InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Black Velvet ❯ Chapter 6

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Miroku was standing behind the rudder and with worrying look was staring at Inuyasha who was standing at the prow of ship. He was leaning against the railings and looking at the waves with absence look. “Why did she run away? She was looking at me like at murderer.” He hit the railing with fist . “She didn't want to talk with me, she just wanted to escape!” he thought.
He and Black Velvet were fighting at the timber. Kagome lost her balance and Inuyasha caught her by her waist and for a while he inclined her to him.
**End Flashback**
He opened eyes and looked at the sun. “Yes, that was that feeling. It was her. Somewhere in heart I knew it that I'm with her again.” he smiled “That was our firs hug after the years.” He turned away and came back to Miroku. “We are going in to that fog. Her ship disappeared there so she wills somewhere there.” Miroku looked at Inuyasha with pessimistic look. “Do you know where we are? Behind that fog are only cliffs under the water. We can never swim that way. No one from garrison wouldn't want to swim that way. You will create the revolt!” Inuyasha just smiled, turned to garrison, who were gathered near them. “Friends! I decided for something what is very dangerous and I need your help.” The garrison looked at theirs captain with enthusiasms. Miroku looked at the sky with worries. “I want to swim through that fog,” He showed the direction on the mist. One sailor took a step forward. “Captain, you want to follow the Ocean Velvet?” Inuyasha nodded. “And swim through the mist and cliffs?” The sailor laughed. “I'm going with you, this is mad, but I'm with you captain.” The other sailors started to laughed. Inuyasha smiled at his garrison and Miroku came to him, patted him on the back. “Captain I need the orders.”
***************************************************************** **************************************************************
The Paradise were actually three tropical island where were built three villages. Every island has a dock where were Kagome's ships - Ocean Velvet, Monsoon the merchant ship, Shadow the merchant ship and another little ships who belonged to fisherman's.
The community of the villages consists of sailors, theirs families, people from gangland who came with Kagome to find a new life.
Above the village of the biggest island at the hill was an manor house where Kagome was living.
Kagome was sitting behind the 6 meters long table at the one end of it. Opposite her was sitting Jake who was looking into his plate with very doubtful look. “Are you sure that you don't want to change your French chef?” He looked at Kagome and she smiled at him. “No, I like his meals, Cheers.” she drank the vine. “you have to adapt or you can also go to eat to Mary to her inn.” Kagome stood up, went to door. “Did I tell you today,” Jake stood too, came to her and caught her hand “that you are very beautiful in this yellow robe?” Kagome smiled. “Yes, you said it almost twelve times and now be my companion at my walk in the garden before I'll go sleep. Ok?” Jake started to walk with her from the house to the garden. They were walking at path among the trees and many flowers. Jake was walking next to her and he knew that she is somewhere else in her mind. “Something is worrying you, Kagome” Jake stopped walking and tore the red rose. Kagome looked at him with sorry look. “I was thinking about Sota's last letter and about Inuyasha too.” She looked at the village. “From here is nice view.” “Please don't change conversation. I'm not stupid.” Jake turned away from her. “Why you can't forget him!” He threw the rose which was crushed on the ground and walked away. “ I really can't forget?” She whispered and looked at the sunset.
She was walking down stairs to the dance hall. From other site was silver haired hanyou looking at her with searching look for a while. She came down, stopped next to Sota. The hanyou came to them, Sota smiled at him then at Kagome. “May I introduce to you my good friend Inuyasha the Duke from Mandrake?” Inuyasha took her hand and his lips touched her hand back. “I'm happy to meet you again my beautiful girl with sharp tooth .” Kagome smiled and blushed. Sota looked at them astonished. “Do you know each other?” Inuyasha smiled “Yes, we met in very unexpected situation, but I didn't know who the beauty is.” He smiled at Kagome.
End Flashback1
Kagome shocked head . “The first time we met.” she thought. “He was very rude and I was really in bad situation, but he saved me.” she smiled.
She was walking in older site of London late in night. She was wearing old man's clothes. “Perfect, I did it.” She was again at her night roam. Opposite her appeared two guys, who started to walking to her. They stopped next to her . “Hey young friend, do you have some money?” They scared her and she almost lost control and screamed. “I,” she stopped and tried again with a teaches man's voice like Sota's. “I don't have anything and I'm in hurry.” The small guy caught her by her waist, because he was finding the money. He caught her harder. “I don't think so, Bill that this is woman.” He started to laughed. “What's the matter, lady?” She was trying to fight with him. “Are you going at meeting with your lover?” The second one smiled and helped to his friend to held her. “You can make us happy and than “ he smiled “ you can go to him.” His mouth was approaching to her and she screamed.
