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As a cry of utmost joy echoed throughout the entire house, Germany returned the glare. "Oh it's on."



As the blond and raven nations entered the kitchen—definitely not giving each other death glares along the way, not at all—the sight of a certain brunet country shoveling forkful after forkful of spaghetti into his mouth, a slice of pizza in his other hand with gelato on top greeted them. Only Italy could pull off wolfing food down his throat and still look absolutely adorable.

"Thank you so much Germany!" Italy beamed. "Going from Japan's house to yours sure made me hungry!" The mentioned narrowed his eyes, not pleased with the latest development. At. All.

The blond scratched the back of his neck, sheepishly turning away. "...No problem. Anything for you." He abruptly covered his mouth, coughing into a fist. "Ich liebe dich."

"Huh?" Italy cocked his head to the side, confused. "What does that mean?"

The blond became all flustered. "Nothing! It's nothing important!"

"Really?" The brunet blinked. "I could have sworn you said that too during World War II when I confronted you about a bad rumor England spread about us." He groaned. "Aww man! I really don't know my German!" He turned towards Germany, eyes pleading. "Could you please give me German lessons like Japan has been giving me Japanese lessons?! Please?!"

The bulky nation conceded, unable to resist the Italian. "...Fine."

"YAY!" The brunet flung himself at the taller country, latching on tightly. "Thanks Germany!" He then looked up, staring into the larger nation's eyes. "Could you tell me what 'Ich liebe dich' means first?"

Tomatoes would be jealous with how red the man became. "Y-You don't need to know!"

"Come on!" Italy pouted. "Tell me—"

"Arf! Arf!"

"Woof! Woof!"

"Ruff! Ruff!"

The door leading to the backyard burst open, three rapidly-moving blurs speeding towards the Europeans, knocking them over. "Blackie! Berlitz! Aster!" The projectiles were revealed to be three dogs, a Dachshund, German Shepherd, and Golden Retriever rapidly licking at the brunet's face.

"N-No! Stop it guys!" No such thing; the canines continued to slobber on their target, the brunet laughing at the excessive affection he received.

Their owner huffed as he picked himself up. "Stop already." No such luck. The man rubbed his temples, shaking his head. "You leave me no choice." He walked over to a cabinet, opening it before pulling out several doggie snacks. The pooches immediately ceased, rushing over to their master as he dangled the morsels before dropping them, the dogs gobbling them up. Germany sighed. "Those were special treats I was saving for their birthdays."

"Sorry." The blond glanced down at the brunet as he wiped at his eyes. "I didn't mean for you to have to use up your treats for me."

Germany sighed. "Don't worry about it." He reached a hand down, offering it to Italy. "Blackie, Berlitz, and Aster are very fond of you; it's almost impossible to get them off of those they really like." He huffed. "That's why I usually keep them outside when you come over. I must have forgotten to lock the door."

"It's fine!" Italy laughed as he took the offered hand, rising back up. "I like your dogs too! They're really cute!" He sighed as he glanced down at his outfit. "Aww man! They tracked mud onto my cosplay!"

The blond was confused. "Cosplay?" And then he noticed what Italy was wearing; a tan suit over a white dress shirt and red tie adorned his upper half as black dress pants and shoes were on the lower. "What is that supposed to be?"

"It's the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, especially from the Japanese genres of manga and anime." The Europeans turned as the Asian approached, Japan currently dressed in a sort of white maid outfit with a white cloth over his head completing the ensemble.

Germany glared at the raven. "Why the heck do you wear that?"

"Oh this?" The addressed gestured to his outfit. "I always wear this when I clean up, Doitsu-san." He then turned toward the shorter of the two, reaching behind his back. "It's alright Italia-kun. I always bring spare cosplays with me." He reached into some sort of secret compartment behind his back, pulling out an identical outfit to the one the brunet was currently wearing. Seriously, how do anime characters have such an ability?

Italy beamed. "Arigato Nihon!" Japan smirked at the use of his language, a prominent tick mark appearing on the temple of the other country. Italy swiftly discarded his ruined outfit—the other two nations quickly looking away as the brunet stripped—before taking the clean set from the raven, dressing back up.

"Oh, here Italia-kun." A towel was then held up to the auburn's drool-infested face, the raven wiping off the slobber.

