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Japan and Germany stood there, mouths agape as they stared after their beloved. That little hint didn't help the two at all to their dismay. Just who could it be?


"Ve~! Let's get on!"

The two nations had finally caught up to their fellow country, out of breath as they had to hike through many miles of terrain. Just how far and fast could Italy run?! Is that even a question? It's a wonder how the pair even knew where the brunet was, seeing how much farther ahead he was than them. Perhaps they had a built-in Italy radar. After all they've been through together over the decades, that would make sense. A lot of sense indeed.

The three had found themselves at the mouth of a large river which separated one half of Florence from the other, the pristine waters reflecting the ethereal city. The golden lights which lined its banks only added to its aesthetic beauty. A row of flat-bottomed boats which had their ends sticking up, a single oar present in each had caught the Italian's attention, the auburn eagerly pointing at one.

The raven rubbed his chin. "Are these gondolas, Italia-kun?"

"Sì! Sì!" The addressed sheepishly scratched the back of his neck. "Well actually, these are 'barchetti', Florentine-styled gondolas. 'Barchetto' is the singular form." He smiled. "The gondolas you are referring to are found mainly in Venetian canals, not here on the Arno."

Japan gasped, bowing deeply. "Sumimasen Italia-kun! Watashi wa sono machigatta o shutoku suru tame gomen'nasai!"

"Ah~! Nihon! Shinpai shinaide!" Italy cried as he leapt towards Japan, wrapping his arms around the shorter nation's frame. "Boku wa kesshite omae ni okotte imasen!" The hazel grabbed the onyx's head, forcing him to look up. "Saru mo ki kara ochiru!" The flush on the raven's face only intensified as the affectionate rubbed their cheeks together, smiling brightly. The use of his native language did not help matters. At. All. The bright beaming, innocent quirking of the head to the side solely sealed the deal. "Wakaru?"

Seriously, how did Japan not suddenly die of cardiac arrest? It's a mystery the world may never know. "...H-Hai I-Italia-k-kun!"

"Ahem." Moment ruined. The raven's expression hardened in an instant the very moment he detected the largest's glare attempting to burn holes into him, returning his own with equal fervor as the red immediately faded from his cheeks. The blond had cringed at every Japanese syllable that left the Italian's mouth. Envy personified could not have exhibited more jealousy at that moment; Italy would not be able to do that with him as the brunet did not know a lick of German. His beloved touching him so affectionately only added insult to injury. A scathing insult to a festering injury. The blond's fists twitched at his sides. Oh how they longed to pound a certain Japanese's face in. Judging by the identical twitching in the shorter nation's own fists, the Asian wanted to do the exact same. Uh oh. The rivals were glowering at each other more heatedly than ever before...

The brunet sighed, drawing the contesting pair's attention back to him as he crossed his arms. "Nanda kore wa Doitsu?" Flinch. Smirk. Glare.

"You should switch back to either English or Italian, Italia-kun. Doitsu-san can't speak nor understand Japanese like we can." The smug look on the raven's face did nothing to abate the German's rage. At. All.

The addressed's mouth dropped wide open as realization dawned on him; that's right. "Mi dispiace Germania!" The brunet let go of the raven, throwing himself into the blond's arms. "Perdonatemi per piacere!" Beautiful begging brown eyes were displayed to the taller as the auburn tightened his grip, the guy reaching up to cup the fulvous's cheeks.

"I-It's fine, Italien." Flinch. Smirk. Glare. Backfired. The roles were reversed as Germany returned the embrace, his face the one smug this time as he glanced at Japan, the sable gritting his teeth. Oh he'll pay...

Italy backed up a bit, quirking his head to the side. "What did you want to say earlier anyways Germania?"

"U-Uh..." Red tinted his cheeks as he spoke, a stutter audible. "D-Didn't we come here to take a ride on a barchetto—not a Venetian gondola—" Scoff. Scoff back. "—Italien?"

Limpid brown eyes widened. "Oh right!" The brunet released his hold on his fellow European—much to said European's dismay and a certain Asian's relief—before hopping into the back of one of the boats, grabbing onto the oar. "Get on you two! Let's take a tour of the Arno!" The pair followed him onto the keel, sitting down in the benches placed throughout the interior. Of course, not beside each other. Never beside each other. Never. Anyone but him—"OWW!"—The sudden exclamation snapped the pair out of their zillionth glaring contest, both whipping their heads toward the source of the agonized cry they knew all too well.



