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It was the sudden scream that rang out from the blithe's direction that shattered the good mood.



That scream chilled the two nations to the very bone. That bloodcurdling, horrified scream. That chilling bloodcurdling horrified scream that came from their beloved. Their precious, precious beloved. Not even the most violent of wars had stricken as much terror into their hearts as that single scream had done. The fact that Italy was nowhere in sight only compounded their rapidly increasing trepidation, their feet unable to take them as fast as they wanted to their beloved brunet. Just what had happened?! Things were so good only seconds before!



Both called out to their fellow country, shouting as loudly as they could as they cupped their hands to their mouths, frantically searching the area for the head of familiar auburn hair with a long curl on the left side. A second scream tore through the air, far louder and far more frightening than the first, the countries' hearts nearly stopping at the absolute terror that haunted the normally bright and cheerful voice.

The raven's heart skipped several beats. "Italia-kun?! Please tell us where you are!"

"Where are you Italien?!" The blond bellowed, trembling uncontrollably as possible scenarios flashed through his mind. None of them ended well.

A miserable whimper could be heard as if in response. However, before a reply could actually be formed, what sounded like someone being muffled reached the pair's ears, that action only spurring them on.

Only the worst clouded the German's mind. "Don't tell me he's being r—"

"Don't say such unimaginably horrible things Doitsu-san!" The Japanese immediately cut him off, panic rising in his voice. "Don't ever say such horrible things!"

"GERMANIA! GIAPPONE! AIUTAMI!" Fears renewed. Instantly. "SALVAMI—"

A loud thud echoed in the air, that sickening sound followed by a shrill cry. "Don't you know how to shut up you repulsive queer?!" And then they saw it; within a dark, secluded alley, a hulking, burly man stood over the quivering Italian, carelessly yanking him up by his tie before placing him in a chokehold, restricting all air flow as he was ruthlessly, maliciously mangled.



The two nations rushed towards the assaulter in the quickest of flashes, ready to beat the ever-loving life out of him—"Stop right there or else he gets it!"—only for the attacker to take the victim's tie and turn it into a noose as the assailant wrapped it around his neck, gagging noises filling the tense atmosphere as the fabric constricted him even further. The sadist smirked malevolently. "If you come any closer..." No more words had to be said. The arrivals halted immediately, glaring the worst of deaths at the fiend who simply laughed at their rage.

"Why are you doing this?" Japan hissed, itching to murder the monster. No one hurts his Italy and gets away with it.

Germany was no better, barely holding himself back from utterly ruining the man. Who cares if he towered above even the blond nation? Those who think it's even a remotely good idea to target his Italy would pay the price. Steeply. "What did he do to deserve this?" He gritted his teeth. "Nothing, that's what."

"Nothing, huh?" The brute scoffed. "He deserves this punishment for simply existing. All gays do."


"YAY! SONO COSÌ FELICE!" It wasn't every day Italy was called by his true name; after all, countries simply referred to each other by their country names. Feliciano...Italy sure was living up to his name right then; you wouldn't be able to find anyone more happy at that moment.

The Italian kept on skipping, not noticing that he was approaching a...questionable area. If only he knew what was about to happen... "Hey you!" It all occurred in an instant; a hand flashed from a dark alley, yanking the brunet into it. That first scream ripped from the auburn's throat.

"W-What do you want from me?!" Italy cried, absolute terror seizing his frame. The grip on his arms was just too tight, the ensnared completely unable to run away. "Y-You can have all my money! I won't try anything! I swear!" However, the grasp had yet to loosen. The brunet gulped; he did not like the look in the other man's eyes at all...

The captor smirked. "Money? That's not what I want." The slasher smile that crossed the monster's face paralyzed the poor boy in unmatched horror. "...I want you dead." The second scream tore straight out, the unbridled fear causing the sound to carry far further than the first.

"Italia-kun?! Please tell us where you are!"

"Where are you Italien?!"

Rapidly approaching footsteps could be heard, that and the familiar voices coming into range bringing a wave of relief that crashed over the victim. However, unable to speak at the moment due to fear freezing his vocal cords, he let out a miserable whimper, attempting to let his saviors know of his location...

"Oh no you don't." A harsh voice hissed into his ear as a hand muffled his mouth, preventing further sounds from escaping. A smirk was heard. "You know why I'm doing this?" The rapid shaking of the quarry's head only caused the smirk to widen. "It's because you're a fag. Only pansies run like how you did; no normal man would dare." His smirk morphed into a sneer. "Twisted homos making me want to puke. Kill yourself, disgusting virgin fag."

The total terror that seized control of the addressed gave him the strength to momentarily pry off the offending hand, the brunet screaming as loudly as he possibly could. "GERMANIA! GIAPPONE! AIUTAMI! SALVAMI—" The trapped was immediately punched into the ground, a shrill cry leaving his lips.

"Don't you know how to shut up you repulsive queer?!" The brute then delivered a brutal kick, the two nations arriving on the scene moments afterwards.


