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Title: Drabbles from A Crossover Fangirl

Author: inuyashagirl5

Rating: K+ (raitings vary between drabbles, most set at T for safety)

Genre: Romance/General

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or Gravitation. Inuyasha is owned by Rumiko Takahashi and Gravitation is owned by Maki Murakami. I just borrow their characters for my own amusement and for the amusement of my readers
#06: You Spin Me

Pairing: Kagome/Suguru

Word Count: 975
His steps hesitated before the door. His big brown eyes, shielded with a pair of dark sunglasses, gazed up at the sign above the door. He released a soft sigh and opened the door, a bell rang announcing his presence in the establishment, though only one person looked up at him. She smiled in recognition and gave him a smile and a wave before assisting a customer. He watched her for a few moments, feeling his heart flutter, before moving through the aisles and lifting different cds as he went along.

The bouncy music playing overhead, he noted quickly, was British rock music from back in the 80s. Every time he came in, she was always playing something different. Her reasoning behind it was simple.

"I like music."

Those words came from their first meeting, when he had stopped in on a whim one dreary Saturday afternoon a month back. It had been his first day off in many weeks and he had used his time to get away from his band mates, and others. The store had been empty when he entered, and the music that filtered through the speakers was soft classical piano. He was surprised that no one else was there, and then she spoke.

"Hello and welcome!"

She nearly stole his breath when he first gazed at her. Soft blue eyes contrasted nicely against pale, ivory skin and framed by strands of a deep ebony. Her smile was simply beautiful. She offered her help if he needed her and he had thanked her. She gave him a short bow before returning to her place behind the counter. After several long minutes he had found a few cds he was interested in and went up to purchase them. She gave him that smile again and he couldn't help but to return the gesture. She was comforting to be near.

"Please come again!"

And he had. Any free day he got he was back in there, looking through the music and silently observing the clerk that was taking up a lot of his thoughts. He speculated that she was probably around the same age he was and was friendly with everyone, no matter how rude they got towards her. One such notable incident involved him stepping between her and a male customer that was about to hit her. The male struck him instead, knocking his sunglasses off his face and cutting his cheek. Thankfully the male was the only other one in the place, and he did recognize Suguru and paled before fleeing quickly.

The girl tended to his wound, refusing to listen to his protests. That was when he learned her name. Kagome Higurashi. He liked it. It was as cute as her, though he didn't say that out loud. He was surprised to learn that she already knew who he was and had known since the first day he walked into the place. After that the conversation rolled along easily, day had turned to night and he had helped her close up the store for the night. She offered to drive him home and he readily agreed. They continued to talk, learning little things about each other. He was happy she only asked things about him and not of his band mates and she really was interested! He could see it in her eyes as he spoke. She dropped him off out in front of his home.

"Goodnight, Suguru-kun. I hope to see you again soon!"

That had been two weeks ago. He almost hadn't come today. His nerves were very shaky every time he thought about talking with her again. He couldn't help but to keep gazing at her through his dark shades, watching her graceful movements as she ushered around a young woman and pointed different things out. The two were smiling and laughing together and he allowed himself to smile as well. He couldn't help it, she was addicting.

After choosing a few new cds for his growing collection, Suguru made his way over to the counter. Kagome greeted him warmly, having just finished up with the other customer.

"Hello again. It's good to see you!" She smiled at him, refraining from saying his name for his own safety.

"Hello, Kagome." She seemed slightly stunned at the lack of honorific and he smirked a little. "I have a question for you."

"A-Alright." She stuttered a little and blushed.

"Are you busy tonight? I was hoping that maybe we could go out. Maybe to a club or something?" He asked and watched her cheeks turn a brighter shade of pink. 'And I thought she couldn't get any cuter! Boy, was I wrong!'

"No, I'm not busy tonight." She replied quietly, "But, why would you want to take me out? I'm not pretty or anything special."

He'd ask her later why she thought so little of herself, but for now he was determined to set her straight and get her to say yes.

"You are pretty and I like you. I want to spend more time with you...when I can, I mean." He blushed a little and she giggled. The tension broke and she nodded.

"Sure! I'd like that!"

They exchanged phone numbers and she gave him her address. He would pick her up at eight and she was to wear something nice, but comfortable and appropriate for dancing. He paid for his new cds and before parting he took her hand into his and lightly kissed her knuckles, earning him another one of those cute blushes. After he left the store he clutched the paper with her number and address tightly against his chest and released a sigh of relief. She had agreed! Now his only problem was getting his band mates to not scare her off.

"I doubt that's possible. She's perfect." He whispered to himself. With happy, pride-filled strides he hurried home. He had a date to get ready for and he wanted to look good for her.