They watched as tears fell from their beloved's eyes as he struggled to push the paddle, nearly doubling over in pain. "OWWWW!" And then they noticed the cause of the brunet's torment; the injuries from earlier had yet to fully recover. The sight of the now yellow splotches scattered over the auburn's skin—prominently as rings around the poor boy's neck—instantly took the pair back to what happened only hours ago...the rape attempt and prior mauling...

"ITALIEN!" Germany shot up from his seat—nearly tipping the boat over—and rushed over to Italy, snatching the oar from his hands. "DON'T STRAIN YOURSELF!"

The brunet pouted. "Ma Germania! I'm a country too!" He took it back. "We all heal pretty quickly! My bruises will vanish very soon!"

"That doesn't mean you should do something as strenuous as trying to row a barchetto with three people in it before you've completely recovered!" He scowled. "Nor should you have run from us earlier!" Why didn't he say that before?! It must have something to do with the heat of the moment, how surprised he was that the Italian had run in the first place. Plus the overwhelming need to capture him. Same with the raven.

The chastised shrugged. "My legs are fine; my upper body was the part that was assaulted, not my lower body." He shook his head. "I was able to run just fine." He frowned. "Besides, I really want to steer!"

"Still!" Germany sighed, huffing as he took hold of the stick once again. "Here, let me help." This time, their hands just happened to touch. Yeah, just happened...

Italy blushed at the contact, tears drying. "You don't need to Germany! I can do it myself!"

"Don't even try." The taller commanded. "We'll do this together." His hands just happened to close over the smaller pair beneath his own as well. Sure.

Seeing as the German had yet—or will not ever—relent, the Italian at last consented. "...Sì."

"Uh, Italia-kun..." The addressed looked down at the raven as he continued speaking, red tinting the Asian's cheeks. "...you could have Doitsu-san operate the oar by himself and sit with me instead." He patted the place beside him. "Your injuries will take a while more to heal, so it's best to rest up a bit."

Say yes! Say yes! "Aww! No!" Hopes crushed. "Like I said, I really want to steer!"

Hopes renewed. "Maybe I could help you too?"

"There isn't enough room in the back for all three of us." The German ignored the Japanese's glare as he continued talking. "And besides, that isn't even necessary; I'm strong enough." Glare intensified. Return glare intensified too.

The Italian sighed, returning attention back to him as he reluctantly nodded. "Gomen Nihon. Doitsu's right." Italy cast his eyes onto the paddle as he tightened his grip on it, missing the look of utter disappointment on the raven's face. Even the use of his native language didn't cheer him up. "Ikuyo!" Still not cheering up.

"Ja! Lass uns gehen!" Hands held firmly over the handle, the Europeans tilted the stick, dipping each end of the pole into the stream in succession, the larger doing the most work as they did so. Hand over hand, they worked the paddle, the barchetto gliding smoothly along the river from their efforts. Desolation became visible in normally stoic black orbs; Japan couldn't help but notice how the blond and brunet worked so well together as if they were a well-oiled machine, movements perfectly in sync. The Asian felt left out, sitting as the Europeans stood. Poor him...

As they floated along the body of water, the blithe spoke. "The Arno rises in the Apennines and flows west for 150 miles through here and Pisa to the Ligurian Sea." A sigh of happiness escaped his lips. "This river has always been important, being one of the most important rivers in the Tuscany region. It has always been essential to Florence and other parts of North Italy." He smiled. "In fact, much of the economic development in Florence occurred along the banks of this river; sand diggers, millers, and wool workers had found employment here. This place has also been used as an entertainment venue during festivals and sporting events, just like this one." A majestic bridge characterized by its three elegant arches and elaborate design came into view at that moment, the explainer pointing at it as they passed under. "That's the Ponte Vecchio. It has been present since 996; I remember when it was first created. However, it was destroyed twice in 1117 and 1333 respectively, but had been rebuilt again in 1345." A fond expression graced his features. "Thank goodness for that; I was horrified each time those floods destroyed this structure." He chuckled. "The Ponte Vecchio used to host butchers in its stores but now hosts jewelers, art dealers, and souvenir sellers."

