InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Entangling ( Chapter 10 )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

“Are you still afraid…?” Someone called from behind her and she swung around to see who spoke.
“What?” She asked the tall, silver-haired man lounging casually by the room's entrance, a small smile playing on his face.
“Are you still afraid to fall in love?” Came the reply.
“Sesshoumaru!” Inuyasha hissed.
“Hello, Inuyasha. It's not happiness to see me, is it?” Sesshoumaru drawled as he let his gaze linger on the young Miko.
“Sesshoumaru, when did you arrive?” Mrs. Hirohito gasped.
“Minutes ago, I was waiting for the young lady to finish singing.” Sesshoumaru said as he kissed his stepmother and shook his father's hand. He slowly advanced towards Kagome and Inuyasha barred his brother's path.
“What do you want?”Inuyasha asked with hostility.
“I'm here to introduce myself to the pretty lady.” Sesshoumary remarked, unfazed. Kagome stood behind Inuyahsa, she could feel angry waves rolling off her friend. She sighed as she put her arms round him.
“Baby, it's okay.” She whispered from behind and Inuyasha visibly relaxed. Sesshoumaru raised his brow.
“You're together?”
“Yes and it's none of your business!” Inuyasha snapped.
“Sesshoumaru.” Seshoumaru extended his hand towards Kagome. “Inuyasha's half-brother.”
“Kagome Higurashi.”
“My girlfriend.” Inuyasha finished and Kagome almost added pseudo-girlfriend but kept quiet.
“Oh,” Was all Sesshoumaru said as she gripped his hand and Inuyasha could not help but smirk.
“Oh, it's getting late. I think I should be going.” Kagome said as she felt Inuyasha put his arms around her. She turned and kissed him softly on the cheeks. She knew he needed it, in the same way that she knew his love for Kikyo was futile.
Kagome lay on her bed that night, turning the events around in her head. She finally sighed and turned her bedside lamp off. She has drifted asleep when she was awoken by a soft tapping on her window. She covered her ears with her pillows to lessen the annoying sound, unsure if her window was being attacked by a bat or something as equally irritating.
“Alright, you…” Kagome bolted upright after three minutes when the sound did not stop intending to drive the `bat' away but…
“Inuyasha?” Kagome asked incredulously as she came face to face with her silver-haired friend.
“What the hell are you doing here?” She hissed seeing her hanyou friend in his red pajamas.
“Open the window.” Inuyasha mouthed and Kagome pulled at the latch.
“Why are you here?” Kagome whispered, afraid that they would wake her family.
“I can't sleep.” Inuyasha simply said as he sat shyly on the edge of Kagome's bed.
“And…?” Kagome asked as she eyed the red bag Inuyasha was carrying. She glanced at the pink Daisy Duck alarm clock on her bedside table and frowned when it read 12:43 A.M.
“Can I sleep here?”
“What?!” Kagome nearly yelled.
“I can't sleep…”
“Yes, you should have just read a book or counted sheep in your head instead of traveling here.” Kagome replied, puzzled at her friend's actions.
“Okay, I'm going back.” Inuyasha said standing up
“How did you get here?” Kagome asked following Inuyasha to the window.
“I `borrowed' one of Dad's cars.”
“Do you mean you drove here by yourself? You don't even have a license!” Kagome muttered, incensed at her friend's impulsiveness.
“Keh! As if I'd get caught.”
“Fine, come to bed.” Kagome said as she closed her window.
“I could just sleep on the floor.” Inuyasha said, suddenly feeling embarrassed.
“I promise I won't ravish you if that's what you're scared off.” Kagome said as she scooted closer to the wall to give Inuyasha space.
“Let's sleep already Inuyasha, we have classes tomorrow.” Kagome said before she closed her eyes and promptly fell asleep again. Inuyasha did not move for a few seconds, he just watched Kagome sleep. Sighing, he slowly slid next to her. He lay stiff for a minute before giving in to his impulses and pulled Kagome close to his chest.
“Hmmm…” Kagome stirred and snuggled closer to him draping her leg over his hips.
“What did you do to me, Kagome? Inuyasha asked as he kissed Kagome's head. In response, Kagome snaked her arm around his neck and pulled him closer…
Mrs. Higurashi looked at Inuyasha and Kagome bickering again. She was surprised when she opened Kagome's bedroom and found them huddled together.
“Come on you two, hurry up or else you'll be both late.” Mrs. Higurashi warned and Inuyasha and Kagome stopped arguing.
“Will you be living with us inu-neechan?” Souta innocently asked making Inuyasha choke on his milk.
