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Restlessly, unaware that whispers followed him as he walked down the hall, he strode
quickly down the stairs to his room. He didn't walk, normally, but he was, as above mentioned,
restless, and his body and mind called for action that was not forthcoming. Good lord, but he was
bored. He stopped outside his fledgling's door, and listened for any activity inside. He heard paper
rustling and a pen scratching away. Curious, he opened the door. Again, an unusual thing for him
to do.
"What are you..." he began until he saw a blue and black book in her hands.
"I'm busy, Master. Could you come back later?" Seras said absently, not looking up.
She was writing in a journal. It was light blue with a black crescent moon in the corner
looped over her name. It was rather pretty. Curiosity intensified, he strode over to where she was
sitting on the floor and looked over her shoulder. She noticed immediately and closed the book, her
finger marking her place. She glared at him.
"What?" she demanded.
There was nothing in her voice even vaguely resembling respect now. She was upset. He
had not even riled her up on purpose. He just wanted to know what on earth she was writing in that
"What is so secret that I can't read it, Police Girl?" he asked in a teasing manner.
"Master! Do I really have to say anything?! This. Is. My. Journal. MYYYYYYY.
JOURNAAAAAAL!!!" Seras exclaimed.
Alucard snickered and grabbed it before she could stop him. He didn't open it yet, though.
He wanted to see if she was desperate enough to jump for it. If she did, it would mean that she'd
written something interesting. Or extremely embarrassing. Either way...
"Master!!! Give me my book!!! GIVE IT BACK NOW!!!" Seras yelled, staying perfectly
"Why are you so upset? Is there something in here you don't want me to read?" He teased.
He grinned at her, and phased into his room. He immediately began reading, starting with
the day he had met her.
Tonight is one of those nights that can be defined as `the beginning of the rest of my life'.
Or un-life, rather. I was on a mission...and it turns out that the priest we were supposed to
apprehend was a bloody vampire! He was going to drink my blood and probably kill me...but he
did say that he wouldn't...kill me, that is. He, I believe, was going to turn me into a vampire.
Ugh. But I was saved. Another vampire, named Alucard, came in at the last minute and was
shot into a bloody pulp. But he regenerated, and killed all of the...I think they said they were
ghouls. Then, he asked me if I wanted to come with him...because he had to shoot me to kill the
vampire-priest. I said yes, obviously. He carried me out of the church after he turned me...and a
rather angry looking woman was waiting for us on the road. Her name is Sir Integral Hellsing.
She is my master's master...and I don't think she likes me at all. Anyway, daylight is coming,
and I am rather tired...so...till tomorrow then!

Alucard smiled. It was rather funny to know now what exactly she thought had been going
on that night...and she was almost completely right. She had left out a few choice details...actually,
she hadn't gone into detail at all...and that meant leaving out the best parts. He read on to the next
night's entry.
How can I describe my master? He is tall, with black hair, and red eyes, an evil smile,
and well, he is very...very...attractive...although it isn't that simple. He is very powerful and dark
inside, I can tell...because when he is inside my mind...as he was earlier tonight, I can feel

it...and it gives me a massive headache. Somehow, he doesn't seem at all the person he was last
night...and yet...at the same time, he seems more that person than anything. I do not understand
why he affects me the way he does...sometimes he makes me want to run away and hide
somewhere and sometimes he makes me feel safe. Sometimes, he makes me feel so small, and
weak, and...low. Like...on the food-chain low. Anyway, Walter is calling me. I will write more
later, if I can.

