InuYasha Fan Fiction / Crossover With Non-anime Series Fan Fiction ❯ Bumps in the Road ❯ Part II ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

His stride long and sure, Draco Malfoy moved swiftly through Diagon Alley.

The brisk walk had long ago become routine for him, but today, he could not help but feel anticipation for the destination that was drawing near. Because there, tucked safely away in her quaint little shop, was the small, blue-eyed witch that had captured his attention and refused to release him.

Not to mention her annoying twit of a café waitress, but over time, Draco had found that the girl’s persistence was outweighed by the feeling that swelled inside his chest each time the little shop owner set her gaze upon him and smiled.

Today would be different. He, Draco Malfoy, once bound beneath the Dark Lord’s rule, did not plan to step into Higurashi Kagome’s little shop and read. It was true that he had actually given up that endeavor some time ago. He never had much interest in doing such, and instead sought the pleasant companionship that the foreign witch provided.

However, today would be different. For today, Draco had every intention of asking the little witch if she would like to accompany him for the night.

A simple date, really. A quick trip to Paris, France by floo powder, where he planned to treat her to a small, expensive restaurant that his mother had taken him to often when he was young. Not something too extravagant, but most definitely a peaceful atmosphere that could be shared between two people who were to become more than simple acquaintances.

And then, one day, if the feeling persisted inside him, he had little doubt that he would find himself bending on one knee and asking the dark haired beauty for her hand in marriage. The way she caused his heart to flutter with but a simple glance, it was not difficult to imagine a horde of blonde, blue-eyed boys that would spawn from his constant need to—

Draco was quick to shake away the perverted little thought, though he was unable to shake the patented Slytherin smirk that graced his lips. It was far too soon to be thinking of his possible children. He had his fantasies, yes, but that did not give him reason to start acting like that silly little waitress that wanted his money.

“There he goes again, Beatrice.” The witch leaned into her friend, obviously unaware that she was speaking just loud enough that the Malfoy could hear every word as clear as day on the empty street. “Probably off to see Ms. Higurashi.”

“Oh, I have little doubt of that,” the other witch, Beatrice, sighed. Draco gifted them with a faint glance, and quickly allowed a scowl to replace his smirk at the sight of the woman’s ridiculously purple hair. Honestly, when would they learn that the so-called fad was making them all look absolutely horrid? “Poor girl. It was rather cute at first, but I know that I would never have any desire to have a Slytherin sweetheart. They’re all nasty little brutes, the lot of ‘em.”

“I quite agree.”

As the witched flipped her own hideously colored locks, Draco found his attention drawn to the shop nestled behind her. He paused in step, gazing into the charmed window, and quickly found himself drawn to the glimmering necklace that was displayed there. It, too, was charmed, no doubt.

“Silly little prat either doesn’t realize that that girl will kick him to the curb when she realizes his true intentions, or plans to use her for his own pleasure until he’s had his fill.” Beatrice huffed, adding, “She’s such a nice girl, Maggie. It’s sad, really, since she won’t believe word of it.”

Ignoring the prattle, Draco took in the glimmering necklace from the distance. It looked rather simple, probably only costing a few galleons due to the charm itself, but the simplicity seemed to add to the glamour it displayed. It was lovely, in that sense, and he could already picture it nestled against Higurashi Kagome’s delicate neck.

“O-oh! Maggie, he’s coming this way!” Beatrice was quick to grab onto her friend, gripping the sleeve of her robe tightly. Her awful, purple colored hair seemed to stand on end suddenly, as she became concerned with the Slytherin’s sudden change in direction.

“Shh, shh!” The other old crone froze, before saying, “It’ll be all right, Beatrice. Its not like he heard what we said, so just act natural.”

Draco Malfoy, the once Slytherin Prince, nearly rolled his eyes at the thought. It would be a miracle for him not to hear them each and every time they happened to be huddle together near that particular spot. However, his robes swishing behind him, he chose to ignore them and swiftly moved to enter the small jewelry shop.

The two witches sank with relief the moment he disappeared inside. They were certainly not as young as they once were, and that type of excitement was surely going to give them both a heart attack one day.

- - - - - - -

The shop bell chimed happily, as Draco pushed the door out of his way. The little waitress twit was quick to greet him, having been dealing with a customer near the front, and he quickly cast a slight scowl in her direction from the odd little smirk that she gave him.

“Hello, Mr. Malfoy!” she smiled. “Fancy that you would come to see us today! Would you like your usual butterbeer, or—?”

What was she playing at? The little twit had quickly learned that he had a large distain for butterbeer a few months ago, so why would she even suggest it? Then again, it really did not matter, since Draco was positive that the waitress was as dumb as a rock.

“No,” he said simply. Then, allowing the door to shut behind him, he moved to remove himself from the money hungry witch. Her presence was tolerated, barely, when she decided to use that extra hyper tone that he had grown to loathe over time.

“Oh, well, in that case,” the twit waved her hand a little, “you’ll find Ms. Higurashi over there.”

Following the girl’s hand, Draco was pleased to find that she had not steered him wrong. Higurashi Kagome was, indeed, seated at a table in the direction that she had waved. She was a vision, like always, with her blue eyes glittering happily and her smile bright, but Draco blinked when, quite suddenly, her pristine black robe began to flow elegantly around her as she laughed.

Her hand reached out, gripping the hand of the man seated across from her, and she leaned toward him. Her smile brightened, as she nodded, and in that moment, Draco wished that he could hear exactly what she was saying to the unkempt wizard.

However, as he neared, the other wizard stood. He reached up to scratch the back of his head, and when he spoke, Draco’s scowl deepened at the realization of who he was. “Well, I’ve got to be going,” Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, sighed. “I’ll try to come by more often, though. It’s just a little hard, with work and everything.”

