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Chapter 1: karaoke island

Authors note: I decided to write another chapter while i still had my creative juices flowing. So here it is. Yea sorry but gravitation and death note are in here...I made it so! so Enjoy

Sam: can i borrow one of the characters for this chapter? Please!

Author: uh which one? I kinda still need them for the chapter and you are in it too. Cant it wait till Chapter 2?

Sam: I guess *scruffs feet against ground*

Author: if you can wait, ill give you L. Okay?

Sam *smiles like a little kid* OKAY! *runs into other room to get her 'things' together

Author *sweatdops* uhhh any who...on with the fic!

Yuki groans and wakes up. He shakes his head and puts his fingers to his temple to stop the throbbing in his head. He then looks around and finds his crew is okay. He hears other groans and notices that the other groups are waking up. He then sighs, then looks around.

'Good everyone is up. Where the hell are we?' Thought Yuki

Shuuichi wakes up and glomps on Yuki. Yuki gives him the cold shoulder and Shu cries. Hiro comes close to him and gasps.

"Yuki, you have a collar on you!" Siad Hiro

"So do you Hiro. Looks like everyone has one on. What the hell is going on?" Asks Yuki

"Yes what is going on? Am i gonna have to blast my way out of here?" Asks Sagara

"No you idiot. We just got to find a way out of here." Said Kaname as she slaps Sagara with the paper fan

"Hmmm seems we are in a room that looks like a classroom." Said L

"Feh. We can bust out of here using my sword" Said Inuyasha

"Inuyasha...sit" Yelled Kagome

Just as inuyasha was gonna scold Kagome, the door opened and in came two women. One was short and had blonde hair. She bowed to everyone and had a big grin on her face. The other woman, who was taller, had black hair and wore glasses. She too bowed and had a smirk on her face. They look at each other before the black haired girl steps forward.

"Hi! We are glad to have you here! My name is Lia and this is Selena ! Dont be afraid. We are not going to kill you!"

"On the contrary, we love you all!" Said Selena

"That being said, we welcome you to our karaoke island!" Said Lia

Everyone looks around confused. Lia clears her throat to get everyone's attention.

"As i was saying, This island belongs to Selena and I. We planned the whole 'coming to America to meet your fans' so we can kidnapped you and have you sing for us and vise visa. So now lets get down to business. Those collars you are wearing have a little chip in it that will give off 10 volts if you don't sing. Don't worry, we wont kill you. But if you refuse to sing, we will shock you till you do. But we really don't want to do that so please sing for us. Selena and I will participate too. Now Selena will tell you more...Selena"

"Thanks Lia. Now in this school, we have a theater. There is the karaoke equipment in which you will use. Lia and i will pick the songs for you to sing. Everyone has to participate. Like Lia said, we don't want to hurt you, but will if you don't participate. Now i need you all to get rid of your weapons. This is for your and our safety. So if you would put them over there in the corner." Said Selena as she points to the right corner

No one gets up to put their weapons in the corner. Lia pulls out the remote and pushes some buttons. Sargara, Kaname, K, and Inuyasha go down in pain. Everyone looks at them then goes digging in their pockets and removing their weapons. Once the weapons were in the corner, Selena pulls out a tape and pops it in. A perky woman in a skimpy red jumpsuit pops up and bows. Selena and Lia bow to the woman.

"Hi all you lucky people! I am here for the rules to karaoke island! You were all chosen to be here because the hosts love you too much and want you to sing to them! Now the rules are that you cant leave this school. If you do, you will get a 30 vold shock and possibly die. The hosts dont want that. So they bolted the windows and doors for your safety. This karaoke session will last for at least a week. You will be given breaks to eat, sleep and use the shower area but that is it. There is no way off this island untill you complete the session. Then the hosts will help you get off. So now your hosts will escort you to the theater. Have fun!" The tv goes blank

Lia and Selena smile and motion for them all to get up. They follow without problems. Shu comes close to Yuki.

"Yuki, I dont like this. Do we have to sing?" Asks Shu

"Yea i guess we do. I wish there was a way off of this island." Said Yuki

'I can sneak off and go find out if you want. Light. I am not wearing a collar.' Said Ryuk

"Go Ryuk. Hurry" Said Light

Ryuk dissipates. Before they reach the theather, a scream can be heard outside. Lia turns to the others and smiles.

"Nice try sending the god of death out to find a escape. We anticipated that so we also made the island special for them. Right now Ryuk is in a lot of pain. Now everyone in so we can begin." Said Lia

Everyone files in and sits in the comfy blue chairs. Lia and Selena were off to the side deciding on who to go first. Yuki pulled out a cig and starts to smoke. He gets tapped on the shoulder and turns to see this nice girl with blue hair. He smiles. She smiles back.

"Hi im Kaname. So uh do you have a girlfriend?" Asks Kaname

"My name is Yuki and Uh no...i got a boyfriend." Said Yuki

"Your gay?"Screams Kaname

"Yep. My boyfriend is right beside me. His name is Shuichi" Said Yuki

"Oh...i see...sorry to bother you then" Said Kaname

Lia clears her throat and everyone sits straight

"Wow...guess you guys are afraid of us. Well before we begin, i totally forgot that you all haven't introduced yourselves. So take this time to introduce yourselves. We will begin shortly." Said Lia

So everyone got up and introduced themselves. Yuki was surprised that the famous detective L was here. He knew about L and his work. He also knew that L was working on the Kira case. L wouldn't give anything away to Yuki or the others but he knew that he was here keeping an eye on someone who might be kira. So then he turned his attention to Kaname and noticed a guy with dark hair and a scar on his cheek was watching everyone. Yuki shrugged. After everyone introduced themselves, Lia and Selena cleared their throats and start to dance. Everyone sweatdops. Lia stops dancing and points to Yuki

"Okay Yuki is first up to sing! He will sing "the reason" So come on down!" Yelled Lia

Yuki looks at shu before walking down the stairs and onto the stage...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! COOL HUH! i got the concept of the island from Battle Royal! Like i said, i had loads of time up in Michigan while i was there for a month and i loved it! Oh yea if you havent figured out what animes i'm using:

death note (L, Light. Ryuk, Misa, Lights dad, Matusda)

gravtation (Ryu, K, hiro, ayaka, yuki, shu, touma, seguchi)

inuyasha (Kagome. Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, Kikyo)

full metal panic (Kaname and Sagara)

:D so please read adn review...if you do ill let you decide who you want to see next! Please and thanks!