InuYasha Fan Fiction / Crossover With Non-anime Series Fan Fiction ❯ Bumps in the Road ❯ Part I ( Chapter 1 )

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Genre: General/Romance/Drama

Rating: T

- - - - - - -

Part I

Another page turned. And another. And another. But, no matter how much he tried to pay complete attention to the book sitting innocently in his hand, he found his eyes wondering upward and away from the text residing within.

“Oh, yes, this one here is excellent for—!”

Allowing himself a moment to sigh softly, Draco Malfoy finally snapped his book, Advanced Transfiguration on the Go!, shut and set it on the table. He knew he was not going to be reading much of the book soon. He never did, despite the fact that was the exact reason he entered Higurashi Kagome’s quaint little shop in the first place.

“You don’t have to worry about that—” she laughed a little, making his heart flutter, “—I hand picked the phoenix from a small flock that volunteered to give me some feathers for the piece. I wanted to make sure that whoever bought it was completely satisfied, since I know I would be disappointed if it suddenly stopped working after the shop owner guaranteed it would last a lifetime.”

“You’ve certainly outdone yourself, Ms. Higurashi.” The other woman smiled in unison with the shop owner. “I simply love it! It will look spectacular in my parlor!”

“Mr. Malfoy?”

Glancing up from his silent observation of the shop owner, Draco found himself once more looking upon the waitress from the little café Kagome had set up in a corner of her shop. He was not surprised in the least, considering the woman tended to annoy him at least five times every hour. “Yes?” he asked.

The little twit blushed, contradicting the sly smile that spread across her lips. “I was merely wondering if you were sure you did not want something to drink, Mr. Malfoy. It is rather hot today, and I happen to know of a few rather chilling refreshments that are sure to quench the thirst.”

No doubt with a powerful love potion brewed into the mix, Draco thought. He had almost snorted at the woman’s failed attempt to seduce him, again. The little twit just did not realize that he did not like her, nor did he wish for her company for the night.

“Mr. Malfoy?” The waitress took his silence as an invitation, as she placed one hand on his table and leaned closer to him. She smiled victoriously, making sure that his eyes were drawn to her bosom just in case she had not caught his attention entirely.

“I had thought I had made it clear that, no, I don’t want something to drink. But, since your stupidity seems to be on an all time high, I suppose I will tell you again. I do not want any refreshments. So, if you will excuse me.” Draco smirked, drawing his book off the table and cracking it open once more.

The little twit jerked away as if she had been burned, her eyes brimming with moisture. “Well,” she snapped, “if you are going to be so rude about it, I suppose I will not bother you again. Good day, sir.”

He did not bother to reply, barely skimming the book nestled in his hand, as he knew the woman would return eventually. She always did, acting like a stupid little moth drawn to an enchanting flame. It did not matter how many times he said he did not want her company, she returned time and again, and Draco was beginning to think that, maybe, she would look better as a tea cup.

Draco Malfoy could not be fooled. Having been placed in Slytherin so many years ago, and living among those that constantly used sly words and underhanded methods, it was obvious to him that the waitress only wanted his money. His body, too, but mainly his money. Which, in itself, was rather hilarious, considering she probably had not heard that the Ministry had blocked his family from accessing the entire Malfoy fortune until further notice.

Draco was given a good sum of money to live off of each month, but either way, he was positive he had been reduced to living like a Weasley.

The shop bell tinkled in excitement.

“Mrs. Browne!” Higurashi Kagome smiled brightly, ushering the tall, blue-haired witch further into the shop. “I am very happy you decided to come today. I just finished—”

Mrs. Browne waved her hand, stopping the young, pretty shop owner. “I know, dearie. I had a wonderful vision this morning about the clock you promised me, and I have to say that you did a fabulous job. It looked wonderful in my kitchen!”

“Oh, yes, I forgot,” Kagome nodded. “Your husband said you often have visions.”

“Well, of course!” Mrs. Browne exclaimed. “I majored in Divination, you know!”

“So I’ve heard.” Kagome nodded again, going around the counter, but Draco knew she was just being nice. That old hag—seriously, her hair was some gaudy color that could never hope to improve her face!—probably had not had a vision in eons.

