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"...That is what you should do."

Had the brunet heard right?! "Is this even possible Austria-nii?!"

"Yes, it is." The man huffed. "Although it's not common."

A mouth dropped. "What would they think?! Would they even agree to it?!"

"Italy..." The bespectacled sighed. "You can't wallow in these doubts; do so, and you won't get anywhere." He shook his head. "If they truly love you, they'll accept these conditions." Amethyst eyes softened. "There would be no point in choosing one over the other; one will inevitably be hurt and knowing you, you wouldn't be able to live with that. You are in love with both after all, and intentionally hurting others is completely against your nature ESPECIALLY those you love. This...arrangement will be the best of every world, a win-win situation all around." His lips quirked up. "I know they would work out their differences if it means you're happy in the end. I know it."

There was no more doubt. Getting up, Italy bowed. "Thank you so much Austria-nii. I've made up my mind now."

"I'm glad." A proud smile graced the elder's features.

Could Italy choose one and hurt the other? The answer is 'no'.


Those warm, soft lips on their own shocked both beyond belief, the taste of Italy flooding into their mouths which was...the most delectable thing both had ever tasted. Of course, Germany had experienced that taste hundreds of years ago, but for Japan...that was his first. His first kiss in fact.

The hazel finally pulled back, a fond smile on his face. "I choose you both...Ludwig, Kiku."



The use of those names only compounded on that shock; even the closest of countries rarely uttered their human names under any circumstance. To use both of theirs...

"I want to be with you both." That familiar shine in his eyes came back, making him all the more beautiful.

Ebon orbs widened. "As in—"

"—you want to be in a relationship with the two of us at the same time?!" Azure hues enlarged as well.

Nod. "Yes." The hazel walked up to the raven, cupping his cheeks. "You're so kind and warm inside that cold and calculating exterior of yours. Although it may not seem like it, we have quite a bit in common. It's nice how we can bond over literature, anime, manga, fencing, food, cats, art...and so much more. Despite not seeming like it, my heart beats fast around you." He gave a fond smile. "I can't help but love that about you Kiku."

"Feli-kun..." Japan was awestruck.

Giving another fond smile, the caramel next approached the blond, reaching up to rest his head on a broad shoulder. "You're so soft despite appearing all tough and harsh. You've always been there for me, no matter what." He giggled. "You know, although you're 1430 years younger than me, I still look up to you immensely. You're the kind of person I would like to be someday you know. My heart skips plenty of beats around you Ludwig."

"Feliciano..." Germany was at a loss for words.

Italy suddenly went on his knees, taking one hand from each in his own. "Please give this relationship a chance! You both have always been my first friends and I want our bonds to grow stronger."

"First friends?!" The Japanese gasped.

The German was no better. "But didn't you have Hungary, Spain, France, bruder, Poland, and—" Glare "—Austria before you met us?!"

"Yes, I did..." The addressed shook his head. "But those ties resulted from conquest; they would not have occurred otherwise. Even Poland." He beamed at both. "You two were the first to actually go out of your way to be my friends, not because you wanted to seize me for my land." He hugged the pair. "You're my first friends...and I want us to be so much more. I love you both so much." He stared at them, orbs pleading. "Please?"

He could tell them to jump off a cliff and they would without a second thought or even dive head-first into their worst fears sans a shred of hesitation if he so commanded; that's just how much they love him. And much, much more. So much more. "You're my first friend too..." The fulvous began.

"...And I want us to be more as well." The green-eyed monsters must be conquered; they had been that close to destroying absolutely everything, including their precious. They could not let their jealousy control them anymore.

Black and blue eyes met. "Even if I have to share you with him." They had to do this for their beloved's sake; he loved both and both loved him and he wanted to be with both and both realized this was an opportunity that simply could not be passed up. If this arrangement was the only way to make him happy...then so be it.

"GRAZIE! GRAZIE!" Both nations suddenly found themselves on their backs, arms full of a blithe brunet who showered both with scorching kisses. "GRAZIE! GRAZIE!" Boom. Boom! KABOOM! GRAND EXPLOSION! SUPERNOVA! BIG BANG!

They could never refuse their precious Italy after all.    


"Germania! Join us!"

Scrumptious aromas filled the air as food of all sorts were fried, baked, sautéed, grilled, and more, a certain pair—one in a Light Yagami cosplay and the other in a maid-like outfit—before the oven, one tossing the contents in the pans masterfully as the other cut the meats and vegetables for the delectable cuisines to be.

Looks like his jealous glare had been caught. "Um-uh-well..."

"Come on!" The brunet stopped what he was doing as he strode towards the blond, pulling him towards the stove. "Now that we're a triple, we should be doing more things together!"

Japan chuckled. "I think the term is 'triad' Italia-kun." He ceased the slicing, joining the two. "I agree with Italia-kun; you should help us."

"Uh...could I make dessert?" Of course, no meal is complete without a good dessert.

The auburn beamed. "What will you make?!"

"Hmm...apple pie?" Nice choice.

Indeed. "Yum! Great idea Germania!"

"Let's do this!" Going into the pantry, the German brought some of the needed fruit out with him, extracting other ingredients as well as taking out a knife and cutting board.

Hours later, dinner was ready, a plethora of platters littering the dining table, the irresistible aromas enough to subdue the most feral of beasts. Italy and Japan clasped their hands together over their bowls simultaneously, slightly bowing at the same time. "Itadakimasu."

"Itadakimasu!" And the pair began chowing down.

However, one was not like the others. "Uh..."

"Come on Doitsu!" The brunet whined, reaching over to clasp the larger's wrists. "You have to say 'Itadakimasu' before you eat! We're in Nihon's place after all!"

The raven nodded. "It means 'Thanks for the food' in Japanese. It's tradition to say that phrase before eating as thanks to all the plants and animals that gave their lives for the meal, as well as thanking those who were involved in the process of delivering that meal from the hunter or farmer to the preparer of the meal."

"...Okay then." The fulvous complied, mimicking the pair's prior actions. "Itadakimasu." Shock! To think Germany was speaking that language!

A forkful of strands was abruptly shoved in front of the fulvous's face, the sight astonishing the man. Why did that look so familiar? "Try some hijiki and dried shiitake mushroom spaghetti Doitsu! The hijiki and shiitake are both full of fiber and umami!" Déjà vu. Well, almost.

"What is 'umami' anyways?!" What is it indeed?

The Asian stepped in. "It's a category of taste in food corresponding to the flavor of glutamates, especially monosodium glutamate aka MSG."

"Just try it Doitsu!" And that forkful was spontaneously shoved into the addressed's mouth.

Blue eyes widened at the explosion of flavor. "...It's good."

"Hijiki and dried shiitake mushroom spaghetti is only one of many dishes created by cultural exchange between Italia-kun and me, Doitsu-san." The sable smirked. "This dish—as well as every other created by said cultural exchange—contains elements of Italian and Japanese cuisine."