“No,” Inuyasha said as he coughed violently. Kagome patted Inuyasha's back automatically as she continued to eat her toast.
“Are you and Kagome nee-chan getting married soon?” Souta asked again, this time, it was Kagome's turn to choke on her milk.
“Souta!” Mrs. Higurashi scolded.
“I mean they're sleeping together, shouldn't they be getting married or else they would be living in sin?” Souta frowned, remembering what their religion teacher told his class.
“We are not sleeping together!” Kagome bit out looking murderous.
“Sleeping together in one bed is different from grown-up sleeping together.” Mrs. Higurashi came to the rescue.
“Oh,” Souta looked at his mother and frowned again.
“Tsk, kids today…” Kagome's grandfather shook his head as he looked at the pair.
“Gods, it's not what you think!” Kagome said, exasperated.
“We know dear, don't mind Souta and your grandfather, they're not their normal selves this morning and Inuyasha you're welcome to sleep over anytime.” Mrs. Higurashi said, smiling.
“Thank you.” Inuyasha said as he tried to swallow the toast and the lump in his throat.
“So you slept at Kagome's again, Inuyasha?” Sango asked, a little amused.
“Yes,” Inuyasha replied feeling his cheeks redden.
“Don't tease my boyfriend, Sango.” Kagome yawned and laid her head on Inuyasha's shoulder.
“Boyfriend? Does that mean this pseudo-relationship is not pseudo anymore?” Sango jokingly asked ignoring Kokahu and Souta who were sniggering.
“Enough, let her sleep.” Inuyasha said.
“Oh, you got her tired?” Sango teased.
“Sango, if you're not going to keep quiet I will tell your mother about that hickey you passed off as an allergy.” Kagome threatened, her eyes still closed.
“What?! It was…. just…. allergy….” Sango stammered.
“Yeah right and Inuyasha does not have cute puppy ears.” Kagome replied smiling a little.
“Cute, puppy ears?” Inuyasha asked.
“Yes baby, quit complaining.” Kagome said yawning again.
“Why are you so tired?” Inuyasha asked.
“You disrupted my beauty sleep.” Kagome answered.
“I'm scared to look….” Kagome said nearly whimpering.
“Baby, you have to look at your score to know if you passed or not.” Inuyasha tried again.
“I can't...what if I failed?” Kagome said clutching the test paper closer to her chest.
“Kagome, you're being irrational. I assured you you'll pass, right? Don't you trust me?” Inuyasha tried another tactic.
“Hmm, nice try Hirohito.” Kagome said and smiled warmly at Inuyasha.
“You know me too well…” Inuyasha pouted as he watched Kagome slowly peek at her test paper.
“How is it?” Sango, Miroku ad Inuyasha waited with bated breath.
“Kagome…” Inuyasha clutched Kagome's hand as he saw her blanch.
“Say something Kagome-chan!” Sango complained, watching her friend turn deathly pale is not very encouraging. They were excited when their test papers came back graded and she was relieved that both she and Miroku passed…barely.
“Hey…” Inuyasha said rubbing her shoulders idly.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Kagome's pierce scream nearly shattered Inuyasha's eardrums and he winced painfully.
“I got 92!” Kagome shrieked again jumping up and down ignoring her flustered friends.
“I got 92!” Kagome sang twirling around.
“92? You're second to Inuyasha? Miroku asked in disbelief. Inuyasha got 98, the highest in the entire year level. It was announced that the second highest was 92.
“Oh Gods!! I passed!! Kagome shrieked again and remembering her friends she turned to them with a smile to rival the sun's.
“Congratulations,” Inuyasha said smiling warmly at Kagome.
“Inuyasha!” Kagome cried and launched herself at the unsuspecting hanyou.
“Hey, what's with the tears?” Inuyasha asked, concerned with Kagome's change of mood.
“They're happy tears, baka! Kagome replied as she continued to sob.
“I would rather that you laugh than cry, baby.” Inuyasha said hugging the girl closer to him.
“Awww….” Sango teased as she dabbed at invisible tears.
“They're so in love.” Miroku joined Sango's teasing.
“Shut up!” Inuyasha and Kagome chorused.
Kikyo looked Inuyasha and Kagome sitting together and she fumed. Inuyasha is supposed to be hers alone.
“What's bothering you?” Bankoutsu asked his girlfriend.
“That girl, she's getting on my nerves.” Kikyo pouted beautifully and Bankoutsu followed her gaze.
“The young Miko? I heard she's exceptionally powerful not to mention beautiful.” Bankoutsu looked at the young girl appreciatively.
“Are you blind? What made you say she's beautiful?!” Kikyo nearly screamed.