“Oh, yes,” Mrs. Browne smiled, nodding. “I remember the first time I ever had a vision! It was a bright winter morning at Hogwarts, the sun was shining off the snow, and I had to use the girl’s laboratory on the second floor because the third floor had been flooded. Some bratty little Slytherin named Lydia Longsbee had done it, though Professor Dumbledore refused to punish her without solid proof. And, well, I was—”

Draco was grateful when Kagome returned, placing a beautiful clock on the counter. The old woman just never shut up, and despite the fact he was sitting halfway across the room, he was happy for the distraction. After all, glancing down at the book he was ignoring, again, Draco knew he would not get any reading done with her in the shop.

Oh!” Mrs. Browne clapped, beaming like a child. “It’s simply gorgeous!

“Thank you, Mrs. Browne,” Kagome said. “Now, that’ll be—”

“Yes, I know, twenty galleons,” Mrs. Browne replied.

Actually—” Draco was impressed, as she slid the clock away from the old woman’s hand, “—Mrs. Browne, we agreed to thirty galleons, considering the extra time that I had to put in, in order to make it work exactly how you wanted it to. Remember?”

Mrs. Browne blinked, before nodding. She chuckled a little, saying, “Silly me. I must have forgotten. Forgive me, won’t you, dearie?”

“I’ll be more than happy to.” Kagome put out her hand, silently demanding the old woman pay her, as she said, “But, first, I’m afraid I’ll need that thirty galleons.”

Stuttering a little, the old woman cracked open her purse to produce the money. Then, sighing, she said, “You always remind me of my niece, Ms. Higurashi. She’s a shining little jewel in Gryffindor this year, and she’s sure to become Head Girl someday with the path she’s taking. But, sometimes, I’m sorry to say that you have the qualities of any rotten Slytherin.”

“I apologize, Mrs. Browne, but everyone has to make a living,” Kagome smiled. “And, with the way some of those actual Slytherins are, I’m afraid I’d never make any money if I didn’t know how to manage them.”

“Quite right—!” Draco ignored the look Mrs. Browne shot him, “—That’s why I decided to study Divination, dearie! It’s not often that you have a vision about a Slytherin, unless they’re planning to cause trouble that is, whereas I would have had to deal with them daily if I had chosen to become, say, an Auror. And your job must be the worst, dearie, since you have to deal with them in hordes of all ages!”

“While that may be true, since I studied at the Magic Academy in Japan and I’ve had a few personal run ins with some of the rude people from Slytherin, I’m positive I could tell you that there are people out there who are far worse, Mrs. Browne,” Kagome stated.

Mrs. Browne shook her head in defiance, saying, “Don’t go defending anyone who came from Slytherin, Ms. Higurashi! I’m sure you know that that House produced You-Know-Who, and we’re awfully lucky that Harry Potter managed to get rid of him!”

Higurashi Kagome did not reply for a moment, before she asked, “Mrs. Browne, have you ever heard of a man named Naraku?”

“No. Is there any reason I should have?”

“Have a good day, Mrs. Browne.” Kagome dismissed the old woman, pushing the clock on the counter toward her.

Though the old woman appeared confused, she smiled. “Good day, dearie.”

As Mrs. Browne moved toward the door with her beautiful clock, Draco shifted his sight back to the text glaring at him from his book. He turned a page, hoping the next chapter would hold his attention. And skimming, the shop bell chiming happily, he turned another page.

Draco should have known that he would not read much, though, even if the text did not interest him. After all, it was about time that the little twit for a waitress returned to annoy him.

Mr. Mal—?

“Julia, don’t you have something better to do than annoy our customers?”

Glancing over his book, Draco saw the waitress stiffen and laugh nervously. “Oh, Ms. Higurashi! I only wanted—”

Julia,” Kagome scowled.

“Um, right away, Ms. Higurashi.” And, like magic, the little twit scurried off without another word.

“I apologize for Julia, Mr. Malfoy,” Kagome smiled. “I noticed earlier that she was constantly returning to disturb you, but I’m sorry to say that I did not have the time to put an end to her ridiculous behavior.”

“It doesn’t matter, though I do recommend you buy her a shorter leash,” Draco replied. Out of habit he turned another page, though he was positive that Kagome realized he was not actually reading it.

“But it does matter,” Kagome sighed. “She shouldn’t waste her time badgering you.”

Not caring for the current subject, Draco snapped his book shut and set it down on the table. He would not be reading it anytime soon anyway. “Why did you ask Mrs. Browne if she had heard of a man named Naraku?”

