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In a Flashback

The limo that Kagome was currently in was a pure onyx black color with dark, nearly black tinted windows. The inside of the limo was just like the outside of it, completely black in color, the seats were made of black colored leather and the floor was a lush blue black carpet. The first thing Kagome had done once she was fully seated was let her pet kitten, Kirara, out of her pet carrier because she knew the ride to her new school would take about an hour.

Kirara walked out her small carrier and stretched her body to get rid of all the stiff joints. After her stretch she carefully examined her new temporary surroundings and decided to explore. Carefully she explored every nook and cranny she could get to, a little while later she found the back of one of the seats. Not knowing where the crack in the back of the seat led to she forcefully pushed her way in until half of her body was stuck in the crack.

Watching her kitten, Kagome couldn't stop her giggle from bursting from seeing where her kitten ended up. She saw her kitten stuck in the seat of the limo with her head sticking out from the crack in the seat. Cautiously getting up to make sure she didn't fall, Kagome went over to the seat that Kirara was stuck in and pulled her out. She examined her kitten with a keen before she set her back down on to the floor deeming her without injury and going back to her seat t sit down. Once she was placed back on the floor, Kirara went back to explore the rest of the limo being careful to not go behind the seats again.

Getting bored with nothing to do she started do what any other kid her age would, play with the many buttons that were available to her. Now bored with the buttons Kagome reached into her messenger bag, which she had not taken off, and pulled out a sketch pad, a black colored portable drawing board, and a crimson colored pencil box. Inside her pencil box was a variety of color pencils, paintbrushes, a set of paint, wooden pencils, and mechanical pencils. Pulling out when of the wooden pencils, Kagome flipped her sketchpad to one of it's many blank page and placed the tip of her pencil on the blank page and began to draw.

While Kagome drew, Kirara had finished drawing and had climbed on to the seat that her mistress currently sat on and looked at what she was currently doing. Seeing that her mistress was and was only drawing Kirara decided to curled up into a ball to take a cat nap and to sun bathe.

Half an hour past peacefully for the duo, as Kagome finished her drawing she stared at it. The drawing was a very detailed drawing of the moon goddess, Tsukiyomi. The goddess was dancing on top of a crystal clear lake in the middle of the night with her silver blond hair flying about her and the hem of her beautiful elegant lavender gown swirling around her feet, while the sky was a midnight blue with tiny stars littering it here and there. Surrounding the lake that the goddess danced on were small bushes of flowers on lush green grass, and behind the flowers at the place where the land and sky would have met was a dark lush green forest. By time that she had finished looking at it, Kagome noticed that Kirara had already woken up, stretched her body, and was staring at her picture too.

She closed her sketchpad and then pulled out a black folder and placed her sketch pad into it. After she placed the folder on her lap and grabbed her art supplies and placed them into her pencil box, which was on top of the folder. Having finished collecting her supplies she grabbed her sketch board, placed it under the folder, and then put them all into her messenger bag.

Having finished that Kagome gently picked Kirara up and placed her kitten on her lap and started to pet her. As she petted her kitten, Kagome mind drifted off to when she first found out about her powers.


A ten year old Kagome was knelt on the ground of her family's forest cradling a tiny baby bird, that was covered in blood her hands. Her face was covered in tears with more pouring out of gray blue eyes.

'Why? Why can't I save the little bird?' Kagome asked in her head as she continued to cry.

Suddenly Kagome felt something inside of herself tingle. The tingle wasn't a weird tingle, but a warm and fuzzy one. After a tiny voice rang through her head asked, ' Would you like to save this bird?'

With her whole heart she answered,' Yes I would do anything to save the bird.'

'Why would you save it?' the voice asked again.

'Because it didn't harm anyone, so why should it deserve to die!"

'Yes now I can tell why you deserve your powers,' said the voice one last time before it disappeared from her mind. As soon as the voice was completely gone, Kagome felt something inside of her like an instinct, tell her to place the dieing baby bird on the floor and then place her hands over it. After she did this a bright light blue green colored glow was emitted from her hands. Taking away her hands to look at the baby bird she saw that all of the blood that was on the bird had disappeared and left unmarred feathers in it's place. A whispered wow escaped Kagome's lips as she examined the tiny bird's body.

"How. . . how did I do that?' thought Kagome as she placed the baby into it's nest which was on the lowest branch of the tree that she was next to.

Time skip a few days later

Kagome was running for her life in a dark alley way. The alley smelled of trash, rodents, and alcohol, with large trash bins littering it here and there. Behind Kagome were three bulky looking men chasing after her, each one of the men had some sort of weapon with him. One man had a small glinting dagger, another a had a long bat, and last one had a bundle of rope. As she ran, Kagome tripped on a rock that was in the middle of the alley. Quickly getting up she continued to run for her life, behind she could here one of the men say, "Come on little girl we just want to play with you for a bit."

