InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Black Velvet ❯ Chapter 4

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“Mr. Smitt, are you really sure that you can find my grandfather?” Kagome was following him in narrow streets in Tortuga. “My Lady, I'm not trying to find your grandfather,” he looked back at her, “he will find us. I'm pretty sure that he already knows that you are here.” Kagome stopped walking and looked at him. “Stop calling me lady. I don't want to be captured before I find grandfather.” She looked at the building on the right site of the street. “Black Feather, huh?” she whispered and came to the door of the pub. “My Lady,” came to her Smitt, I don't think that this is the right thing.” He tried to stop her, but she entered in to the pub.
There were sailors{most of them looks like a pirates} drinking to dead, some of them were playing cards, and one of them was cheating, so others started to fight. Kagome came to bar, looked at barman and said, “I want to talk with Mousy The Black Feather, I think that he waits for me.” She gave to him a stripe of black velvet. “Please follow me.” He came to the wall, pushed the hidden button and opened the door. Above the door was a corridor and Kagome stepped in. “Go throw the corridor, than knock two times on the door at the site of corridor.” He closed the door and Kagome stayed alone. She went to the end of corridor and knocked at the door. Door was opened by old man with still black bear. “So, you already come, Kagome, come in. I want to talk with you.” Kagome came in and sat into the armchair. “Do you want something to drink?” he looked at her. “No thanks.” She smiled at him. “Do you know why I left London?” He drunk the rum, put down the glass. “Yes, I know every detail of your story and you came here to become a pirate.” Kagome stood up. “Not just a pirate. I'll be pirate captain, grandfather.” She saw his joking face. “I have a skills to be a good captain. You said it.” “Yes I know it, but you have practice to be a great captain. I'll teach you everything I know.” She smiled at him. “But it will take a few years to train you.” “Fine it's a deal.” Kagome giant a hand to her grandfather. He took her hand. “Deal, and now I'll show you your new ship. Come.” He left the room and Kagome followed him to the dock.
They came to dock and she saw the Frigate. “She doesn't have a name yet, so you can give it to her.” he looked at her with a smile. Kagome took a few steps to the ship. “I'll call her Ocean Velvet.” Mousy came to her, “nice name,” he gave her a ribbon from black velvet, “and this is your new name Kagome the Black Velvet.” “How it's sounds?” “Sounds good, but first you have to train.”
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Four years later.
In dock were two ships and sailors were screaming goodbyes to each other. The old captain Mousy were standing on deck. “Good luck, child.” he whispered. At other one ship the young woman captain wave to him.” Good bye and see you soon Mousy!”
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Inuyasha was in London Dock with his friend Peer Miroku, who were building a ship for him. Miroku was looking at the plan of ship and Inuyasha was walking an the deck. “Are you sure that you want to go on ocean?” Miroku looked at his friend. Inuyasha just nodded. “I can't even think about you as like a sailor, not even pirate.” Inuyasha came to desk. “You don't understand it, I have to find her. If Barracuda didn't lied than,” “And if Barracuda lied, what will you do ? You will never came back here and your name will be forgotten.” Inuyasha turned away from him. “I know that she is alive and I have to tell her everything.” Miroku narrowed eyes. “You don't have any clues. How can you find her, if you don't have any clues?” Inuyasha put his hand into the pocket af his trousers. ”Barracuda gave me this “ he showed to him a ribbon of black velvet. “A ribbon? How can this help you to find her?” Inuyasha looked at it. “I don't know, but I will find a way how to find her.” Miroku smiled at him. “Fine I have one good new for you. The ship will be ready almost in six days. And now tell me, what happened two years later, when you met Barracuda?” Inuyasha looked back at the ship. “I'll call her Kagome.” Miroku punch him with fist to the shoulder. “That's nice name, but I asked you something.” Inuyasha didn't looked at him. “I can't tell you anything, I promised.” Miroku was looking at him with expectation. “But, why Barracuda knew that she is alive?” Inuyasha started to walk away. “Find for me good garrison, I'll be back in six days.” “And where are you going?” Miroku laid aside the plan of ship and looked at the back of his friend. “At Mandrake, of course. I have to do something before I'll go at the sea.” He came to his carriage and gave instructions to coachman and sat in.