“Well—” Kagome obviously did not find it humorous that he had heard her conversation, “—as you probably know, there has been more than one evil wizard to ever pop up in history. You Europeans are just more interested with You-Know-Who’s history because he was only defeated a couple years ago.”

“But, who is Naraku?” Draco found himself curious. It was not often that he got the chance to speak so causally with the little shop owner, and he hoped that the conversation would keep her with him for as long as possible.

“Would you like something to drink, Mr. Malfoy?” Kagome asked, smiling.

“A butterbeer, if you don’t mind.” He heard the little twit huff in the background, but did not let it concern him. Higurashi Kagome was guaranteed to not put something in his drink.

The foreign witch pulled a polished red wand from her robe, and readily showed her talent in Transfiguration as she conjured two mugs filled to the rim. Taking one, she smiled a little when the man at her side used his own wand to bring his mug closer to him.

“So—” Draco almost grimaced when the sweet flavor flowed over his tongue, “—who is Naraku?”

Sipping at her drink, Kagome softly said, “Naraku was the wizard that terrorized Japan, much in the same way that You-Know-Who terrorized Europe. Though, I must say, that no matter how much trouble he caused, we never grew afraid to even say his name. I mean, honestly, is it so hard to say Volde—?”

Draco only managed to keep himself from flinching.

Don’t say that name, Ms. Higurashi!?!” Julia screeched, dropping the glass she was holding. It shattered upon impact with the floor. “Nothing good can come from saying his name!”

“Of course, how silly of me.” Kagome rolled her eyes.

“Naraku is dead then?” Draco kept his composure, as he silently mocked the waitress for her lapse in sanity. The little twit deserved a good scare now or then. She was obviously one of those that believed the Dark Lord would pop up from his grave at any given moment if talked about enough, and Draco would remember that for future visits.

“Naraku is dead. He has been for a long time now,” Kagome took another sip from her mug. “But, when he was alive, he was a force to be reckoned with. He terrorized the Muggle community as much as he terrorized the wizard one.”

“What happened to him?” Draco asked.

“You see, like most evil wizards, Naraku was mad. He wanted a priceless jewel that had been hidden deep within the Magic Academy. The jewel itself was known as the Shikon no Tama and had been born through Dark Magic when a pure witch named Midoriko was forced to kill her lover over a hundred years ago.” Kagome paused for only a moment. “With that item, Naraku would have been unstoppable. Not even You-Know-Who could have been able to oppose him.”

“Let me guess,” Draco smirked, “Naraku was killed by some wonder-boy who was chosen years before to defeat him.”

No.” Kagome smiled in humor, as she said, “Unlike You-Know-Who, no one had ever been prophesized to defeat Naraku. People literally gave up because of that fact, believing that there was no way to stop him. Europe was too worried about You-Know-Who, and everyone was trying to figure out a way to defeat him, so Naraku went on without any opposition.”

“But, what happened to him?” Julia’s voice was far too shy all of a sudden.

“He broke into the Magic Academy while I was attending in my third year. We had been ordered to stay out of sight, but my best friend, Inuyasha, refused to obey that order. Naraku had killed his mother, and he wanted revenge so bad. So he rushed off when he heard Naraku had entered the Academy,” Kagome stopped. “I followed him. I didn’t want to see him hurt. I thought I could help, actually—”

“Your friend died, didn’t he?” Julia cried.

“No!” Kagome shook her head, laughing. “Out of some stupid stroke of luck, we found Naraku just before he could break the final seal to obtain the Shikon no Tama. Naraku thought it was hilarious that the school had sent a couple of third year students to defeat him, so he decided to play with us a little while. But, unfortunately for him, my family’s always had this strange ability to slip by seals even when we’re not meaning to, and somehow I ended up on the other side of the seal he had yet to break.”

Chuckling, Kagome continued. “It was pretty funny. I was shocked, to say the least, and I’m pretty positive that Inuyasha was yelling at me for being such a klutz, but the seal prevented me from hearing him. I really did not know what to do, so I just sat there, watching as Naraku tried to crack through the final seal and fend off Inuyasha’s spells. I remember reaching down for just a second, and then, well, honestly I could not tell you what happened after that. All I know is Naraku’s dead and the Shikon no Tama has been missing ever since!”

Draco shook his head. She was a regular Gryffindor! But, for some strange reason, he knew that even that information would not deter him from visiting the foreign witch’s shop.

