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~~Chapter 75~~
InuYasha sank down in the hot spring with a small groan and a disgusted wince. Having managed to sneak away alone, he had to admit that his own pride was really making him suffer. `And if Kagome never realizes how hard her training is on me, I'll be glad,' he thought with a grimace as a muscle in his lower back screamed at him.
In the course of three days, he'd been purified twice, sent flying by a decent blast of her miko's energy once, endured numerous `close calls' with Kagome's blunt-ended arrows that weren't sharp enough to pierce the skin but still smarted, anyway, all in an effort to train against a `moving target'. `That fucking monk . . . this is all his fault . . . .'
InuYasha's expression darkened. Miroku derived way too much enjoyment out of watching InuYasha get his ass handed to him every day. It was bad enough that InuYasha didn't dare retaliate at all out of fear of hurting Kagome, but lately Miroku had taken to watching—and laughing whenever Kagome managed a lucky shot. `That monk . . . I'll get him, I swear, even if it's the last thing I do . . . .'
And the worst of it was that Kagome's training normally left her so exhausted he'd be lucky to get a chaste kiss from her at night. InuYasha's ears drooped. He just couldn't win. He'd tried.
Then there were his other concerns, too. Kagome had figured out that the last two pages of his mother's diary were missing. Ripped out. History. Gods only knew where they were or what was written on them. It was plain to him that Norimitsu obviously didn't want InuYasha figuring out what was on those pages, but why? His only choice, if he really wanted to find out, was to hunt down Norimitsu and recover the original diary—if the pages were still in that one.
Even worse, every day meant that Norimitsu was getting stronger, too. InuYasha growled. `Damn him! He tried to kidnap Kagome . . . . He killed Shippou . . . and now that deranged bastard of a brother of mine is running around with my fang that he wanted as payment. Why the fuck did he want another one of my fangs?' A slow, smug grin surfaced as InuYasha's eyes glowed a lighter, mellower gold. `Then again, I did surpass the old man in strength, didn't I? Keh! Worthless half-breed, am I? That baka is probably trying to have an even stronger sword forged or something . . . . Totosai better not do it . . . .'
He sighed, letting his head fall back against the rocks behind him. Hidden from view, he'd been coming here a lot lately in his attempts to find some sort of relief from his stiff muscles and overall soreness induced by Kagome's training sessions.
When he first scented her, he thought his nose was failing. Kagome was being dragged away to learn about creating barriers when he'd sneaked away. He sat up straighter and sniffed again. `It is her. . . Kagome?'
“So is this where you slink off to after training?” Kagome asked as she sat down on a boulder nearby.
“Slink off? Keh! I was just relaxing . . . .”
She giggled, drawing her legs up, wrapping her arms around them. Positioned as she was, InuYasha couldn't see anything despite her short skirt. He didn't have to. His nose worked well enough, damn it . . . .
“Relaxing? Since when do you relax?”
“Keh! You saying I don't deserve it, after letting you use me as target practice?”
She made a face, her smile vanishing. “I hate doing it . . . .”
“I know. Don't worry about it. You can't hurt me, remember?”
She didn't look convinced. “At least I didn't purify you today,” she said with a wince. “I'm sorry . . . .”
“If you really were sorry, you'd get in here and show me.”
Kagome gasped as InuYasha's chin snapped up. `Damn it! Did I say that out loud?' Daring a peek at his mate, he'd say he did. Stifling a whine as her scent changed and hit him square on, InuYasha had to reign in the impulse to drag her off that rock and into the water as an embarrassed flush siphoned over his cheeks.
He half expected Kagome to get up and run away. He didn't even dare to hope for what the other half of him wanted. Kagome slowly stood and looked around, as though she was trying to make certain they were alone. He snorted. She could have asked him. He would have told her . . . . `Then again, maybe not,' he thought through his lust-clouded mind as Kagome unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the ground with a subtle shrug of her slender shoulders followed in short order by her skirt. The pink satin bra did little to cover her breasts, and he didn't even dare look down further.
Sliding off the rock, Kagome slowly walked toward him. The tiny scrap of cotton and lace that created her panties did little to hide the graceful movements of her hips as she came to him. Her body was flushed, radiating energy, radiating heat. Hair shining in the afternoon sunshine, the dappling of leaves that filtered the light played off her skin in a study of shadow and light. A wanton vision, an unattainable dream, and as she drew nearer, InuYasha couldn't remember to breathe.