"Sokka..." The previous desolation had all but been forgotten as the harmonious voice of the Italian washed over the raven, the sadness replaced by pure bliss as he turned his head, meeting limpid brown eyes which were full of life and passion. A hunch formulated in the sable's mind at the information given to him. It just has to be proven... "Italia-kun, you've been around for at least a millennia, am I right?"

The addressed sheepishly scratched the back of his neck. "Actually, more than that." Hazel stared into obsidian. "Why do you ask?" Germany's maw morphed into a grimace. Just what was he trying to accomplish now?

"Well..." A mischievous glint entered black eyes as Japan's lips stretched into a smirk. "Remember how life was like back then?" His lips only widened further. "I was just remembering that back in the day, I had to forge through the mountains to obtain firewood for cooking."

Italy's mouth formed a perfect circle as recollections came back to him in an instant. "Hai! Hai!" A blond brow twitched in annoyance as the raven smiled at the brunet's use of his native language. He was feeling better already. The auburn beamed. "I remember having to do that too!" He sighed. "Ah~! Now is nothing like it was back then." He shivered. "I remember the times before the tomato was introduced to the Old World." He pouted. "Those were terrible times."

"And I remember when sugar was considered a luxury." The sable's plan was working. Working!

The fulvous narrowed his eyes into slits as the brunet eagerly responded. "I know, right?" He shook his head. "Those times were tough too." A chill ran down his spine. "And I remember having to eat gross herbs in the past when I got sick!"

"And having to use leeches too." Both shared a shudder as those parasitic annelids came into mind.

That didn't end there. "I remember when bloodletting was a common practice!"

"And how most diseases were thought to be the doing of evil spirits."

"And when salt was so rare it had the same value as gold as currency!"

"And when silver was just as valuable—or even more so—than gold."

"And when merchants traveled the Silk Road!"

"And how the Mongols—despite everyone thinking them to be barbarians—actually protected said merchants from thieves during their reign."

"And the first time I had pasta after Marco Polo had brought it over from China! Yum! PAAAAASSSSSTTTTTAAAAAA~!"

"I remember Marco Polo coming over to my country. In fact, he called it 'Zipangu' and praised it for all the gold it had."

Germany could not stand it any longer. "What the heck are you both talking about?"

"The olden days." Japan smirked. "We were talking about the experiences our countries went through through the millennia, what we lived through." The glint in charcoal depths turned outright devious. "Care to share any experiences you had within the past centuries or millennia all three of us would know?"

Italy turned to face the nation he stood beside, quirking a brow. "Yeah, could you tell us some Germania? Or at least do you also remember the events Giappone and I have been discussing?"

"I'm...sorry to say that I can't." Why you. Why you. Why you. Why you. The sharpest of daggers were shot at the shortest nation as the tallest glared the worst of deaths at him, gritting his teeth.

However, said target only chuckled, completely unfazed. "Why can't you Doitsu-san?"

"I...didn't experience any of that." WHY YOU! "And I don't remember much past the last hundred years."

Italy gasped. "How is that even possible?!"

"I...just don't." WHY YOU LITTLE!

The raven shrugged. "That's too bad Doitsu-san."

"Yeah, too bad Germania..." Too bad indeed.

Quick! Need a change of subject! "Hey Italien?"

"Sore wa nani Doitsu?" Japanese mode again?!

Ignoring the use of that language, the blond continued. "About the offer for German lessons...do you want me to give you them now?"

"Hontōni?!" Italy gasped. "YATTA!" Even the use of his language wouldn't be able to deter how utterly happy the blond was in that moment.

Despite being unable to translate what the Italian had exclaimed, the fulvous knew the gist of it; he knew the brunet that well. "Okay, what do you want to start with Italien?"

"Umm..." The addressed scratched his chin before a word popped into his mind, eyes lighting up. "How do you say 'hi' in German?"

That was easy. "Hallo."

"What about 'bye'?" The auburn pondered.

Too easy. "Tschüss." He shrugged. "'Auf Wiedersehen' is a much more formal way of doing so."





