"So that's what happened?" Japan snarled, hands continuously clenching into fists as they itched to pound into the beast in front of him.

The man chuckled coldly. "Precisely."

"Kono bakemono!" The normally stoic man brimmed with unadulterated rage, trembling with barely controlled anger. Barely.

The blond was no different. "Unmensch!" He barked. "Do you know who you're even messing with?! He's Italy, your own country!"

"My own country?" The treasonous laughed. "Oh please! My country can't be a faggot! That would be an insult to all Italians!"

Germany growled. "What's wrong with being gay?!" His eyes narrowed dangerously. "And besides, Italy isn't even gay! He hits on girls all the time!"

"Ha! What a lie!" The homophobe jeered. "He's a fag alright; no straight man could be as much of a poove as this queer. Don't even try to deny it." He scowled as he glanced over his victim's outfit. "Dressing as Light Yagami, huh?" His frown only deepened. "This only solidifies the proof that you're a homo; Yagami spelled backwards is 'I'm a gay'."

The Asian scoffed. "Yagami means 'Night God', not 'I'm a gay' spelled backwards. Seeing as the creators of Death Note are Japanese, I highly doubt it was in their intentions to make Light Yagami's name mean that."

"That's not even proper syntax. It would just be 'I'm gay'; 'I'm a gay' simply makes no sense." The German joined in, equally disdainful.

The monster gave an insane laugh. "What are you two, the fag's homo lovers?!" If only that were the case. Wait, where did that come from?! Now's not the time to be thinking that! "One of you is dressed as Teru Mikami, how fitting! We all know he was super gay for Light! Both of them are disgusting fags like you three are!" The fiend tightened the noose, the two nations watching helplessly in unimaginable horror as the poor boy was slammed against a wall, the victim shrieking as his pants and boxers were ripped off. "I'll teach you not to show off your disgusting gayness to the world you ugly effeminate fa—" The homophobe never finished his sentence as two enraged countries tackled him onto the ground while he was momentarily preoccupied, the pair unleashing all of the fury they had bottled up ever since they had the misfortune of meeting such a horrible person...meaning they were beating the ever-loving crap out of him. Not a pretty sight. A moment the man would regret forever...

"KONO BAKEMONO!" Japan roared. "TO THINK YOU WOULD ACTUALLY TRY TO RAPE ITALIA-KUN!" Punch. Kick. Step on...questionable regions. You would think a male who is only 5'5" would suffer utter defeat against someone who is literally more than a foot above him in height. No such thing here.

As the beast curled up into a ball of pain, the German whaled on him with his fists followed by a full-body slam. "UNMENSCH! YOU DEMON! YOU RAPIST!" Seriously, despite being burly and larger than both countries, he simply didn't stand a chance.

"You yourself must be gay." The Asian narrowed his eyes. Uppercut. "Why else would you be so eager to rape another male when you attack guys for being gay?" Oh he went there.

Smash. "You hypocrite. If you can't accept who you are and take it out on others, you are nothing more than scum."

"No, even less than scum." The raven corrected, glowering at the monster. "You are the scum of scum. The most filthy and cold of scum." Stomp. "Not only that, the one you tried to rape is Italy. You tried to rape your own country."

Bash. "Rape is one of the most heinous crimes out there and you tried committing it against your own country." The blond picked up the ragdoll by the front of his shirt, socking him in the face. "IN OTHER WORDS, YOU COMMITTED THE HIGHEST TREASON POSSIBLE, SUCCESSFUL OR NOT! YOU BETRAYED YOUR OWN COUNTRY YOU B—"

"Stop it!" The pair immediately ceased upon hearing the Italian's voice, tears pouring out of the brunet's eyes. "Stop beating the life out of him! I can't stand to see anyone being hurt, even those who try to hurt me!" He sobbed. "Please stop!"

Unable to deny their beloved, both complied, halting their assault. "...Alright."

"Thanks for rescuing me you two!" The prior victim beamed as the streams dried up, the dazzling smile flustering both saviors.

"N-No problem Italien."

"I-It was nothing Italia-kun!"

"AAAAHHHHHHH!" Taking advantage of the opportunity, the homophobe fled, running like a pansy as he had so accused the auburn of being earlier.

The blond cursed. "Drat! He got away..."

"Don't be so sure about that, Doitsu-san." And then he saw what Japan was pointing at; several squad cars surrounded the monster, trapping him as cops exited. He was subsequently arrested, placed in the back of one of the vehicles. Why didn't they come earlier?!

The voices of the police carried over. "...This guy is a known rapist who targets young men despite claiming to abhor homosexuals."

"The latest victim must have fought back; look at all these injuries."

"Serves this guy well; rape is a terrible, terrible crime."

"About time he was caught."

Italy appeared uneasy, fidgeting at the conversation. "...Can we please go? I don't want to get involved in this kind of stuff."



However, those two were unable to focus as something else caught their attention; unprotected by any form of cover, their gaze fell upon those smooth legs that went on for miles. If they trailed their eyes up—no! Stop right there! "...Please put your boxers and pants back on." Let's just say there would have been two dead countries if nothing had been done about that...situation.

