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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Originally posted to Inuyasha Fanfiction on August 12, 2012 for Drabble #40 Agony. It won 3rd place.

Title: A Parent's Worst Nightmare
Author: ananova
Word Count: 316
Prompt: Agony
Genre: Angst
Rating: K+
Warnings: None
Characters: Kagome and Inuyasha
Summary: Inuyasha returns and learns of the situation. Follows Gone.

Kagome's cry echoed loudly through the area as she stood there, panting for breath. Her eyes continued to futilely search the area but there was no sign of of the toddler. Each second that passed felt like an agonizing eternity as she stood there, not knowing what had become of her child.

Finally, what seemed like an eternity later but was in reality only a few moments, there was a crashing in the nearby trees. “Kagome!” A red and silver blur raced through the foliage, skidding to a halt before her. Golden eyes quickly sought danger but found none as he turned a confused look on his wife. His eyes widened at the look of agony etched on her face in the seconds before she threw herself into his arms.

“He's gone!” she wailed. “I can't find him anywhere!”

Inuyasha did his best to calm her and get a coherent answer. “Who's gone?”

“Jomei. I can't find him.” Inuyasha felt his heart lurch painfully at her words. Kagome lifted her tear-filled eyes to meet his gaze. “One moment he was there, the next he was gone.” She clutched at his haori. “You have to find him, Inuyasha. You have to.”

Inuyasha swallowed painfully. His son was missing? “D-don't worry, I'll bring him back.” He gave her a quick hug before swiftly turning to the small tracks just visible in the dirt. The fog would prevent him from easily spotting any other such tracks but thankfully he didn't need to rely on his eyes to track.

“Hurry Inuyasha,” Kagome murmured behind him, her voice filled with an agony echoed in his own heart.

“I'll bring him back,” he told her again, lifting his head to meet her gaze. Then he was gone.

Kagome slowly sank to her knees in front of their home as she prayed that he found the boy, and quickly.