"Best friend?"

"'Bester Freund' for a guy and 'beste Freundin' for a girl."





"So that's what you've been calling me." The questioner sheepishly scratched the back of his neck, blush spreading on his cheeks. He then resumed. "Germany?"



Glare. "...Japan."

"Eh?!" The listener cried. "I didn't ask you to repeat after me!"

Twitch. "That is how you say 'Japan' in German."

"Oh! Oops! Mi dispiace Germania!" The apologetic gave a nervous laugh, flushing in embarrassment.

The blond sighed. "...It's fine."

"That's good!" A sudden thought popped into the brunet's mind. "Wait, what does 'Ich liebe dich' mean?"

Flinch. "...I'm not telling."

"Perché Germania?!" Italy whined. "You're giving me a German lesson!" He pouted. "Why can't you tell me what 'Ich liebe dich' means?!"

Germany scowled. "I just won't!"

"That's a really bad reason!"

"Not telling means not telling!"










Mega cringe. "ITALIEN!"

Twitch. Twitch. The raven could not keep the twitching in his brow under control as he witnessed their exchange, fists clenched. He might not be able to understand German, but he had an inkling as to what 'Ich liebe dich' meant; they were rivals with the same goal after all. Must...resist urge to shove a certain someone into the water; that baka might accidentally drag his itoshii with him, getting his poor beloved drenched. Japan couldn't have that happening, now could he? He had to break up the moment and fast. "Doitsu-san, shouldn't you be paying more attention as to where we're going?"

"Heh. I know this place pretty well." The addressed scoffed. "I've been to Italy more than you have, you know."

Everything was going downhill; static cackled between the pair as they growled at each other, appearing as though they would tear each other apart. Which they would. "Uh...Germania? Giappone?" No response. The brunet gulped. This is bad. Very, very bad. Only a miracle could get through...

"WEST! WEST!" Miracle granted. The three turned—the two snapping out of it—as a man who had red eyes and white hair as well as pale skin came into view on a nearby bank, waving his arms wildly.

The fulvous sighed. "Bruder."

"Hey Prussia!" Italy exclaimed, waving back.

The addressed beamed as he took notice of the other occupants on the barchetto. "ITA-CHAN! JAPAN!" Germany flinched. His brother just had to use his language. "COME OVER HERE!" The Europeans exchanged a glance before complying, steering the vessel towards the newcomer.

"Since when did you use his language, bruder?" Glare. Glare back. Double glare.

Prussia laughed. "Where have you been West?! The awesome me has always called Ita-chan that! Same with the rest of the Bad Touch Trio. It's such an awesome nickname! Kesesesesese!" Twitch.

"Hey Prussia!" The brunet called out as they drew nearer and nearer. "Why do you call Germania 'West' anyways?"

The albino grinned. "It's because I'm awesome!" That made no sense. Whatsoever.

"It's because I'm West Germany and he's East Germany." The blond sighed.

Italy smiled. "Like how I'm North Italy and fratello is South Italy?!" He beamed. "That's so cool!" He laughed. "I bet everyone calls you 'Germany' like everyone calls me 'Italy' even though our brothers are part of our countries too!"

"Yeah, pretty much." The taller muttered.

As they at last reached land, a sudden idea flashed into the blithe's mind. "Hey Prussia, what does 'Ich—" Muffle mouth.

"West! Let go!" The elder sibling whined. "Why did you interrupt Ita-chan?! All I heard was 'I' before you stopped him!" He quirked a brow. "And what's up with all the bruises?"

Blue eyes narrowed. "Don't ask." Further. "And I have my reasons bruder." Even narrower. "Reasons I don't plan on sharing."

"Fine, fine." The guy shrugged. "That's not awesome though, West."

Japan quirked a brow. "What are you doing here anyways, Puroisen-san?"

"PRUSSIA! COME BACK HERE!" A beautiful lady who had chestnut tresses—pink flowers hanging from the right—as well as emerald hues and was adorned in an elegant dress was seen in the distance, frying pan in hand as she rushed over.

The platinum shrieked. "CRAZY MAD WOMAN!"

"Why is Hungary-san chasing after you?" The Italian questioned as the blond released him, perplexed.