“Take those off,” he rasped out quietly, eyes lit with a centrifugal fire, a melding passion. “I'll tear them off you if you don't,” he warned.
She sank down next to him, the water barely covering the gentle swell of her breasts. “You've got a bad habit of shredding my clothes.”
“You had your warning, wench,” he growled as he reached for her, dragged her into his arms, onto his lap. Her arms reached around him, circling his neck, and she instantly relaxed against him. Her skin burned him, scalded him as his lips scorched her, branded her forever. She kissed him, nibbling his bottom lip as he growled in response. The water did little to hinder her scent. Ebbing from her core, filtered to him, mingled with the baser scent of the water, culminating in a complete intoxication, InuYasha felt as though the world was spinning out of his control. Kagome was his balance, his constant, and she alone dictated the flow.
She shifted, straddling him as she rose up on her knees, tilting his head back as she kissed him. Her lips broke through his defenses, her tongue took no prisoners. His battle was lost before it ever began as her will became his, and his will reeled in the knowledge that he didn't ever want to be free of her. She broke her mouth away from his, smoothing back his bangs with gentle fingers, kissing his forehead, caressing his ears as she showered him with butterfly kisses. “I'm so sorry,” she whispered as she pressed against him. “I know you hate the training . . . .”
At the moment, he couldn't quite remember what it was he hated. He was having marked difficulty remembering much of anything, to tell the truth . . . . The touch of her mouth was a balm to his soul, a soothing show of the giving in her heart. Kagome was a rare creature, a mystery to him. She loved without reservation, and she gave without expecting anything in return.
“Kagome . . . ?” he asked when she leaned away. A slight sadness in her features, a bitter thing, cut him deep. Lashes spiked with unshed tears . . . why did she cry? Didn't she know that he couldn't stand to see her cry? Why did she look like that? “What's wrong?”
She shook her head slowly, forcing a smile that he could tell was for his benefit. “I love being with you. You're like a dream come true to me, the answer to the wish I made on that wishing stone . . . I just can't help but think that it won't last, not for you . . . I'll die, and—”
“Stop it.”
“Damn it, Kagome! Why do you have to make this so hard?” Anger rose inside him, festering through him, ugly, daunting, and yet . . . and yet he couldn't deny what she said, either. With a frustrated sigh, InuYasha slumped back against the rocks, closing his eyes against her words, wishing that she didn't make sense. “Would you believe me if I said that it's enough for me?” he asked quietly.
“How can it be?”
He reached for her hand. She took it, almost as though she was frightened to do it. “How can it not be?”
She let her cheek rest against his heart, let him hold her as she silently cried. With every tear that fell from her eyes another part of his soul fell away. `It's got to be enough. I knew . . . I knew you were mortal . . . and I . . . I can't live without you . . . .'
“I feel so selfish,” she admitted at last. “I feel like I'm being selfish . . . and I can't help but be angry because it isn't fair . . . . The one thing you deserve is to be happy, and I feel like I'm taking that away from you.”
As though someone had wrapped their hand around his heart and was squeezing the very life out of him, InuYasha's chest constricted, knotted. “Keh! What do you know?” Setting her aside, he shot to his feet and stomped away. The overall effect was diminished since he was waist deep in water. The anger was still evident, though. “Don't be so stupid, all right?” he growled, unable to look at her when all he wanted to do was shake some sense into her, if he had to.
He heard her stand up, heard her moving around though she didn't come closer. “I'm not being stupid . . . . You're the one who's always saying that I'm just a pathetic human, and it's true . . . . Don't you see? InuYasha, I—”
“No, I don't fucking see! I don't see a damn thing! All I see is that you're so set on believing that you're selfish and you don't see what I'm trying to tell you!” he bellowed as his temper exploded.
“What are you trying to tell me?” she finally asked.
“That it don't matter if we're together for one lifetime or for forever! You're the only one I've ever wanted to be with, and it's enough for me!”
