InuYasha Fan Fiction / Crossover With Non-anime Series Fan Fiction ❯ Reality and Truth ❯ Enlightening ( Chapter 6 )

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--Reality and Truth—
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Tony looked for the other guy, wary. He cursed and ran towards Kagome. “Kagome!” he shouted out warningly.
Kagome's eyes shot up and she looked ahead, ready to block but noticed that their assailant's attention wasn't on her any more.
No… its red eyes were pinpointed on an easier target; DiNozzo.
“You idiot! No! Back in the barrier!” Kagome blurted out in dismay and started to sprint over to Tony before the demon got him.
The demon saw this and went in for the kill with a triumphant, guttural snarl.
Tony froze and his eyes widened unnaturally. Only one thought was prominent in his mind `Oh shit…'
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You know that saying, that when you're staring death right in the eye, your whole life flashes before you?
Tony stood frozen, feet rooted to the ground as his mind went blank for a moment.
Yea, well, that wasn't just some BS people were making up for the hell of it… there's was some truth to it after all…
As the demon reached out with his very sharp, pointy claws, it was an automatic reaction for Tony to flinch away.
He knew he couldn't duck-there wasn't any point to it anyways. This monster was too fast. The second he moved he would be dead either way.
And so, he awaited imminent death-for those sharp, claw, talon like things to pierce his skin like they did to all those dead marines.
Instead, what he got was what seemed suspiciously like a female body crashing into him like a semi.
A familiar and yet sharp, short scream was elicited right next to his ear, and all he felt next was the ground on his back.
And he wasn't hurt-well aside from the bruise he knew he would definitely have tomorrow…
If he lived that long, that is…
His eyes shot open and connected with pain and concern filled sapphire eyes. “Kagome?!” he blurted out, shocked.
Kagome on the other hand would have gone off on a tangent about his stupidity and inability to listen to the simplest of instructions to stay in the damn barrier if it wasn't for the fact she was breathing as if she'd just ran a few marathons in less than thirty seconds.
And creating yet another barrier around them in the matter of five seconds didn't help her situation much, nor did the newly formed gash on her back that blood was spilling out of…
But Tony didn't know that of course...
Nonetheless, Kagome did have the will to smack Tony upside the head.
Flinching at the hit Tony stared at her as if she went crazy.
Kagome just glared at him harshly. “Don't even start…” she wheezed out before rolling off of him.
It was then that Tony realized the blood on him- and that it wasn't his.
It was also then that Kagome began to cough out a suspicious red liquid as well.
From behind the barrier, the demon began to stalk towards them cautiously, checking out the strange contraption that surrounded his `prey' and prevented him from reaching them.
They were oblivious to it and everything else besides each other.
“Kagome…” Tony choked out softly, gazing at her in horror.
At the sound of his voice, Kagome tired blue eyes flickered over to him. She mustered up a grim smile. “No worries, just give me a minute and I'll be good to go…” she sucked in a few deep breaths, preparing herself before she began to sit up.
Tony scrambled over to her, gently holding down her shoulder. “No, you can't." He told her firmly.
Kagome stared at him with dazed awe. “Funny, you're not scared…” she mumbled, voice thick with emotion.
Meanwhile, their attacker reached out to prod at the barrier experimentally, a befuddled look on its face.
Tony only snorted. “Of what? That thing out there? Hell yea I am-I'm about to fucking piss my pants- you don't see that every day," he shook his head. "But that's not what's important right now. God, you're losing so much blood too…” his gaze turned troubled and panicky.
Kagome rolled her eyes despite the situation. “I wasn't talking about that…” she looked away.
When the demon's claws just barely grazed the barrier, a violent shock ran through him. A small gargled scream tore its way through his throat.
Ignorant to their surroundings, Tony narrowed his eyes and he nudged her. “What, me? Scared of you?” he scoffed with disbelief. “I'm not scared of you. That's like being scared of a kitten.”