No time to waste. "West! Row me away!"

"Why should I?" Brow twitching.

Prussia whimpered. "That's so not awesome of you! Do you want your awesome older brother to be murdered by that mangy she-demon?!"


A not-so-masculine scream left the albino's lips. "HELP ME!" He ran to the tip of the barchetto, placing his foot on it. "Ita-chan and Japan need to get off! We need to flee now!"

"We?" Tick mark appearing on temples. "And why does Italy need to go?"

The sable humphed. He saw what the blond did there. However, there was no time for that. "The less weight, the better!" The white-haired man exclaimed. "Let's get out of here already!"

"Giappone! Let's get off!" Slipping his hands from the German's hold—much to the fulvous's dismay—as he left the larger's side, he took the raven's hands in his own, pulling Japan out of the boat as he disembarked as well. Of course, said raven flushed at the contact. Only for it to go unnoticed once again. For some reason.

Relief couldn't even begin to describe what showed on Prussia's face as he leapt into the vessel while the two departed. "Thanks Ita-chan!"

"PRUSSIA!" The female was only a few feet away, cookware at the ready.

Italy beamed, waving at her. "Hungary-san!"

"Ita-chan!" Her demeanor brightened in an instant, fury dispelling as she embraced him in a tight hug, lifting him off the ground while twirling him around. She just noticed the figure beside the brunet. "Hello Japan."

The addressed bowed respectfully. "Konbanwa Hangarī-san."

"How have you been doing Ita-chan?" The maiden asked sweetly as she returned her attention to the boy in her arms, smiling kindly. It would be impossible to tell she was about to beat the crap out of a certain someone just earlier.

He laughed. "Just great! I'm here with Doitsu—" Twitch "—and Nihon to see the fireworks!"

"Why are you chasing after Puroisen-san, Hangarī-san?" The raven inquired.

Fury returned. Indefinitely. "This idiot—" Said idiot cringed, making frantic gestures to his little brother to just get the heck out of here already which were ignored. "—said this: 'Kesesesesese! This wonderful night reminds me more of all the reasons I want to invade Ita-chan's vital regions!'" Temperature dropped to absolute zero. Or even below that.



The blond smashed his fist into his palm as the raven took slow but deliberate steps forward, looking as though they were about to join the woman in utterly murdering the offender. Then dragging the body off and dumping it into the Arno. Which they were. Gulp.

"No! NOOO! Don't hurt Prussia!" The four turned as Italy went on his knees, kneeling. "Don't hurt him! I'm begging you!"

Of course, a certain pair could never refuse their beloved. "...Ich verstehe."


However, that didn't apply to everyone. Hungary giggled. "I'm sorry Ita-chan, but someone here has to TEACH THIS PERVERT A LESSON!" Frying pan returning. Dashing towards boat.

"AHHHH! WEST! LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!" It appeared as though the guy was about to have a heart attack. Which he was.

Germany sighed. He wanted to keep his promise to his beloved, preventing his uncouth brother from getting slaughtered. Even though he wanted more than anything to join in said slaughter. More than anything. Awesome timing Prussia, awesome timing; the moment he had had with his precious was officially ruined. Absolutely. Ruined. But...promises to keep. "Fine." The blond operated the oar in hyperdrive, the brothers speeding off in a flash.

"GET BACK HERE!" The lady screeched, swinging her weapon erratically. However, as the pair had failed to comply, she sighed. "Looks like I have to continue the chase by water." She muttered before turning to the brunet and raven, smiling sweetly. "Bye Ita-chan! Japan!" She then roared, dashing along the banks at a speed which rivaled a runaway Italy's. If that was even possible. "PRUSSIA!"

The two waved at her retreating back, one far more eager than the other. "Addio Hungary-san!"

"Sayōnara Hangarī-san." Finally, they were alone. Finally. No more rapists. No more bullies. No more disruptive brothers. No more vengeful women. And most importantly, no more Germany. A sigh escaped the Asian's lips; Prussia's arrival really was the miracle he had been desperately praying for. He could not stand to see his beloved, his itoshii be beside that baka for so long, practically hand-in-hand. That was unbearable. The raging jealousy could hardly be held back, that green-eyed monster hardly tamed as he was forced to witness those two being so close together. Would pushing his rival into the water have been such a bad idea after all? During those torturous moments, his mind debated back and forth between the pros and cons of such an action, the pros alarmingly close to winning. Thank goodness for Prussia's appearance; it was a blessing in disguise. A blessing indeed.