The taller giggled. "That tickles!" The sight he caught as the saliva had been cleared up perplexed him. "Nihon? Why is your face red?"

"N-Nandemonai!" The flush only deepened, the raven flustered as he rushed toward a mop, picking it up. "I have to clean up this mess! Sumimasen!"

Germany glared. "I can clean up my own house myself."

"It's fine; besides, I can't stand the sight of messes." Japan returned the glare, dunking the mop into a bucket before proceeding to wipe up the mud the dogs—who were now currently asleep—tracked into the house.

Italy ran up to the raven, a multitude of rags in hand as his sleeves were rolled up. "Let me help you Nihon!"

"Arigato, Italia-kun." Japan smiled. The two then worked, the raven washing as the brunet dried.

Realizing he could do nothing, Germany sighed. "I'll prepare a bath for the dogs and have your original cosplay cleaned, Italien."

"Arigato Doitsu!" The blond's aura darkened as he picked up the discarded clothes, glaring spitefully at the creator of that language who once again returned the glare. The cleaning continued after the owner of the house had left, the mess cleaned up in no time. Realization suddenly dawned on the brunet, him rushing to the kitchen table. "Oops! I almost forgot to wash these dishes!" He picked up the mass amounts of plates he had eaten from before putting them into the sink.

Japan smiled. "We'll do them together." And then another assembly line was formed, the Asian washing the dishes as the European dried them.

As Italy watched Japan's brows furrow in concentration, he beamed. "Stai benissimo, Giappone!" At those words, the raven accidentally bumped into the brunet, eyes widening in shock.

"Sumimasen Italia-kun!" Rubies couldn't get any redder than Japan at that moment.

Yet for some strange reason that even the smartest genius in all of existence wouldn't be able to figure out, the Italian didn't notice. "It's fine Nihon!"

"Since when did you know Italian?" The two turned toward the source of the voice, Germany coming back into the room.

The brunet grinned. "Nihon said that in exchange for him giving me Japanese lessons, I would give him Italian lessons! It's been working out nicely!"

"Ich sehe..." The blond narrowed his eyes at a certain man who he had considered as a rival for some time.

Italy brightened up. "Oh yeah! How do I look?"

"You look...really nice." Germany blushed. "But who are you dressing up as?"

Japan snickered. "'Cosplaying', Doitsu-san." He smiled as he turned to the brunet. "You make a nice Light Yagami."

"Light?! Who the heck names someone Light?!" Germany demanded, incredulous.

The raven chuckled. "In Japanese, his name would be said as 'Yagami Raito', with the kanji for 'Yagami' translating to 'Night God' and the kanji for 'Raito' translating to 'Moon'." He shrugged. "Technically, the kanji for his first name is actually written as 'Tsuki', but here is pronounced as 'Raito'. People call him 'Light' in other languages."

"...That's still a really strange name." Germany muttered.

The Asian shrugged. "It's actually pretty symbolic. You would know its meaning if you ever read or watched Death Note."

"That's right!" The brunet jumped in. "Nihon and I love Death Note and anime and manga in general!"

A high five was exchanged, the two smiling at each other. "Oh, that's right." Japan disappeared into a bathroom for a short amount of time before reappearing, now clad in a sharp black suit and tie with a white dress shirt and black pants, taking hexagonal glasses from his pocket—or wherever anime characters store all their stuff—before putting them on.

"You're cosplaying as Teru Mikami, right?" Italy gasped. "You look so cute!"

The raven put up an affronted front. "I am not cute." The blush coating his cheeks gave him away though.

"Oh you're not cute..." Italy smirked. "You're cute and hot!"

The complimented spontaneously combusted. "I-Italia-kun!" Blue eyes narrowed dangerously at that. "You look c-cute and h-hot too! In fact, you look better than Light Yagami!"

"Oh, I highly doubt that!" The brunet sheepishly scratched the back of his neck. He suddenly appeared confused. "Why aren't you cosplaying as L Lawliet, Light's greatest rival and the three greatest detectives in the world?"

The raven chuckled. "As incredible as L is, I wouldn't exactly feel comfortable with wearing only a baggy white shirt and jeans. And..." His cheeks became red. Again. "I could never do what L did to Light to you. Besides, Teru was extremely loyal to Light, referring to him as Kami-sama."

