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"Everyone should have finished setting up by now!" Italy beamed, heading towards the entrance. "Let's go to the fireworks festival!"


"Ve~! Here we are!"

After securing the dogs and locking up, Germany followed his fellow former Axis members out the door, going towards their destination with the brunet in the lead as they went towards his country.

Words could not describe the beauty of where they stepped foot in; golden lights illuminated the ethereal city brimming with aesthetic architecture below, the warm twilight bathing the already arresting municipality in a heavenly glow. The winding river only added to the alluring qualities of the locus as it reflected the ethereal city in its clear surface, the sight of it all more than enough to stop anyone's heart in sheer awe.

"Let's watch the fireworks from Florence!" Italy beamed, glimpsing at his closest friends in turn. "Germania, Giappone...what do you think?"

The two were unable to respond however, jaws wide open in wonder as they eagerly absorbed the otherworldly atmosphere, bewitched by the unrivaled exquisiteness. "...Utsukushii." Japan muttered as if under a trance. "...Nani mo yori utsukushiku arimasen." A blush ignited the brunet's cheeks at those words; Florence is a part of him after all.

"...Wunderschön. There's absolutely nothing that could compare to this." Germany murmured. "I have always known that Italy is an incredible country. For example, the ancient ruins that speak volumes of history, the amazing works of art, and the unparalleled wealth of culture...the sun that shines upon this beautiful land, and also..."

The brunet just couldn't take it anymore, cheeks aflame as he sheepishly scratched the back of his neck. "Ehe, heheheheheheheh~"

"It's not that I'm praising you—" The blond cut himself off as realization dawned on him, utter shock etching itself onto his features. "Oh wait, actually I am..." He spontaneously combusted.

Japan smirked at the sight. "We technically are indeed, Doitsu-san."

"Grazie! Grazie!" Unable to control himself, Italy leapt forward, trapping both of his companions in a tight hug, bringing their heads closer to his as he nuzzled their cheeks. "Grazie! Grazie!" You would think both nations were literally about to erupt from how instantaneously crimson they became, flustered far beyond belief. It was a wonder they were still conscious. A real wonder. Nothing could get worse, right? Uh huh. Yeah...no. "Let's go to the festival!" Let's just say when Italy grabbed their hands and started dashing off with the two in tow with that brilliant smile on his face towards the sunset, it was a miracle upon the holiest of miracles that neither abruptly died on the spot from severe cardiac arrest.


"Ah~! It's so nice to be back!"

People from all over were bustling about the streets of Florence as the trio entered the city, the brunet stretching his arms over his head as they stopped, letting go of his friends' hands. Thank goodness for that; there was so long an explosion could be held back. Thank goodness indeed.

A pleasant aroma wafted towards the three, drawing Italy's attention as he sniffed the air, following the scents. "Cibo! Sono affamato!"

"Even though you ate at my place only a few hours ago?" Germany quirked a brow, not amused.

Japan shrugged. "Italia-kun can't help it when he gets hungry. Don't chastise him for something he can't control." That remark earned him a glare which he pointedly ignored. The two sped their pace, catching up to the Italian who stood in front of the food stalls, looking around as he was unable to decide. There were simply too many options after all!

"Aww! Which one?!" Italy cried. "Should I choose one or them all?!"

A cook tapped on his watch impatiently, rolling his eyes. "We have actual customers you know." How rude! Just who did that guy think he was talking to?!

"Have some tiramisu." The brunet turned as the blond approached on his right, holding up a fluffy layered dessert which appeared to be dipped in coffee on a plate, a spoon beside it.

The raven went to the left, what seemed to be pasta but with additions not normally found in Italian cuisine in his hands, a fork intertwined in the strands. "Try some hijiki and dried shiitake mushroom spaghetti." He pointed to the contents. "The hijiki and shiitake are both full of fiber and umami."

"What the heck is that supposed to be?" Germany demanded, narrowing his eyes at his rival.

Once again, the glare was returned. "It's a dish comprised of both Japanese and Italian elements." He smirked. "Italian food has been popular in my country ever since World War II."

"Japanese and Italian elements?" The blond sneered. "It looks like a mockery of Italian cuisine to me."

Japan's eyes narrowed dangerously. "Do not insult the food."

"At least my country keeps true to Italian food, not corrupt it into that." Oh he went there.

The Asian gritted his teeth in an uncharacteristic display of fury. "Italia-kun and I have created a fusion of dishes through cultural exchange." He pointed an accusatory finger at the larger man. "Do you have any Italian-styled German food?"

"Warum du!" Oh he went there.

That same rude chef rolled his eyes. Again. "If you two are going to fight, go somewhere else." Oh how right that guy was...