A sigh resounded from beside the raven, snapping him from his thoughts. "Poor Prussia. I hope Hungary-san doesn't mangle him too much." Vain wish. He sighed again. "And I'm sad Germania had to go." Need to get him away from such horridness!

"Uh, Italia-kun?" Crimson tinted his cheeks as said country turned to face him. "Shall we continue to explore? I'm sure Doitsu-san could find his way back to us seeing as he's so familiar with your country—" He spat "—and will know where to go." His expression softened again. "And I would like you to show me around during this time." The red only became darker with every moment that passed. "...I want to spend more time with you. Just you, the two of us and no one else."

The listener wrapped his arms around the other, embracing him. "If that's what you want Nihon."

"A-Arigato gozaimasu, Italia-kun." And then the pair began walking away from the Arno.

As the two countries strolled through the streets of Florence, a soft smile made its way onto the blithe's face. "Arigato Nihon." The addressed's head shot up at the words, the speaker commencing despite the scarlet plaguing the sable's skin. "Thank you so much for being with me today." He gave a nervous laugh. "I know it must have been sudden for me to just appear on your doorstep this morning and bring you to Doitsu's place; you must have had your own plans for the day."

"No! Don't apologize!" The ebon exclaimed. "I had a great time today! In fact, thank you so much!" He bowed. "I would have spent my day doing nothing if you hadn't showed up!"

So kind. Despite seeming all cold and calculating on the outside, Japan was truly warm. That very thought passed through the brunet's mind as he carded his fingers through raven strands, earning a surprised gasp. "Omae wa yasashii na, Nihon." He hugged the onyx once more. "Thank you so much for the spare cosplay." He smiled. "You know, we look good together...what with me as Light Yagami and you as Teru Mikami." He snickered. "'Boku wa Kira janai!'"

"'Sakujo!'" The raven followed immediately, both bursting into laughter at that.

As soon as the fit had subsided, the auburn resumed. "I also had fun cleaning the floor and washing the dishes with you." He gave a content sigh. "Omae wa hontōni kawaīdesu! Especially when you wear that outfit you wear when cleaning up." Despite the ongoing explosion, he continued. "That hijiki and dried shiitake mushroom spaghetti was really delicious you know. The fusion of our dishes worked out really nicely!" He giggled. The most reverent of awe was inspired by that single sound. "And I'm glad you and Doitsu protected me from that rapist and bully." Shiver. "Even though you both really scared me." His expression then lightened. "Showing you the Arno and thinking back on the olden days was really nice too!" He beamed. "Oh yeah! And thanks for the all the Japanese lessons you gave me! Arigato gozaimasu!"

"D-Dōitashimashite Italia-kun!" He was about to blow up. Again. "W-Watashi wa hontōni kimi no osejino kotoba ni kansha shimasu!" KABOOM!

The addressed quirked a brow. "Eh? Flattering?" He pouted. "I meant everything I said you know!"

"Y-You're welcome!" Just how flustered could the Italian make him?! Don't answer that question. "T-Thank you for your Italian lessons! Grazie!"

Italy couldn't help but laugh at the sound of his native language coming from the Japanese's mouth. "Nessun problema Giappone!" A fond smile once again found its way onto his lips. "You know, I'm very glad I met you. My life wouldn't be the same without you in it. I just know it." He shook his head. "Even though Doitsu and I have known each other for more than a decade before I first met you, that doesn't change the fact that me meeting you has changed my life so much." He began slowly massaging the shorter nation's back. "Thank you so much for being in my life."

"T-Thank you for being in my life too." Tears began streaming down his face. "These years with you in them have been the happiest of my life." The tears ran faster. "I can't imagine my life without you in it!" Japan would follow Italy to the ends of the earth and even off of it as long as his beloved was there...his precious, precious itoshii. He trembled as foreign emotions overtook him. "Watashi wa kimi o—" No! He couldn't confess! Unlike with Germany, Italy would be able to understand him!