Slow nod. "I see..." Realization dawned on the German, guilt spreading on his features as he turned to face the Asian. "I'm sorry for insulting that dish during the festival; it's not a corruption of Italian food, but is a nice version of it."

"Apology accepted." A kind smile stretched across Japan's lips. All was well in the world.

DING! "It's ready." The baker approached the oven, extracting the dessert from the machine. The scent filled the kitchen instantly, the fragrance compelling enough to attract anyone within a mile radius.

"You know..." Italy began. "...if Death Note was real, you could tempt Ryuk with this apple pie into doing whatever you want."

A blond brow quirked. "Who's Ryuk?"

"He's the Shinigami—Death God—who dropped the Death Note that Light ended up finding by pure chance, kick-starting all of the events in the series." The Asian elaborated, shrugging. "He also happens to love apples to the point of addiction."

Confused. "...Okay."

"I have an idea!" Italy bolted up from his seat, beaming. "Doitsu should watch Death Note with us! It's been a while since I last watched it anyways!"

Confusion only increased. "...As in you want me to watch your show with you?"

"'Anime', Doitsu-san." Japan faced the brunet, smiling. "That sounds like a wonderful idea Italia-kun."

The three moved—with pastry in tow—into the living room, the raven changing—once again—into a Teru Mikami cosplay before going through his DVDs and pulling out the appropriate set. The shortest turned to face the largest. "Oh yes, I only have the Japanese version—"

"—Which is the best!" Italy cheered.

Chuckle. "Indeed Italia-kun." Back to the topic at hand. Return attention back to the blond. "But luckily, there are subtitles in English, so we can all understand what is going on."

"I see..." The German gave a slow nod.

The raven then placed the first one in, turning the TV on before returning to his fellow former Axis, sitting to the left of a certain member, the other on the right, the middle nuzzling up to them both. "Oh yeah!" The Italian cried as he made to get up. "I should bring a box of tissues! We'll need them!"

"I highly doubt it." Germany grasped the auburn's wrist, stopping him from moving. "Just how bad could it be?"

Approximately 13 hours, no sleep, and a crap ton of apple pie later...



"WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!"

Looks like the trio had just gone through all 37 episodes without pause; no wonder two of them were wailing like banshees while the third looked as though he was questioning every aspect of his own existence. Which he was.

Italy bawled. "I told you we needed the tissues! Thank goodness Nihon got them for us!"

"Just why is everything so messed up?!" Tears gushed out of Germany's eyes. "To think how Light had treated all those poor people as though they were trash! He treated Raye Penber, Naomi Misora, Misa Amane, Rem, Watari, L, Wedy, Aiber, Kiyomi Takada, and heck his own father like they were absolutely nothing to him! HIS OWN FATHER!"

Japan nodded, sniffling loudly. "Each and every death was horribly tragic, horribly tragic indeed...ITALIA-KUN!"


The two proceeded to cling onto each other, bawling their eyes out. What utter dorks!

"YOU GUYS!" And they were subsequently joined by a third dork.

After crying it all out for the next hour, Japan stood, putting the pie tin into the sink. Italy yawned, stretching his arms over his head. "Let's go to bed Germania! We didn't sleep all night and I'm really tired!"

"Alright, let's go." The Europeans walked off, a black jealous gaze catching every movement...

...which was not missed by the brunet. "Giappone! Join us! Let's go together! We can do the dishes later after sleeping!"

"N-No, it's fine." That did nothing to hide what the Asian was actually feeling though.

Italy pouted, stalking towards Japan before grabbing his wrists, dragging him over. "Nihon! Don't try hiding it!" He frowned. "I don't want either of you to feel left out you know! Never!" He crossed his arms upon releasing the other. "Got it?"

"W-Wakarimashita." Leaving the plates alone, the raven made to join them, all three going to the bedroom the hazel occupied during his stays with the ebon—although he usually snuck off to said ebon's chambers anyways but that's beside the point. It's going to be in use now.

The Italian sighed as they laid down on the mattress. "Despite how tragic the entire series is, Death Note is still one of my favorite anime."

"Yeah, that was really good." The German agreed. "If all anime are this good, I should have started watching a long time ago!"

The Japanese shrugged. "Not all are on the same level, but there are many great series nevertheless. Death Note is only one of them." The trio then pulled up the blankets, nuzzling into the sheets. However, just as they were about to doze off...

"I have an idea!"...the blithe shot up, two sets of eyes opening immediately as he did so. He scooted over Germany to the left, pushing him closer to the center.

That action was not met with no resistance however. "Hey! What are you doing Italien?!" Just what was he doing?!

"It's a new way to cuddle!" The demanded cheered.

Ebon orbs widened as their owner was pulled onto the blond's chest, resting beside the brunet who was also resting on said chest. "What's with this arrangement Italia-kun?!" Japan was no less surprised.

"It's a new way to cuddle like I said!" The addressed grinned as he wrapped his arms around them both. "In this way, all of us are touching!" He hummed happily. "To have such a strong frame beneath me and such a cozy one besides me...I'm in heaven." As limpid brown eyes closed, their possessor reached out, delivering a short and yet sweet peck to each of their lips. "Good night."

The shock had yet to subside as two befuddled nations stared at the still form of the blissful one, only increasing. "ITALIEN?!"

"ITALIA-KUN?!" Nope. No response.

The awake countries sighed, exchanging a glance. "I don't want to disturb Italia-kun."

"Nor do I." Germany agreed, shaking his head. "I guess we have to settle for this...arrangement." His eyes began closing. Huh, Japan really is cozy...

Obsidian hues slowly shut as well. "Yes...we do." Huh, those strong muscles sure felt nice...

All three were asleep at last, a bulky and lithe arm around their beloved. However, their other arms happened to snake around another as those two countries fell into the depths of unconsciousness, unaware...


"It's like I promised Giappone!"

Arches crossed by twin arcs arranged in curved X-like formations within stretched in precise intervals above the expansive hall surrounded by intricately carved columns which supported the spacious ceiling, the spectrum shining through into the building from several colored portals that lined the walls. Amongst the crowd of people wandering the premises, a certain trio stood, a certain brunet beaming brightly as the other two looked around in awe.

Japan surveyed their surroundings intently, utmost reverence evident in his features. "...Utsukushii. Zettai ni utsukushīdesu."

"...No matter how many times I've been here, I can't help but be amazed by the incredible beauty of this place." Germany whispered, gaze far-off as he continued to stare.

Italy grinned. "The Gothic interior of the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore is vast and gives an empty impression. The relative bareness of the church corresponds with the austerity of religious life, as preached by Girolamo Savonarola. Many decorations in the church have been lost in the course of time, or have been transferred to the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, such as the magnificent cantorial pulpits of Luca della Robbia and Donatello." He walked forward, the other two right behind. "As this cathedral was built with funds from the public, some important works in this church honor illustrious men and military leaders of Florence."

