InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Meet the Parents ( Chapter 9 )

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Kagome was hyperventilating as she waited for Inuyasha to fetch her. She nearly blasted him to another planet when he mentioned casually after they hugged that his parents want to meet her. Today. As in two hours from then.
“That baka, I had to run home to change and look presentable!” Kagome hissed as she looked at the mirror again.
“Quit fidgeting, nee-chan, you look pretty in your dress.” Souta said as he threw a glance at his sister.
“I'm pretty even when I'm not wearing this dress, Souta.” Kagome replied and patted her brother's head.
“If you say so…” Souta replied and went back to watching television.
“What do you mean by that, Souta?!” Kagome glared at her younger brother.
“Kagome, put these on.” Mrs. Higurashi came down the stairs and the sibling's bickering stopped. Kagome stood still as her mother adjusted the diamond and pearl necklace around her neck.
“Mama, these are grandmother's jewelries.” Kagome gasped as Mr. Higurashi put the diamond and pearl earring set that goes with the necklace.
“Yes, they are and it's high time that I pass them to you.”
“Mama, we'll only be eating dinner, it's not as if I'm going to apply for a job or something.” Kagome protested.
“But they look good with the dress.” Mrs. Higurashi gushed and Kagome smiled admiring how the necklace complimented the flimsy, off the shoulder, pink blouse she was wearing. She paired the blouse with a cream, soft and flowing square pants, pink stilettos and pink, beaded purse. She wore her hair in a ponytail leaving out tendrils to soften the effect.
“Hmm, I look good.” Kagome looked at her mother and they both laughed.
“Yes, daughter, you look good.” Mrs. Higurashi hugged and kissed her daughter just as the door bell rang.
“That might be him,” Mrs. Higurashi pulled away from her daughter to open the door.
“Hello, Inuyasha.” Mrs. Higurashi greeted.
“Good evening, Ma'am.” Inuyasha bowed respectfully at Kagome's mother.
“We're going, Mama.” Kagome stepped from behind her mother and gave her a quick peck on the cheeks.
“Yes Inuyasha?”
“You're beautiful…” Inuyasha finished.
“Duh, you just noticed?” Kagome flippantly replied as she pulled him towards the shrine steps.
“I mean it.” Inuyasha said as he opened the car door for her. Kagome smiled politely at Toutousai as she seated herself.
“I know.” Kagome replied and rolled her eyes at Inuyasha.
“I mean…”
“Inuyasha! I know you absolutely love me, now be a good boy and wipe that drool off your face.” Kagome joked.
“You look good too and I absolutely love you. There, does that make us even?” Kagome said.
“It does.” Inuyasha laughed and Toutousai watched his passengers through the rearview mirror and smiled knowingly.
Kagome looked at the Hirohito manor with awe. “Your house is huge.” She said quietly and Inuyasha smiled.
“You like it?”
“It's beautiful…”
“You're beautiful.”
“Sigh, I know, aren't you lucky?” Kagome teased and she stuck her tongue out at Inuyasha.
“You're luckier.”
“Oh, really and why is that?”
“Because you have a very good-looking boyfriend who's smart and utterly charming,” Inuyasha said.
“Don't forget arrogant and conceited…” Kagome countered.
“Who loves you…”
“Oh, come on!” Kagome interrupted.
“Who loves a bitchy, unfeeling, freakyzoid therefore totally missing the wonderful, intelligent, beautiful and lovable woman before him,” Kagome finished taking a bow.
“I'll always come back to you, honey.” Inuyasha grinned.
“Baby, believe me, I'm not a girl who waits around forever.” Kagome teased as they walked up the front door.
“I'll come for you.”
“I hope you won't take long or else I wouldn't be there waiting.” Kagome turned and looked at Inuyasha with a smile on her face.
“You must be Kagome? My, what a beautiful child!” Mrs. Hirohito beamed as she enfolded Kagome in a hug.
“Thank you, Ma'am. It's a pleasure to finally meet you.” Kagome replied as she hugged the older woman back.
“Oh, my son has such good taste.” Mrs. Hirohito gushed and Kagome felt guilty being the subject of such open admiration when in fact she and Inuyasha are not really `seriously' in a relationship.
“Kagome, isn't it?” Kagome turned and saw a man, taller than Inuyasha, who has the same silver hair and golden eyes as his.
“Yes, sir. Good evening.” Kagome bowed respectfully at the charming, old man.
“Sir? What's this, call me Dad.” Inutaisho Hirohito said and Kagome and Inuyasha both raised their brows.
“Dad….” Inuyasha said in a warning voice.
“What? Shouldn't we practice since you'll be marrying Kagome?” Inutaisho happily declared.
“Huh?” Kagome stared stupidly at the older man.
“Don't tell me you don't love my son, Kagome.”
“Ahmmm…” Oh Christ.
“Are you toying with my son's feelings, Kagome?”
“Inuyasha…” Kagome whispered Inuyasha's name uncertainly who in turn held her hand.
“Dad, you're not funny anymore.”
