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Complete silence. It was refreshing, however unusual. It was considered a luxury, in the
eyes of Sir Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing. If it was not Hellsing itself, it was a number of
other minor annoyances that stole the quiet hours of the night from the young leader. She almost
smiled. Almost.
Wouldn't want to jinx it...that would be awful. I have had enough for one night, she
She felt guilty for thinking it immediately. There was a lot of things to be done, though she
had already done so much...but it was worth the price. In her point of view. She stretched, and
stifled what would have been a huge yawn. Walter had left her dinner on the side of the desk, and
although it was cold now, four hours later, it would still be good...and she was very hungry. She
started eating, pacing all around the room in an effort to stretch her sore legs. Sitting at a desk was
far more tiresome than being out in the field. Apparently, others in the Hellsing house had noted the
unusual silence...and apparently, they were not as grateful for it as she was, for a moment or two
later, her "pet" vampire phased through the wall, an unreadable expression on his face.
"Good evening, Master."
Almost without realizing it, and completely unintentionally, she thought, Oh, no...not
tonight, please. Please just leave me alone.
Out loud she said, "Good evening, Alucard. Do you need something?"
A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth and he replied, "No, Master. I came to say hello,
that is all. But since you asked..."
She almost smiled in response, but bit it back and arched an eyebrow at him.
"Well, since you don't need anything...why don't you take yourself outside for a walk.
Tonight is unusually quiet, so as long as you behave..."
That was her way of saying, "As long as you behave like a good boy, you will be allowed to
enjoy some limited freedom".
Just to irritate him, she said, "And why don't you take Seras with you? She is bored out of
her mind, or so she has told me."
Alucard suddenly seemed rather irritated. It was not that he despised his little blonde
fledgling, but she was so disturbingly innocent and naive that it became annoying after a time.
Besides that, his master was giving him her version of an order to get the hell out of her office.
Well, her version when she was in a good mood. She had told him to take Seras just to annoy him,
he knew. He bowed mockingly, grinning, and phased out of the room. And the Hellsing returned
gratefully to her luxurious solitude.
* * * * *
Seras was surprised by the sudden appearance of her master, and even more when he told her
that they were going for a walk . But the way he had said it implied that they were doing otherwise.
She changed out of her uniform into some black baggy pants and a black short sleeved shirt with a
blue vest. She thought about wearing a hat but discarded the idea. She raced to catch up with her
master who had not bothered to wait in the basement for her. He was halfway down the street when
she finally caught up.
He sure walks fast... she thought.
"Where are we going, Master?" Seras Victoria asked him eagerly.
"I know that, but...where out?"
He looked down on her with an expression that said he was still thinking about it. They
continued walking and he finally seemed to decide on where he wanted to go.

"Police Girl..."
"Errr, yes, Master?" she replied, looking up at the sky as though he was flying above her
head rather than being right next to her.
"Do you want to learn how to phase?" he asked her as though he was still thinking about it.
"To what? Like walk through walls? And disappear and then reappear wherever I want?"
she asked excitedly.
"Yes," he told her, amused by how eager she was.
"Yes!!! Of course!!! I...err, yes, that would be nice," she replied, embarrassed, and he
"Then follow me, Police Girl."
She did as she was told, following him to a rather empty park on the edge of the city.
Well, it IS nighttime, after all... she thought.
When they found a spot in the park that was to his liking, he began instructing her. He
found out quickly that, despite how annoying she was, she was a quick study. He was rather proud
of her after that. When he could sense that there was only another half hour before the sun began to
rise, she had mastered it...almost. They phased home. She fell on her rear end on the cold, hard
stone floor in her room. She looked so proud of herself despite this...that he almost laughed at her
huge smile.
"Thank you, Master. That was fun," she told him.
"You're welcome, Police girl."
And then day came...

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