At that she ran even faster if that was even possible, and found that she has met a dead end. Turning around she crouched down in the fettle position,hoping that she would be able to protect herself. As the men drew closer, she became more scared, and the more she felt something powerful swirl around inside of her.

Mentally reaching out and taking hold of that power she used it to defend herself from the three men. Opening her eyes she saw that men were right in front of her. At that very moment she closed her eyes again and let a loud scream. During the scream she felt the power that she now held move something around and she heard several loud thuds hitting the floor in front of her. Once again opening her eyes she saw that the three men that were chasing her, were now lying on the floor in a small pool of blood.

Afraid of that the men would soon get get up and try to harm her again, she closed her eyes again, while silently whimpering, and felt the power from earlier surge through her again. A little while later, after she had ceased her whimpering , Kagome opened her eyes and realized that she was at the foot of her family's shrine staircase.

Quickly getting up she ran up the stair and into her home. Once she was at the door she called her okaa-san over to her, she told her mother everything that had happened, from when she first found out about her healing abilties to when she teleported home.

Flashback End

Coming out of her morbid memory, Kagome continued to pet Kirara and wondered, 'When are we going to get to this school?'

Her answer came in the form of the limo coming to an adrupt stop and her falling to the floor face first.

"Itai, Now that answered my question," mumbled a disdainful Kagome as she got up from her position on the floor. Kirara had been luckily enough to have felt the limo slowing down and had foresaw the event and had avoided getting squashed by her mistress's weight. After Kagome had dusted herself off of any dust, she picked Kirara up and placed her in her she carefully readjusted her clothes which had consisted of a tight form fitting black t-shirt, and a short red skirt with black and white vans shoes and her messenger bag to where it belonged at her side. She then grabbed her pet carrier and walked over to the door to open it.

Before Kagome could even open the door, it slowly opened by itself as the outside light slowly illuminated the inside of the dark limo. Stepping out, Kagome took her very first glance of her new school, and her gray-blue eyes widen and jaw literally dropped at seeing the sheer size and beauty of it. After she got over her shock, Kagome turned back around to face the limo to grab one of her suitcases, and she saw that the men from earlier already had started taking all of her luggage away one by one. She wondered where the men were taking her bags and she intended to follow them to find out. Just as she was about to make her way to follow the men, she was stopped by a man with sunshine gold blond hair and a fair complexion, he wore a white button up shirt with sleeves folded up to his elbows and burgundy colored slacks, with black dress shoes adorning his feet.

"Konichiwa Kagome-chan! Watashi wa Narumi, I'm one of your new senseis here at the academy," greeted the man now identify Narumi.

"Konichiwa Narumi-sensei," said Kagome as she returned the greeting with a traditional bow.

Narumi turned to face the school as he took hold of one of Kagome's hands and proceeded to pull her along with him to the entrance of the school's main office building. Once they were inside the building Narumi pulled Kagome through many halls and around many turns. Finally they came to a halt in front of a grand looking doubled door mahogany wood western styled door. Narumi reached out to one of the two doorknobs and grasped one with his free hand and twisted it, and slowly the door swung open. Once the door was fully opened Kagome was greeted to the sight of a white room furnished with lush blue carpet, mahogany shelves pushed up to the walls, and four black leather couches arranged in square around a coffee table that was also made of mahogany wood.

As Narumi held the door open for her, Kagome calmly stepped into the room and walked over to the couch that faced away from the window. She placed her pet carrier on the floor and then proceeded to take a seat on the right side of the couch.

"How did you like your ride here?" asked Narumi as he took a seat on the couch that was to the left of her.

"I really enjoyed I have never ridden in a limo before. Domo arigato," answered Kagome as she turned toward her new sensei.

"Okay Kagome-chan do you know what an Alice is?"

"Ano saa. . . No sensei."

"Well to begin with an Alice is basically powers that certain people are born with. A person with these powers will be taken here to get an education and learn how to control his or her powers. Understand?"


"So what Alice do you have?"

"Ano. . . sensei is it normal for a person with an Alice to have more then one of them?"

"Well it's is rare but it is possible, most students here develop more Alices as they grow older. Doushite Kagome-chan?"

"Well I have more than one Alice and I wanted to know if it was normal."

"Okay, well what are they?"

"Ano. . . well I can heal people, teleport, and control the elements."

"Matte, matte did you say that you can control the elements not an element ne?"

"Hai sensei." With that answer Narumi promptly slumped down into his with his head bowed down and fell into the world of unconsciousness. Worriedly Kagome called," Sensei, sensei?"

When she received no reply from her teacher she started to panic and started to frantically poke and shake Narumi to make him wake up. Seeing that he would not wake up anytime soon Kagome finally gave up on trying to awaken him.

Time Skip a few minutes Later

"Ugh. . . what happened?" groaned a now awakened Narumi. Having heard the groan Kagome rushed to Narumi's side, she asked, " Sensei daijobu desu ka?"

"Daijobu daijobu. Kagome-chan before I fainted did I really hear you say you are able to the elements not an element ne?"

"Hai sensei."

