InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Black Velvet ❯ Chapter 8

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Chapter 8.
“Kagome, I still love you.' He was looking deep into her eyes. “Trust me, I really do.” She was looking at him in shock for a few seconds, than she changed into ironic. “Didn't you forget about your child and lady Kikyo?” “I didn't marry her.” Kagome hushed him. “But the child has born? Right?” Inuyasha touched her cheek. “It was terrible lie. Kikyo was lying, she wanted my money and my title of Duke.” She smiled ironic. “But you slept with her,” she looked away “this is the main reason, why I can't trust you.” She tried to go away from him, but he was still holding her hand. “I don't want to talk about it.” His hand didn't drop her hand, but inclined her into his arms. “I can't let you go.” His voice was hoarse. Kagome looked at his face and saw like his eyes are becoming red. “The demon in him is waking,” she thought, “Inuyasha” she touched his cheek, “I'm right here.” His eyes become normal again and he smiled at her sadly. “I don't want to hurt you.” He stroke her cheek with claw, but didn't scrape her. “I need you”, he inclined head to her, “I want to kiss you and I'll do it.” His mouth covered her lips and Kagome inclined to him more, and her hands hugged him. Inuyasha' s lips played with her lips for a while, than his tongue slip into her mouth and started to investigate her. Kagome started to shiver, her brain commanded her to leave, but her heart was stronger. She moaned and Inuyasha stopped the kiss for a while, looked at her blushing face. “I know that you want me” he whispered with husky voice, “and you still love me.” He smiled and kissed her on forehead, than stood away from her and gave her a free space. Kagome was looking at him with searching look. “For a pirate, he wear elegant clothes.” Her eyes traveled across his body. The white shirt with low neck in V revealed his neck and for a little his muscular chest, she found out, that she want to stroke it, the black narrow trousers perfectly copied his hips, muscular thighs and legs. Her look stopped at his loins, and she blushed. She looked back at his face and found out that he was smiling at her and his eyes were obscured with passion. “You can see, that I need you,” he whispered “more than other women.” He felt in his loins pain and insulted in his mind. She leaned against the wall and looked at him very serious. “I can't trust you, if I don't know the truth.” “Damn, Kagome,” he took a step to her, ”what truth?” His face was full of anger, but he didn't start to scream. “Yes, I slept with her,” when he said it, he calmed down and touched her cheek. “But you don't know, how many times I cursed myself for it.” On Kagome's face appeared sad smile. “When did you” her voice become to whispering “have relationship with her?” He smiled. “So you think that it was in the time, when we were almost engaged?” He did a expression at the word almost. “Darling, I was with her before I met you.” She looked at him and he saw a hope in her eyes. “Of course, I wasn't with any woman since I met you. Don't you think that my celibacy can be over now?” he smiled “I think, that it will be fair.” Her hand touched his chest and with other she hugged him and her face approached to his and she gently kissed him. “Kagome” he growled into her lips and took her into his arms and walked from gallery to his room. Kagome was stroking his muscular chest and he was weeding her mouth with tongue. He entered in the room and let her stood on the carpet in front of the bed. “I need you Kagome” he whispered into her mouth and his skilful fingers started to unbuttoned the buttons. Kagome's body didn't listen to her mind and when his hands took down her robe from shoulders, in her mind she saw Kikyo. “No,” her hands on his chest repulsed him. She caught her robe and took back it at shoulders. “You really thought, that I'll be yours!”Inuyasha looked at her with anger. “For a while you wanted to be.” he said. She smiled and said with ironic voice. “Yes, for while I forgot at Kikyo, but I can't think at you like you” she looked away “ like you were touching her, like you are touching me.” He took a step to her. “No, stay where you are.” She screamed and from hidden pocket at her robe she took gun and aimed at him. “Kagome, it was before I met you.” Kagome shook head, walked to the door and pass him and he didn't stop her. In the door she looked at him. “You just replaced her for me, only because I'm similar to her and I had better social position than her.” she turned away and wanted to leave. “It wouldn't happened anything of this if I said it about her before we were almost engaged” he said with sad tone “right?” “If I know it, I would never fell in love with you.” She closed door and ran to her apartment, lied on the bed and started to cry.