"Like what?" The raven prompted.

The addressed smiled as they strolled by various figures in various settings in various forms of art. "Dante Before the City of Florence was by Domenico di Michelino in 1465, Funerary Monument to Sir John Hawkwood was by Paolo Uccello in 1436, and Equestrian statue of Niccolò da Tolentino was by Andrea del Castagno in 1456."

Something had caught the Asian's eye. "What's this Italia-kun?" His finger pointed to a large chronograph bearing Roman numerals from I to XXIIII in a circle with rays pointing to one number, two pairs of faces at each corner.

The explainer giggled. "Above the main door is the colossal clock face with fresco portraits of four Prophets or Evangelists by Paolo Uccello in 1443. This one-handed liturgical clock shows the 24 hours of hora italica—Italian time—a period of time ending with sunset at 24 hours. This timetable was used until the 18th century. This is one of the few clocks from that time that still exist and are in working order."

"I see..." The asker gave a slow nod.

The brunet smirked. "I'm glad." He once again commenced. "Christ crowning Mary as Queen, the stained-glass circular window above the clock, with a rich range of coloring, was designed by Gaddo Gaddi in the early 14th century. Donatello designed the stained-glass window—Coronation of the Virgin—in the drum of the dome, the only one that can be seen from the nave." They then passed by a grand tomb characterized by two giant intricately-carved arches holding three short pillars supporting a large elegantly decorated rectangular box which had the sculpture of a valiant man on top. "The beautiful funeral monument of Antonio d'Orso which was made in 1323, who was once the bishop of Florence, was made by Tino da Camaino, the most important funeral sculptor of his time. The monumental crucifix, behind the Bishop's Chair at the high altar, is by Benedetto da Maiano which was made from 1495 to 1497."

"Incredible, Italien." Seriously, Italy was much deeper than he appeared. Behind his seemingly foolish behavior lied a pure genius in art. Yes, both hearts were warmed even further...

And to their next location... "This is!" Blue eyes widened as they took in where the three stopped at; a tall building bearing many square windows above a large door, a lengthy poster exhibiting a work of art over it was before the trio.

"Yep! We're at the Galleria dell'Accademia di Firenze, like I also promised Giappone!" The brunet beamed. "Let's go in!" The interior was exquisite, housing a myriad of art forms. However, the auburn beelined for a certain statue of a certain youth in the nude. Uh oh... "The Galleria dell'Accademia has housed the original David by Michelangelo since 1873." Not that! Anything but that! "The sculpture was allegedly brought to the Accademia for reasons of conservation, although other factors were involved in its move from its previous outdoor location on Piazza della Signoria." Stop imagining that youth as Italy! Although Italy is a lot hotter—STOP RIGHT THERE! "The original intention was to create a 'Michelangelo museum', with original sculptures and drawings, to celebrate the fourth centenary of the artist's birth. Today, the gallery's small collection of Michelangelo's work includes his four unfinished Prisoners, intended for the tomb of Pope Julius II, and a statue of Saint Matthew, also unfinished." STOP IMAGINING ITALY BEING NAKED, WITHOUT CLOTHES ON! STOP WITH THESE DISHONORABLE DISGUSTING THOUGHTS! "In 1939, these were joined by a Pietà discovered in the Barberini chapel in Palestrina, though experts now consider its attribution to Michelangelo to be dubious." The hazel moved away from the statue, the raven breathing a huge sigh of relief as they could finally move away from that. An ebon orb caught glimpse of a certain German struggling to hold back a massive nosebleed as its owner turned; huh, so he wasn't the only one with...perverted tendencies towards their precious, sweet innocent Italy. Too innocent.

As the blithe had at last finished, the pair snapped out of their self-depreciating thoughts. "T-That's a-amazing, I-Italia-kun!"

"Y-Yeah I-Italien!" Italy must never figure out what they were thinking!

As they took a more in-depth tour of the Palazzo Vecchio, Basilica di Santa Croce, Piazzale Michelangelo, and Museo dell'Opera del Duomo with the object of their lu—affections in the lead, their prayer had been granted; the Italian did not seem to notice anything amiss...say the inappropriate thoughts that had been flashing through two heads as that sculpture unfortunately kept coming to mind. Even as he gave sudden sweet kisses to the pair's lips, he didn't appear to sense their rapidly growing distress. What a miracle. A miracle indeed...


"...Sugoi, Doitsu-san."

The ultimate fairy tale castle which bore opal tiles upon vast roofs upon the pearl-white bastion boasting numerous windows along its majestic walls, all atop a grand mesa towered before the trio as they at last scaled the lush forest surrounding the premises.

Italy beamed. "I know, right? Germania's place is wonderful as well." He gave a content sigh. "I love to see the sights every time I visit and I want you to see them too Giappone!" He crossed his arms behind his head. "And it's so close to my place too—"

"—Moving on." The discussed coughed into his fist, the red tinting his cheeks an obvious giveaway as to how he felt about the praise given to him. "Neuschwanstein is situated on a rugged hill near Füssen in southwest Bavaria." Flush deepening. "Did you know it was the inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty castles in the Disneyland parks?"

Black eyes widened. "...No, I didn't."

"See? It's as I told you." The brunet smirked. "Germania is truly—"

A bout of obvious fake coughing cut the auburn off. Once the 'fit' had subsided, the blond continued. "The castle was commissioned by King Ludwig II of Bavaria who was declared insane when the castle was almost completed in 1886 and found dead a few days later. After his death, it was opened to the paying public immediately. Since then more than 61 million people have visited. More than 1.3 million people visit annually, with as many as 6,000 per day in the summer." He smiled. "Neuschwanstein is the most photographed building in the country and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Germany." He swept a hand forward. "From here, you can catch an excellent panorama of the surrounding region."



Green fields. Luscious trees. Verdant mountains. Clear water. All of that could be seen from the entrance of the majestic citadel which stood above all under a blue sky dotted with numerous clouds. Just how could such a tough and harsh country be so...beautiful—wait, did Japan really just think that?!

"Let's go inside now." The two snapped out of their trance at those words, complying as they followed the German into the establishment. A grand colonnade that possessed a crimson floor topped off with grandiose designs of all sorts of colors—crossing as Xs on the roof—which supported elegant lanterns that gave off golden light met the three as they stepped inside. As the Italian and Japanese looked around in wonder, the fulvous spoke once again. "In its lower stories the Palas accommodates administrative and servants' rooms and the rooms of today's palace administration." He gestured to various quarters on various floors as they walked on. "The king's staterooms are situated in the upper stories. The anterior structure accommodates the lodgings on the third floor, above them the Hall of the Singers. The upper floors of the west-facing posterior structure are filled almost completely by the Throne Hall. The total floor space of all floors amounts to nearly 6,000 square meters or 65,000 square feet."