Her arms suddenly encircled him, her small body pressed tightly against his back. That one action melted his anger, thwarted his rising irritation. As though her spirit had the ability to temper him, he stared at her small hands, clasped together around his waist as her tears dripped down his back like dispersing droplets of dew.
He turned and gently lifted her chin, wiping her tears away as he stared into her eyes. Shining like glass, like the dust from the Shikon no Tama, she tried not to cry. Nostrils trembling, lips quivering, Kagome dragged in a ragged breath as her hands reached up to hold onto his wrists. Nose and eyes dusted with a rosy flush from her tears, cheeks pale in the warm glow reflected off the water, lips blood red from their kisses, he stared at her, transfixed by the girl—the woman—the miko—his mate. “Don't worry about that, Kagome. We can't change anything now, and I wouldn't, anyway.”
She looked like she wanted to argue with him. In the end she nodded. “I'm sorry,” she muttered, gaze skittering to the side. “I'm just tired, I guess, and—”
“Keh. Stop worrying about things we can't control, okay?”
She nodded and managed a small smile. Tipping her chin up, he dropped his mouth over hers. `She tastes like honey,' he thought in a dazed sort of way, tongue exploring, tracing, circling. Something about her never failed to strip away his sense of reason, his logic. As though she defied the very elements, something about Kagome would always remain fresh and pure, as calming to him as the wind after a rainstorm, as wild as the flowing rivers. Swelling against him, invading every recess of his soul, and Kagome had somehow made his heart her home. She sighed as he stroked her, her passion rising as he cut away her bra with a flick of his claw. She accepted what he offered and matched it with a vehemence, a subtle deliberation, a dynamic requisite, a reckless desire.
A complete mystery wrapped in the beautiful silk of skin, she couldn't hide from him, couldn't lie to his body. The fragrance of her enveloped him, wrapped around him, cosseted him, and goaded him on. Holding her close wasn't nearly enough. The feel of her in his arms, against his body was almost enough to bring him to his knees. She wielded a strange power over him, and he reveled in it as her hands brushed over him, touched him, stroked his skin as he devoured her in the crush of his lips on hers.
A barrage of intuition, moving on instinct alone, hands seeking flesh, as the press of craving surged into the desire of both, a culmination of love and passion, of need built on the fires of gentle yearning, spiraling upward, sending sparks into the sky as a gentleness gave way to a more primitive aspiration.
Kagome was powerless to stop his assault on her senses. Every nerve in her body screamed for his touch. Feathery light brushes of claws over skin made her shiver, made her shudder, made her drop her head back as his mouth burned against her. Where their bodies touched felt like a raging fire yet that tightness in her belly was back, demanding release even as he teased her slowly. Calculated strokes as his roughened palms ran over her back, holding her close as her hair dragged in the ebbing water, Kagome gasped, cried out, felt the pressure of him against her, the demanding part of him that scalded her flesh.
Still he took his time, nipping her neck, raking his fangs over her skin, his heart beat so hard, so fast, she could feel it against her breasts. He made her forget time, space, everything but his mouth, his fangs, his tongue, his hands, his body. As the world fell away, as the only thing that mattered was that he was here, that he was with her, that he didn't dare stop or she would surely die.
Incoherent pleas, entreaties that were only half-spoken, broken gasps, stifled moans escaped her. InuYasha was relentless, his efforts amassing in a sweet lethargy, a sweltering ache as her body melted. He held her up when her own strength failed her, mouth dropping over her breast as she felt her body come undone. A burst of fever, a throbbing ache, bordering on painful as desire became a conspicuous thing. Rippling through the air, drawing the two closer and closer, Kagome could hear the whispers in the air, the silent consent as heaven and earth collided, and his physical form was InuYasha.
Strained gentleness in subdued touches, trembling fingers trailing up her sides, InuYasha's breathing was labored, rasping. She could feel the tightening strain in his muscles. They undulated under her fingertips, pitched beneath her hands. He groaned softly as she ran her fingers along the ridges of his back, delighting in the tremors erupting under her perusal, the silken feel of his skin stretched so taut over the sinewy matrix of his strength. He was a complete contradiction to her. Gentleness wrapped in a gruff demeanor, a tenderness masked behind complete nonchalance. Protective and sheltering yet needing to be cosseted, cherished, she did the only thing she knew to do for him. She offered him everything—all of herself, her world—veiled in a wave of heat, in the rush of longing, in the wash of love, in the touch of her hands, of her body, of her soul.
