Hetalia - Axis Powers Fan Fiction ❯ Forgotten ❯ Friend ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 3: Friend

"Do you have any friends?" Matthew said, pulling Ivan back to attention. "Oh.. Uh.. No... I don't." Ivan mumbles. "I knew it" he thought. "He's only here to make fun of me". Ivan looked over at Matthew, who smiled brightly. "Really? Me either! Why dont we be friends? You seem very nice, and you cans see me so.." Matthew said, his gentle blue eyes looking right into Ivan's own violet eyes. Ivan could feel his cheeks get hot. "S-sure! I-I-I'd love to be you're friend.." Ivan said with a smile. Ivan quickly covered his mouth. Even he knew how scary his smile looked. "Don't cover it!" Matthew yelled, taking Ivan's hand and pulling it softly off his mouth. "Your smile is wonderful... just like a sunflower" He said, smiling at the thought. Ivan's face turned bright red. "I.. Uhm... T-Thank you.." He looked down, his face getting redder by the second. "I uh.. I've got to get home now. Thank you for you're time M-Matthew!" Ivan said, running off quickly. Matthew watched, sighing. "I guess its just me and you Mr. Kumajirou." He said, looking down at his polor bear. "Who are you?" the bear replied. Matthew just sighed again, looking away. "Nevermind.." He said.
Ivan drove home, his face still blushed. "H-How could he say such a thing?! 'Your smile if wonderful... just like a sunflower' W-what a joke! Even I know its a lie.." Ivan thought. But not even he could deny how happy this comment made Ivan. No one had ever complimented him before. He was so happy. "He was so beautiful.. Especially those eyes of his..." Ivan said, dreaming of Matthew's face. "For someone as beautiful as him to say somthing like that about a demons smile...  He must be so kind.". Ivan pulled up to his large house, huming a happy tune to himself. "You seem in a really good mood today sir.." said Raivis, another one of Ivan's servants. "I made a friend today." Ivan said. He could feel his shudder. "T-Thats good sir.." Raivis said. Ivan knew that Raivis probably thought him to be mad. Or maybe that Ivan just imagining a friend because of his utter loneliness. But it was okay. Ivan could care less. He had a friend.

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