Alucard had to stifle a laugh, and at the same time, he was intensely curious. He read on,
skipping a few entries after finding out that they were all somewhat the same. They all described
what she had done that night, who she had seen and who's names she had learned. Finally, when he
found an interesting one, he stopped skipping and read it all the way through.
Master and a man, or shall I say a Vatican priest, with lots of bayonets and a rather
insane disposition, were fighting in the basement of a hospital, where P7 and I were sent to
silence a vampire named Enrico Stivaletti. We did not succeed. Master was the one to kill him,
actually, and right before he came, the priest, named Alexander Anderson, or, rather, Paladin
Anderson, killed Captain Gareth, and stabbed my neck with one of his bayonets. Master came
and fought against Paladin Anderson, who, it turns out, is a regenerator...whatever that is.
Apparently, shooting him in the head does not do sufficient damage to kill the bastard. Anyway,
Sir Integral came and stopped them, and Anderson went home. Master and I were scolded, and
well...I have to say I feel preeeeetty miserable right now. And would you believe me if I told you
that it looked as though Master was...pouting??? Seriously!!! Anyway, as you can see, it has
been a long night, and I am tired...so later!

"Is that what she thought? Pouting?!" he said, amazed.
He read on, completely absorbed. He skipped ahead to another interesting, more recent
Sometimes I am struck with a disturbing and very frightening thought. I think I am in
love with Master. See?? That is the scariest thing I could possibly think of, and yet, I have. He
has payed little to no attention to me at all. I hardly ever see him, or hear from him, unless it's to
scold me for not drinking my blood or...whatever it is he finds to scold me for. He seems to enjoy
doing it. So why? Why do
I feel like I want to know him? I mean...really know him. Even
though I know that it could possibly drive me mad. I have yet to understand. Anyway...tonight
was fun. Apparently Sir Integral decided she'd had enough of Master for one night and sent him
away...she probably made him go for a walk with me. I learned something. Never ever try to
phase when you're dizzy. Ever. Well, it was my fault. I was staring up at the sky and suddenly it
was like "whoosh" and I felt like I could reach out and pull the moon down. It seemed so
close...and then Master told me to pay attention and I wasn't fully recovered and I tried to
phase...and ended up about nineteen feet in the air. Seven feet from my intended target. Not
counting height difference. But Master didn't say a word, except, "Try again, and this time,
watch what you're doing, Police Girl". That's all for tonight. I'm going to go upstairs, take a
long hot shower, and go to bed!!!

Alucard stared at the accursed thing. Then it hit him. He'd been so absorbed reading, he'd
failed to realize that the Police Girl hadn't followed him into his room. He recalled what she'd said
earlier that night about never ever going into his room, and he snickered.
"Oh, Police Girl, do you know how amusing you are sometimes? You seemed so desperate
to get this back, but you're not even willing to come and take it," he murmured into her mind.
"Shove it, Master!" Her unusually angry voice replied from outside the door.
"Do you think it's wise to speak to me that way, Police Girl?"

Seras gulped.
"Sorry, but...that's private, it's my JOURNAL. You stole it!! And I want it back."
"Then come and get it, Police Girl. Are you afraid of the dark Seras Victoria?"
"What is that supposed to mean?!"
Alucard laughed, and turned to the next entry, reading aloud.
"I had my first solo mission tonight, and I admit I was afraid. But I came through all
right. With Master's help. I thought I was alone, but...I guess it was just a silly girl's silly fears.
I should have known Master was watching. But why? Was he just waiting for me to screw up?
Or was he actually concerned? I may never know. I really do not understand him. He pisses me
off!! He is the only person on the whole planet who tries to rile someone on purpose!!
But it
does seem as though he actually cares sometimes. Ah...who am I kidding? The only way to
figure him out is to ask him...and that is never going to happen...
" Alucard read.
"Maaaaasterrrrrrr! GIVE IT BACK!!!"
"I already told you. If you want it...come and get it!"
Seras swore under her breath. She slowly pushed the door open, suddenly nervous, and
stepped inside. Alucard was sitting at the table in his usual position. Chair tilted, legs on the table.
His hat and glasses were nowhere to be found. Her journal was sitting on the table. She ran up and
snatched it. Alucard raised an eyebrow at her. She glared back, holding the book tight against her
"See? If you'd only come in sooner..."
She resisted the urge to reply. Instead, she began to walk out the door, when his voice
stopped her.
"Did I say you could leave?"
`What?!' she thought, `I just wanna get OUT of here!!"
"You have some explaining to do, Seras."

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