Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Silence Is Golden ❯ Old Friend ( Chapter 5 )

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Authors note: Matsuko, and as my way of thanking you for the idea, this chapter is for you!!!
Stick with me guys, it's gonna be a long ride. Chapter five is up!
Seras slashed her way through the crowd of ghouls that threatened to engulf her. Alucard
could not be seen through the thick crowd, but the sound of the Jackal going off let her know he
was nearby. As she fought madly to reach the room where the head vampire was said to be, the
ghouls suddenly ceased their wild movements. Standing atop a platform of crates was the . . .
wait a moment. . . . Standing atop the platform was four vampires. Four. And not a one of them
even remotely resembled the vampire from the photo. They all seemed overconfident. But the
strange thing was, they were all young. The vampire from the photo was at least a couple
hundred years old!!! Seras knew something was wrong. One of the vampires, a male of maybe
seventeen years stared down at Seras.
"Look who we've caught. That little vampire brat, the one working for Hellsing!!! And
her master too," the vampire announced.
It was as though he expected them to be afraid. Seras felt her master's mad grin widening
as he heard that thought. It seemed that he had a fair idea of what was really going on here.
Suddenly, unexpectedly, he stood before the four vampires, towering over them.
"You're just a brat, a worthless pawn. Do you really think you'll get out of here alive
after this? Wasting so many lives! You're a disgrace!" Alucard spat in disgusted mockery of the
shaking vampire before him.
"Wh-wh-he-hey man! Chill, I was just, I mean, we were-," the boy stammered in total
"You're not a vampire! You're just a cheap imitation. A copy intended to be used and
then disposed of . . . and I think the time has come for you to be taken out with the rest of this
trash!" Alucard hissed.
Whimpering, the boy shrank away from the terrifying figure before him. Alucard killed
them, one, two, three, four shots. The ghouls, however, failed to disappear. But they were
useless, mindless, motionless targets waiting to be destroyed. Alucard held out his hand for
Seras. She took it and was pulled up to the platform, held around the waist with one arm as
Alucard held the Jackal with the other.
"Want to play, Seras?" he asked her, grinning.
"Sure,"Seras smiled in return.
He stood behind her, and helped her hold the Jackal, his hands over hers. They shot
down every last ghoul (at this point there were only thirty or so left). He kissed her forehead
before releasing her.
"I'm gonna go see about the prisoners," she told him.
He nodded and jumped down from the platform, waiting. She ran up the metal staircase
to the room the prisoners were supposed to be held in. As she opened the door, she was shocked
to see that all of the prisoners were alive and well.
"I wasn't about to let them kill all of them off, you know," a male voice said from beside
the open door in the darkness of the room.
"You're . . . the vampire from the photo . . . the one who was supposed to be responsible
for all of this," Seras noted mildly.
Since becoming a member of the Hellsing organization, she had learned not to assume
things. Which explained why she felt no terror now. He grinned.

"Yes, but you know how often people are mistaken. No, I am not the one who did all
that. I don't believe in wasting lives," the vampire replied, gesturing toward the outside of the
small office.
One of the humans stood from where he'd lain asleep prior to this moment.
"Is it safe to go home now?" the man asked.
"Yes," Seras replied.
The man smiled happily as the others stood and they left the room.
When they were alone, Seras asked, "Then why were you here?"
"Someone had to keep an eye on that lot. Otherwise, there' d have been no survivors.
And anyway, I'm not about to let freaks like those destroy everything that true vampires have
struggled for. Secrecy. Solitude. Everything that your Hellsing organization needs to operate
efficiently, and effectively. If we lost that, we as well as Hellsing would be exposed," the
vampire replied.
Seras took a moment before replying to look him over. He had short spiked white-silver
hair, vivid red eyes, and pale skin. He was tall, and obviously well built. He wore a black
leather jacket over a plain white t-shirt and blue jeans. His right ear was pierced three times. She
admitted he was in no way bad looking. Actually, he was incomparably attractive, with the
exception of her master. Seras liked him.
"Are we going to stay here all night or shall we go downstairs and get out of here?" Seras
"Let's go."
Alucard looked up to see Seras being followed by the very vampire that they were
supposed to destroy.
"Master . . . I assume you know the hostages escaped unharmed. This is the man
responsible for their survival," Seras informed him.
"Alucard . . . it has truly been a long time," the vampire grinned.
"Ah, yes, I should have known. You never could keep yourself out of trouble, Malakai.
Well, seeing as our mission has been completed, we should be going. My master will want to
meet you," Alucard said.
Seras stared at Alucard, mouth slightly agape. They knew each other? This was too
much to be believed.
"Come, Seras, we need to be going," her master's voice said into her head, filled with
undisguised amusement.
Seras phased to the Hellsing house, outside of Sir Integra's office. Alucard and the
vampire Malakai were waiting for her.
"Are you all right?" Malakai asked her with concern.
"Y-yes," Seras replied.
The three of them strode into Sir Integra's office, standing in front of her desk. Integra
stared at Malakai questioningly.
"Master, this is a dear friend of mine," Alucard told her with a small smile, " We have not
seen each other since I was bound to your family all those years ago. His name is Malakai."
"I see. Well, since you brought him here, it is safe to assume that he was not the one
responsible for the ghouls?" Sir Integral said.
"Correct. Actually, he saved the lives of all of the prisoners by keeping them in the office
and protecting them from the real culprits," Seras replied.

"Ah. That explains much. Well, Malakai, I would like to thank you for that," Integra told
"No thanks are needed or wanted. I did what was necessary to protect the species. If you
die, so do we. At any rate, I found it intensely amusing to watch Alucard and Seras killing off
those freaks. It was . . . interesting. Trust me when I say this; the world's true vampires are also
fighting to rid the world of these freak-chipped vampires . . . we do not appreciate their existence
any more than you do. They disgrace us," Malakai replied.
"I see. At any rate, it is now daytime and the sun is shining, so if you'd like, I could ask
Walter to prepare a room for you."
"Yes, thank you."
Walter stepped into the room right then and said, "It is to my understanding that he will
require a room?"
"That is correct, Walter," Sir Integral replied.
"Right this way then."
Malakai followed him out of the room. Alucard and Seras were left to give their report.
"Explain this situation to me," Integral ordered.
"The real culprits were four freak-chipped vampires that apparently deceived our spies
and led us to believe that Malakai was responsible. Malakai, in truth, was only present to protect
the prisoners and keep the ghouls from spilling outside. He was there to ensure that no one
found out about this, to keep it a secret. Upon finding the vampires responsible, Master Alucard
disposed of them and then he and I eliminated the remaining ghouls. Afterward, I went up to the
office to free the prisoners, and there he was, waiting. He gave me his reasons for being present
and I judged them to be truthful. The prisoners escaped unharmed and we came back here. We
decided you should deal with this yourself," Seras explained automatically.
Sir Integral thought a moment, absorbing and analyzing all of this before saying, "Very
well, but he shall have to remain here for the time being. We need more information about the
activities of the other true vampires who are involved in this," Sir Integral said.
"Yes, Sir."
"And also Seras, I would like you to accompany him. He is free to wander about as he
chooses, and to continue his usual activities, within reason. You are to be his companion..
"Yes, Sir."
As Seras strode down the hall, she thought over the events of this night. As she laid
down beside her master, she had come to the same conclusion as before. It was just another
night in the Hellsing organization.

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