A mouth hung wide open. "...Sugoi." Who knew such a stoic face could morph into a wide range of expressions—wait, did Germany really just think that?!

Moving on! "The largest room of the palace by area is the Hall of the Singers, followed by the Throne Hall. The 27x10 meter—89x33 feet—Hall of the Singers is located in the eastern, court-side wing of the Palas, in the fourth floor above the king's lodgings." As he explained, the flaxen led the two up, following those exact directions to a large golden room bearing intricately carved balconies supported by vivacious pillars all on a saffron floor, elegant chandeliers decorating the ceiling. "It is designed as an amalgamation of two rooms of the Wartburg: The Hall of the Singers and the Ballroom. It was one of the king's favorite projects for his palace. The rectangular room was decorated with themes from Lohengrin and Parzival."

"What kind of festivities were held here?" Japan wondered. "What kind of guests did the king entertain in this room?"

The elaborator shook his head. "Actually, The Hall of the Singers was never designed for court festivities of the reclusive king. Rather, like the Throne Hall it served as a walkable monument in which the culture of knights and courtly love of the Middle Ages was represented."

"I see..." A slow nod was given.

The blond nodded back. "The first performance in this hall took place in 1933 which was a concert commemorating the 50th anniversary of Richard Wagner's death." Turning in the opposite direction, the tallest led the pair through several corridors into a humongous area characterized by the innumerable pillars of rich shades of gold supporting perfectly rounded arcs visible on both stories of that single space, a stone set of stairs leading into it. "The Throne Hall, 20x12 meters—66x39 feet—is situated in the west wing of the Palas. With its height of 13 meters or 43 feet, it occupies the third and fourth floors." He scratched his chin. "Julius Hofmann modeled it after the Allerheiligen-Hofkirche in the Munich Residenz." He gestured around. "On three sides it is surrounded by colorful arcades, ending in an apse that was intended to hold King Ludwig's throne—which was never completed by the way."

"That's simply incredible Doitsu-san..." Wonder had captured the raven, subjecting him under its spell.

Blush. "Uh...thanks?"

"Aww! Germania!" Said country was subsequently glomped. "Don't be so shy!"

Boom! "ITALIEN!" Exploding, the flustered sped off, his companions hardly able to match his rapid pace. "Hurry up! We still have more to see!" After touring the inside of the enormous establishment for several more hours—visiting all sorts of rooms—the three had at last made it back outside, following Germany to another portion of his country. Quite some time later...

"Here we are." A winding body of clear water flowed past, a multitude of buildings lining its banks. "The Romantic Rhine is the most famous section of the Rhine, running between from Koblenz to Bingen. The river Rhine carves its way here through steep vineyard-covered hills topped with countless castles and ruins. The river has been an important trade route into central Europe since ancient times and a string of small towns has grown up along the banks. Constrained in size, many of these old towns retain a historic feel today." The speaker then took several steps, his face growing progressively more crimson as he did so. "And here..." The man went to a nearby dock, pulling out a certain vessel...

Italy gasped. "Did you have a barchetto imported from Florence?!"

"...Ja." KABOOM! "I thought it would make this river ride on the Rhine more...romantic."

The brunet giggled. "Since we're at the Romantic Rhine?" He beamed. "Aww! How sweet!" Tackle hug. Kisses raining on blazing cheeks followed by a final one on the lips. Rub noses together. Grand explosion. "Come on! Let's get on!"

"J-Ja!" Flustered beyond belief, the bulky made to sit down...

...only for a cry to halt him. "Come on Germania! Help me!"

"But you aren't injured anymore Italia-kun." Black eyes narrowed slightly. Oh no! The envy was resurfacing! After having been controlled so well!

The auburn pouted. "Demo Nihon! I still want Doitsu to help me!" Jealousy only flaring up. Sighing, the Italian jumped off, taking the shorter's hands in his own. "I want you to join us this time!" Brown eyes softened. "Sorry for leaving you out before."

"I-It's fine." The Asian flushed at the physical contact. However, something occurred to him. "Is there even enough room in the back? And wouldn't the barchetto tip over if all of us got in the back?"

A shuffling noise caught his attention. "Uh..." A large foot twisted nervously into the ground behind the blond, face aflame as he spoke up. "...I made sure the dimensions of this barchetto would be enough to accommodate all three of us. And..." The German walked off, taking hold of a giant—yet not too heavy—rock before placing it at the tip of the vessel. "There, so our combined weight would be off-set by this counterweight."

"Arigato Doitsu!" Jumping up and down in excitement, the blithe tightly embraced the Japanese, delivering a searing kiss which nearly melted the sable into nothing more than a puddle. "Come on Nihon!" The addressed was pulled into the stern of the boat, the oar placed in the raven's hands which were immediately encased in larger ones.

All the blood rushed into the raven's face in an instant. "H-Hai!" It was a wonder how he managed not to faint. This time. A peck on both cheeks. Yep, a wonder upon wonders.

"Ja! Lass uns gehen!" The last to embark, Germany stepped into the back as well, clasping the two smaller sets of hands in his own.

Italy smiled. "Like this Giappone!" Guiding the pair beneath his own, the brunet assisted the sable in tilting the stick down.

"A-Arigato Italia-kun." Said raven blushed as he did so.

The thanked beamed. "No problem!" The three working together, the vessel glided along the water, moving smoothly. Ah...how nice it was, being beside your precious people—

Wait what?! People?! Just what was happening?!


"Watashi no kuni e yōkoso—"

"—Nihon! Sō seishikidearu koto o teishi!"

After having departed the barchetto upon finishing their tour of the Rhine, the three had proceeded to travel across the country, visiting and exploring various monuments from the otherworldly city gates of Lübeck known as the Holstentor to the imposing Cologne Cathedral to the resplendent Frauenkirche, the bustling city of Lindau and the surreal Rügen Cliffs enchanting the brunet and raven beyond words too. Of course, having shown Japan around Florence—in Italy—and Germany, what better for him to return the favor in his own country? However...as the ebon had bowed—having uttered that phrase above—he had suddenly found himself on the ground as a certain Italian had wrapped his arms around the onyx, frantically rubbing their cheeks together while interrupting the other with the exclamation below it.

Jealous twitching of the brow. "ITALIEN!" The blond glared. "Stop speaking in Japanese!" You would think the German would be more tolerant of that language after all that had happened, him himself having spoken a little and listened to approximately 13 hours of that language nonstop. Well...

"Demo Doitsu!" Cringe. "Bokutachiha Nihon ni genzai arimasu!"

Twitch. Twitch. "No, it's not that I have a problem with Japanese—" Anymore "—you know..." Blush. "...It's that I can't understand what you're saying." Crimson red. "...I feel left out."

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" This time the blond was the one to find himself on the ground. "I keep on forgetting! Oops! I really can't help it for some reason!"

Sigh. Flush. "...It's fine Italien."