"That's true!" The brunet laughed. "'Boku wa Kira janai!'"

Japan played along. "'Sakujo!'" The two burst out into laughter, clutching at their sides.

"...Okay." Germany so doesn't get anime. Suddenly remembering the task at hand, he crouched down, picking up his pets who awoke instantly, affectionately licking their master. The owner took out a towel, wiping at their paws. "Now they won't track more mud."

Japan smirked. "Pochi-kun hates getting messy, so he only needs a bath once a month."

"Your Shiba dog is pretty cute as well!" The raven smiled at that compliment.

Two could play that game... "You know, I learned Italian from my stay at Italy's place during World War II, seeing as we live pretty close to each other." He chuckled. "We visited each other all the time."

"And still do!" The energetic nation interjected. "It's great, isn't it? Germany—" Smirk "—'s place is a really nice place to stay in when my place gets too hot!"

The blond sighed. "You always sneak into my bed at night and sleep with me though."

"Because it's so nice Germany!" Italy exclaimed.

Oh, Japan knew where this was going. "You also show up in my bed at night."

"Because it's so cosy Nihon!" Mission accomplished.

The tallest glared daggers at the shortest who wasn't fazed in the slightest. "He's slept with me more."

"Only because you knew him longer and live closer."

"That doesn't change anything."

"Keep telling yourself that Doitsu-san."

"You just won't admit it." Sparks flew in the air as the rivals glowered at each other...

...which made the Italian feel awkward. "Umm...I'll wash the dogs!" As if on cue, the canines leapt from their master's arms towards the brunet, Italy literally fleeing the room from the increasing tension. The good mood from earlier was officially broken.

However, even as the brunet resided in the bathroom—scrubbing the dogs who kept giving him slobbery kisses—the angry voices still carried over.

"You're too short."

"You're too tall."

"You're too cold and calculating. You hardly ever speak your mind."

"You're too harsh. I see how you punch and choke Italia-kun."



Italy couldn't take it anymore; he burst out of the bathroom, rushing into the kitchen where he witnessed the two clashing countries coming close to strangling each other. "PERFAVORE FERMATI!" The warring nations immediately ceased at the Italian's cry, shocked as they witnessed the tears flooding down in torrents. "Si prega di smettere di combattere! Siete miei amici più cari!" Guilt flooded the two, both rushing towards their companion.

"Es tut mir leid!"


The two trapped the brunet in a tight embrace—Japan in the front while Germany in the back—as he bawled, whispering apologies over and over again. Finally, the tears slowed down before ceasing altogether, the normally bubbly nation wrapping an arm each around his friends' shoulders. "So...you'll stop fighting now?"

The two shared an uneasy glance, but at the sight of limpid begging eyes, they couldn't say anything else. "...We'll try."

"YAY!" Italy held them even closer to himself, kissing both on each cheek. Let's just say even a statue couldn't have been more still than they were.

It took the three dogs colliding into them full-force to reanimate the two. Recomposed, Germany sighed. "So you feel better now?"

"Yeah!" It was as if the brunet had never been upset in the first place.

Japan smiled. "I'm glad."

"Oh wait!" Realization suddenly dawned on him as he glanced at the silver watch around his wrist. "It's 4:00pm."

The blond quirked a brow. "What about 4:00pm?"

"Everyone should have finished setting up by now!" Italy beamed, heading towards the entrance. "Let's go to the fireworks festival!"




Ich liebe dich=I love you, Italien=Italy, Ich sehe=I see, Was hast du gesagt=What did you say, Es tut mir leid=I'm sorry


Doitsu=Germany, Italia=Italy, Nihon=Japan, Nandemo nai=It's nothing, Sumimasen=Excuse me/Sorry, Arigato=Thank you, Kami-sama=God, Boku wa Kira janai=I'm not Kira, Sakujo=Delete, Mou ichido itte kudasai=I beg your pardon


Stai benissimo=You look very nice, Giappone=Japan, Perfavore fermati=Please stop, Si prega di smettere di combattere=Please stop fighting, Siete miei amici più cari=You're my closest friends

Seriously, imagine Italy cosplaying as Light Yagami and Japan cosplaying as Teru Mikami! It's too cute! XD

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