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Being out in the field after so long was like getting to stretch her legs after a long trip in a car.
Victoria was relieved to find that her vampiric powers (such as they were) had not been affected
by the long days of suppression. Her men had been more than happy to see her, and had begun
treating her more like a person and less like a monster. When she returned home after a long
night of bloodshed, she sat with her master in his room reliving the night in gory detail.
Unfortunately, he had to go to sleep soon after. She was still quite restless, and when she
returned to her room, she was rather pleased to find the small bag of blood waiting on her table.
She slowly poured it into a cup (Walter had decided it would be easier for her to drink it that
way) that had been left out for her, and sticking in a straw, she sucked it down with minimal
regret or disgust. She shocked herself with how easily she had fallen back into the swing of
things. She smiled to herself as she opened the cd case, and inserted Coheed & Cambria into the
CD player. Singing aloud to "Ten Speed (of God's Blood & Burial)", she picked up her journal,
and with careful thought, began writing.
It feels like forever since I last went through all this. But somehow it is easier, and in fact, almost
pleasant. At least, more so than it was before. Master says it is my vampiric nature showing
through. He may be right. The blood was easier to swallow tonight. I am actually grateful for
that. If I remember that this blood was willingly given, donated, and not stolen, then I could even
grow used to drinking it. I am alone at the moment; Master is tired tonight and went to sleep
about half an hour ago. You know, he is easier to understand now that he's human, and now that
I know a little bit about his past. Though I don't pretend to know everything. I am getting
suddenly very tired. I think I'll turn in for tonight. Goodnight.

And with that, she closed the small journal. She was about to get up to turn off the music, when
suddenly she felt a strange tingling at her fingertips. Small wispy shadows swirled around
fingers, and she gaped. Inspiration struck, and she pointed at the CD player. A tendril of shadow
spiraled its way to the machine, and with a quiet click, the music was gone. She smiled suddenly.
Vampiric nature indeed. Wanting to test this new power, yet somehow afraid, she walked out of
her room and don the hall into Alucard's.
As she approached, she realized that, a few weeks ago, she would have never dared to enter this
place that had seemed forbidden. Yet now she stepped in calmly and without a second thought,
as though it were her own room she entered. Brushing these meaningless thoughts away, she
opened the door. The darkness of the cold stone room was like bright sunlight to her, and she saw
that his coffin-bed was partly opened. She got an idea. Gently prompting the little shadows, she
watched them swirl heir way underneath the lid, and moments later, the lid began to open.
Alucard sat up, hand reaching to the right of him and switching on a lamp. When he saw what
extended from he fingertips, and when he realized what had happened, his mouth lifted in a grin
full of pride such as she had never seen.
"My Victoria."
"I don't know what happened!"

"You've had a psychic growth spurt."
"A what?"
"Your power is growing, Seras. I knew it was going to happen soon, but I didn't believe that it
would happen this soon!"
"You mean I'm not worthless after all?" she smiled.
"You were never worthless."
He stood and took the few steps away from his bed to stand in front of her. With a crooked grin,
he wrapped his arms around her waist, studying her face intently.
"Are you shocked?"
"Yes, actually."
"Good, I'd be worried if you weren't."
"Oh, would you?"
"Yes," Alucard replied with a tone he had used on her when he was still a vampire.
One that happened to irritate her to no end.
"I think we should tell Malakai," Alucard said.
"Good idea."
Without further discussion, the two of them left Alucard's domain and entered the room of
another, equally dangerous man. It was not as dark in Malakai's room as it had been in his
friend's, but the light was dim enough that Alucard had to rely more on memory to find his way o
the coffin without tripping. Which he pulled of marvelously.
Slamming his fist down on the lid, Alucard said, "Rise, wretch, and behold, my pride and joy is
not worthless after all."
Instantly the lid began to rise up. Malakai sat up, fully awake, and smiled at Victoria.
"Oh, it's finally happened, then?"
Victoria blushed. Malakai held out a hand, which she took, and pulled her into a gentle embrace.
"I am happy for you."
After a few more words had been exchanged, the pair left Malakai to his sleep, and went to find

their own.
The psychic "growth spurt" her master had described extended much farther than simply
controlling "her" shadows - as Alucard had explained it, her inner magic had drawn darkness to
her and now that darkness had become her first servant ­ and into something far more . . .
disturbing. The next evening after a mission, as she showered, she found herself lazily picturing a
place she had read about in one of her books, and when she opened her eyes she found dust (like
the sands in the wasteland from Terry Goodkind's "The Pillars of Creation") raining down into
the bath like water. Screaming, she had woken half the household, and when asked for an
explanation, she found she could offer none. Alucard had viewed the situation with far more
amusement than she felt he should. Malakai had calmly tried to explain to her that a vampire's
mind was incredibly different from that of humans, and that to even the youngest and weakest
vampire, wishes and daydreams could become real if not held in check. She made a mental note
of that for future daydream reference.
Another incident that occurred later, though it had not been as serious, happened around two
hours before Walter came to summon her to Integra's office. She woke to the feeling of
something looming over her, and when she opened her eyes, she found a huge black leopard with
crimson eyes standing over her, sniffing her face gently. This had not frightened her as much as it
should have, for now she had come to attribute all strange occurrences to her new strange power.
She sat up, and the great cat respectfully backed away.
"Umm . . . I, uh . . . hello."
The creature seemed to acknowledge her nervous greeting as it bowed its head.
Remembering something that had occurred so many moths ago on a mission with her master, she
realized that this was her "familiar". Amazed, but still nervous, she commanded the panther
(that's what black leopards are in case you didn't know) to follow her into her master's room.
Thinking on it, she realized that her familiar was much more docile and well . . . prettier than her
master's hellhounds had been. Waking him produced a wave of pride and interest from her
master that kept him and her up for the next couple of hours talking about familiars and their
purpose as well as explaining their specific manifestations. She learned how to summon and
dismiss her familiar, as well as how to communicate with and command it. The great black cat
became a great help to her in later missions.
When Malakai learned of this latest development, he seemed pleased and yet unsurprised. She
later learned that his own familiar was, in fact, a snake.
Everyone n the Hellsing household was pleased with Victoria's new powers, and her new
determination to become stronger. Though her master could not teach her in the same way
anymore, Victoria knew that she had learned more from him in the past three days than she had
in the whole time she'd been a member of the Hellsing Organization. Of course, she now found
herself needing to drink three blood packs instead of just the one, but she was now comfortable
with the daily ritual. She knew that, in recent days, she had indeed become her master's pride and

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