Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Silence Is Golden ❯ Blood Donor ( Chapter 7 )

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Author's note: I have noticed that the new development in the relationship between Seras
and Malakai upsets some of you guys, but I have news for ya . . . I'm not going to give up on
Alu and Seras yet. Just keep yer pants on.
Walking down the streets of London with the ever noticeable Malakai, Seras began to
wonder . . . was he really going to kill someone? Would he really make her watch him drain
some poor human of their life, knowing someday she may have to do the same?
Do not be so troubled, Victoria. It is not as bad as all that, Malakai murmured
soothingly into her mind.
So hunting down and killing some poor, random person who you've never met before and
who could've had a whole life head of them isn't `as bad as all that'?! She asked silently in
Seras, do not question this. I did not choose this. I didn't ask to be a vampire. You did.
As for the rest . . . would you prefer that I spent several nights getting to know a human and
gaining their trust, only to kill them later? How would that improve anything? Trust me on this,
Seras Victoria, it is nothing compared to what it could be,
Malakai told her calmly.
But, it just seems . . . wrong. Like you're stealing, and anyway . . . doesn't it hurt them?
A quiet laugh escaped Malakai's lips before he replied, No, Seras, far from it. You sound
like a child asking their father if it hurts fish to be hooked and eaten. It is only painful when the
bite comes from an unstable or hostile vampire.

Seras reluctantly decided he was right. He didn't choose this lifestyle, and in fact, she
had. He had suffered these same moral dilemmas, she was sure. So she quietly continued
walking alongside him.
"Does it really bother you so, Seras?" Malakai asked suddenly.
"Yes, well, I mean, kind of. It just feels . . . like . . . it's unnecessary. I mean, isn't there
another way?" Seras asked.
"Yes, but trust me, the alternative is far worse than the current reality."
Images of the "alternative" rushed through her mind and she shuddered. He was right.
And she knew it was silly. It was just the way things had to be. Vampires could not help their
nature, any more than humans could. She would just have to get used to it.
"I shouldn't be here anyway, Sir Integral wouldn't like it," she muttered.
"Sir Integral is suddenly your master now?" Malakai remarked mildly.
"Well, no, but I've always taken orders from her, since I became a vampire," Seras
"Only with your master's consent. You serve the Hellsing Organization only because
your master wills it. It was his will that you come with me tonight. Don't worry," Malakai told
her, a small, amused smile lifting a corner of his mouth.
They continued walking until they reached a small but very noisy club. Malakai grinned
at her as they walked in. It wasn't small at all. It was just underground. The throbbing beat of
the music pounded in Seras's ears as they made their way to a small, open space and sat on one
of the couches stationed there. A girl of no more than seventeen years sat across from them. The
girl was fairly pretty, with platinum blonde hair, which hung to her waist, and vivid green eyes.
The outfit she wore was far too skimpy for her though. Seras was almost disgusted that a child

would wear something like that. A shirt that was really no more than a blue bra and a skirt that
was far too low and far too short. She might as well have been wearing a strip of cloth around
her waist for that was all it was. The girl stared at Malakai, who ignored her. Two more girls
joined them over the next fifteen minutes, one about a year older than Seras and the other about a
year younger. The older girl had dark brown hair and eyes and was wearing a decent black dress.
The younger was about the same, but her dress was pink, and she wore a pink headband on her
head. Malakai ignored them too. Then, the one he had apparently been waiting for finally joined
them. She had short black hair and grey eyes, and was wearing a skintight black shirt with black
shorts. The shorts had two slits cut on each hip, and chains stretched from the first belt loop on
the right to the one in the back. She wore sandals with straps that stretched up to mid calf. She
was very pretty, and stunningly gothic in appearance. She sat directly next to Malakai, and they
engaged in conversation. They talked for a half hour, including Seras in their conversation at
frequent intervals, when finally the girl seemed ready to leave. The three of them stood and left,
the other girls staring with undisguised envy and even mild hatred at the black-haired girl. But
things did not quite go as planned. The minute they walked out the door and got a decent
distance away from the club, a knife sliced through the air and embedded itself it the girl's right
shoulder. A freak vampire stepped out of the shadow in the alley to their right. The girl slumped
to the ground, clutching at the knife. Seras knelt and tended to the girl, leaving Malakai to tend
to the freak.
"Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, you fucking loser, I got you!" The vampire jeered.

But Malakai was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly the vampire gagged, clawing at its back,
desperately trying to reach an unseen menace. It collapsed to its knees.
"Got you," Malakai said quietly.
Before the vampire's body became ash, Seras saw the hilt of a knife sticking out of the
vampire's back, over where the heart would be.
The girl yanked the knife out of her shoulder, tossing in onto the pavement. Her
breathing was heavy.
"It went through your lung," Malakai murmured as he knelt down beside her.
"Y-yeah, it d-did, I-," the girl managed to say before she was thrown into spasms of
Malakai held her, staring out into the night as though looking for another enemy. When
her coughing subsided, she continued.
"Am I g-gonna die?" she asked.
"If we can't get you to a hospital, then yes, you will die," Malakai replied.
The girl shuddered.
"I-I c-can't go t-to a hospital. My m-m-om, you d-don't understand, she'll think . . . I
don't wanna go to the hospital. You don't under-understand. My m-mom was raped at the-the
hospital. I can't go to the hospital," the girl told him, shaking.
Seras pitied the girl. But what now?
"I-I am so tired of b-being afraid . . . I'd rather die than go to the hospital," the girl said
with as much force as she could muster.
Malakai stroked the girl's hair. There was very little blood loss, except for the blood that
was slowly beginning to trickle out of the girl's mouth.
"I can save you from this pain. You don't have to die," Malakai told her quietly.
"Y-you? How?"

"I'm a vampire," he said simply.
"And that guy?"
"He was an imitation of a vampire, a mere copy," was the cool reply.
The girl sighed, and immediately began coughing again.
"You could save me?"
"You would if I asked?"
The girl spoke no more, only nuzzled closer, leaning against his chest.
"I don't understand the nature of your questions," Malakai said quietly.
"I don't want you to save me. I just wanted to know if you would . . . if I asked . . . you
were going to drink my blood, earlier, weren't you? That's wh-what you brought me outside
for," the girl smiled.
Malakai's mouth twitched in what would have been a smile, "Yes."
"Then why don't you? I'm gonna die anyway . . ."
Malakai stared into her eyes curiously. She nodded and tilted her head back.
"I don't mind. Go on," She murmured, closing her eyes.
He dipped his head to her neck, fangs sinking into her soft skin. Moments passed and
soon, he pulled away, eyes showing deep remorse and sadness as he did, a small line of blood
dripping from his mouth to his chin. He wiped the blood on his sleeve. The girl was limp in his
And then her body crumbled into ash. Seras gasped in surprise. Malakai's eyes were
shadowed as he stood, releasing the ash that was cradled in his arms.
"Let's go, Seras. Your master is waiting for you," he murmured.
As they walked away from that place, Seras understood just a little bit more of his pain.
He didn't choose this life. But in the end . . . it was all he had. As an immortal, you could never
depend on any thing.

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