Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Silence Is Golden ❯ The Past Can Kill ( Chapter 20 )

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The premonitions were plaguing him like a nightmare that refused to fade even when he
was awake. He had had problems with his power before, but never like this. Being human had
incredibly negative side effects. Malakai sighed and sat up, beads of sweat sliding down his face
and making his skin feel colder than it really was. He didn't understand why it had to be
happening now, when he was so close to being a vampire again. Integral's scientists had
predicted that Malakai's change would be relatively soon. Within the week, they said. Relief
had flooded through him like a tidal wave. Everything would be set right soon. He silently
prayed to the goddess that they were right. He sighed again and opened the lid to his bed. It was
time to get up anyway. He stood and stretched, yawning, and then quickly changed clothes
before going upstairs. As soon as he opened the door, he was met with a sight he had not
expected. Cold, grey hands reached out and took hold of his arms. A bout of maniacal laughter
swept through the entryway.
"Well, hey, what did you catch me?" a voice said over the buzz of the soft moans of
A figure swept through the crowd of mindless ghouls and stood before him, peering
intently at his face. The freak had blonde hair and bright red eyes, and the lack of a mark on his
neck proved that he was artificial. Malakai had the sudden urge to bite the son-of-a-bitch.
"Hey, Miss, you better come see," the freak vampire called out into the crowd.
Miss? Malakai thought.
"I'm coming," a female voice called back.
Malakai's eyes widened as the ghouls made room for the female figure to walk toward
"This isn't possible."
Trinity gently took hold of his chin, peering into his eyes with an unreadable smile.
"I assure you it most certainly is."
* * * * * * * * * *
This attack on Hellsing Manor was completely unexpected. They had brazenly flooded
into the manor - from the front door, no less - and had quickly swarmed through the building,
killing many of the servants but for some reason, herding the soldiers into a large room that just
so happened to be Sir Integra's office. Integra was, though she would not admit it aloud,
confused. Why kill so many innocents yet leave the soldiers, her weapons, alive and unharmed?
Officer Seras had phased into the room, bringing Alucard with her, and reported that the same
was happening everywhere else in the manor. There was a commanding officer in every room
that the soldiers were being crowded into. A spark of hope lit in Integral that was quickly put out
by suspicion. Why?
"Sir," Victoria said suddenly, "I think that . . . well, despite my better judgement, you
should allow me to try and contact the others. We have to at least try something."
Integra considered this very carefully. Victoria could phase, that was a great advantage.

No one but her and her men would know what was going on. But there were risks, as well. This
was, somehow, too easy. But she had to get in contact with her men, find out how many there
were alive, find out who had been killed. She studied Victoria very, very carefully. Victoria
could pull this off easily. Her powers had grown at an alarming rate, and she now had not only
her own physical and mental strength to rely on, but a familiar as well. Yes, she would send
Victoria to contact her men.
"Go," Integral ordered her, "and take a head count. Nothing more. When you are
finished, return to give your report and to receive further instructions."
Victoria saluted, determination alight in her eyes. She disappeared in a swirl of shadows,
and, envisioning the next room of soldiers, quickly reappeared there on top of a desk.
The moment she had materialized in the room, all firearms were aimed at her, until one of
the men recognized her and cheered quietly. Victoria quickly counted out thirty-four men and
went to the next room. By the time she was done, she had counted more than two hundred heads.
And had more than two hundred weapons aimed at her. She returned to report to Sir Integra.
" . . . But I didn't see Malakai anywhere," she finished.
Fear twisted her stomach when she thought of what could have happened to him.
Alucard saw the fear in her eyes and put a hand on her shoulder. She smiled at him gratefully.
No time to worry about that now. Besides, he could take care of himself, and they all knew that.
* * * * * * * * * *
"I killed you," Malakai whispered.
"Yes. But isn't that how all vampires are created? They must die before they can be
reborn as undead, correct? You thought you killed me, and I never had any intention of allowing
you to believe otherwise. Until a few nights ago."
"What changed your mind?"
"I found you. I have been searching for you for a very, very long time. But you always
eluded me somehow. You never stayed in one place long enough to be tracked down. Until
recently, of course. You have been here for how many weeks?"
"I wonder why? That girl, perhaps?"
"Are you referring to Victoria?"
"Well, I suppose I am."
"Then you are still a very foolish girl."
"Do you mean to imply that she means nothing to you?"
"Oh no. I would never say that. It's just that our relationship is very different from what
you assume."
"So you are saying I was mistaken?"
"I suppose I am."
"A foolish thing to do, you know. I could kill you."
"Yes, I suppose you could."
"But aren't you the confident one."
Anger narrowed her crimson eyes. She was becoming frustrated. Malakai almost
laughed. Did she expect him to beg for forgiveness? Secretly, though he would not admit it, that