***************************************************************** *************************************************************************** ******************************************************
Next morning she woke up with headache and then she looked in the mirror, she saw her pale face and red eyes like a white rabbit. “Nice, only for one stupid man I cried and drunk two bottles of rum.” She sighed and looked at the bottles which were next to bed. In her room came maid with smile on her face. “Good morning madam,” she said loudly and with happiness in her voice. Kagome turned to her.”Quietly, if you don't want to be injured.” Maid looked at her with compassion. “I'll prepare for you bath,” she came to bed took the empty bottles “than you can start to read your letters.” She said quietly and left form room. With the bottles she came to the kitchen. “Hide the rum! And you two” she looked at two girls “you will help me with the carrying water for bath.” She took the bottles on the table, looked at two maids with cold look. “Don't even think about saying news to her.” Girls giggled. The first maid looked at chef. “Miss Kagome didn't say to me today's menu, because she is ill.” He looked at two empty bottles, ”I see,” he nodded “I'll cook something what lady really likes.” He turned away and started to cooking, “Don't worry Sango, it will be delicious.” Sango left kitchen and went upstairs back to the Kagome's room. She entered in and whispered “ For a few minutes your bath will be ready.” She came to her and started to undress her nightgownand when the bath was ready she helped her to sit in . Kagome showed to two maids to left them and Sango stayed. “ You didn't have to drink so much rum.” She bobbed with head. “That headache is only your own fault.” Kagome smiled. “I know, but.” Sango pour out water at her. When Kagome started to cough, she said loudly “No but!” Kagome caught breathe. “Stop yelling at me!” She stood up from the bath and Sango gave her towel. When Kagome was dry and wore pink robe, Sango started to taking away everything, what can be broken. Kagome was looking at her with surprised look. “Why are you doing this?” Sango smiled at her. “Like I know you,” she took the porcelain statue “and I know you very well, after the news, you will be very mad and will break everything what come into your hands.” Kagome started to laugh than came to her study, sat behind her desk and was looking at Sango like hangman at the prisoner. “What news?” she said with cold tone. Sango came to her and took out the letter from pocket and gave it to her. ”This is the first bad new and,“ Kagome interrupted her “Inuyasha's handwriting.” “Yes, he and his men left Paradise at the sunrise.” “He left Paradise?” Kagome whispered. Sango nodded, breathed “The second bad new is, that Jake and ship Crimson left the dock after Inuyasha.” Kagome stood up and screamed.”Jake did what?!” she started to walk around the room. “He took Crimson? It was my new ship. It took two years to set a plan and steal that ship.” She stopped walking and looked out from the window. “I want to know, who left the island with him. Who dared to betray me?” She looked at Sango.” Say to others my words,. Everybody who will keep somebody's absence in secret and I'll find it out, will hang at the rope without merci.” Sango turned to door and ready to leave. “Sango,” she looked back at Kagome “start to preparing ship. I want to sent Jake and Crimson at the bottom of sea.” Sango nodded, opened door. “Can I go with you this time?” “You can.” She heard the sound of ripping paper, and left her room.
She ran to ground-floor, left house and ran to the dock, where were build headquarters. She entered in and went into Flynn's study, where he was writing the letter for Kagome, which had to be sent into Kagome's house. Sango stood in front of him, looked at the letter. “You don't have to write it anymore. She knows everything and I'm here to tell you her orders.” Flynn looked at her in shock. “She knows it?” ”Yes and her orders are,” she looked at him and smiled at him, when she found out that he is still in shock, “don't look at me like that and start to write.” She gave him clean paper. “Start writing. I'll cite her: Everybody who will keep somebody's absence in secret and I'll find it out, will hang at the rope without merci; and prepare Ocean Velvet, she want to see Crimson at the bottom of sea.” She smiled “Did you write it like I said?” “It's clear, and “ he looked at her “ she want to do too?” “Yes and I'm going too.” Flynn smiled. “Are you going to improve your skills at the sea?” She nodded. “Didn't she say something about my presence at the ship?” “No, but I think that you will come too, so you have to complete the work here and then you will be at Jake's place. “ She turned to door and walked from his office.
At the same time Kagome was still in her study and just looking at the letter in front of her at the table. She didn't have a courage to read it, she stood up and came to cupboard, opened it and took out the bottle of rum(yes! She is going to drink again). She took it at the table and took the letter. She started to read it. My dear Kagome, after your refusal, I decided to leave from your island and I don't want from you that one island of yours, what I asked for. I want you to know, that I'll love you forever and like you know, my life is much longer than human life. I believe that once you will again in my arms and you will love me and forgive me my sins. Kagome, don't forget that you are the one who I love. Ever.
She threw the letter away and drank rum from the bottle. For a few hours she stood up and world with her started to roll. At her door Sango knocked and got in. She looked at Kagome and smacked with hands. “Kagome” she looked at her with disgusting look, “you did it again! You are drunk again.” Kagome looked at her and started to laugh. “Sango, Sango, you are just my maid, not mother.” She aimed a finger at her.”And from now you are my first officer.” Sango came to her and helped her to stand right. “You read the letter, right?” Kagome nodded and Sango leaded her to armchair, looked at her with searching look. “Do you still love him, right?” Kagome looked at her, took the letter and gave it to her. “Read” she was looking at Sango, who was reading and saw her blushing. Sango looked back at Kagome. “He loves you, but left you. Why?” Kagome shrugged shoulders. “You really don't know?” Sango gave her pessimistic look. “Ok, It was my fault. He left because I didn't want to believe in him. That's all.” She stood up, found her balance and with bottle came to cupboard where she took the bottle in. “Did Flynn want to be a first officer? “ Sango smiled. “I thought that you want me like first officer, you said it, just before.” Kagome smiled. “Ok, lets surprise him.”