The brunet innocently quirked his head to the side. "Omae? Boku? Nani?"

"...Watashi wa hontōni kimioegao ga daisukidesu." He just couldn't tell Italy how he felt; he was too scared of rejection. He couldn't possibly be the one his beloved was referring to earlier. Or so he thought.

Oblivious to the raven's plight, the brunet smiled. "Boku wa mata, omaeoegao ga daisukidesu." He rubbed their cheeks together. "Sore wa hontōni kireidesu." He playfully slapped the raven on the back. "Motto waratte!" He then pressed his thumbs to the raven's cheeks, wiping the salty trails away. "Nakanaide! Boku wa omae ga naku mite kirai!" The tears vanished on command, the streams drying completely.

"...Hai!" Emotions overpowering the normally stoic nation, he wrapped his arms around his beloved, heatedly returning the embrace.

After several moments—which seemed to last for an eternity—had at last passed, the pair let go, resuming their walk. The brunet clasped onto the shorter's right hand, intertwining their fingers which the raven squeezed back. A sudden thought flew into the hazel's mind. "Ne Ne Nihon, what did Puroisen mean by wanting to invade my vital regions?"

"D-Don't ask!" A look between half-flustered and half-murderous swept across the sable's face.

Shocked confusion flashed into Italy's visage. "EH?! WHY?!"

"Just don't ask! Onegai!" Yeah, please don't ask.

There are just some things better being unknown after all.



•German: Italien=Italy, Ja=Yes, Lass uns gehen=Let's go, Hallo=Hi, Tschüss=Bye, Auf Wiedersehen=Goodbye (formal), Nein=No, Katze=Cat, Hund=Dog, Mädchen=Girl, Junge=Boy, Hübsch=Pretty, Niedlich=Cute, Teigwaren=Pasta, Glück=Happiness, Bester Freund=Best friend (guy), beste Freundin=best friend (girl), Zusammen=Together, Deutschland=Germany, Japan=Japan, Ich liebe dich=I love you, Bruder=Brother, Ich verstehe=I understand

•Japanese: Italia=Italy, Sumimasen=Sorry, Watashi wa sono machigatta o shutoku suru tame gomen'nasai=I'm so sorry for getting that wrong, Ah=Ah, Nihon=Japan, Shinpai shinaide=Don't worry, Boku wa kesshite omae ni okotte imasen=I'm not mad at you, Saru mo ki kara ochiru=Even monkeys fall from trees (Japanese saying which means 'Everyone makes mistakes'), Wakaru=Understand, Hai=Yes, Nanda kore wa=What is it, Doitsu=Germany, Gomen=Sorry, Ikuyo=Let's go, Sokka=I see, Sore wa nani=What is it (another way to say so), Hontōni=Really, Yatta=All right, Onegai=Please, baka=idiot, itoshii=beloved, Puroisen=Prussia, Konbanwa=Good evening, Hangarī=Hungary, Wakatta=I understand, Sayōnara=Goodbye, Arigato gozaimasu=Thank you very much, Arigato=Thank you, Omae wa yasashii na=You are kind, Boku wa Kira janai=I'm not Kira, Sakujo=Delete, Omae wa hontōni kawaīdesu=You are really cute, Dōitashimashite=You're welcome, Watashi wa hontōni kimi no osejino kotoba ni kansha shimasu=I really appreciate your flattering words, Watashi wa kimi o=I—you (Use your imaginations!), Nani=What, Watashi wa hontōni kimioegao ga daisukidesu=I really love your smile, Boku wa mata, omaeoegao ga daisukidesu=I also really love your smile, Sore wa hontōni kireidesu=It's really pretty, Motto waratte=Smile more often, Nakanaide=Don't cry, Boku wa omae ga naku mite kirai=I hate seeing you cry, Ne=Hey

•Italian: Sì=Yes, Mi dispiace=I'm sorry, Germania=Germany, Perdonatemi per piacere=Please forgive me, Ma=But, Giappone=Japan, Perché=Why, Per favore=Please, fratello=brother, Addio=Bye, Grazie=Thank you, Nessun problema=No problem

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