"Oh yeah!" The blithe exclaimed. "I told Nihon to 'stop being so formal' because he said 'welcome to my country' in such a formal manner." He tapped his chin. "And earlier, I just said 'we are currently in Japan'."

Several question marks seemed to float in azure hues. "Wait, Japan says 'watashi' while you say 'boku'...what do they mean? I noticed this between L and Light and Mikami and Light as well."

"Both mean 'I' in Japanese." The native speaker explained. "However, 'watashi' is polite and formal and is the pronoun of choice for women and many men—being gender-neutral—while 'boku' is friendly and humble, being informal and the pronoun of choice for mainly men and young or boyish girls—being masculine, specifically 'soft-masculine'." He shrugged. "There are many ways for one to say 'I' in Japanese, 'watashi' and 'boku' only two of them."

Italy nodded. "'Ore' is 'hard-masculine', mainly used by tough guys and is actually the most common 'I' among men." The hazel scratched the back of his neck. "It's not polite, but calling it rude isn't accurate either." A light bulb suddenly went off in his head. "Hey! I can see Germania saying 'ore'!" He faced the Asian. "Can't you Nihon?"

"Yes...yes I can." The raven was in deep thought. "I can see Doitsu-san saying 'ore' too."

Tick mark. "But I don't know any Japanese other than 'Italia', 'Nihon', 'Doitsu', and 'Itadakimasu." Brow quirked. "And what's with '-kun' and '-san'?"

"Those are known as honorifics, which are suffixes at the end of a name." The auburn clarified. "They are expressions of respect or endearment, and are used among people unless they are fine with you not using an honorific." A second light bulb went off as the Italian swiveled to the Asian. "Ne Ne Nihon! We should give Doitsu Japanese lessons!"

Black eyes widened. "Japanese lessons?!"

"What?!" Blue eyes widened as well.

Limpid brown eyes widened innocently. "What?" Quirked head to the side. "Why not?" He pouted. "I mean, now that we're together as a triad, we should get to know each other's languages!" He crossed his arms as he glanced at the pair in turn. "Doitsu doesn't know Japanese and Nihon and I don't know German!" Those same limpid brown eyes became begging. "Please?"

"...Fine Italien."

"...I understand Italia-kun."

Could they ever refuse their beloved? Is that even a question? The blithe beamed. "YAY!" Two stunned nations found their arms full of Italy...not that they minded of course. Realization dawned on the auburn. "Oh yeah!" He glimpsed at the raven as he let go of both countries. "Nihon, where are we going?"

"Sumimasen!" The Asian bowed. "Please follow me!"

From the fragrant wisteria tunnel of the Kawachi Fuji Garden which induced a zen-like calm in all those who visited to the breathtaking vista offered by Mt. Daisen to the crystalline waters of Happo Pond which reflected the grand peaks of the Japanese Alps perfectly to the ethereal village of Gokayama that appeared to be frozen in time to the commanding Himeji Castle which resembled a white egret taking flight, the three saw it all. No matter how many times Italy had visited this country, he could help but be arrested by its august atmosphere each and every time. Even Germany was not immune to the spell of this land, enraptured by all the natural beauty which was unfortunately vanishing with each and every second in the rapidly industrializing world. To think such a technologically advanced nation could still boast such incredible views—wait what?!

"Here we are." A vast array of oriental temples bearing crimson pillars which all appeared to be buoyant to the lake surrounding the area came into view, a large grand gate sporting incarnadine coloration and twin beams across two sturdy poles in the front.

Italy's mouth dropped wide open. "This is the Itsukushima Shrine!"

"That's right Italia-kun." A smile graced normally stoic features. "The shrine was designed and built on pier-like structures over the bay so that it would appear to be floating on the water, separate from the sacred island, which could be approached by the devout. Near the main shrine is a noh stage—noh being a major form of classical Japanese musical drama that has been performed since the 14th century—which dates from 1590. Noh theater performances have long been used to pay homage to the gods through the ritual acting out of key events in Shinto myth." He then pointed to the egress. "The dramatic gate, or torii, of Itsukushima Shrine is one of Japan's most popular tourist attractions, and the most recognizable and celebrated feature of the Itsukushima Shrine." Hands placed themselves on slim hips. "Believed to be the boundary between the spirit and human worlds, the torii's vermilion color is said to keep evil spirits away. It's possible to walk to it on the sandbar during low tide and enjoy the view of Mount Misen behind the gate. At high tide, the 16-meter-high torii appears to float on the water."

As if on cue, the water level went down, exposing the land previously submerged. The blithe jumped up and down as though unable to stand still. "Let's go inside!"

"Wow, just..." The blond's mouth had yet to close as the facts he was just told sunk in. What amazing culture...

The raven chuckled. "Yes, let us proceed." He walked ahead. "Please let me lead the way." The three proceeded to explore the halls of the ethereal temples, gazing at the pristine bay below from the stilted ledges as well as touring the intricate interiors of the incredible structures. Incredible indeed.

Once they had concluded their tour of that specific locus, the trio moved on, the Asian in the front as they did so. After trekking the terrain for quite some time, they at last arrived at a lush mountain bearing a verdant forest brimming with healthy vegetation which were to either side of a protracted array of crimson turnstiles compact in a line that twisted up a path farther than the eye could see, a cerulean sea visible right behind it all.

"Ne Ne Nihon! Isn't this the Motonosumi-Inari Shrine?!" The brunet gasped. "Sore wa totemo kireidesu!"

The onyx laughed. "It's very pretty indeed Italia-kun." He subsequently cleared his throat. "Torii gates stretch from the Motonosumi-Inari Shrine to the cliff overlooking the ocean. This shrine houses the sacred spirits that were split about 60 years ago from Taikodani Inari Shrine in neighboring Shimane Prefecture. It is said the shrine originated from a story where a God posing as a white fox appeared in the dream of a local fisherman, telling him to enshrine it in the area."

"Amazing..." Germany breathed.

The sable smirked. "I really appreciate that Doitsu-san." Ignoring the double-take the addressed did upon being caught, the explainer continued. "The most impressive part of the shrine is the 123 shrine gates that stand in a row stretching over 100m or 328ft." He gestured to the column of scarlet structures. "Motonosumi-Inari is a popular shrine where locals wish for success."

"Really?!" Limpid brown eyes widened. "Wow! How cool!"

Shrug. "It sure is." Strolling ahead, the Japanese led the way as the three advanced under the gates, walking for quite a distance before stopping at the last one at last. The guide pointed up. "The final torii's donation box is placed out of reach at the top of the gate. It's believed that if you can successfully toss money into the box, all your wishes will come true."

"HONTŌNI?!" Those same limpid brown eyes sparkled dazzlingly as their owner reached into his wallet, pulling out some cash without a second thought. "YATTA! BOKU WA BOKU NO NEGAI GA KANAUTAIDESU—"

A smaller hand clasped onto his wrist, stopping him in his tracks. "As much as I want all your wishes to come true too..." The bills were taken from the auburn's grasp, replaced with that of another kind. "...you'll need yen to do so, not euros."

