InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Black Velvet ❯ Chapter 5

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The Ocean Velvet was swimming away from two burning ships of East India Company. “Captain, we have a little damage on the left site of ship “Smitt came to Kagome, who was behind the rudder. “How serious it is?” she looked at him. “It's not really serious. We can fix it when we will come to Paradise.” She nodded and looked back at the ships. “What do you think, why were they here? Everybody knows that near are cliffs under the top.” She looked at him with worries in eyes. “They were very close to Paradise.” “Kagome, they don't know that in the fog are hidden islands. Only your grandfather and his garrison knew it and everybody who lived there.” Kagome looked at the map than at him. “But what happen if somebody betrays us?” Smitt looked at the mist before them. “I don't think that will ever somebody betray you.” She looked at mist to. “You are right, who would tell them what is there? No one. The are my friends and loyal to me.” “Yes, and they know that you can destroy them.” said Smitt with smile. Kagome smiled at him and than shouted at her garrison. “ Take up the main sail! I want to be at paradise on less than four days and I believe that you want to be at home to. Smitt take the rudder please and if something happen I will be in my cabin.” She left the deck and Smitt took the rudder. The second officer came to him. “Jake, I and the garrison” he looked behind his shoulder, “we era thinking that captain is still sad. Don't you know why is she fighting with herself?” Smitt looked at him with searching look than smiled. “She is sad only because her love from the past. We can't do anything with it.” The second officer looked at his boots. “I thought, that we can do something for her what will make her happier. That's all.” Above their heads the sailor in the masthead saw another one ship. “Pirate ship on the left!” Smitt took the telescope. “The Silver Hanyou ship? They saw us. Flynn, go to tell it to captain.
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Kagome was sitting in armchair behind the desk and writing into the ship diary. On her door Flynn knocked. “Come in” Flynn came and inclined to her. “Captain, Silver Hanyou is on our way. Will we fight?” Kagome nodded, stood up and came to her clothes case. “Flynn, close the door and help me with this.” She showed him the mask and wig. “Ok, captain please sit and I will do my best.” he took the mask and wig.
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At Silver Hanyou ship
Miroku came to Inuyasha with telescope. Do you really want to attack that ship? It's Ocean Velvet and I don't think so, that is the good idea.” Inuyasha looked at the black ribbon. “I have to know the true.” he came behind the rudder. “Everyone prepare for the battle.” Miroku looked again in to telescope. “Definitely not good idea. But it's your ship “he left the deck and went into cabin. Inuyasha's ship swam near the Ocean Velvet. He and his garrison came at the ship. He stand in front of captain Black Velvet and his garrison. “So Silver Hanyou you want to fight with me? I can be merciful and let you escape if you change your mind.” His garrison started to laugh. “Do you know something about her, or I'm wrong?” he thought. “So you want to fight? I don't have a day for you.” said Velvet with ironic tone and aimed at Inuyasha sword. “You really think that you can beat me?” Inuyasha aimed the sword at him. “You are so frightened of me, that you are hiding your face behind that mask?” Velvet smirked. “my face is not your business.” One sailor from Inuyasha's garrison was very nervous and threw the dagger at Velvet, who repulsed it with sword and managed it to sailors neck. The garrison started to fight and Kagome disappeared among the fighting sailors. “Damn, what a bad luck, I really have to face Inuyasha!” she thought and started to fight.
Inuyasha was looking for Velvet, he was running among the sailors and found him like he was fighting whit two of his sailors. Velvet looked at the Inuyasha who was leading to him. He killed one of sailors, caught the rope and jumped in Inuyasha's direction. He landed again at the deck in front of Inuyasha. “I'm back, so you want to fight?” He stood in to the fighter posture aimed sword at Inuyasha. Inuyasha smirked and his sword chop the air and the blade met with resistance of Velvet's sword. They started to fight . “He is really good, damn. I have to leave.” Kagome behind the mask was worried. “Don't you are a little thin to be a pirate captain?” asked Inuyasha with arrogant voice. “Thin?” Velvet/Kagome gave another strike at him. “I'm not thin, I have a good figure, but you are kind funny captain.” Velvet jumped and caught one hanging rope and started to climb up on the mast. Inuyasha followed him and they started to fight again, standing at one of timbers. On one strike Velvet lost his balance and it was looking like he will fall down. but Inuyasha's arm caught him by waist and incline him to him. Inuyasha was feeling like he know Velvet, and has a strange feeling of the hug. Kagome behind the mask was in shock, but she found her temper and Inuyasha heard like Velvet smirked. “I'm not that kind of guy you like.” Velvet smile, took a step from him and jumped down from the timber. While Velvet was falling down he did some somersaults and then safety landed on the bridge deck. He looked up at Inuyasha and Inuyasha knew that Velvet is smiling behind the mask. “Why I still feel that strange feeling?” He shook head. “He knows something about Kagome, I'm sure that he knows.” Inuyasha jumped and safety landed at the bridge deck, started to following Velvet. “I have to lead him on his own ship, than I can escape.” Kagome thought and climbed at the railing, repulsed from it and jumped at Inuyasha's ship. She landed at the prow and Inuyasha was following him with his garrison, who were following their captain. They came back at the ship where was Velvet waiting for them. They surrounded him. “I thought t hat you can't jump down, but like I see you can. I apology.” Velvet looked at the deck, garrison than at Inuyasha. “Ok, we were playing enough, so I can leave.” Velvet ran to one sailor and before him he repulsed from t he deck and jumped, but Inuyasha was faster and blocked him, caught his arm and turned to face to face. “No, you don't! I have some questions. His hand giant up to mask and snatch off from Velvet face. With mask fell down the wig too. The black long hair covered the face of Kagome and she turned away face from him. Inuyasha caught her shoulders and turned her to him and he was looking at girl for who he was looking for. “Kagome” his voice was sharp “it's you.” He tried to hugged her but she punched him in to the stomach and ran to railings. The garrison didn't know what to do and Kagome used the chance and jumped into the water. Inuyasha ran to railings but Miroku didn't let him jumped. “You definitely find her.” Inuyasha was in shock.
The ocean Velvet started to swim away and the windows for cannons were opened and at Inuyasha's ship were shouted few shoots.
Kagome was swimming to ship. Mr. Smitt threw the rope to her and she climbed up. “We have to leave now, hurry.” She ran to rudder. “I want to see move!” She screamed with puffed voice at her garrison. Flynn started to scream the orders and Kagome left him behind the rudder, she went in to her cabin, took the towel and sat in front of mirror. Mr.Smitt stood behind her . “So he knows is,” he took the comb and started to combing her wet hair. “Jake” Kagome said with sad voice “stop with this, you are not my maid and tell me what I have to do now.” She turned to him. He removed the comb. “We will disappear in fog, you can hide in Paradise and” “And what?” she screamed “I don't want to hide behind the mask or fog every time.” she looked away. “He was sad when he saw me and in his eyes was pain.” she whispered and shocked head. “I still love him no matter what.” She looked at Jake. “Do you think that he hasn't married with Kikyo?” He heard in her voice hope. “Maybe he found out that you are not dead and he is actually searching for you.” he said and smiled but in his heart he felt pain. “I think that this is a reason why he become a pirate.” His heart was crushing. Kagome stood up and hugged him. “I hope that it's true, but I have to be sure.” She went out from the cabin followed by Smitt. The garrison saw their captain's smile again. “Everybody” she stood behind the rudder “ we are going home!” The ship disappeared in fog.