What in the blazes was Potter, the shining Gryffindor, doing in Higurashi Kagome’s shop? From last Draco heard, he should be at home, listening to his little Weasel bride-to-be prattling on about what color flowers they should use for the décor.

Harry Potter, however, did not seem to know that fact, as he suddenly leaned down toward the woman. Draco Malfoy halted in step, his mind trying to process what the Golden Boy was planning exactly, when he heard the sound of lips disconnecting from flesh.

He could not see clearly, from his position, but when the bastard pulled away, Draco was positive that he did not need to. The lovely blush that swept across Kagome’s face seemed to suffice. His chest tightened, noticing the smile that played on the corner of her lip, and, had he been younger, the Malfoy was positive he would have allowed tears to prick in his eyes.


He had become rooted, unable to move, watching them, and he had not taken notice that the Gryffindor had finally turned to leave. However, hearing the hiss that accompanied his name, Draco frowned deeply. “Potter.”

Quick to judge, like always, Harry’s hand went for his pocket. It was too soon, too fresh, since the last time they had encountered one another as death eater and savior. And, from the look written on the Golden Boy’s face, he was damn positive that the Malfoy had come with the purpose of hexing him.

Higurashi Kagome’s hand stayed his action, as she smiled that pretty little smile in his direction. “Hello, Draco,” she greeted him kindly, like she always did, but Draco was not about to let himself be fooled. It seemed that there was a bit of Slytherin lurking beneath her exterior, after all, as she pulled his heart this way and that, all while keeping the Boy-Who-Lived firmly under her thumb.

Higurashi,” he bit out. He saw the shocked, hurt look that crossed her face, and he saw the way she lifted her hand toward her chest, but he could not find it within himself to care in that instant. Not when something sinister inside of him was whispering, telling him that the Golden Boy had dropped his little Weasley in favor of the blue-eyed beauty that Draco had hoped would be his own.

Turning sharply on his heel, Draco Malfoy felt his robes flutter furiously as he made his way out of the shop. He took note that the annoying twit was watching him, smirking, and it only served to cement the thought in his mind. How could he, a Malfoy, been so easily fooled by a woman?

The chill of Diagon Alley met him suddenly, digging deep into his bones, but the Malfoy quickly brushed it aside as a mere inconvenience. Witches and wizards alike moved out of his path, recognizing him in his fury, before he turned down a less crowded lane.

No doubt the gossip would begin soon. The quiet whispers that would tell the ill-informed and butchered tale about how he, Draco Malfoy, a pureblood Slytherin, had been denied the heart of the woman he loved. And to the noble Gryffindor, Harry Potter, who received everything that he ever asked for, no less.

A scowl marred his face, as he shoved his hands deep into his pockets. His pace was brisk, angry, but he halted almost immediately when his fingers brushed against the cool metal hidden inside his robe. His expression darkened considerably, as he slowly pulled the long chain from his pocket, and allowed himself a moment to gaze upon the glittering little pendant at the end.

A vision flashed behind his eyes, that of Higurashi Kagome’s brilliant eyes gazing up at him in absolute joy, and the once Slytherin Prince felt his lip quiver. It would have been a lovely sight, but, instead, it seemed that that adoration was reserved only for Potter.

His lip lifted in a silent snarl, as he turned on his heel and threw the useless piece of jewelry into the nearest wall. It bounced, clattering once it hit the ground, and Draco felt his ire rise in the knowledge that the necklace had merely dimmed in the abuse. He swiftly pulled his wand, intent upon ridding himself of such madness before it consumed him.

Silently, he found himself pleased that no one was around to see him in his current rage. His wand pointed at the mockingly bright piece of jewelry, his body stiffened, and his fury clearly written on his face, he would have been Rita Skeeter’s dream article. For he knew that the sight would have broke out in more hushed whispers that soiled his noble name beneath the premise that he had been in love with the cunning, blue-eyed vision known simply as Higurashi Kagome.

She had been such a Gryffindor, indeed!

Confrin—!” The curse was on the tip of his tongue, willing the necklace to explode into flames, and yet something held him back. That something, much to his displeasure, was the vivid hope to see that glimmering little pendant nestled beautifully against Higurashi’s bosom. That she may have forsaken the Golden Boy and rushed to find him, Draco Malfoy, so that she could place her affection where it was rightfully due.

The silence, however, suffocated him.

There would be no sudden appearance of the little shop owner. There would be no sudden call of his name, or declaration of adoration. He knew that, for there was little doubt in his mind that the Golden Boy, always looking over his shoulder out of fear, had crushed her to him and began warning her about such people. And she, mesmerized by the bastard, had no doubt agreed and rewarded him for his advice with—


His hand lifted toward his face when he felt the moisture begin to gather along the corner of his eyes. Even in silence, though, he refused to cry over that deceptive woman. Why should he? He was Draco Malfoy, heir to the Malfoy legacy and fortune, and even under strict supervision of the Ministry he still had his pride.

Allowing himself a moment to breathe, the Malfoy heir leaned up against the opposite wall. He pushed his hair away from his face, while he glared heatedly at the glittering necklace that continued to mock him. It was a shame, really, considering he had wasted a good fifteen galleons on the stupid thing.

Then, having regained control a moment later, Draco pushed himself away from the wall. His hand gripped his wand tightly, as he took one last glance at the necklace he knew would have suited the little shop owner’s complexion. A soft huff escaped him, however, before he shoved his wand back into his pocket.

His robes swished around him, outwardly showing his displeasure, when he finally turned on his heel. And then, his scowl set once more on his face, Draco Malfoy stormed away without a word.