Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Silence Is Golden ❯ I Remember ( Chapter 6 )

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Author's note: I can think of more than a few of my readers that have been dying to read this
chapter. It's Malakai isn't it? You know you love him. Anyway, here it is!
Two days had passed since Malakai had arrived at Hellsing Manor, and Seras had spent
almost every available moment with him. Even on missions. Though he mainly just watched,
there were times when he would give her useful hints and not so useful comments at sparsely
placed intervals. And she liked him more and more every minute. He was kind, quiet, watchful.
On the third night, she set out to find him, dressed in a black Evanescence T-shirt and
blue jeans. He was on the roof of the mansion, staring up at the moon, which was almost full.
He didn't seem to notice her at all as she leapt up to the roof (a nice trick she'd had to learn lately
in order to keep track of him) and strode over to sit beside him. She sat down beside him and
studied him for a while, noting the quiet and barely noticeable sadness in his deep crimson eyes.
"Hello, Victoria," he said, looking into her eyes as he spoke.
She liked how he did that, it made her feel comfortable and worthwhile. When he looked
directly at her, she knew he was giving her his full attention, really listening and it made her feel
like they were equal.
"Hi . . . how are you?"
"Well enough. And you?"
"All right, I guess. I've been thinking a lot lately, since I met you," Seras replied, letting
him know he was in for an interrogation.
Another thing she liked about him was that he was very open. Not at all reluctant to share
his past with her, even the things he wasn't proud of.
"About what?" Malakai asked.
"You . . . your past. How you came to know my master. A lot of different things," She
"Where should I begin . . . it was an awfully long time ago, Seras Victoria," Malakai
"Begin at the beginning," Seras grinned, quoting a rather repetitive sentence he had used
on a number of occasions.
"Very well," he sighed mockingly before continuing.
"I met your master, Alucard, when we were still both very young. As I recall, we were
human. We grew up together, I suppose you could say. As the years went by, a number of
inexplicable events occurred, each more strange than the last. I now know that many of these
were just stories, rumors. But what happened to us was as real as anything we will ever
experience. I will not tell you how it happened. It is far too long to tell in one night. But, as you
can guess, at around the ages of twenty-eight and twenty-nine-Alucard was a year older than me-
we became what we are today; vampires. Years passed, and as you may have guessed, we took
slightly different paths after maybe fifty or sixty years. I traveled, wanting to know more of the
world I would inhabit for many, many years. I decided to live somewhere else, after a time.
Every fifteen or so years I'd move. After one hundred odd years I came back. To spend time
with him, as he wasn't very social, and wasn't likely to take well to being left completely alone.
I knew him well enough to know that. When I came to see him, I stayed for, oh thirty years.
And what a time that was. He was as active as he ever was, and he certainly didn't wait up for

anyone. Thirty years. . . that was one hell of a time. Killing was a necessity that I admit we took
to a bit of an extreme. It is no excuse, but in our defense I'll say this much. We were very
young. . . neither one of us could fully comprehend the value of a human life then. It was quite
beyond us. Then I left again. I returned shortly before Alucard became captive to the Hellsing
family. I had not seen him since," Malakai told her.
Seras listened quietly. He was that old? Wow. What amazed her was that he'd known
Master Alucard since childhood. It was a bit beyond her. She knew she didn't resent him for
killing. She could not hold his past against him. It was, after all before she was born. But
something else was nagging at her now.
"And you? What of your past? Your life?"
"For the most part it was as I have told you. I spent the majority of my life traveling. I
have never truly been content with remaining in one place," He replied.
"And the least part?"
Malakai hesitated, a fleeting look of pained longing passing over his face.
"The least part. . . was Trinity," he said quietly.
Trinity. A woman. Okay, now she had to know.
"Go on," she urged gently.
"I met her just after the thirty years I spent with your master. . . she. . . was beautiful. At
first I followed her out of curiosity. She was fearless. She had brown hair. . . and ocean blue
eyes. After a month, this sixteen-year-old girl was more than just a curiosity to me. She was an
obsession. I introduced myself to her, and she and I spent every available moment together.
How can I describe her? She was quiet, but so defiant, and thoughtful. She could not stand the
sight of blood, or injury, and hated being in pain. But she was strong. And also very, very, very
Christian. One night, I was feeding at the edge of the village. . . she saw me. She ran. I tried to
stop her but. . . she. . . she threw that accursed silver cross at me. She screamed when I caught
her. She said, `You foul, evil, creature. You deceitful bastard. How could you make me love
you?' And. . . she was attracting too much attention. People were waking up. . . I panicked. I
phased with her, to a cliff with a seventy-foot drop by a lake. I didn't mean to bring her there.
She kept screaming, trying to press that cross into my skin. I couldn't stop myself. I bit her.
And drained her. At her last breath, she seemed so sad, so hopeless. She asked me why. I
couldn't answer her. I cried. She died in my arms. And I had killed her. After that. . ."
Seras wrapped her arms around him, whispering, "I don't blame you. But you do? After
all these years? It wasn't something you could help. You were obviously just upset. . . you said
it yourself -you panicked. It happens."
Malakai didn't know how to react to the young woman who was holding him. He had not
intended for her to pity him. But she was holding him so gently, trying to comfort him, when she
could see he was upset, and sad. So he just let her hold him, resting his head against her
"Thank you for that, Seras Victoria. You know. . . you're the only one who knows about
this. I. . . could never tell anyone. But you. . . I feel like I can tell you things. Thank you," He
murmured, speaking with heartfelt sincerity.
"It's nothing. Everyone needs someone to listen, besides, I wanted to know. I want to
know you, Malakai. The good and the bad," Seras replied, giving him a hug before letting him
Malakai sat up straight, smiling at her.

"You're a sweet little girl, Victoria," He said, kissing her.
It took Seras a moment to react to the kiss. But then, when she did, she couldn't bring
herself to pull away. She kissed him back. When he broke the kiss, he gazed into her eyes.
"I have to go. I must hunt tonight, I suppose you could say. Would you like to come with

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