“I'm not blind, Kikyo just honest.” Bankoutsu replied as he tried to dodge Kikyo's `claws.'
“You idiot! How dare you!” Kikyo hissed.
“Are you insecure of the girl?” Bankoutsu asked eyeing Kikyo suspiciously.
“Of course not! What made you think of something so stupid?!” Kikyo ground out her fists clenching and unclenching as she tried to control her temper.
“Because for a minute there I thought you were jealous.”
“I'm not!”
“If that's what you say…”
“I'm more powerful, I'll prove it to you!” Kikyo stomped her foot and headed towards Kagome and Inuyasha's table.
“Inuyasha…” Kikyo seductively called and smiled when she saw Inuyasha look up.
“Kikyo,” Inuyasha smiled warmly.
“Are you ignoring me?” Kikyo asked coyly.
“What? No.” Inuyasha replied, a bit flustered by the question.
“I thought you were. You never ate lunch with me anymore and you stopped watching our cheerleading practice.” Kikyo flicked her hair and pouted at the hanyou. Kagome watched as Inuyasha blushed at Kikyo's attention.
Wow, topped our chemistry achievement test and flunked love. This guy has loser written all over him. Romantically, that is. Kagome thought as she stared at her tray. Sango and Miroku watched Inuyasha and Kagome closely, they were so engrossed at watching the two that they failed to notice that Sango's baked macaroni was dribbling down her front and that Miroku was chewing on a meat bun - wrapper included.
Inuyasha seemed to be in another dimension as Kikyo turned her full charm on him. He stared at her dark, brown eyes and got lost. Kagome, getting bored staring at her tray, looked up and laughed. She grabbed her cell phone and took photos of Miroku and Sango who were in rapt attention.
“Gods, this is funny.” Kagome laughed hard holding her stomach. Her laughter seemed to wake Inuyasha from the spell as he turned at the sound of her voice.
“Baby, are you okay?” He asked and laughed with Kagome with she showed him the pictures she took with her cell phone.
“Priceless!” Kagome said as she continued to laugh at Sango and Miroku who were respectively wiping the macaroni salad of her blouse and spitting out the meat bun.
“Bitch! You totally ruined the moment!” Kikyo yelled and everyone demon, hanyou and human alike, stopped what they were doing to listen.
“Huh?” Kagome asked the livid cheerleader.
“You did that on purpose! You laughed on purpose to get Inuyasha's attention!” Kikyo stomped her foot as she pointed a finger at Kagome.
“If I were you I will take that finger off my face if you don't want it bitten off.” Kagome calmly replied.
“You're nothing Higurashi, don't act like you're Midoriko herself!” Kikyo spat and backed out as Kagome stood up.
“Kikyo, that's enough.” Inuyasha stood up too, effectively shielding Kagome who was standing behind him.
“What?! You're taking her side now?” Kikyo snapped, glaring at Inuyasha.
“I'm not. It just so happens she's standing behind me…” Inuyasha stammered and swallowed when he felt Kagome's aura dangerously flare.
“Is that so, baby?” Kagome cooed and Inuyasha swallowed convulsively.
“Then I suggest, you step aside baby if you don't want to get blown and believe me my blowing is way different and intense than hers.” Kagome uttered with saccharine sweetness as she pushed Inuyasha aside.
“The bitch got spunk, huh?” Kikyo leered.
“This Miko is nobody's bitch. I suggest you make yourself scarce if you don't want me to collect unaccounted debts in form of your bullying my brother. Believe me when I say that dead will the only way to describe you after I'm through.” Kagome calmly announced, her head hot, her hand twitching as the white energy ball started to swirl on her palm. Kikyo stared at Kagome's hand and swallowed.
“You…you…you won't use'll be expelled!” Kikyo stammered.
“And I care? I'm just a freshman and already you're pissing in your skimpy cheerleader uniform facing me.” Kagome sneered.
“Oh, I see. You're not so bright are you…bitch is not the only adjective to use if one wants to show disdain.” Kagome smiled menacingly.
“This is not the end, Higurashi!” Kikyo screamed as she backed away.
“Bring it on.” Kagome replied as she clenched her fist and the white energy ball died.
“Kagome…” Inuyasha called and froze when the Miko stared at him with hurt in her eyes.
“I just happen to be standing behind you, huh?” Kagome remarked and smirked when Inuyasha flinched. She gathered her bag unceremoniously and left.
“Baka!!” Sango yelled in Inuyasha's ears as she got up to follow her friend.
“You're one in a million, Inuyasha.” Miroku shook his head as he too followed Kagome out.