There was just something about her.


- - - - - - -

Finally, watching the young wizard mutter in Japanese as he rushed back and forth according to Higurashi Kagome’s command, Draco found that he could not keep the question to himself anymore. “So,” he asked, “who is he?”

“Oh, him!” Kagome smiled, despite the glare the young wizard shot her. “His name is Kohaku. He just arrived this morning from Japan, and he’s not too happy about the long broom ride over the country.”

Draco could understand that. The kid was probably upset that he was being forced to work with a sore arse. “And—” Draco urged, “—you chose to house him because he came from your native country?”

The foreign witch shook her head, and then explained. “Kohaku is my friend’s little brother. Sango’s little brother, I should say.” Pausing, she asked, “You remember when I told you about Sango, don’t you, Mr. Malfoy?”

Of course.” Draco supposed he should act a little offended, since his memory worked perfectly fine. “She’s your friend that refused to acknowledge the fact that she was in love with another friend of yours. Rather like Granger and Weasley.”

“You’ve spoken about this Granger and Weasley before, Mr. Malfoy. Would you care to elaborate?”

Forcing himself not to sneer in disgust, Draco nodded a bit. “Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley, the famous friends of Harry Potter. They were rather like your friends, Sango and Miroku, since a mutt off the street would have realized they liked each other before they noticed.”

Humming a bit, Kagome nodded. “I see. I’ve actually heard of them, now that I think about it. But, I’m surprised, Mr. Malfoy. You, a Slytherin and rival to Gryffindor, seem to know quite a bit about the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Weasley.”

“I’m not surprised.” Draco rolled his eyes for good measure.

“Well, you know,” Kagome’s eyes glittered, “the Daily Prophet could be lying to us.”

“I believe we have lost track of the original conversation,” Draco reminded her.

“Oh, yes, Kohaku!”

The young wizard came to a halt, the box he was forced to carry weighing him down a bit. “Hai?” he called.

Blushing, the woman quickly sent the boy on his way with a quick command in his native tongue. Draco could not understand Japanese, but the cute little blush decorating Higurashi Kagome’s face was all he needed to see in order to know she was embarrassed.

“You wanted to know why Kohaku is here, correct—?” he nodded, and she continued, “—Well, Miroku finally managed to pop the question, and he tied the knot with Sango about a week ago. They’ve been trying to make arrangements for Kohaku to stay with Inuyasha, but he’s far too wild to take care of a child and Sango was worried that Kohaku might pick up on a few of his traits.”

“How did you get stuck with the job then?” Draco asked.

“Miroku, in all his infinite wisdom, thought it would be a good experience for Kohaku. The European air, the new culture, and the chance to live like an adolescent wizard in another country. And, let me tell you, Kohaku is not pleased with the fact that your Ministry does not allow wizards under the age of seventeen to perform magic outside of school,” Kagome chuckled.

“He shouldn’t complain. Despite his age, he is technically not a European citizen and therefore the Ministry has no authority over him. He can perform magic all he wants, since the Ministry in Japan will not break his wand for being ignorant,” Draco said. He had a feeling, though, that there was something else that Kagome was hiding from the smile on her face.

“Yes, well, don’t go telling him that!” she giggled. “I told him that if he so much as touches his wand, the Ministry of Magic will come running in order to break it and turn him into a squib.”

Why?” A Malfoy by blood, Draco found it surprisingly easy to smile humorously.

“Kohaku is not the best student when it comes to magic,” she sighed. “He tries, often. But, no matter how much Sango or I ever tried to help him, he’s always had a problem with casting spells.”

He nodded in understanding.

“Don’t tell him this either—” it clearly had become her own little joke, since Draco could not tell Kohaku even if he wanted to, “—but I’d rather he didn’t destroy half my shop simply because he doesn’t want to carry a box.”

“I don’t blame you.” Draco nodded, saying, “I once had a small, cat-like creature that not only set a third of my mother’s furniture on fire, but also tore into anything that it could get its bloody teeth on. I never knew what it was exactly, but let me tell you, I was quite happy when it suddenly vanished.”

“You had a nekomata?!” Kagome blinked in surprise, her mouth falling open. “They’re only legal to sell in Japan. How in the world did you get your hands on one, Mr. Malfoy?”

“Blaise Zabini,” Draco stated simply. “He’s a Slytherin like myself, and though I haven’t seen him in a few years, I’m quite happy that he doesn’t like to send gifts in the mail. Otherwise I’d probably be overflowing with those fuzzy fur-balls.”

