Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Silence Is Golden ❯ Sleepless Days ( Chapter 2 )

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Seras could not sleep. She tried for about two hours, then gave it up. Opening the lid to her
coffin-bed, she sat up and sighed heavily. Her pajamas were wrinkled from all her tossing and
turning, and she grumbled. She was damn tired! She wanted nothing more than to go to bed...to
sleep till the sun went down and then she could be up and about.
I wonder if Master Alucard is awake? She thought absently, trying in vain to un-wrinkle
her shirt.
Clad in a large, white shirt that said "OSA" on it in blue letters, and white silky gym pants,
she knew that she'd be too embarrassed to go anywhere, even her master's room. Not that she'd go
in there anyway. Unless he specifically told her to enter his room, she was staying the hell out of it.
Not that he ever would.
"I suppose I could read or...no, wait, I don't have any books...I could...ah...ummm..."
"Police Girl?"
Seras Victoria jumped about a foot in the air (literally) at the sound of her master's voice.
She looked up to see him standing behind her table, an amused expression on his face. She mentally
smacked herself for being stupid, after all, she had been looking (staring) at him for...how long had
he been there?
"Errrrr, yes, Master?" she asked shakily.
"What are you doing? It is eleven o'clock in the morning. You should be asleep."
Look who's talking, she thought, noting that he was wearing his usual clothes, minus the hat
and glasses.
He didn't seem to have slept at all. Briefly she wondered what he wore to bed...and then
smashed the thought immediately, not wanting him to know that she'd-
"Police Girl, I'm talking to you," Alucard said abruptly, his voice sending her back to
"Heh, uh, I couldn't sleep, and uh, well, I...hey, why aren't you asleep?"
He seemed all the more amused by her question, and a small smile tugged at the corners of
his mouth.
"I was busy. I heard you thinking about me...and I came down to investigate."
She blushed. Laying there in the dark of her coffin-bed, she'd let her thoughts wander to her
master. She hoped to God he didn't know what she'd been thinking about.
"Well, I couldn't sleep so I wondered if you were awake too. I guess this answers my
question," she told him, a nervous giggle working its way up her throat.
"Ah...and does wondering if I'm sleeping include thinking abou-"
"Master!!! Please don't say another word! I was not seriously thinking about, uh,
well...that is, I was half asleep."
She knew how idiotic that sounded before the words left her mouth. She blushed and sat on
the edge of her bed, carefully biting her lip so that she wouldn't draw blood. She glanced up at the
table to see that Walter had brought in her blood. She shivered. She drank it, although she didn't
like it very much. It was hard to admit to herself that drinking the blood brought her a small amount
of pleasure.
I wonder why he brings it in so early...won't the ice melt? She thought.
A mental reminder about the temperature answered that question.
"Uh, Master? I can't sleep, so...are you going to bed yet?"
"Why do you ask?"
"Because, well, Walter brought our blood already...oh, it's nothing. A stupid thought..."
She didn't know if it would be a good idea to drink the blood so early in the day...it might
make sleeping harder. But hey, she couldn't sleep anyway, right?