“What's this Inuyasha? I told you to only bring a girl home if you plan on marrying her!” Inutaisho menacingly advanced towards his son and at the blink of an eye Kagome's barrier erected around her and Inuyasha repelling the older Hirohito.
“What the…?” Mr. Hirohito gasped as he flew a few feet off the floor and landed with a loud thud.
“Don't hurt him.” Kagome said apologetically as she stepped in front of Inuyasha.
“Kagome, calm down, Inutaisho, quit fooling around. That was not a good joke.” Mrs. Hirohito calmly helped her husband up and Kagome's barrier quivered and slowly faded.
“Oh Gods, I'm so sorry.” Kagome said in a panicky voice as she rushed towards Inuyasha's parents. “I didn't mean to…”
“It's okay, Kagome. Kaede was right when she said you're powerful.” Inutaisho said smiling genially at the young girl.
“Dad, that was dirty.” Inuyasha gritted his teeth as he put his arms around Kagome's shaking shoulders.
“Kaede was right about the barrier.” Inutaisho and Izayoi Hirohito looked at each other and nodded. The looked at Inuyasha holding Kagome's shoulder and beamed.
“I'm so sorry.” Kagome said as she bowed her head.
“No, Kagome, I'm so sorry. My husband was a clown in his past life, I'm sorry he startled you.” Mrs. Hirohito smiled at the young girl kindly. Kagome stared at Inuyasha's parents with apprehension.
“Come, Kagome. We have a lot to talk about.” Mrs. Hirohito ushered the girl inside a cream and gold room.
“I'm sorry about that. See my Dad is a frustrated actor and he thinks it's funny to act like a lunatic in fact of beautiful women.” Inuyasha whispered conspiringly.
“Ah, my son, you're right about Kagome being beautiful. It runs in the Hirohito blood to have such fine taste in women.” Mr. Hirohito smiled as he approached the talking teenagers.
“Tai, behave yourself, you're scaring Kagome off with your clownish tactics.” Mrs. Hirohito apprehended gently as she latched her arm around her husband's waist.
“No, it's okay, I'm not scared. Just a bit - surprised.” Kagome said smiling at Inuyasha's parents.
“I was surprised myself when I first met him, don't worry.” Mrs. Hirohito laughed as she tilted her face up to receive a kiss from her husband. Kagome and Inuyasha looked at each other and turned green.
“Mom, Dad, minors here!” Inuyasha yelled breaking his parents' kiss.
“Oh come on, don't tell me you and Kagome have not yet kissed?” Mr. Hirohito joked looking wickedly at the teenagers. Inuyasha and Kagome looked at each other both sporting tomato-rivaling blush and looked away.
“Ewww…” Kagome said.
“That's the word.” Inuyasha agreed.
“Hmm…I guess that means no?” Mr. Hirohito asked as he sighed dramatically. Mrs. Hirohito laughed and slapped her husband's shoulder.
“So Kagome, tell me, how it happened, how did your aura accept Inuyasha's?” Mr. Hirohito asked as they were seated around the dining table.
“Why would it not accept him, Sir?” Kagome asked confused. She knows her aura erects a barrier around her when she feels threatened and Inuyasha was not the first person to be `swallowed' in that barrier with her. Souta was the first.
“I mean he's half-demon and you're a Miko. By nature, you're enemies and your auras recognize this at first sight. It's by instinct, a defense mechanism.
“But we're friends so I guess our auras recognize that.” Kagome reasoned looking at the older demon.
“When was the first time this happened - when your aura didn't turn violent against Inuyasha? Mr. Hirohito asked and Kagome and Inuyasha looked at each other.
“Her aura was never violent against me.” Inuyasha answered.
“So you two became friends very fast?” Mrs. Hirohito asked…
“No, not really…” Kagome started thinking about her and Inuyasha's not very friendly encounters.
“She threw and energy ball at me.” Inuyasha informed his parents blandly.
“That was because you were a jerk.” Kagome replied with equally bland sarcasm.
“But you did kiss me.” Inuyasha leered.
“I kissed my hand, baka. How pitiful, you truly are a virgin.” Kagome quirked her brows at the boy beside her.
“You are a virgin too, Kagome, stop acting as if you're some kissing expert.”
“I am not acting like some kissing expert, it was the truth, I covered your mouth and kissed my hand and not your lips! Duh!” Kagome replied totally forgetting that Inuyasha's parents were there. The Hirohitos looked at the young couple with interest as they watched their son and Kagome exchange verbal prattles. Their auras swirled around them and fused.
“Interesting….” Mr. Hirohito remarked as Kagome's pink aura mingled with Inuyasha's green one.
“They're meant to be mates?” Mrs. Hirohito asked her husband in a whisper as the teenagers continued to bicker.
“Meant to be but it's still up to them. The reason why Inuyasha was not repelled by Kagome's aura is because it recognizes his as her half….”
“And the barrier?” Mrs. Hirohito asked remembering the barrier Kagome erected around Inuyasha and herself.
“Same thing, when Kagome felt that I was going to harm Inuyasha, her aura automatically flared up to protect her intended.
