Hetalia - Axis Powers Fan Fiction ❯ Forgotten ❯ The meeting ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 1: The meeting

Ivan Braginski was used to being alone. All his life others had been afraid of him because of his scary personality. He's never had friends, in fact, the only people around him are his servants, and their even scared of him. Even though he tries to smile and be kind, others still reject him. Ivan knows that others probably wont accept him. This makes Ivan terribly lonely.
One early January morning, Ivan sits in his large room, getting ready for another worthless world meeting. "This is so annoying" he thought  "We may start off good but once every one starts fighting over something compleatly irrelevant, the only one who can make anyone shut up is Ludwig, no?".  He sighed.  Ivan thought it was stupid that he was even invited. He'll just sit in his chair and watch as everyone fights, then look down sadly once their yelled at by that scary german.  Something confused Ivan. Ludwig was just as scary as he was, maybe even more, and yet.. He's much more respected and liked by the others. Why was that? Ivan shrugged. "It's probably that Feliciano guy... Since he hangs all over Ludwig I guess people think he's not evil or anything".  He looked down. He longed for a friend like Feliciano. One that wouldn't be scared of him, or betrey him. Just then his servant, Toris, walked in with Ivans large white coat in his hands. "Y-Your coat sir.. I think you'll need it. I-Its a bit cold out." He said, trembling. Ivan just looked over at him, then smiled. "Thank you Toris. Your very kind" He took the coat from his servant, then reached to pet the small mans head. Toris winced, looking away. Ivan saw this, pulling his hand away. "Sorry" He mumbled. Toris looked at Ivan, then quickly left the large room, still shaking. Ivan sighed, pulling on his coat. He headed out of his room, looking at the floor. He really didnt want to go. Seeing everyone fighting around him was much worse than it was to sit alone in the snow of his own country, which he did often.
He waved a half-hearted goodbye to his servants, then left the large house and headed for the world meeting. The drive there was long and boring, but the entrace to the building was horrid. Others hurried in quickly, afraid to even touch Ivan, mumbling about curses and violence. Ivan expected this. He slowly walked in and sat in his chair and looked away at the empty chair beside him. He knew no one would sit beside him. No one ever had. People got nervous just looking at him. The meeting was, as expected, unsuccessful. Francis said something perverted to Arthur, Alfred got pissed, the whole room burst out into a fight, Feliciano got scared and waved his white flag, and Ludwig screamed at everyone to shut up and the meeting just went on from there. Just before another fight broke out, Ivan just stood and walked out of the room. "I feel sick.. There'll be another meeting..no?" He smiled and the whole room shuttered. His smile faded and he left the room. He actualy did feel sick. Sick of all those assholes who rejected him because of his strange personality.  He started to run toward to door. He needed to get out. Just then, Ivan ran into something. Ivan stumbled back and saw a small blonde man that had fallen to the floor. "Ow.. Jeeze.." The man said. "I-I'm so sorry! I should have been looking where I was going.. Are you okay?!" Ivan yelled, reaching out his hand. The man lifted his head and took Ivan's hand. "Thank you.. I'm fine." The man smiled. Ivan blushed, looking into the mans gentle blue eyes. "What a beautiful face..." He thought. He was the most beautiful man Ivan had ever seen.
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