"Oh whoops!" Embarrassed blush. The brunet sheepishly scratched the back of his neck. "I forgot that your land doesn't use the same currency as Doitsu's and mine, seeing as you're not a part of the European Union! I'm sorry for not remembering!"

Peck on the cheek. "Please don't worry about it Italia-kun. You did not do anything wrong."

"NIHON!" The Asian suddenly found himself in a tight grasp as arms wrapped around him firmly, being whirled around several times before being pulled into a searing kiss which knocked the breath from his lungs more than the rapid spinning had done, his face more red than what any amount of physical exertion could cause. Wait—what did he just do earlier?! Beaming brightly, the brunet bounded back, skipping towards the final torii once more. However, there was a new problem...

Germany rushed over to his fellow European, taking hold of the smaller's waist. "Here." The blond lifted him up, placing him atop broad shoulders.

"Arigato Doitsu!" The addressed sighed. Guess he had to get used to the use of that language.

The fulvous huffed. "...It's fine Italien." Yet despite the extra boost—

"Aww! I still can't make it!"—the auburn still could not reach the container.

Upon recovering from the prior shock, a fond smile crossed the normally stoic nation's lips; the sight of the pair repeatedly reaching for the basket was just too cute after all. Huh, despite appearing all bulky and harsh, the German really was gentle, making sure their beloved was safely secured and wouldn't fall off the whole time. What a wonder. "Futari tomo." The bystander decided to step in in that moment. "Watashi ga otetsudai o sa sete kudasai."

"Help us both with what?" A question floated in caramel hues.

The sable stopped before the two, staring at them both. "Italia-kun, please get off of Doitsu-san. Doitsu-san, remain crouching as Italia-kun gets off."

"What the?!" What the indeed.

The Asian frowned. "Just do as I say Doitsu-san."

"...Fine." Conceding, the flaxen bent down, the hazel clambering off as he did so.

However, as Italy touched the ground—"Nihon?!"—he was immediately lifted onto the shorter's shoulders, a cry of surprise leaving his lips. Japan really is stronger than he looks! WHOA!

"Yoshi." Not wasting any time, the Japanese approached the largest, ignoring the shocked outcry as he boarded the broad back. "Stand up."

Glare. "What are you—"

"I said stand up." Glare back.

Confusion. "Are?! Doushita Nihon?!"

"There's nothing wrong Italia-kun..." The hard look instantaneously softened.

Sigh. "Fine." Obeying at last, the largest stood back up, lifting up both members simultaneously as he did so.

"There, you'll be able to reach the donation box now." Germany supported Japan who supported Italy. Ah, so that was his plan.

The blond was rendered speechless. "Wow..."

"Yes." Smirk. The smirk subsequently softened into a kind smile as the raven tilted his head, gazing into the limpid brown eyes he loved so much. "Go ahead. Make a wish for all three of us."

He didn't need to be told twice. "Ryoukai!" Crumpling up the bills, the Italian took aim. Toss. The trio watched as the wads flew through the air, climbing higher and higher before landing in the bin at last. "YATTA!"

"Great job Italia-kun." Mission accomplished.

Indeed. "Great job Italien."

"Arigato futari tomo!" Shining brighter than the sun, the blithe trapped both countries into a constricting hug as they all got down, beaming brilliantly. Of course kisses followed. In addition to plentiful explosions.

BOOM! "E-Erwähne es nicht!"

"D-Dōitashimashite!" KABOOM!

Innocent quirk of the head. "No problem!"

"L-Let's leave now." Just why haven't there been any showers of blood and guts yet?

As the three descended the slope, a question popped into the blond's brain. "Hey Italien...what exactly did you wish for?"

"Yes, what did you wish for?" The same question appeared in ebon orbs.

Pout. "I'm not telling!" Crossed arms. "It won't come true then!"

"...Fine Italien." There was no point in refuting.

Neither would be able to handle another impossible chase after all. "...Alright Italia-kun."

Italy could not jeopardize that wish; it had to come true after all, it just had to.

I want the three of us to be together forever and ever...




Wood on wood. Rapid movements that could be barely caught by the naked eye. Fancy footwork which could not hope to be imitated by a novice. Eyes could not help but pop out of a skull, mouth hanging wide open as Germany took witness to Italy and Japan sparring, kendo sticks in hand as both were donned in full-out protective gear. Huh, it was just as the raven had said. Anyways, back to the topic at hand—since when was the brunet such a good fencer?! Ah, if only the blond knew before...

Said brunet swiftly moved to the side, evading a downward swipe before throwing himself forward, repeatedly jabbing at his opponent who quickly sidestepped each attempt before leaping ahead, delivering a crescent slash downward that was immediately blocked by the opposing bar, pushed back. The two were neck and neck, neither able to gain an advantage at all; every time there seemed to be an opening in the other, it was quickly shut off in skillful defense followed by instantaneous retaliation which was in turn blocked and so on and so on. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

DING! "Time's up!" The sticks were dropped at that exact moment as the protective gear was shed, both contenders panting harshly.

"Subarashii Feli-kun." A smile managed to make its way onto the Asian's face despite the deep breaths he was taking slightly inhibiting his speech. "Kimi wa hontōni yoidesu—"

His voice caught in his throat as a warm body collided into him, slender arms lifting him into the air as he was repeatedly spun in circles. "ARIGATO KIKU!" The brunet beamed as he only increased the intensity of his centrifugal motion, having recovered much faster than his companion had. "OMAE MO HONTŌNI YOIDESU! SORE WA HIJŌ NI TANOSHIKATTADESU!" Burst into the most infernal of flames. They may be evenly-matched when it comes to swordplay, but when it comes to flustering the other...there is no competition in that department. None at all. Not even close. Not by a long shot.

"D-Dōitashimashite Feli-kun." Blushing heavily. Way too heavily.

Giggling, the auburn reached into the magical space all anime characters have, an exquisite bouquet of utmost grandeur popping out from behind his back. "Tada!"

"Y-You got me chrysanthemums?!" That's right! The bouquet was full of chrysanthemums of the richest crimson!

Rapid nod. "Hai!" The Italian released the sable, bouncing over to the fulvous. "Did you know 'Kiku' means 'chrysanthemum' in Japanese?"

Well what'd you know. "Really?!"

"...Yes. Feli-kun is correct." A new shade of red has been created! One darker than the rest! "A-Arigato Feli-kun." BOOM! "I-I'll get a vase and some water now." The raven walked—ran—off, heading towards the kitchen.

As the raven disappeared into the scullery, the brunet whirled back to the blond. "I'm going to get washed up and change now!"

"Alright Feliciano." Fond smile.

The Asian returned, container in hand which he placed on a nearby table. "Go ahead Feli-kun." Fond smile.