At hearing this Narumi''s jaw literally dropped. Shaking his head to clear the shock, Narumi said," Alright. Now let's what star level we should rank you as."

"Ano, Narumi-sensei."


"What is exactly is a star level?"

"Oh that's right you don't know what a star level is. Well basically a star level is what we, the people here at Gakuen Alice, use to determine what type of food and room a student gets and how much yen a student is allowed to have as an allowance and how much control a student has over his or her Alice. There are five star levels in our star ranking system. The lowest rank is no star, then we have single star, next is double star, after we have triple star, and finally we have special star. Understand Kagome-chan?" explained Narumi. Kagome well noded her head to indicate that she understood.

"Well Kagome-chan are you able to control your Alices without thinking about it? Do you have to concentrate at all?Are you . . ." asked Narumi.

Calmly answering one question at a time Kagome answered yes to each and everyone of them.

"It's settled you're going to be a special star. I am certainly impressed not everyone who comes to this school have such mastery over their Alice," said Narumi from the other side of the room in front of a table with drawers that was pushed up against the wall and proceeded to open one of the drawers and pull out a small button that was in the shape of a circle and it had a gold colored star in the middle of it. Going over to the door that they had come in from, Narumi exited the room. A few minutes later he reentered the room with what Kagome supposed was the school's girl's elementary school uniform. The uniform top consisted of a long sleeved black sailor blouse with white trimming and a white scarf with red trimming. The bottom of the uniform was a plain crimson red pleated skirt. Walking over to her, Narumi handed the uniform and button to Kagome.

After she had the uniform and button in her grasp Kagome called,"Ne sensei." Once she had his attention she continued and asked," Where's the bathroom?"

"The bathroom is down the hall on your left and the first door on your right okay?" instructed Narumi as he led her to the door.

Following his instructions she entered a light pink sakura patterned bathroom with white marble sink and toilet. "Ugh why pink," groaned Kagome as she took her messenger bag off of herself. "Might as well change," muttered Kagome as she quickly stripped herself of all her clothing but her undergarments. Quickly pulling on her new uniform, Kagome pinned her star ranking button on to her scarf and fixed her hair by pulling a hair brush out of her messenger bag and proceeded to brush out the tangles. Quickly finishing that she grabbed her clothes from the floor and stuffed them into her bag before slinging it over her shoulder. She then hurriedly exited the bathroom to get away from the horrendously pink bathroom and reentered the room that she left Narumi in.

When she reentered the room she was greeted to the sight of Narumi conversing on a cell phones and heard him saying, "Hai send the representatives over, we have a new student joining the class today. . ."

Hearing that Narumi was still on the phone, Kagome went over to the couch that she had sat on before she went to change and reclaimed her seat. Bending down she grabbed cat's pet carrier and pulled it up next to her on the couch and unlocked the metal cage door on it to let Kirara out. After Kirara had crawled out of the carrier and had finished stretching, Kagome picked her up and settled her on to her lap and started to pet her as Kirara curled up into a ball.

After a few more minutes of conversing on the phone Narumi finally hung it up. Walking over to Kagome he said, " Kagome-chan the representatives from your new will be here in a little bit."

Looking up from her kitten, but still petting her Kagome nodded her head to indicate that she heard him as Narumi reclaimed his seat on the couch that was to the left of her seat

Time Skip 15 minutes later

Three knocks were sounded at the door and a a faint call of Narumi-sensei was heard. Narumi stood up from the seat and walked over to the door to answer it. Once the door was opened and seeing that it was his class representatives Narumi exclaimed, "Ah Hotaru-chan and Tobita-kun I have someone I want you guys to meet."

With that said Narumi led the two children inside the room and motioned for Kagome to come over to them.

"Tobita-kun and Hotaru-chan I would like to introduce Higurashi Kagome-chan," introduced Narumi as he pointed towards Kagome as she made her way over towards them. Once she had stopped next to Narumi, Kagome noticed that the two were students, one boy and one girl. The boy she noticed had dirty blond hair, lightly tanned skin, and ocean blue eyes covered by wire rimmed glasses, he wore the boy version of her uniform, which was the same sailor colored shirt and colored bottoms but instead of a skirt it was a pair of knee length shorts. While the girl was the opposite of the boy, she had onyx colored hair with a tint of blue, moon kissed skin, and dark purple nearly black eyes, she wore the same uniform that she wore. Both students she noticed had three stars on their scarf to mark their level instead of a single button like she did.

Hearing Narumi introduce her she gave small bow and said," Konichiwa."

The two returned the bow and together chorused, " Konichiwa Kagome-san/chan."

Pulling out of their bows, Narumi began to introduce the two students that had entered.

"Kagome-chan I would like to introduce you to two of your new classmates, Yuu Tobita and Imai Hotaru."

Hearing the name of her long thought forgotten cousin Kagome flung herself at her cousin while yelling.". . . "

Japanese Translations:

Sensei= teacher or anybody who taught you something

Itai= ow

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