"You wish me to stay and drink the blood with you?"
This sudden statement made her look up at him, embarrassed that she'd even thought it. She
nodded. Alucard grinned at her and she blushed.
He probably thinks you're stupid, now. Great. What is wrong with me? Why am I so
bloody nervous? It was a suggestion, and I don't really know if it was good or bad yet, she
silently scolded herself.
"All right then, Police Girl. Wait here a moment," he told her.
"O-okay..." she replied, surprised.
Alucard phased through the wall and a moment later he returned, the blood bag and a glass
in his hands. They sat at opposite ends of the table, and she tore the tab off the end of the bag, and
instead of pouring it into a bowl, she just sipped it out through that. She realized how thirsty she
was after last night's lesson, although she'd already drank the other one Walter had left out the day
before. It was disturbing. She hummed a little bit of a song she'd heard somewhere, kicking her
legs under the table like a child, making sure not to kick her master.
"It doesn't quite satisfy you, does it, Police Girl?" her master asked suddenly.
"Uh, what? Oh, what do you mean by that, Master?"
"The blood, Seras, it doesn't quite fill you does it?"
"Well, uh, no, not really..."
He seemed pleased by her answer, as if he'd been hoping she'd feel that way. She realized
that she was done with it, and a soft growl escaped her throat. She was still thirsty! Her master
chuckled, and she looked at him. He was finished as well, and she figured he had probably been
finished before she was.
"Thank you, Master, that was...nice. I'll try and get some sleep now," she informed him.
Alucard didn't acknowledge her statement, instead he lifted his feet up onto the table and
leaned back in his chair, bowing his head so that his long bangs covered his eyes. She shrugged and
lay down on her bed, not really caring if he left or not.
She was about to close the lid when she heard her master say suddenly, "Good day, Police
Girl. Sleep well."
"Uh, yeah, thanks. You too, Master."
She flipped the switch that closed the lid and closed her eyes. Before she knew it, she was
asleep. Her dreams were rather childish, as she dreamed of her Master fighting Paladin Anderson
just for her. She mumbled in her sleep and turned over. She didn't know how long it was before she
woke up, but when she did, she decided, smiling to herself, to try phasing through her coffin lid. She
focused as best as she could despite how sleepy she was, and to her delight she was sitting on top of
her coffin. She looked around the room to see her Master was still sitting in the chair.
"Errrrr, good evening," she said to him, for she now knew that it was evening.
"Good evening, Police Girl. Sleep well?"
"Fairly well, yes. And you?"
"Oh, yes. I slept well. I left about a half hour after you fell asleep, and came in here about
five minutes ago."
She nodded and remembered that she was sitting on top of her coffin, and that it was still
closed, and she phased back through the lid and opened it. She got back out of bed and realized that
his last statement had made her feel disappointed. He had left? But then she remembered he had
also said he'd come back shortly before she woke and she shrugged.
"Uh, Master?" she said, realizing with a start that he was still there.
"Yes, Police Girl?" he replied, in an overly amused tone.
"I need to get dressed. So, um, goodbye?"

Alucard chuckled and she almost thought he was ignoring her not so subtle request that he
get out of her room. He took his time in leaving, and she muttered under her breath. She cared
about her master, yes, but sometimes...he got on her nerves more than anyone. He was the best of
anyone she knew at getting her riled up. Seras put on her Hellsing uniform, silently wondering if
she'd even need it tonight.
She trudged up the stairs, and then it hit her. She didn't have to. She could just appear up
Duh! It's hard trying to remember that I can do that, now. I'm so used to walking, she
She focused on the hallway outside Sir Integra's office. A moment later, she opened her
eyes, and she was standing right in front of the door. She silently cheered, and knocked on the door.
"Who is it?" came Sir Integra's voice.
"Uh, it's Officer Victoria, Sir."
Seras opened the door, and, lo and behold, her master stood, leaning casually against a wall.
"Well, Officer Seras? What do you want?" Sir Integra asked wearily.
"Are there any missions for us tonight?" Seras replied.
Sir Integra stared down at the papers on her desk, and nodded at one in particular.
"Yes, Officer Seras, I believe there is. A mysterious killing occurred last night, well,
actually, early this morning. The person responsible, we believe, is a freak we have been tracking
for a few days, now. I want you to kill it," Sir Integra replied, handing Seras the thin folder.
Seras flipped through it, glancing at a few things here and there. She was looking for useful
information. Not `blahblahblah...blah'. Although this was interesting.
Oh, God. Did I think that? I'm starting to sound like Master!
Alucard looked at her over the top of his glasses, obviously amused. He had heard her.
How could I not hear you. You think very loudly, he told her, a small smile on his face.
Yeah, I'll have to work on that, sorry if I disturbed you, she replied.
Oh, no, you didn't disturb me. It was the most interesting thing you've said all week, he
told her, Except for when you asked me to drink blood with you...you are an odd one, Police Girl.
Now pay attention. My master is speaking to you. Or trying to.