Body straining against body, a silent entreaty as heat unfurled. Kagome whimpered softly, drawing InuYasha's mouth back to hers. “InuYasha . . .” she whispered against his lips, “please . . . .”
A slight tug, sound muffled by the water, she felt her panties fall away, victim to his claws. The sudden heat that exploded in her, coupled with the subdued caress of his hand wrung a cry from somewhere deep inside, a harsh sound tempered only by the softest gasp that followed.
Leaning over, sweeping her into his arms, he carried her to the shore only to lay her down on his clothes. She opened her eyes as he kissed her, marveling at the tender expression on his face, the stark contrast of his black lashes against his cheeks. Her eyes closed again as bolts shot out from every point in her body, accumulating in a rampant ache, a central burn. Claws skittering over her skin, down her ribcage, over her stomach added to the swelling tide of wanting. The rise of her hips drew him next, his touch ardent yet cautious, his hands shaking, as though he were afraid that she would shatter under his perusal. His care brought tears to her eyes, and in that moment she knew that time wasn't what mattered to him. `I'll love you forever, InuYasha . . . .'
As if he heard the call of her heart, he groaned softly as Kagome arched up against him with a gasp. Lips against hers, he pressed into her. “Ka . . . gome . . . .”
She looked up at him through half-closed eyes, smiling faintly at the emotion in his gaze. Under the haze of passion that darkened his eyes to the golden brown of early sunset, the love that he showed her was unmasked, unhidden. As clear to her as if he had said the words out loud, he gave her his heart as he gave her his body, and lifting her hips against him, she gave herself to him, too.
But the ache deep within her took over her movements. It registered in her bemused mind that he was trying to be gentle with her. The need that drove her precluded that. His lips claimed hers once more as she arched her back, seeking to tell him what she wanted, and he understood. The stroke of his body against hers goaded her, pushed at her, taunted her with whispered promises, of absolute completion, of the feeling that she was as close to his heart as she could possibly be.
Clinging to him, holding him close, nails digging into his back as he urged her forward, she tore her mouth away as she cried out, the first ebullient waves shocking her as they rocketed through her body. Convulsing, trembling, unable to control the deluge of convergent sensations, Kagome couldn't hold on any longer, couldn't touch the swell of ground as her body floated high above only to shatter into the sparkling cloud of dust as InuYasha collapsed against her. Cushioned in the steady ebb, the pounding of his heart and hers combined in one fluid beat and ensconced in a place where no one else existed, where no one would dare intrude . . . .
InuYasha rolled onto his back, dragging Kagome along with him. She rested her cheek on his chest, listening to the strong heartbeat that matched her own. “What are you thinking about?” Kagome whispered, unwilling to raise her voice and break the magic of the moment.
He gave her a gentle squeeze. “Sneaky wenches who sneak up on me when I'm trying to take a bath.”
She leaned up on her elbows to narrow her eyes at him. “Wench-ez? As in more than one?”
“Keh! You think you're the first?” he teased. “Ow! Sneaky wench needs her nails cut.”
Feeling completely sanctified in her pinching, Kagome snuggled against his chest again. He grabbed her hand and proceeded to stick her index finger into his mouth. “What are you doing?”
“Cutting your nails,” he explained without letting go of her hand.
She jerked her hand back. “Not with your teeth, you're not!” she complained, “and—ah!” InuYasha sat up suddenly, pushing her off and jerking his clothes out from under her. “InuYasha! Why did—?”
Without pausing as he dragged on his pants, InuYasha spared her a worried glance. “Shippou's in trouble.”
Kagome frowned but reached for her clothes, too, as an odd feeling that InuYasha was right coursed through her. “InuYasha! Wait for me!” she called after him as he snatched up his clothes and Tetsusaiga and set out at a sprint.
He stopped with a snort of disgust as he slipped the sword through his waistband. “Come on, wench! We ain't got all day!”
Kagome made short work of pulling on her skirt and blouse—lucky for her, it was the pullover variety—before she grabbed her shoes and socks and sprinted over to him. It occurred to her that she was at a distinct disadvantage, since InuYasha had shredded her bra as well as her panties, but Shippou needed them. She could fix that oversight later . . . .