"Bye Kiku! Bye Ludwig!" Grinning, the blithe sped off. And then he was gone.

"I'm going to clean myself as well Doitsu-san." The ebon bowed before making his way to his room, leaving as well.

Return bow. "Very well Japan." As the raven left, the normally tough nation displayed an uncharacteristic bout of nervousness as he reached into his pocket, taking out a certain object...


"Nani ga hoshiin desu ka, Doitsu-san?"

Oh Germany definitely was not waiting outside Japan's room, pacing like a madman as he waited for the other to get out of the bathroom. That kimono the Asian now wore sure didn't draw the German's eye in to...certain places. Nope. Nada. Not at all. Wait what?! Stop right there!

Nervous fidget. For some reason, the German actually was not bothered by the continued use of that—no Japanese language like before anymore; he didn't mind at all. In fact, he liked the sound of that beautiful language even if he couldn't understand it—wait beautiful?! "...I have something for you." The larger reached into his pocket once again, taking out that certain object once more...

"Are those new Teru Mikami glasses Doitsu-san?" ...which turned out to be a pair of hexagonal glasses identical to those worn by a certain crazed worshipper of a certain crazed 'God'.

Shaky nod. "...I'm sorry for busting the ones you wore during our...falling out a few months back." That fight in the fireworks festival?

"I-It's fine." Looking from side to side in a frantic manner, avoiding azure hues. "I have more cosplays than I can count, including Teru Mikami glasses. You don't need to get me a new pair!"

Rapid shaking of head. "No! It wasn't right of me to do that!" Taking hold of a slender wrist, the bulky slapped the spectacles into the open palm, closing the shorter's fingers over the lenses. "...I-I'm sorry for hurting you back then and treating you poorly. T-That was horrible of me." What?!

Just what's happening?! "...I-I'm truly sorry as well for my rash and unacceptable behavior." Bow. "Please forgive me."

"I forgive you." Return bow. "As long as you forgive me."

Another bow. "Yes, I do." Just what was happening?! Blue eyes looked down as black eyes looked up, scrutinizing the other in an assessing manner. Despite standing six inches shorter, Japan was far from weak; Germany could attest to that himself. Despite possessing such a hulking frame, Germany was far from a total brute; Japan could attest to that himself. Appearances really are deceiving. Hmm...the raven sure was small compared to the largest...all the more reason to protect—wait what?! Hmm...the blond sure was young compared to the oldest...all the more reason to look out for—what the heck?!

"Thank goodness." Simultaneous step closer. Wait—what's going on?! Why were they magnetically drawing closer?! Just why?!

Sudden shuffle by the door. The two gasped, jumping apart as though burned as they swiveled towards the source of the noise. "Feliciano! I can explain!" Serial escalation of panic. Italy rapidly approached the pair, expression unreadable.

"Feli-kun! We were just—" The words were instantly swallowed up as firm lips covered his own.

The brunet's features morphed back into a recognizable brightness. "About time!" A hand on his lovers' backs, the blithe beamed at the sight of said lovers kissing...which he instigated with a little push on both ends.

"Feli-kun?!" Shock could not even begin to describe the utterly befuddled state of the raven.

The same could be said of the blond. "Why the heck did you do that Feliciano?!"

"You know I'm not as oblivious as most think; remember that I faked it in the past." Smirk. "I could see the feelings developing between the two of you over the months we've been together."

One mouth dropped. "So you aren't upset Feli-kun?!"

"Even though we had fought each other over you only a while ago?!" A second mouth dropped shortly afterwards.

Frown. "Why would I be mad?"

"...Because we got together because we both wanted you." The Asian looked away in shame—

—followed immediately by the other. "Yet we're starting to develop feelings for each other."

"And we feel guilty for that." Bangs covered ebon orbs.

The largest hung his head. "Yes, we do. We've been trying to repress those feelings so they don't get in the way of our feelings for you...but it failed." After slaughtering those green-eyed monsters at last, it seems as though the previously possessed began seeing the good qualities in the other and fell for those. Wow, one can see a lot more once they overcome their jealousy, able to clearly see what is right in front of them...

"You guys!" Both snapped out of their trances as the Italian crossed his arms. "We're a triad, remember?!" Hands moved to hips. "Truth be told, I always wanted each of us to love each other, not just you both loving me only." His expression softened as a brilliant smile took place of the scowl. "I'm really happy!" The ecstatic clapped his hands together, beaming. "I'm so happy that we're a true triad now! We've always been together as the Axis and ever since then and I'm so happy that we're all in a relationship now!"

You would think the blond and raven would have been more assured by such an answer...nope. "So you aren't mad Feli-kun?"

"You aren't mad Feliciano?" Isn't the answer obvious?

Yes, yes it was. To prove it, Italy rushed over to the twain, leaning close as he pulled one up and dragged the other down, planting his lips on both of theirs while both of theirs touched as well. Two hearts skipped several beats; neither had a three-way kiss before! The brunet pulled back, a fond smile spreading on his face at the shocked stupor he had induced. "Is that proof enough?"



Yes, yes it was. Giggle. "I was never mad you know." A flicker of movement suddenly caught in a limpid brown eye. "Futari tomo! Miro!" And then they saw; golden rays stretched their fingers into the room through the glass window, the setting sun bathing the clear sky in breathtaking shades of red, orange, yellow...even purple. What a splendid sunset...



Those golden fingers touched upon a certain pair, drawing azure orbs to them. And then he noticed what the auburn was in; a loose chocolate kimono hung from his frame, similar to the obsidian one draped over the other. Huh, behind such elegant kimonos were such lithe yet lethal frames—stop right there! Stop thinking that about both Italy and Japan! STOP RIGHT THERE!

"Confess already, you two." Wow. That sure was out of the blue.

Indeed. "Feli-kun?!"

"Feliciano?!" Yep. That was a little too sudden.

Pout. "Just do it!" Petulant stomp. "We all know you both have romantic feelings for each other as well as me so what's the point of holding back?!" Sigh. "I'll start off..." The hazel extended his hands, caressing their cheeks softly. "Ludwig, Kiku...ti amo."

"Here goes..." The sable took a deep breath. There was no getting out of this, was there? Nope. "Feli-kun...Ludwig-san...aishiteru." I guess he wasn't going to go about the long way of saying 'I love you' in Japanese anymore, huh?

Last but not least. Nervous trembling. "Feliciano...Kiku...Ich liebe dich."

"YAY!" Pouncing, the blithe pressed his lips to the raven's, causing every nerve in the other's body to overload as strange sensations raced across his spine. The kiss deepened, forcing his mouth open as a questing appendage entered. The receiver snapped out of it as his tongue joined in, battling for dominance as he fought back. This was something he had never experienced before; these sensations bordered overwhelming as the pleasure of it all rushed through him. Once the demand for oxygen became too great, the two broke apart, a trail of saliva still connecting them. A French kiss?! Well, that was a first for both. I guess since Germany technically got Italy's first kiss as Holy Rome, it's only fair that Japan gets Italy's first French kiss, right?