He started suddenly when Kagome turned glowing blue eyes at him. “You should be…” she whispered harshly under her breath, and pulled away from him. “And you are, I can see it…” She retorted, her jaw clenching.
She wasted no time to try and stand up.
“That's not fair!” Immediately, Tony was by her once again. “And just what the hell do you think you're doing?! You're bleeding like crazy!” he paused for a moment before glaring at her. “And I'm not scared of you-I'm surprised. I never expected you to well… you know…” he trailed off lamely.
Kagome only scoffed softly and opened her mouth to retort. She was interrupted by a loud bang in which she slightly convulsed in sync to.
Both their heads whipped up to see the demon at the edge of the barrier, striking it. And every time he did, Kagome would twitch in response.
The barrier was weakening as she did-every moment it was hit, it shook both her and her hold on the barrier…
...and that meant she didn't have much longer...
Unbeknownst to them, her tattoo glowed a toxic green.
When Kagome stepped forward she was firmly tugged back by Tony. “Can't you keep this shield up?" his eyes narrowed at the flimsy material that protected them. "There's no way you can fight…” he trailed off as a bad feeling suddenly washed over him. He glanced back at the woman in his grip
It took him less than a second to wish he hadn't.
Kagome turned on him, eyes burning. “Until when Tony?!" she countered loudly. "Until help arrives?!-what help?! They'd just die!” she shouted at him bluntly.
Her fists clenched as she glared down at him. “I can't keep this up forever-if this bastard keeps banging like a retarded monkey with a fucking sledgehammer, it's gonna burn me out and knock me out cold if I haven't already passed out from blood loss.”
She paused to stare him down. “And then where would you be?” she gritted out seriously.
Kagome studied his shocked and slightly hurt face as Tony was stunned into silence. Kagome calmed down and sighed, before another hit racked her body. Her jaw clenched before relaxing. “Look…” she said softly. peering up at him. “This is my job, let me do it. I can fight, and I will.” Her voice took a darker edge at the end of her sentence.
Before anything else was said, gun shots began to ring out like crazy. The two adults whipped around only to see Gibbs and Ziva taking fire at the demon.
Kagome's lips tightened and in her head she was cursing up a storm.
'No...' her mind whispered in despair. 'Not them too...'
Acting quickly, Kagome roughly shoved Tony off her, making him stumble and giving her the chance to take off.
The Italian man cursed as he reached out to catch he with no luck. “Sorry Tony, but you gotta do what ya gotta do. Now stay in this goddamn barrier before you get yourself killed.” She ordered swiftly.
“And what about you?!” he shot back frantically.
It only stirred up even more panic when she refused to answer.
By this time, Gibbs and Ziva paused in their shooting after more than a few hits connected to its arms and legs. Believing it to be enough, they waited for their assailant to drop to the ground in pain.
They were surprised when the demon only turned around slowly, its red eyes locking with theirs.
Their eyes widened in shocked fear when demon suddenly takes after them-their bullets doing nothing but slowing him down somewhat.
Gibbs pushed Ziva away for them to take cover, shouting to her. "Get down, down on the ground!"
Kagome jumped from her spot, successfully leaping on the demon's back and distracting it so she could place a barrier around them. “Do NOT come out of there if you guys want to live, got that?!” she wheezed out.
Gibbs opened his mouth to argue but Kagome would have none of it, “Just do it!” she yelled harshly, her muscles tensing painfully as the demon tried to shake her off.
Reluctantly, Gibbs listened to and went to help Ziva up.
They watched helplessly as Kagome struggled with the demon, not knowing what they could do without getting in the way.
Their breaths hitched when the demon finally knocked Kagome of its back, causing her to do a tuck and roll before jumping up, backed up against the alley wall.
As she fought to catch her breath, the demon stalked towards her with a predatory glint meant just for Kagome.
Tony couldn't sit still any longer.