The carriage which was on the street, stopped and from it got out one black figure with a cape on head. He came to them caught one of the man buy his arm and threw him away. The one who was trying to kiss Kagome stood in front of her and took the dagger. “If I were you, I didn't do that.” The figure has a pistol in hand. “Ok, ok, she is yours” he said, came to his friend and together disappeared in London's mist. Kagome was still leaning against the wall. She couldn't say anything. The figure took down the cape and she saw hanyou with silver hair and dog ears on his head. He took away the pistol and smiled at her. “You don't have to fear m, I don't want to harm you.” He raiset hand to her. “It's ok” she came near to him and he saw the most beautiful girl he ever see before. In her man's clothes she was still looking aristocratic. “Where are you living “he asked “I can drive you there.” She looked at the carriage. “No thanks, I have to go now, and thank you for your help.” She tried to left him, but he caught her hand into his and drew close her to him and with another hand he stroked her cheek. “You are beautiful.” He smiled. “It's to many beauty for this site of London. If I wouldn't know every woman in aristocratic houses, I would think that you are a lady.” He inclined face to her and his voice become hoarse. “you can go with me, I'll make you happy and you will have everything what you want.” Kagome was looking at him like in trance. One piece of her brain commands to left, but one wanted to stay. She saw like his lips are coming to her, than she felt them on hers. It was her first kiss. The hanyou's kiss was tender for a while and Kagome started to shiver, than he tenderly compel her to opened mouth, his searching tongue entered in and Kagome bite him and in the right time she kicked him in crotch. Inuyasha let her and started to insult. Kagome started to run and disappeared behind first corner, where was carriage with Jake. She got in “Jake hurry, we are leaving!”
**End Flashback.**
She was still walking and didn't notice that she is almost at the terrace. “I was really scared that night and I was frightened that I'll meet him again and he will tell to everybody where he met me.” She thought and got in to the house over the terrace door. She was walking at the corridor which leads her to her room. “Why is he here? And why he is a pirate?” She opened the door and entered in. She didn't rang at the maid, she got down the robe and change into nightgown. She sat in front of mirror and from the desk took the comb. With hand she took out from hair the buckles. In the mirror she saw the bed and from unexpected reason stood up, took down the comb at the desk and just with hand combed hair.
She went across the room to the door, left the room and walked to door from Jake's room. She didn't knocked, just opened door. “He didn't think at my feelings when he was with Kikyo. I wouldn't think at his feelings.” She thought and entered in and closed door behind her.
Jake lied at the bed just in trousers. He looked at her very surprised, sat at the bed and Kagome took a few steps to him. She stopped near the bed, looked at him, her eyes were traveling at his body. She blushed when her eyes stopped at his muscular chest. Jake got up and came to her. She looked at the ground and felt his searching look. “What's happening? Why did you come here?” he whispered, his hand touched her chin and command her to looked at him. “Kagome?” “I came, because I want.” Her eyes traveled on the room. “Nice I didn't know how is this room like.” His hand was still on her chin and turned her face back to him. “It's not the reason, to get in to room to look at it in the middle of night, Kagome. And I can't forget the fact, that in this room is sleeping man, exactly me.” He hopefully smiled. “So what's the reason?” Kagome was looking at him, smiled, took a step to him, so she was very close. She raise her hand to his cheek and her face was approaching to him, she closed eyes and covered his mouth wit hers lips. Jake in shock was just standing, he felt her hand on his waist and his own hands were out of control. With one he hugged her around waist, attracted her more to him and with other he caught her tenderly by neck. Kagome delayed her lips from his and whispered.” I want to forget.” She was looking at him and Jake saw in her eyes fire. He kissed her tenderly and command her with his lips to opened hers. Kagome was lost in his passionate kiss. For a while in her mind she saw Inuyasha , but he disappeared and Jake took his place. Jake lifted her into his arms and came to bed. He didn't stopped the kiss, he put her down on the bed, looked at her and when she raised hands to him he sat on the bed and inclined to her to kiss her. Kagome's hands were traveling at his chest and she felt Jake's hand at her breast. He didn't remove the nightgown, but his touch was felt like he did it. His hand was stroking it and she felt like her nipple stood up under his fingers. He removed his lips from her lips and traveled across her throat to the nipple. He took it into mouth and started to suck and he heard Kagome's moans. His hand started to untied nightgown when the siren stopped him. “What the hell?” she whispered and sat up. Jake ran to the window. “The siren in the dock, something is happening.” He went to change room and started to dress up. “Kagome, if you don't want to go, just say it and I'll do everything there.” he felt pain in loins, and insulted in mind. She got up, “No way, I'm the captain and I have to solve this problem.” She walked to door and he heard her grumbles. “Why they always do the problems, when I don't have a time!” He was dressed and walked behind her. She stopped , turned to him and kissed him. “I liked it.” and she ran to her room. “I really liked it,” she thought , looked at the wet spot on nightgown, blushed and went to change room. She started to dress up into her pirate clothes, took the sword, looked into mirror. “I wanted him” she smiled” I still want him, but I have to solve that problem soon as it's possible.” She left the room.