"Yoink!" The clashing nations jolted as Italy snatched up a scoop from each plate, placing them into his mouth. "Yum!" He grinned. "These taste so good!" The brunet then took both utensils out, returning them to their proper dishes before taking another scoop from each, offering them to their respective holders. "Try some Germania, Giappone!" Even the most infernal fires of Dis wouldn't come close to matching how hot they got as they heard him laugh, that dazzling smile doing nothing to alleviate the situation. At. All.

Unable to resist, the addressed did just that, the rich flavors exploding on their tongues. "Oishī!"


"I'm glad!" The brunet beamed. As soon as the three had finished eating—Germany and Japan feeding Italy with the silverware they ate off from as well, blushing as they did so—they were on their way, turning from the stands.

The rude chef scoffed at their retreating backs. "Good riddance."

Let's just say he ended up wetting his pants as two pairs of eyes filled with murderous intent glared the worst of deaths at him


"Just what are you thinking, Italien?"

The former Axis walked along the bustling roads of the city once more, wandering around. The strangely melancholic expression that made its way onto the normally cheerful nation's face failed to go past his companions, the blond the one to break the silence.

The brunet sighed. "Looking at this landscape makes me think about what happened here more than seven hundred years ago." His gaze became far-off, drawing concerned looks from the pair. "Italy was once divided between the Guelphs and Ghibellines, the Guelphs siding with the Pope while the Ghibellines sided with the Emperor." He rubbed his temples. "I remember here in Florence that the Guelphs had taken control and driven off all the Ghibellines." He shook his head. "I remember being unable to do anything. I wished that at least the fighting would stop, only for the Guelphs to be split into the Whites and Blacks." The explainer then sighed. "I remember Dante Alighieri—who was a member of the Whites—being exiled from Florence in 1302. It's so sad; he was never allowed to come back."

"Isn't he the author of The Divine Comedy?" Japan questioned.

Italy nodded. "Sì. Of the three parts InfernoPurgatorio, and Paradiso...Inferno has always been my favorite."

"It's definitely interesting." Germany added. "The text is filled with all sorts of symbolism down to each word."

The brunet beamed. "Sì! And the terza rima structure throughout is so creative!" He then shook his head. "Although translations do not do the work justice..."

"That's why I read the original version." The auburn snapped up, turning to the raven as he continued talking. "Only the original version in Italian follows a precise structure throughout; no language could hope to imitate that ingenious style."

The blond nodded. "If I remember correctly, The Divine Comedy helped set up the basis for modern Italian, am I right?"

"Right..." The melancholic look suddenly returned. "Why did such a wonderful man have to suffer so much? He couldn't even return to his homeland and never did!" He glanced around. "Florence and all of Italy are what they are today because of him." Bangs hid normally limpid brown eyes. "I should have done something."

A hand was placed on each of the brunet's shoulders, ripping his thoughts away from his lamentation as he glanced at both of his friends in turn. "Please don't say that Italia-kun. Please don't blame yourself for any of this. There are just some things we cannot change; your boss at that time, Pope Boniface VIII, just had too much power."

"Each and every one of us has our regrets." Germany took over. "But think about it this way: Dante would not have written The Divine Comedy if he had not been exiled. History would be completely different if he hadn't; The Divine Comedy served as a template of sorts to many great poets after all."

The grips were tightened. "What's important is that you look ahead into the future and hope for the best, not stay stuck in the past."

"You could never be happy like that." The largest smiled, directing it at his fellow European. "That would go against the meaning of your name, wouldn't it...Feliciano?"

The use of the brunet's real name brought endless euphoria, all sullen thoughts banished as a humongous smile took his sorrow's place. "GRAZIE! GRAZIE!" Overtaken by joy, Italy skipped off, extruding an aura of absolute bliss as he ran off into the horizon. For the first time in a long time, the blond and raven were not glaring spitefully at each other, fondness evident on both their faces as they watched their beloved run about like the free spirit he is.

It was the sudden scream that rang out from the blithe's direction that shattered the good mood.




Wunderschön=Beautiful, Warum du=Why you, Köstlich=Delicious, Italien=Italy


Utsukushii=Beautiful, Nani mo yori utsukushiku arimasen=There is nothing more beautiful, Doitsu=Germany, Italia=Italy, Oishī=Delicious


Germania=Germany, Giappone=Japan, Grazie=Thank you, Cibo=Food, Sono affamato=I'm starving, Sì=Yes

By the way, one of the dialogues in this chapter was taken directly out of the series itself! Guess which one? ;)

Sigh. This is what happens when you take English IV AP; you read all sorts of literature, including Dante's Inferno. I mentioned Dante due to his connection to Florence and what ended up happening to him in real life, which would have sadden Italy. Just saying. Sorry if the references annoyed anyone. /:

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