With the intention to help he ran out, leaving the barrier made for him to dissipate with nothing to protect. Pulling out his gun, he tried to at least give Kagome some time to recover.
Tony shot at the demon's back but his eyes went wide when the demon disappeared suddenly, leaving Kagome rooted to the spot. Her head whipped to the side when she heard a sharp `bing!' right by her ear.
Her gaze snapped to Tony's sheepish look. “Watch where you shoot that thing, why don'tchya?!" the retort automatically spilled from her mouth..
Her glare instantly switched to alarmed when she felt the evil aura making its way over to DiNozzo. “Get back in a fucking barrier DiNozzo before I kill you myself!” she shouted at him.
Her warning came too late as the demon reappeared right in front of the male human.
"Tony!""DiNozzo!" The two other NCIS agents automatically yelled in concern, their hands clenching around their Sigs(*).
There was no way they could shoot without hitting DiNozzo in the process.
Tony ducked back out of reflex-or at least tried to...
The strong, harsh grip on his wrist somewhat prevented that.
Kagome cursed-there was no way she'd make it in time if she ran like before. Frantically she tried to concentrate and form another barrier.
Her lips trembled when nothing happened.
She was just so tired, and with the other barrier still up...she was tapped dry.
Her voice choked out. "No! No, no, no!!" Kagome began to sprint despite knowing she'd never made it. She needed to try. "To-ny!" she screamed out wildly, reaching out.
Tony watched, tensing as this thing grinned a sick grin at him. It's painful grip left him gritting his teeth, thrashing to get out.
In his struggle his other arm rose, about to strike the demon with the butt of his gun.
It happened so fast that the next thing Tony knew, the demon's hand clutched at his gun. The grin widened as he crushed it in one squeeze. Tony gulped.
A dark chuckle left the things mouth as it chucked the demolished firearm to the side before setting its ruby red eyes on the human before him.
They flashed in bloodlust and all Tony could see next was those sharp, pointed claws on a one way course to slash him open.
Screams flooded Tony's ears and his racing heartbeat pounded his head before he felt the ground suddenly escape his feet.
Before he knew it, he was back behind the barrier with a man he'd never seen before. Surprised, he blurted out. “Who are-?!”
“A friend of Kagome's,” was all the stranger would say before jumping out of the barrier to face down the killer.
He felt two pairs of eyes boring into him, and he slowly turned to see Gibbs and Ziva staring at him, their eyes stating clearly. `What the hell is going on?!'
Tony shrugged, a freaked out look on his face. “Don't ask me!” he quickly defended himself. “I told you it was hinky!”
The two scoffed unbelievingly. Gibbs lifted a dry eyebrow at him. “Hinky doesn't even come close to this DiNozzo.” He bit out darkly.
The agent said nothing back as he turned back to the fight.
Kagome glanced over the man with relief. "You don't know how great it is to see you," her voice broke slightly with emotion.
A deep chuckle escaped his throat, his eyes never leaving his opponent. "I think I have some idea..." he said smugly. His eyes flickered over in concern. "I'm surprised you're still standing."
Kagome only made a face before going back into stance. "Don't worry. It won't be long till I'm not," she muttered under her breath. "Let's just get this...over with?" she finished up in stunned confusion.
The demon was...running away?
Apparently the demon felt the newcomer's power and realized he was not only seriously outnumbered but out powered as well with this new inhuman stranger against him.
Kagome and the 'newcomer' shared a look. "You got this?" Kagome said under her breath, reverting back to her native language Japanese.
Her friend only grinned at her. "Ohhh yeaa..." his eyes sparkled with mischief.
He had a special little surprise waiting for their little friend...
The demon snarled out in anger, whipping out and thrashing wildly. It growled in incoherent words, glaring out at the person before him.
A huge stone statue sat innocently on its back, efficiently pinning him down.
Green eyes twinkled in amusement and a snicker left his throat. "Hahah, suckerrrr!" the male drawled out mockingly.