“You shouldn’t insult a fire cat, Mr. Malfoy. They’re very sensitive to not only words and actions, but also the feelings of their owners. Insulting one can get you hurt,” Kagome frowned.

“Yes, well, it’s a shame you couldn’t have told me that when I was eight.” Draco frowned deeply, wishing she had been able to tell him that when he was young and prone to insulting every little thing that refused to obey him. That way, at least, he would not have the fear of cats down on his long list of phobias.

She covered up her giggle pretty well with a polite cough, before nodding. “I take it that this friend of yours—Zsa-bini, was it?—has always given you an extreme gift?”

“Of course.” Draco snorted, adding, “The prat always has to feel like he’s given the best gift. It doesn’t matter to him if it spits fire, or venom, or anything of the like.”

“Really?” Her eyes twinkled a bit. “I’d like to hear about it.”

Yes, and at the moment, Draco was willing to tell.

- - - - - - -

Zso, you, ano, Kagome like?”

The boy’s English was horrid. But, Draco supposed, as his gray eyes settled on the young wizard, that it was at least good enough that he could now understand him. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he replied, speaking slow enough that the boy would understand.

Kohaku narrowed his eyes, saying, “You here… much.”

Taking a drink from his tall glass of milk—Kagome had seemed to pick up on his distaste for butterbeer—Draco dipped his book in Kohaku’s direction. “I like to read.”

You no read!” Kohaku snapped.

Draco Malfoy decided it was best to simply ignore the boy. His silly little crush on Kagome was annoying, to say the least, and it was clear to Draco that the boy did not like him around her.

“And there shop to read down street!” Kohaku added, “You no read here!”

As if this kid could ever be competition, Draco snorted. His demand was weak, considering he had no authority in the shop and he was half Draco’s height. Not to mention the fact that Kohaku refused to touch his wand, believing the Ministry would break it if he did.

Kohaku leaned over the table, saying, “You no—”

Kohaku!” Higurashi Kagome cut him off. “You leave Mr. Malfoy alone!”

N-nani?” the boy asked, startled.

Swiftly, the shop owner repeated the message in the boy’s native tongue and sent him on his way with a wave of her hand. Then, sighing softly, she muttered, “As much as I hate to say this, I am going to be so happy when he’s gone.”

“Really?” Draco asked.

The witch shot him a glance, and scowled. “You have a nasty habit of hearing conversations that you shouldn’t, Mr. Malfoy.”

“I thought talking to yourself counted more as insanity, so I thought I’d spare you the terrible image,” Draco replied.

Oh, how very noble of you, Mr. Malfoy.” Kagome bowed in a mocking manner, as she continued, “Perhaps, in the future, I should think to ask you whether or not my actions will be deemed as insanity. Just to be on the safe side.”

Blinking at the harsh reply, Draco asked, “What’s gotten into you?”

“Forgive me, Mr. Malfoy—” Draco watched her sit in the chair across from him with a sigh, “—Kohaku has merely been bound and determined to give me a headache today. I’m actually beginning to wonder when Sango will come to drag him back home, because if she doesn’t come soon, I’m going to see how much he likes being a table for a while.”

A small smirk appeared on the Malfoy’s face. “Would you be willing to share?”

“I’m sure you’ve noticed that he doesn’t like you, Mr. Malfoy—”

That was an understatement.

“—All morning he’s been trying to convince me that you’re only coming into the shop to cause trouble. Once a Slytherin, always a Slytherin, you could say.” She sighed, before saying, “Honestly, it’s ridiculous. You’ve never done anything to warrant such behavior from him, and you’re certainly not evil!”

Curious, Draco placed his book on the table and watched her.

“I’ve seen the mark on your arm,” she said softly. “I know that you were forced to work underneath You-Know-Who, and I know that you were probably told to do some very awful things. But, everyone deserves a second chance, and it’s clear to me that you’re doing everything you can to be your own person, Mr. Malfoy.”

“Ms. Higurashi?”

Eh, yes?” she blinked, breaking away from her thoughts.

“I would prefer if you would call me Draco,” he said.

Smiling, the little witch muttered, “Only if you call me Kagome.”

“Of course,” Draco paused, “Ka-go-me.”

A blush stained Kagome’s cheeks almost immediately.