just so happened to be the very thing he longed to do. But pride and caution stopped him, along
with the fact that he was being conveniently restrained by four, very slimy ghouls.
"So what now, Trinity? Are you going to kill me? Bite me, perhaps? Be my guest. I am
rather tired of being human, and I have recently remembered why I was so very content with
being a vampire. Or are you here to tell me that you don't intend to do either? Because that
would be a lie. I can see how much you hate me, my love, and as much as it pains me, there is
not a damn thing that I can nor that I care to do to change it."
"`My love'? Do you dare imply that you love me after all that has happened, Malakai?"
"As I recall, it was you cursing my name, and declaring your eternal hatred of me that
night, not the other way around."
She obviously had not counted on him bringing that up. No words escaped her lips for a
few moments, and then she stared at him with anger piercing the crimson of her irises.
"Don't you dare speak of that again. You betrayed me, I had done nothing, nothing to
deserve what you did to me. All I had ever done was love you, and you -"
"Yes. You loved me so much that you could not stand the sight of me when you
discovered what I was. You loved me so much, that you wanted me dead, that you tried to burn
me to death with that cross that you always carried with you like you were some kind of fucking
saint. All you had done from the moment you met me was to preach to me about how evil my
ways were. I never tried to hide what I was from you! At any moment, I was willing to share the
truth with you. But you never followed me like I asked you to, so I gave up. So don't you stand
there, all self-righteous and playing the innocent little victim. I loved you, Trinity, not the other
way around!"
A tear slid down his face, rage at her false righteous indignation coursing through him.
That bitch. Suddenly he realized how foolish he had been to waste the years of his life mourning
her. He had not killed her, she had not loved him, and now it all came down to this. He knew he
was wrong to hurt her from the very beginning. But she could not see past her own idiocy to
realize what she had done to him.
And then suddenly, without warning, gunfire rained down on the ghouls and the freak
vampires who had created them. Those that had not been killed immediately retreated, rushing
outside as quickly as their decaying bodies would take them. Trinity was left standing in front of
Malakai, eyes locked on his for a moment before she too rushed away from the attacking forces.
No! Malakai screamed inside his mind.
He could not let her loose in the world. He had to do something to stop her. Impulsively
he followed her. He was so intent on keeping Trinity in sight that he did not her the cry that
followed him.
* * * * * * * * * *
She couldn't believe he was actually following that woman! What was he thinking?
"He is human, Victoria."
She turned to face her master, who's eyes were following his friend out the door.
Confusion showed on her face, so he explained further.
"He cannot control his emotions as he is now. He is merely doing what human's do -
acting on his feelings rather than using his head."

"That's no excuse to get himself killed!"
"Do you really believe that he is thinking about that right now?"
"Well, I, uh . . ."
"He is not thinking about the danger he is in. He is not thinking about the trouble he is
causing for the two of us. He is thinking about one thing, and one thing only. Following her,
whoever she may be."
Victoria glanced back down at where Malakai had stood. She remembered the tears that
had slipped from his angry eyes. And then suddenly she realized exactly who that woman was.
"Oh, God."
* * * * * * * * * *
"MALAKAIIIII!!!! MALAKAI!!" Isaac's voice rang out urgently over the chaotic battle
field around him.
Oh, God. If anything had happened to him . . . no. Malakai was too strong, even as a
human. Too strong, too smart, to be killed here. Like this. But what in the hell had possessed
him to come out here unarmed and completely unprotected? He finally caught sight of the tall
male and hurried to catch up with him. He prayed he would be able to. He followed Malakai
with his eyes, even as he followed with his feet. But what he saw suddenly made him stop.
Malakai reached out and took hold of the woman's arm, and was speaking to her in a very soft
voice. Not that Isaac would have been able to hear him anyway. But slowly he went closer, until
he could finally hear the words being exchanged between the two of them.
"If you ever loved me, Malakai, you would have changed," the woman said sadly.
"No. If you had loved me, you would have accepted me for who and what I was,"
Malakai replied, regret lacing his voice.
Then he saw Malakai pull the woman into his arms for a moment, the angry
determination gone. A sick feeling in his stomach made him turn his head.
* * * * * * * * * *
She had come to kill him, Malakai was certain. And he did not intend to stop her. He
had said as much. For a moment, he was overcome with a need to be close to her again. He had
loved her once. Once. She had tensed up when he had pulled her close, holding her tightly, so
that for a moment he could forget he was about to be killed by the only woman he'd really loved.
The woman he'd spent over three hundred years mourning. And then he felt it. The sharp,
tearing pain. Loosening his hold on her, he looked and saw only the hilt of the dagger she'd
stabbed him with. And he saw the smile of momentary, cruel satisfaction cross her face before it
was replaced by confusion and then shock.
"Oh, God!"
He couldn't keep his hold on her. He was losing blood very quickly. He let himself fall.
And then he saw with a kind of grim satisfaction his premonition come true. Alucard collapsed,
Victoria crying out as he did, and then, after a few moments, agonizing moments for both of
them, Alucard, the master vampire, rose to his feet, rage and vampiric insanity in the form of
bloodlust consuming his features. Within seconds, half the battlefield was cleared of it's ghoul
infestation, and the soldiers around him cheered, glad that, at least, the vampire they had come to