Kagome shook her head...Shippo and his shadow clones...
Now that threat was gone, Kagome's barrier flickered out of existence. The imminent and desperate need for it replaced now that her adrenaline rush was fading.
Tony stared at the man, completely lost on how this all turned out.
Despite the fiery orange hair pulled back into a pony tail and the distinct emerald eyes, the man looked Japanese from his facial features.
The thing that caught his eyes the most though was the very long, sharp nails and… fangs?
The man was staring at him, grinning. “Yo, so you're the guys from NCIS right?” he asked cheekily.
Tony could only nod dumbly…
… before he turned to stare at Kagome, who was holding her side gently and breathing a little hard. She was leaning against the stranger now, her eyebrows still furrowed in pain and her face deathly pale.
His eyes widened when he saw red liquid smearing her hands. “Kagome! Crap, you're still bleeding…how bad is it?” he demanded immediately.
Kagome shook her head incredulously, both at him and to clear her vision of the black spots creeping in her vision. “I'll be fine.” She furrowed her eyebrows at him. “After everything you just saw, all you're asking is how badly wounded I am?”
“You're bleeding.” Tony repeated slowly as if she was retarded and didn't understand how serious it was that she was injured...and bleeding. “Don't worry, I'm not gonna forget about that anytime soon, but first you need to get treated for that…” he felt sick-it looked like a lot of blood from his point of view.
Kagome swallowed thickly. A faint thought raised in the back of her mind? `What was that coppery tang in her mouth…?' Ignoring that, she looked up at the man that was holding. “'Ey Ship, where Inu? She mumbled out brokenly.
Shippo's eyes flickered to the sky. “New moon tonight…” he reminded her.
Kagome's eyebrows shot up, eyes shining in relief. “Oh… great. Need you-distract him...I get back... gonna 'ave to 'splain things-hotel safest place…” she muttered almost incoherently under her breath, shaking her head when she began to see curious little black spots in the corner of her vision.
Gibbs actually looked concerned when he spoke to Kagome. “You need to get treated…” he said sternly, eyeing her suspiciously.
Kagome huffed- well somewhat and glared. “Not going to a damn hospital, got that?" she snapped back, miraculously finding her ability to speak again. "I'm good to go-I'll show you.”
Kagome took a deep breath before pushing herself off from Shippo. She smiled triumphantly when she took one step away. “See?” she said smugly, albeit her voice was slurred.
She only made it three more steps before her vision blacked out completely.
The last thing she heard was them calling out her name as she felt gravity leaving her.
Shippo sighed as he snatched Kagome up before she hit the ground, hoisting her up and carrying in his arms. He looked at the stunned faces of the three humans before him. “She's right though; she can't go to the hospital.”
Tony narrowed his eyes at Shippo. “Any why not?” he demanded hotly, not liking the fact some stranger was holding Kagome so familiarly.
Shippo grinned and raised an eyebrow at the man, as if sensing something. “Would you like to explain how she got all these bruises and curious claw-like scratches to the doctors?” he shrugged.
“You might be able to pull off an animal attack, but I doubt they'd miss the laceration on her side that looks suspiciously as if a hand went through her gut-though I do think I'd enjoy watching you try…” he said with some amusement.
Ziva's eye twitched and she let out a sniff. “Then what do you suggest we should do? Let her bleed to death?” she snapped at him.
Shippo let out a barking laugh. His green eyes appreciatively roamed over her up and down before he gave her a flirty wink. “'Course not honey, she'll heal just fine on her own-give her an hour to recuperate after I get her bandaged up and she'll be good as new.”
“Do not call me `honey'.” She retorted sharply, her face twisting at the name. Her darkened brown eyes held a threatening glint.
Shippo only shrugged, a teasing smirk on his face made just for her. “Whatever you want, sweetheart…” and he snickered at the evil glare she sent.
Gibbs let out a low groan, rubbing his forehead. "God, I need coffee..."
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