Of course, the blond was not to be left out; immediately, the brunet captured the fulvous's lips in his own. The encased instantly stilled as a tongue made its way in, exploring every nook and cranny inside the crevice as he was rendered immobile. The organ stroked the corresponding muscle, attempting to elicit a response as it continued its invasion—which it did. A heated one at that. The caramel ran a hand over the larger's spine, smiling as a shiver coursed through the inflicted. Well...there goes French kiss number two. Once the need for air became too great, the initiator broke the contact, grinning as he witnessed the blond's reaction who was covered in red from top to bottom, shell-shocked as his eyes bugged out of his skull. "F-Feliciano?!"

"Feli-kun?!" Flustered beyond belief.

And beyond even that. "What the what?!"

"The three of us are one now, right?" Limpid brown eyes shone brightly even as dusk had settled, the sunlight having vanished while his light hadn't.

The answer was obvious. "...Yes."


"Hey guys! Look what I found!"

Three felines rested in the slender arms of the Italian, bearing an uncanny resemblance to a certain trio; the white one with brown splotches bore a curl sprouting from the left of its face, the grey one had stern blue eyes reminiscent of a certain stern nation, and the black one with white patches possessed piercing ebon orbs.

Another set of piercing ebon orbs widened. "Feli-kun?! Where did you find those cats?!"

"Well, you see..." The addressed sheepishly scratched the back of his neck with his free hand. "While I was leaving the grocery store, these three cats went up to me and started rubbing against my legs!" Nervous giggle. "I couldn't resist! They're just too cute and remind me of us!" He beamed. "I named them 'Italia-neko', 'Nihon-neko', and Doitsu-neko'!" He then started petting each one in turn, the kittens purring in delight as he did so.

A blond brow quirked. "What's with those names Feliciano? They're our country names in Japanese with '-neko' attached to each." Arms crossing. "And 'Doitsu-neko' only shares my blue eyes; it doesn't have yellow fur."

"It's because they look a bit like us, and I like how 'neko' sounds!" Pout. A light bulb suddenly went off in the brunet's head. "I got it!" He reached into his pocket, a strip bearing three distinct colors in hand, wrapping it around the gainsboro's neck in a neat ribbon.

Azure orbs widened as well. "You have a ribbon of my flag?!"

"Of course!" The demanded beamed. He innocently quirked his head to the side. "Now does Doitsu-neko look more like you now?"

Blush. "...I guess."

"Arf! Arf!"

"Woof! Woof!"

"Ruff! Ruff!"

"Nnn! Nnn!"

"Roof Roof!"

"Hu hu!"


Huh, it looks like a Dachshund, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, two Dalmatians, a Shiba, and Pookie entered the scene. Go figure.

"Hey! Let's go out for a walk!" Who could say 'no' to the precious Italian?

Germany and Japan couldn't, that's who. "...Ja."

"...Hai." Yep, definitely.

The raven glanced at the blond. "I'll get the leashes Ludwig-san."

"We'll be walking two dogs each, and the cats will just follow us." Nod. "Let's go Kiku."

Wait, did anyone else notice anything strange? Full-out human name basis?! Not just a sparse usage?! Unheard of! Did anyone else notice that?! It's been happening for some time! For a reason! Just how close does Italy feel to both of his lovers and them to him?! Is that even a question? At first it was just Italy to Japan and Germany and Japan and Germany to him but now...

Minutes later found the trio out on a nice evening stroll, each doing as the fulvous had said just earlier. All the pets were happy, playing with each other energetically. And what did you know? The three country cats not only resembled their counterparts in appearance, but also in personality. And happened to huddle around each other, Italia-neko in the middle. Looks like those three were mates, just like how the three nations were lovers, all three cuddling up to each other that night in bed—with creatures on top—upon returning to Italy's house. Hmm...I guess ever since that time after the 13 hour Death Note marathon, the three had been sleeping together. Well anyways, all and all...it was a nice night. What a nice, nice night indeed.


"Scusa per l'attesa, Feli-kun. Ich entschuldige mich für die Wartezeit, Ludwig-san."

The Europeans had been chatting in certain languages just as the Asian entered the room, trays of food in his hands. Wait—what did he just say?!

The blond shrugged. "Goshinpainaku, Kiku." Wait what?! Did Germany just speak Japanese?! Shock of a lifetime!

"Ah~! Kiku! Shinpai shinaide!" Leaping from his chair, Italy rushed over to Japan, beaming as he delivered a swift kiss to the lips before taking some of the dishes, placing them on the table lit only by candles.

The fulvous sighed as he got up, approaching the raven as well. "Koitsu." He could not hide the fond smile on his lips as he took a bowl from the sable, pecking him while doing so.

"Ich liebe ihn dafür, Ludwig-san." Chuckling, he returned the kiss, pulling back as he made his way towards his seat. Wait?! Did he just speak German?!

The brunet stared at the food as though in a trance, salivating heavily as he faced the blond. "Köstlich! Das Essen sieht so gut aus!" If he had a tail, it would be wagging wildly right about now. "Richtig Ludwig?!"

"Sì." Looks like all those German lessons he had given had at last paid off. To both Italy and Japan. To have such beautiful voices uttering words of his native language...it was heaven. He then faced the ebon, clasping his hands together. "Itadakimasu." On the other hand, so did those Japanese lessons. Looks like they went through with what the Italian had suggested that time after all. Nice.

The gesture was repeated by the other two. "Itadakimasu."

"Itadakimasu!" And the three proceeded to dig in, the clings and clangs of silverware filling the air. Huh, it turns out that food from all three cultures was present; spaghetti, onigiri, wurst...you name it. Incredible.

And now it was time for dessert. "Ikutsu ka no tiramisu o o tameshi kudasai Kiku! Du auch Ludwig!" The coffee-flavored cake was fed to both nations, their eyes rolling to the backs of their heads at the explosion of rich flavors which greeted their mouths.



And another. "Si prega di avere alcuni dango, Feli-kun. Du auch bitte, Ludwig-san." The colorful kebabs were placed into two mouths, sweetness overloading each taste bud as the dumplings were eaten from the sticks.



And last but not least... "Avere qualche kaiserschmarrn, Feliciano. Mata ikutsu ka o tabemasu, Kiku." Two spoonfuls of a mixture of shredded pancake and waffle with strawberries and blueberries were taken, deposited into the waiting maws.



Has anyone else noticed that when one talked to the other, the speaker spoke the addressed's native language? And not a lick of English? Anyone? What dorks.

Upon finishing the romantic meal, the dishes were done in an assembly of wash, dry, and place before the three brushed their teeth—over the same sink—and washed up together, sharing a three-way kiss before going to bed at last, Germany in the middle while Italy and Japan rested on his chest.

What cute dorks. Precious, cute dorks.