Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Integral gets a break ❯ Invitaiton ( Chapter 4 )

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Serace was walking towards the entrance to dungeons, when she started to feel mellow.
“Oh, how I want to get to my room and my bed! So sleepy and so tired, I think I shouldn't have drank all of it so hasty.” she mused. Swaying slightly, she entered her room and sank into her bed, not caring to undress. The night had been tiring and that chase, urgh; I do not want to do it again.” With that, she fell asleep.
“Seraceee!!” A ghostly sound claimed her attention accompanied by remote sounds of dragoons.
“Who is it? Who are you?” She exclaimed looking at the kilt-wearing-beard-bagpipes-creature.
“I'm yar fairy godmothr'.” The thing replied.
“What?!! You must be kidding me!” She exclaimed.
“Duh, of course I am, did ye think such Godmothrs' existid anyways?”
“I've taken notice.” Sounded Integral's voice from somewhere.
”Then WHO ARE YOU?” She called, pointing a finger at him, puzzled, he was somewhat creepy in her opinion.
“I'm yar great Scot Angus.”
“HUH?” Serace gaped at him.
“What's yar starin` at ya lily-livered coward? “
Serace blinked what had he just called her?
“You know what, you beard-kilt-bagpipe-THING, I would keep it down if I were you.”
“HAHA and what could such beetle-head as yarself do to me anyways?”
“I would take your blasted bagpipes and shove them down your throat, you skunk!!!”
“So ya don` like me music, aye?”
“You call THAT music?”
“ARRGH, then ya`ll walk da plank ya blasphemy to good taste!”
Suddenly she felt the sea and there soon was another feeling - nausea!
“I think I'm going to be sick.” She thought. She really WAS walking the plank!
“OH MY, can vampires swim?” She felt she was falling and closed her eyes, waiting for impact with water, it never came and she opened her eyes, slowly regaining her consciousness.
“Phew, that was just a dream, freaky.” She thought, before focusing her sight to the crimson blur that was sitting on the foot of her bed.
“HUH? Master, what are you doing here?”
“Oy mate.” He responded grinning.
“Master, did you invade my dream?”
“What makes you think so, Police girl?”
“Dunno.” Serace said bluntly, fighting off the recent nausea and becoming merry again.
“Why did you ask then?”
“You just seemed well informed about it, so I figured.”
“Don't worry your little head about that, you talk in your sleep.”
“Oh, it was rarely annoying, you know.” She said suppressing a yawn.
“Something about bagpipes, I guess.”
“Yeah, sort of. Oh, Master, there was one thing I wanted to know.” Serace had finally found a clear trace of thought in her mind.
“Go ahead.” He seemed to be quite pleased about something and she wanted to take the full advantage of it.
“Does drinking blood cause drowsiness?”
Alucard chuckled.
“Originally, no. But the way you feed does.”
“I knew I shouldn't have drunk that so quickly.”
“You're wrong, police girl. It doesn't depend on speed, but frequency. Have you not noticed you got drowsy after a meal back when you were human?”
“Yes, but technically, I am not human.”
“Yes. And technically vampires don't try to starve themselves to death. What else did you expect?”
“Umm, something that people call the coffee effect?”
“Not in your case. Drowsiness is the way your body tells you to calm down and let it restore itself.”
“I sure have a smart body.”
“Too bad it is smarter than its owner.”
“Well now I at least know it was hinting me.”
“That was a broad hint to say the least. What makes me wonder is how you managed to phaze at this state? “
“Does feeding affect that?”
“Well, I thought something was wrong, because it felt like going through a sandblast.”
“Hmm, that explains that.”
“Huh? Explains what, master?”
“The fitter you are the faster you go through. A satiated vampire shouldn't feel this at all as well as shouldn't be stuck in walls.”
“I guess I've totally disgraced myself.”
“A nude fact, and make no mistake, there are more fiascos to come.”
“My, how encouraging.”
“You're welcome. Now go to sleep.”
“There is no way I'm skipping my doze.”
“And another thing, police girl, don't you ever water the chamber plants with blood, your attitude to food is sickening.”
“Oh, ok, sorry . . . master.” She fell asleep again.
Alucard shook his head, “chit”, he thought and disappeared. There were many hours of irritating sunlight to come, and he decided to rest himself.
He reappeared in his private space, cell of imprisonment and salvation. Bitter indeed, he thought.” I miss my freedom”, he established the fact and took one of his leather-bound books; he was in mood for “Macbeth”, it was one of his favorite Shakespearean tragedies because of all blood that was spilt there, it ironically reminded him of something almost too familiar. Restless, he tossed the book aside and noticed a long-eared bat hunched up on the wall opposite to him. The vampire observed it curiously tilting his head to the side. There obviously was no way it could have gotten in and there still was a month and a half until their hibernation.
“A message?” He took the little thing carefully in one of his slender hands, examining it. The creature didn't protest, peculiarly it even wanted to arrive on his palm.
“I wonder who could have sent you.” He seemed to be talking to the little ball of fuzz in front of him.
“It has been a long time since I have gotten such messages.” He stroked the bat gently behind one of its giant ears with his finger.
“Now, what could you be carrying?” Vampire eyed the being once again, he was curious, delighted even.
“Alas, to know the message, one must break the envelope.” His fingers closed around the animal as it made some anguished cries, followed by several soft cracks that indicated, bat's spine had been broken. Soon after, several large drops of what seemed to be black ink, dribbled from the clenched whist onto the surface of his table.
Alucard released his grip, the little corpse had vanished, instead, curly letters appeared on the surface of the table drawn by those droplets of ink he had squished from the furry “envelope”.
The vampire turned his back to the table and placed the volume he'd tossed back into a dark wooden bookshelf with strange carvings on it. Alucard took his time before glancing back at the message on the table; it could take a while and depended on experience of the sender. Still, when he turned, the message met him on the table in its full glory.
To Count Dracul of Romania [Alucard],
The forsaken cell,
Old basement,
Hellsing headquarters,
You're welcomed to attend the centennial fete of the Eve before all Hallows. Forget our old grudges, and come for the reunion on this rare occasion. Oh and don't leave your doves behind.
PS: Due to Your current state of bond and inability to host the fest, it shall be held in the citadel of the Sinclair clan's lands.
Lord Edward of Sinclair
Halkirk, Scotland
“Old grudges?!!” Alucard snorted, as he wiped the message off his table.
First of all, he hated the author of the letter. Even the idea of that abomination calling himself a LORD was repulsive. Honestly, who was the wretch that had made this incompetent, annoying lawyer into one of their brethren anyway? Whoever it was, Alucard would enjoy putting it out of its misery.
Secondly, apart of vampires and superior dark creatures, he would invite all sorts of local scum, disgracing the fete. Although he was a snob, he still craved attention, no matter who gave it. Yes, especially women, referring to “doves”.
Thirdly, such fests were usually held in his, Alucards castle, not some goddamned citadel somewhere in the far end of Scotland!
Returning to the letter, certainly it is just likely for Edward to add this insulting address and mention his bond of servitude in addition to that.
Vampire laughed out of true irony, so Sinclair hasn't lost his sense of humor? Beyond all doubt the vermin knew he couldn't attend.” Well, I would have liked to insure him I haven't lost mine as well. “
A wicked smile crossed Vampires features, I`ll give you a dove, if you want one, and I'll make sure I enjoy every bit of it.