I was just admiring local architecture.” They took their time playing the game; after all, they had a frustrated spectator. ”It always hides some unexpected surprises.” He continued glancing, into the dark corridor, where Serace was.
“One of these days!!” She thought, no, no she now was able to phase almost properly. “If you think you can catch me that easy, you're in for a surprise.” She ran a hand through her hair, ruffling it. ”Now, Serace, concentrate, you know you can do it, deep breath, the wall is no obstacle, just fall through it, like water.” With that, she sank into the wall she was leaning to and shut her eyes in disgust; it was like going through a sandblast. When the feeling stopped, she opened her eyes as her body landed flat on back in some strange, dark room, she recognized as a pantry. Little vampire took a look around and saw kettles, griddles, tureens and kitchen utensils neatly set in their shelves.
On the other side of the wall, Walter nearly lost his monocle in surprise, Alucard just laughed at what he saw.
Serace was practicing phasing secretly. It wasn't all that hard; she discovered that ability once she heard an alarm clock go off on her table, while she was in her coffin bed with a lid on. However she still had trouble with going through the walls, sometimes she got a limb stuck in them. It was a big fuss to get it out. Once she was nearly spotted by Walter. Luckily she phased, through the floor, her leg still stuck in the wall behind, ending her, hanging down the basement ceiling like a strange chandelier regarding that she blushed. She was thanking her luck, her Master wasn't there.
She smiled at her memories, but they didn't ease her life at the moment, Master's voice brought her back to the cruel reality and she saw what exactly he had been laughing about. One of her legs was still knee high in the wall, so that her ankle was edging out of the wall in that forsaken deadlock corridor. She tried wiggling it, it did move, but remained as stuck as before. A helpless roar left her throat, as she punched the plank floor.
That was the worse phasing attempt I have witnessed in a century, police girl!! His voice amused.
“Well I still did it, and mastered it on my own”
You call being stuck in walls mastering?
So, this was an unlucky attempt, usually I do better than that.”
I would have believed you If I hadn't witnessed it myself. Now he chuckled.
Serace was flabbergasted, HE knew?!
Nice, no, simply perfect, so you just took your time mocking me?
I would be a liar if I denied that.
Arrogant bastard
Right, she thought, I am quite miserable at the moment. Why did I phase in the first place, it didn't do me any good, and now they know my little. . no, Walter knows my little secret. Argh!!! What ever, I'm trapped here in the most humiliating way, just don't stress it; you've done enough damage to your self esteem for one day. She finished her small monologue when Walter entered the pantry through the door and her master phased through the wall which had trapped her leg, standing near her head and casting her a disdainful glance from above. Serace stared back with irritation in her gaze, arms crossed over her chest.
“You've caused us a lot of trouble, Miss Serace, I advise you not to repeat your actions.” The butler said calmly.
“Sorry, Walter, I know I acted foolishly, this won't happen again.” She said with regret in her voice, referring to being caught.
My, how nasty. She noticed the grin in her master's face. And I'll make sure you don't get away with it.
So much for private thoughts.
With a sigh, she closed her eyes and after a moment of grimacing, pulled her leg out of the wall. Alucard looked amusedly at her. Walter just thought that she would be harder to catch if she learned to phase properly, till then it rather was an advantage.
Serace had gotten up from the floor and straightened her uniform.
“I highly recommend you to drink that, Miss Serace.” Walter said seriously, handing her the blood pack.
“Yeah, well, for your troubles, Walter, bottoms up!” petite blonde replied airily, snatching the blood pack and emptying that rapidly; she had noticed, that drinking all blood in several large gulps was less repulsive. Just like taking some bitter medicine. Although blood was nothing even close to bitter or unpleasant, she still found it easier to consume that way.
Walter shook his head, women, undead or not, still are spontaneous. Yet he had other duties to attend to; the butler had experienced harder times with her, so he was just glad she had given in that easy.
“Well since our little blood mishap has been settled, I beg you to excuse me. Miss Serace, Alucard, have a nice day.”
“Thanks Walter, you too.” Serace answered cheerfully. It wasn't her usual happiness, just that large amount of blood, which entered vampires starving system, had made her to act loosely. Alucard just nodded in approval and disappeared.
Walter smirked at her and was on his way. Sir Integral had discovered an information leak in the organization, so he had his arms full.
Police Girl was left alone in the pantry. She felt drowsy and exhausted, she speculated on idea of phasing to her room, but gave it up as lost; she didn't want to be stuck somewhere again, not today. With that she exited the room and was on her long way to dungeons.