InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Black Velvet ❯ Chapter 2

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“Madam, lady Kagome locked her door and don't want to come out.” said maid, who came into the dining-room. “Mother,” Sota stood from the chair, “I'm going to talk with her.” Lady Higurashi looked at her son and nodded. She didn't want to talk with her daughter, because she had never understood her. She knew that she couldn't help her. She smiled at Sota who was leaving the room. “Don't tell her anything what can hurt her, ok?”
Sota went to the second floor, where was Kagome's room. He knocked at her door. “Kagome please open the door. You know that I can roll out that door. I want to talk with you.” From the inside the lock rattled the key and Kagome opened the door and Sota came in to her room. Kagome sat at the sofa and took the book. “Oh, Sota what's happening?” He looked at her with searching look and saw that she is very sad. “Why didn't you come down for the breakfast?” “I'm not hungry and,” she looked down and on her cheek were flowing tears, “yesterday Inuyasha said that he can't marry me.” She looked at him,” I can't stay her. I have to leave from the London and be forgotten. Please help me to leave.” She gave him the book and he looked at it. “You want to go to find grandfather and become a pirate?” he looked from the window than back at her with a smile. “I can't imagine you as a pirate. Ok, I'll help you, but I have to think about the way how we can do it.” “Thank you Sota.” she stood up and hugged him. He took her hand into his and smiled. ”Now if we are done here, we can go for breakfast.” he started to draw her into the change room and started to find some clothes what will fit her well and remove from her sadness. He decided for the yellow velvet robe. “Take this and smile at me. ”She looked at him and smiled. “Ok, I will go with you.”
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Sota was sitting in library, watching at the fire and drunk a brandy. “How can I help her to escape? The high company will never let her be with them. Everybody knows that she was almost engaged to Duke. Nobody will want to marry her.” He stood up and looked at the desk, where was new newspapers. He took them and started to read the article about carriage accident, where died two people. He smiled “I know how she will escape.” He throws the news to the fire in fireplace and left the library. In the entrance hall he asked butler for a carriage. When the carriage came he got in and told the direction of the way to the coachman. Coachman was really surprised that his master wants to go to the cheap site. When they came there, Sota went out and found the little Billy and wanted from him to know where he can find the Barracuda. Little Billy showed him a way to his house. The house was really old and uncared in Queen Elizabeth style. He rang and the door opened older man with still black mustache. “Oh, we have a guest,” the man said it with ironic voice, “young peer Higurashi, came in.” He stepped back from the door and Sota came in. “Barracuda, I'm here to ask a favor from you.” Barracuda sarcastic smiled at Sota. “Oh, really? And what kind of favor it will be? I have to kill somebody for you?” he took a dagger from the pocket.
Sota looked at the interior of the entrance hall, than at Barracuda. “Yes, you are almost right. Could I have something for a drink?” Barracuda showed him way in to “his” library. “Please come in, we will discus about it here.” He and Sota entered to the library and Barracuda prepared for Sota a drink, gave it to him and smiled. “Be careful, it's a kind strong.” Sota drank a little from it and started to cough. He smiled, “what did I tell you? It's strong.” He sat down to the armchair and showed to Sota another one where he sat. “Now tell me what kind of business do you want from me? I'm really curious.” Sota stood the glass on the table and looked at Barracuda. “I want from you one thing. I have a plan what you will realize. my sister will go to the Bristol by carriage and I want from you that you will attack at it, but don't kill her. Second thing I want is that you will kill young girl similar to my sister, destroy her face and take her near the accident. My sister will travel by ship to the Caribbean and for the high company she will be forgotten.” Barracuda looked at Sota terrified. “Why do you want sent your sister to Caribbean? You are really so cruel, like everybody says?” Sota looked into the fire in fireplace and in his eyes was sadness. “No, she wants to leave from the London and go to Caribbean and I understand her for a little. I will give you five hundred pounds for your little favor.” He stood up and walked to the door where he turned to Barracuda. ”She will go to the Bristol this Tuesday. Be ready for it.” He left the library.