"Okay." The instructed shrugged as he complied, fully clothed once more. The two sighed in relief; crisis averted.

The sudden melancholic look on the normally blithe's face once again failed to go unnoticed by the pair, the raven placing a hand on the brunet's shoulder. "This experience must have been absolutely traumatizing for you. Being beaten and nearly raped..." One could swear his eyes began to water.

"If only we had never left you alone..." The blond hung his head, filled with shame.

Japan did the same. "We should have been with you the entire time; this never would have happened if we had been more attentive."

"No, don't blame yourselves." The addressed raised their heads at the words, watching as limpid brown eyes were hidden by bangs. "...It's all my fault. I shouldn't have run off in the first place."

The Asian cried out. "You didn't know there would be a rapist here!"

"Yeah, but..." The auburn sighed, trailing off. "You know, that guy wasn't completely wrong about me." Crimson coated his cheeks. "...I'm still a virgin."

A deep flush ignited in the listeners' faces, both spontaneously combusting. "I-It isn't...necessarily bad to still be a virgin." Germany stuttered.

"Y-You're just waiting for the right person!" Japan stammered, equally flustered.

The brunet drooped. "I guess..." He was still down, which wasn't normal.

"...You really do put Light Yagami to shame." The auburn raised his head, glancing at the raven. "You are so much better than him in every way."

Italy chuckled at that. "Other than the fact I don't go around murdering people, trying to become the God of the new world?"

"Of course." Japan laughed. "You're very kind, sweet, cheerful..." A far-off look manifested on his features. "...make me do things I would never consider doing otherwise..." The expression on his visage softened as fondness became even more evident. "...and are breathtakingly beautiful."

Touched, the brunet beamed, trapping the onyx in a tight embrace. "Arigato Nihon!" The use of the Asian's language only served to further warm his heart. A genuine smile graced pale lips.

"...No problem, Italia-kun." The raven wrapped his arms around the hazel, returning the embrace.

Germany cleared his throat, not liking where this was going. At. All. "We should probably leave, given what's happened earlier."

"Aww! We can't go! The fireworks haven't even started yet!" Italy exclaimed. He let go of the raven before cupping his friends' cheeks, caressing them softly. "Let's forget about this experience and enjoy the rest of today." He looked into their eyes, his own begging. "Please?"

He never looked more beautiful than he had in that instant, still able to beam so brightly despite being beaten up, the large smile contrasting wildly against the deep purple bruises blooming all over his skin. If they thought they had fallen for the Italian before, they now fell even harder, falling into a bottomless pit with no hope of ever getting up or even stopping.

"...Ich verstehe."


The three then stood, heading back to whence they came. As they returned to the streets of Florence, a sudden compulsion overtook the blond. "Um...Italy?" He blushed as the addressed turned toward him. "...You are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I'm incredibly glad I met you. My life would be so dull without you in it."

"Aww! Thanks Germania!" Italy exclaimed, throwing himself onto his fellow European who caught him in his arms, returning the hug.

Feeling a prickling sensation, the blond looked down, catching the raven's eye as he shot the tallest a glare, returning it indefinitely. They could glare at each other for all of eternity and still not be done, able to go on for forever more. It was a wonder how they went unnoticed by the auburn though...

You would think that after this experience, Japan and Germany would get along better, working together to protect their beloved brunet from any possible danger coming his way. Most would. That would be the logical conclusion. However, the exact opposite occurred; this experience made them determined more than ever to fight over Italy, both wanting no needing to claim the Italian. No one else is allowed to claim him; that thought ran through both of their minds as they glared at each other with a renewed vigor, orbs filled with raging jealousy and intense possessiveness. Logic died a horrible death in the face of those green-eyed monsters as they took over the two countries. It seemed as though the goodwill from earlier had outright vanished, inverted completely as it morphed into the ugliest of hatred. Yes, the ugliest of hatred was born...

All opposition must be cast away...



•German: Italien=Italy, Unmensch=Monster, Ja=Yes, Ich verstehe=I understand

•Japanese: Italia=Italy, Doitsu=Germany, Kono=This, bakemono=monster, Hai=Yes, Wakatta=I understand, Arigato=Thank you, Nihon=Japan

•Italian: Germania=Germany, Giappone=Japan, Aiutami=Help me, Salvami=Save me, Sono così felice=I'm so happy

By the way, "Twisted homos making me want to puke" and "Kill yourself, disgusting virgin fag" are actually flames I received on my shounen-ai stories on ff.net in the past, the second one being just recent. In fact, I was so offended by the latter that I deleted it. Always pops up when I update Of Thirty-One Days though, that and some variation. Sigh. I just want it to stop already. Ò_Ó

Sadly, such hate crimes actually do exist. Homosexual people have actually been murdered just for being gay. What a tragedy! If only everyone was more accepting! We would have a lot less problems in the world then! Keep dreaming! ToT

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