"Errr, sorry Sir, I was distracted. Can you repeat that?" Seras mumbled, embarrassed.
"I said, his picture is attached to the third page."
"Oh, thank you, Sir. I'll need that."
Sir Integra nodded, "You most certainly will. I won't have you out to kill not even knowing
what your prey is. You could make a mistake, and kill an innocent by accident..."
Seras nodded. She looked hard at the picture, memorizing his face. He had high
cheekbones, golden yellow eyes...brown hair, which was greasy looking. She shuddered. He had
scars all over his face, and one of them slashed across his lips, giving him a permanent gruesome
smile. She put the picture in the folder and set it down on the desk.
"So, uh, who am I taking with me?"
"Err, who is going to come with me?"
"No one, Officer Seras. You are going alone, this time. Alucard suggested it. I think it's a
good idea."
"Yes, Sir."
Seras saluted and walked out of the room, horrified. Alone? As in...ALONE???

Please someone tell me I've gone mad. They aren't seriously telling me that I am going
to go kill a vampire all by myself??? Seras thought frantically as she walked down the hall.
Oh, yes, Seras. All by yourself. It will be a learning experience, she heard her Master
If I don't die first!!!I
You will not die, Seras Victoria. Remember who's fledgling you are,
he murmured
soothingly, and she felt a hand ghost through her hair.
Seras smiled to herself as she replied with an enthusiastic "Yes Sir, Master!!!" that made
him laugh. Her master could be really mean, some of the time, but he could be nice too.
Now all she had to do was find that vampire. That should be easy enough. Part of phasing
as Alucard had taught her was finding things that she was familiar, and appearing there. No wonder
he could find anyone from Hellsing whenever he wanted.
She closed her eyes, thinking hard, calling the picture to her memory, and found that she
remembered every detail. She smiled, unaware that there were maids in the hallway with her,
staring and whispering behind their hands. They shrieked in fear as she disappeared.
When she opened her eyes, she was standing at the end of an alley, and she knew that the
shadowy figures eleven feet were her target...and his next victim. Now what?
Relax, Seras.
Her eyes widened, and she realized suddenly that, no matter how irrelevant it was at this
point, Her master had addressed her by her name at least three times tonight.
What do you want me to do, Master? She asked him.
Kill him.
Suddenly she knew what to do. Recalling all the times she had seen Alucard thrust his hand
through his targets' chests, she leapt into action. She had always secretly wanted to try it. But he
wouldn't know that.
"That's enough," she said in the most commanding voice she could muster.
"Who's going to make me?" her target hissed, clutching his terrified would-be victim to his
"I do. I think you've had about enough fun."
Seras phased suddenly, hoping to God this would work. She reappeared behind him,
shoving the terrified girl out of his arms, holding him away from her.
"RUN, IDIOT!!!" Seras cried.
The woman obeyed immediately, thanking her only as she turned out of the alley to safety.
Seras was overcome by a sense of pride. It was not hers. It was her master's. He was proud of her?
Seras was spurred on by this feeling, afraid to disappoint him now. He had a lot of faith in her. She
lunged suddenly after releasing the furious vampire. But before she could move back again, he had
her pinned to the wall. He smelled like rot and death...and his breath reeked of it as well.
"You...stole my prey..."
Seras kicked him in the stomach as hard as she could. He flew back into the opposite wall,
and she sped forward.
"So what? It doesn't matter anymore. Cause I'm going to kill you!" Seras screamed at him
as she jabbed her hand partway through his chest.
He coughed and choked, trying in vain to free himself from this death trap.
"Worthless maggot fodder," Seras said with a coldness that was not her own.
She realized then that she wasn't alone. Her master was helping her!!! She shoved her hand
all the way through his chest, and partly into the wall. As the vampire crumbled into dust, Seras
bared her fangs. She didn't quite realize that she looked a lot like her master right then.

Master...thank you for your help. I needed you, she thought at him.
I know, he replied, amused pride in his voice.
Was this another lesson? She thought suddenly.
In a way. I told you it was a `learning experience'.
Seras smiled at this statement, and, as tired as she was right then, she phased home and
collapsed on her bed without even giving Sir Integra a report. Master would do it for her, this time.

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