count on (although they feared him) was back. Malakai smiled. Victoria was crying in relief.
Trinity stood still, staring down at him in complete shock, as though she did not understand what
she had done.
"What did you expect, Trinity? There is no true satisfaction in taking a life, even when
you believe they have done you wrong," Malakai murmured, forcing the words past the blood
rising in his throat.
"But it wasn't . . . it wasn't supposed to be like this! You were . . . I don't understand . . .
I really . . ." she dropped to her knees, "I really don't understand."
But Malakai had no strength nor desire to reply. She would suffer the consequences of
her own actions. She, as any other fledgling vampire, would slowly waste away and eventually
die without the will of her master to keep her alive. Unless Alucard killed her first. Tears of
confusion and fear made dark tracks down her face.
His vision faded in and out, blurring the scene of death around him. He heard Victoria's
voice screaming his name and loud footsteps coming closer. Then he saw Alucard standing over
"Don't you think about dying now, Malakai. Look up."
Malakai did as he was told and noted with satisfaction that the moon was full. And a
very beautiful, vivid red color.
"It is almost time, Malakai."
"I don't know . . . if I even want to . . ."
"Don't be stupid," Alucard snapped.
Malakai smiled. Of course it wasn't going to be that easy. Alucard would not let him
die. And just as he finished that thought, he suddenly felt the first effects that Victoria had
described as the change. Fire seared his blood, his skin became hot. His vision blacked out. He
felt his canines changing their shape to become the fangs he had become accustomed to. And
then his vision returned and he stared up into the faces of a crying Victoria, and a grinning
Alucard. He sat up, and pulled the knife from his abdomen, and with a grin, sent it spinning into
the forehead of the nearest ghoul. A rush of the familiar bloodlust swept over him and he and
Alucard silently started a new round of that wonderful game they used to play. He silently
promised himself he would not lose. After all, he was always much better at it than Alucard
anyway. Victoria didn't dare get involved.
* * * * * * * * * *
"FIFTY-SEVEN!" Alucard cried maniacally
"SIXTY-TWO!" Malakai called back with satisfaction.
An indignant growl escaped Alucard's throat. He stopped for a moment to watch
Malakai's shadow-snake devour a ghoul in a shower of blood before resuming his killing spree
with malicious glee. Oh, how wonderful it was to be a vampire again.
Malakai stood looking down at the woman he know knew was his fledgling. She was staring up

at him blankly. He almost pitied her. How crushing it must be to realize it was all for nothing.
But there was nothing to be done about that. She had tried to kill him. And where, as a human,
he had been fully prepared to accept that fate, the vampire in him screamed at him to kill her.
"I don't quite know what to do with you," he said.
She blinked, fleeting fear racing through her eyes before she said, "I have nothing to say
in my defense."
"I never expected to you. Actually it is better if you don't," He said grimly.
And suddenly he realized the reason why he was having so much trouble was that he was
thinking about it too much. He was letting the past get in his way. He knew that in order to deal
with her as he should, he would have to let it go. Closing his eyes, and with much regret, he
slowly and thoroughly cleared his mind of all the memories and emotions that stayed his hand.
When he opened her eyes, he no longer saw a woman that he had loved and treasured for so long,
he saw a fledgling who had betrayed her master. There was only one punishment for that crime.
With coldness he had forgot he possessed, he reached out and took hold of her neck,
bringing her to her feet and lifting her slightly off the ground. Fear gripped her, and she
struggled, clawing at his hand, kicking at him, eyes wide. A grin spread across his face that
made him look exactly like his dear friend Alucard. And, without a word, he brought her neck to
his mouth and bit her with anger and a small measure of cruel, vampiric joy. Her blood poured
into his mouth, bringing the sweet feeling that came with feeding, the feeling that he had not
indulged in for far too long. Sliding his grip from her neck to her shoulder, and taking hold of
her with both hands, he held her struggling body still as he slowly drained her of life.
Watching from around the corner, a malicious smile curved Alucard's lips. Victoria's
eyes were wide, her hands held to her mouth to keep a cry of fear from escaping.
Oh, God. Oh, God. How could he do this? Why? I don't understand! She screamed
inside her head.
God has nothing to do with it, Victoria. He isn't watching. Trust me in that, at least. He
doesn't care what happens to vampires. We are beyond him, Her master replied silently.
But, oh, I just, I can't -
Some day you will understand. In fact . . . To be honest, we have delayed this matter for
far too long. I think it is time to take you hunting, my dear Police Girl.
"No!" she protested softly.
"It is not so bad as you think, I promise, Victoria," Malakai's voice said from behind her.
Without any measure of surprise, she turned around to face him.
"You can say that!"
"Yes, I can, because I know from experience. I was just as afraid as you were, believe
"I . . ." she lowered her gaze, studying her boots, "I believe you."
She lifted her gaze to stare up at him.
"Then let us go."
After a moment's hesitation, she nodded. I was about time she stopped being afraid of
the inevitable.

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