He reached over his shoulder to drag her onto his back and took off. She winced as she stared at the tiny red half-moons dug into his back. “InuYasha? Did I . . . I didn't . . . did I hurt you?”
“When?” he asked, his tone distracted as he pushed off the ground to sail above the trees.
She flushed, not that he could see it. “When we . . . you know . . . .” Tracing one of the marks, she frowned.
“Keh! Those? They don't even hurt.”
“You wouldn't tell me if they did hurt, would you?”
He glanced over his shoulder with a suspicious frown. “Tell me you're wearing something under that skirt, wench,” he remarked slowly.
She snorted—a sound she rarely made. “I'll tell you I am, but I'd be lying. You ripped my panties, remember?”
He turned away before she could see his grin but she heard it in his voice, anyway. “Why aren't you carrying that huge bag of yours?”
“I don't carry it everywhere,” she mumbled, her cheeks reddening. “Besides that, it's your own fault, you can't blame me!”
“I can,” he argued as he veered to the left—toward the stream near the village. “I told you to take off your clothes or I'd tear them off you.”
Kagome made a face. “How can you even say that with a straight face?”
Shippou's voice interrupted the `disagreement'. The kit was near, and InuYasha sped up even faster at the harsh, “Help!”
Bursting through the tree line at the edge of the stream, InuYasha let Kagome off his back as he scanned the area for the endangered kitsune. “What the hell?” InuYasha growled in semi-confusion as bounded off to `save' Shippou. Dangling over the current as he hung precariously from a fallen log suspended about three feet over the water, there wasn't any real danger other than the possibility of a drenched kitsune.
InuYasha scooped up the kit and deposited him on the shore, glowering down at the child as though he were trying to decide if a good tweaking was in order for the scare.
Shippou tried to dart back to the fallen log. InuYasha caught him. “What the fuck do you think you're doing, runt?”
“I dropped him!” Shippou squealed, struggling against InuYasha's hold. “I was trying to wash him off, and I dropped him! I can't find him!” Drawing a heavy breath and trying not to cry, Shippou attempted to escape again. InuYasha's head turned back toward the water.
“Dropped who? Who's `he'?”
“My dog!” Shippou hollered.
“Your what?”
“My dog! The one you gave me!” Shaking his head sadly, Shippou suddenly stopped struggling and sat down hard. “I was trying to wash my blood off him so he smelled like you again, and I dropped him, and now he's gone . . . .”
“Of all the fucking—”
“InuYasha! Save his dog!” Kagome demanded as she picked Shippou up and cuddled him to her chest.
InuYasha rolled his eyes and looked like he wanted to argue it. In the end, he turned on his heel and, dropping his shirts on the dry ground, he stomped off toward the stream. The kitsune blinked in surprise and watched in obvious awe as the hanyou—hakama and all—stalked into the river and headed downstream, lifting his head and turning from side to side as he tried to track the beloved `dog', and he disappeared around the curve in the river.
Shippou swiveled his head to pin Kagome with a questioning stare. “Kagome? You smell sort of weird.”
“Weird?” she echoed as a flush rose in her cheeks. She had a decent idea why the kit would think as much. Still . . . .
“Yeah . . . you smell . . . I don't know . . . your scent is stronger? But you smell a lot more like InuYasha . . . .” Suddenly, his eyes brightened, as though he understood something. “Oh! Were you and InuYasha playing when you heard me?”
“Uhh . . . .”
Kagome turned in time to see Miroku come charging down the forest path, sickle in hand and fierce look on his face. She'd never been more thankful to see Miroku as she was at that particular moment.
“Kagome,” Miroku remarked, skidding to a stop as he caught sight of the kitsune in her arms. “I thought you and InuYasha were at the hot spring.”
“We were—”
“Can I come with you the next time you guys go play in the hot spring?” Shippou asked, bouncing around in Kagome's arms. “Hey . . . if you guys were playing in the hot spring, why is his scent so strong on you?”
Miroku's eyes lit with obvious amusement. “Why, Kagome . . . I don't believe I've ever seen you looking quite so disheveled . . . .”
