InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Black Velvet ❯ Chapter 3

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At Wednesday in newspapers was an article about terrible accident of Higurashi carriage on the way to the Bristol. Kagome Higurashi was dead and the funeral is planned at Friday at ten o'clock.
At Friday were almost everybody of family on the cemetery staying before Higurashi's vault, but Sota wasn't there.
Near them was hiding behind trees Inuyasha. His eyes was empty. There weren't sadness, tears, nothing, not even pain.
After the ceremony he turned away and left cemetery.
With his carriage he went to his London house, where was waiting for him his own detective. “Mr. Frey what kind of information do you have for me?” Mr. Frey bowed to him. “I have some information about lady Stratford. I found out that she only plays the pregnancy.” Inuyasha looked out from the window. So it wasn't true?” he thought. “I could be with Kagome, she wouldn't die. She wanted to leave from here only because of me.” he hit the table with fist. He went to his work room, sat behind his desk and started to write the letter. When he finished, he gave the letter to Frey. “Please deliver it for me to lady Stratford.
***************************************************************** *************************************************************************** ******************************************************
The same time in dock.
Sota was staying with Kagome and sailors who were carrying Kagome's luggage. “Lady Kagome, I'm happy that I can go with you to the Caribbean,” said Mr. Smitt, and took the luggage at the ship. Kagome looked at her brother. “So this is farewell, my brother. Take care for mother and please tell to father that I'm really sorry.” Sota looked at the ocean. “I hope that you wouldn't be sick at the ship” He came near to her, “be happy and write sometime on my own address.” he hugged her. She stood away for a little from him and gave him a ribbon from black velvet. “This will be my new name, if you want to find me.” She started to walked at the ship bridge. “Mr Smitt” Sota shouted on the sailor, “ take care of my sister.” When the ship started to flown Kagome waved to him.
Sota was looking at the ship until it disappeared at the sea. Than he left the dock and went to his house in the centre of London. When he came in front of his house he saw familiar carriage. The carriage of Duke from Mandrake. He entered the hall where were waiting for him butler. “My lord, we have a guest and he is waiting for you in library.” Sota narrowed eyes. “The guest is Inuyasha or somebody from Taisho's family?” Butler looked at the portrait of Kagome, then at Sota. “Duke by himself.”
Sota entered to the library. Inuyasha stood up from armchair and looked at him. “You weren't at the funeral” Sota came next to bar and poured brandy in to the glass. He didn't look at Inuyasha. “I don't have to discus it with you. You are not the one who can even remember my sister, And now, please leave my house. I don't want to meet you again.” Inuyasha was looking at Sota's back, did few step near to him, then he stopped turned away and left his house.