Hetalia - Axis Powers Fan Fiction ❯ Forgotten ❯ Sympathy ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 2:  Sympathy

Ivan just stared at the man for a moment. He had never seen him before. Was he a new country? He didn't know. He slowly pulled up the man but wouldn't let go of his hand. "I'm really sorry I ramed into you.. I was just scared. And I didn't really see you..." He rambled nervously. This was his first convorsation with someone other than his servant. "Its fine.. Really.. Most people don't see me.. I feel like I'm invisible." The man said, smiling sadly. "How could anyone not see such a beautiful man? I'm sure I didnt see him because I was stuck in my own thoughts... Had I been paying attention I probably would have seen him." Ivan thought. "So whats your name?" Ivan asked, looking into the mans hypnotic eyes. "M-Matthew... Matthew Williams..." Matthew said, shyly. "Ah, I'm Ivan Bragin-" Ivan began, but Matthew interupted him. "A-ah.. I'm sorry but I already know your name Ivan.. I've known you for a while now. I mean.. I have always sat beside you in these meetings you know. I was rushing here because I was late.." Matthew said. Ivan just stared at him. "Impossible!" he thought. "No one ever sits next to me! I always sit alone!".  Matthew just looked at him, his deep blue eyes seemingly staring right through him. He was gorgeous. Ivan blushed and looked away. "T-Their fighting again.. So its pointless to go in now.. Matthew.." Ivan stuttered. "Again? Even After Ludwig yelled at them? Geeze.. These guys never learn do they?" Matthew laughed. "Ivan looked over at him. "Is this guy seriously not afraid of me..? But he knows who I am... Maybe he's just tricking me.." He thought.
"Well since theres no reason to join the meeting now that everyone is arguing, why don't we take a walk?" Matthew said, smiling. Ivan blinked, realizing that Matthew was still there. "A walk?" Ivan said. He'd never been asked to go out before. Even just a walk made him a little nervous. "Sure! Come on.. They wont miss us in there anyways." Matthew said, grabbing Ivan's hand and pulling him out of the building. He was right. "Of course no one would miss me... but him..." Ivan looked over Matthew again. He still couldn't believe that he'd never been able to see him before. He was so beautiful.  As they left the building, they entered the snow covered garden. Ivan loved flowers. They were the only things that would stay around him. "I love flowers.." Matthew said, looking out over the snow "Their so pretty. I don't see them very often.. My country is often cold and flowers dont grow well...". Matthew sighed. Ivan looked down in shame. How could he ignroe such a wonderful existance? Matthew seemed like the only saine country in the whole world. He was calm, intelegant, and very beautiful. His light blonde hair shined softly in the glow of the snow. So beautiful. "I'm sorry.." Ivan said. "For not seeing you.. I'm sorry. I was stupid.. no?" Ivan looked up at Matthew who only shook his head. "Its fine. No one can see me... not even my own twin brother. He's forgotten about me. I'm happy though... that I have someone that can see me. And I'll wait for the day.. that I can talk to my brother again." Matthew said with a sad smile. "You... you must really love your brother. I mean.. you wait for him to notice you even though most people cant see you.." Ivan said akwardly. Ivan had two siblings, so it wasn tlike he didnt know what it was like to have one.. he just never felt that much love for a sibling. His Older sister, Katyuha, was afraid of hima nd often ignored him or ran away from him. And his younger sister, Natalia, was obsessed with him. Really, he was afraid that she would kill him so he couldnt ever leave her. She calls her obsession "love" but Ivan already knew that it was sympathy. No one could ever love a scary monster like Ivan.

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