Kagome let go as Shippou hopped down to run toward the edge of the stream as InuYasha came back into view with a sopping wet stuffed animal in his hand. Trying in vain to drag her fingers through her very tangled hair, Kagome tried to save back the blush that rose with a fury.
“Baka!” Shippou hollered happily as InuYasha tossed the rescued `dog' at him. He'd named the animal `Baka', and though no one asked him why, Kagome had a fair guess as to the reason.
“Don't scare me like that again, Shippou, or I'll—” InuYasha began.
“Interesting . . .” Miroku interrupted.
“What?” InuYasha asked, narrowing his eyes at the monk.
“Oh, nothing,” Miroku remarked innocently.
“InuYasha, the next time you and Kagome go play in the hot spring, can I come?” Shippou asked, tugging on InuYasha's pants-leg.
Playing?” InuYasha repeated, his amused gaze shifting to meet Kagome's as her face warmed even more. She knelt down and retrieved InuYasha's discarded clothing. “We'll see, runt.”
Kirara's roar announced Sango's arrival. Letting the exterminator off her back, the fire cat transformed back into her tiny form. Sango, realizing that there wasn't any real danger, dropped Hiraikotsu off her back to thump against the ground. She stared curiously from Kagome to InuYasha and back again. “Everything all right? I heard Shippou scream . . . .”
“InuYasha saved Baka,” Shippou remarked proudly, holding up the sopping stuffed dog for Sango's approval.
“That was very nice of him,” Sango said with a grin. Miroku coughed.
InuYasha, embarrassed by the praise, started to stalk toward the forest path that led back to the village. Miroku's coughing escalated into an all-out choke. The hanyou stopped and whirled around to glare at the monk. “What the hell is wrong with you?”
Miroku gave up his attempt to hide his amusement and laughed outright. “Not a thing, InuYasha, but perhaps you ought to have Kagome tend those scratches on your back . . . how did you get those?”
Sango stepped closer, slowly moving around to look at InuYasha's back. “Those look deliberate, InuYasha . . . what happened?”
Kagome's face was scalding hot as she held out InuYasha's clothes. He snatched them out of her hand and shrugged into the undershirt as Miroku grinned like an idiot and Sango continued to look confused.
“Kagome, if you scratched InuYasha while you were playing, he didn't hurt you, did he?” Shippou asked, concern evident in his voice.
“No, Shippou,” she managed to croak out as InuYasha issued a warning growl. `Oh, for heaven's sake . . . had anyone ever died out of sheer embarrassment?' Forcing a smile to hide her discomfort, she held her hand out to Shippou. “Why don't you give me your dog? I'll make sure he gets dried out, okay?”
Shippou handed over the bedraggled stuffed animal and bounded over to Kirara. “Race you back to the village!” Kirara mewled at him as the two took off down the path.
Miroku sighed and reached for Sango's hand. “Come, Sango. I think everything's in order here. See you two back at the village . . . assuming you're done playing.”
InuYasha paused as he tucked in his haori to glare at the monk.
“Well . . . it wasn't so bad,” Kagome remarked as she slowly stepped toward InuYasha. He took the stuffed animal and shook it. Kagome squealed as she was barraged with drops of water then watched in amusement as InuYasha stuck the damp toy into his shirt. “What are you doing?”
InuYasha shrugged, as though the answer to her question should have been obvious. “The runt said he wanted his toy to smell like me,” he replied. He took her hand but stopped to stare at her. “You'd better do something about that as soon as we get back to the village.”
“ `That', what?”
He blushed. “That, that!” he said with a snort, waving toward her skirt.
Kagome winced. She hadn't forgotten her lack of coverage . . . she just hadn't realized that InuYasha hadn't forgotten, either.
“InuYasha, why do you think we could tell Shippou was in trouble? We were too far away for you to smell or hear him, and I certainly can't do either . . . .”
InuYasha shrugged. “Keh! How should I know? Next time, though, the runt better really be in danger . . . .”
Kagome finally grinned as memories of their `playtime' came back to her. A wave of desire hit her hard again, and InuYasha stopped abruptly and growled. She gasped as he scooped her up and darted off in the opposite direction of the village. “InuYasha?”
“If you're going to run around smelling like that, then I'll have to do something about it, won't I?” he argued.
She blushed but smiled.
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