“Oh, I'm so excited….!” Mrs. Hirohito almost giggled.
“It is rare that auras recognize their bearer's mate, although demons and half demons sense their mates their auras just follow not initiate the joining.”
“Oh, can we plan the wedding this soon?” Mrs. Hirohito asked her husband unaware that the teenagers have stopped bickering and were looking at them with fear and apprehension.
“What wedding?” Inuyasha asked.
“Wedding?” Kagome squeaked.
“Mom? Dad? What's going on?”
“Oh nothing, just let us old people be.” Mrs. Hirohito replied smiling.
“What wedding?” Kagome asked, she had a feeling things will go from bad to worst.
“Yeah, Mom, whose wedding?”
“Sesshoumaru.” Mrs. Hirohito replied weakly.
“Sesshoumaru is getting married?!” Inuyasha asked standing up.
“No, Sesshoumaru is coming home.” Mr. Hirohito explained.
“He's staying for the whole duration of his break.”
“Damn!” Inuyasha hissed softly.
“You are not to curse inside my house, Inuyasha.” Mr. Hirohito gently but sternly reprimanded his younger son. Kagome looked on, unsure of how to react or what to say, she does not know who this Sesshoumaru is anyway.
“Sesshoumaru is Inuyasha's brother.” Mrs. Hirohito supplied aware that Kagome was lost in the conversation.
“Half brother.” Inuyasha gritted his teeth.
“Inuyasha…” Mrs. Hirohito warned.
“He takes everything that's mine…” Inuyasha sat down and muttered under his breath.
“Inuyasha, this is not the time to be dramatic.” Mr. Hirohito told his younger son and massaged his temples, already his headache is starting. Kagome grasped Inuyasha's hand, comforting her friend unconsciously.
“He always takes away what's mine…” Inuyasha said again and sighed.
“And just what did your brother `take' from you, Inuyasha? Mr. Hirohito asked his son.
“He took Kikyo.” Inuyasha replied and Kagome froze. This Sesshoumaru came between Kikyo and Inuyasha?
“Inuyasha, Kikyo was never yours to begin with…” Mrs. Hirohito gently told her younger son.
“Have you no shame? How dare you mention another woman in front of Kagome?” Mr. Hirohito demanded.
“No, Sir, it's okay, I understand.” Kagome quickly replied not knowing if she should blurt out that she and Inuyasha have an arrangement and their relationship was totally about getting Kikyo to notice Inuyasha.
“I'm sorry…” Inuyasha said quietly.
“Don't be.” Kagome smiled and squeezed her friend's hand.
The dinner was pleasant, Inuyasha's parents were a joy to watch as Mr. Hirohito continued to tease his wife who in turn would blush and slap her husband's shoulder.
“Please forgive them, they think they're sixteen.” Inuyasha whispered in Kagome's ear.
“It's actually sweet, I wish when I'm married, my husband will be as sweet and as caring as your Dad.” Kagome whispered back smiling.
“That's easy, Kagome. Inuyasha is my son so he inherits my `sweetness' whether he likes it or not, so you're safe.” Mr. Hirohito grinned.
“Ummm…” Kagome felt her face flare.
“Dad, don't start.” Inuyasha said, his face rivaled Kagome's blush.
“Why, don't you plan on getting married?” Mr. Hirohito pressed.
“We're fifteen, Dad. We're not even allowed to vote yet, how much more get married.” Inuyasha replied shaking his head.
“Oh, is that the problem? It's okay if you have your parents' consent.” Mr. Hirohito grinned again loving how Inuyasha squirmed in his seat. Kagome however seemed to have grown tired of blushing and progressed to playing with her fork.
“Tai, enough.” Mrs. Hirohito whispered.
“I mean…” Mr. Hirohito started and stopped seeing the look in his wife's eyes.
“Kagome, would you like to see Inuyasha's baby pictures?” Mrs. Hirohito offered.
“Mom!” Inuyasha protested.
“Why Inuyasha, you are to marry Kagome, anyway so what's the fuss?” Mr. Hirohito could not help but tease.
“Tai, that's enough. You're making Kagome blush again.” Mrs. Hirohito laughingly said as she ushered the young Miko to another room. Inuyasha's blush looked like it wouldn't go away until he's fifty as he grudgingly followed his parents to the family room. Kagome looked at Inuyasha and winked.
“You're enjoying this.” Inuyasha whispered putting his arm around Kagome who stiffened. “Oopss, sorry.” Inuyasha said quickly as he withdrew his hand.
“It's okay.” Kagome replied.
“Really?” Inuyasha teased as he draped his arm around his friend.
“Yes, really. It's the least that I could do considering that a few seconds from now I'll be seeing your baby pictures, if luck is on my side, there will even be naked baby pictures of you.” Kagome replied and grinned like a well-fed cat.
“You….” Inuyasha stammered and smiled suddenly and when he saw the piano.
“Mom, Dad, have I told you that my girlfriend has a really beautiful voice, that's why I fell in love with her in the first place, am I not right, honey?” Inuyasha grinned mischievously.
“Inuyasha…” Kagome gritted her teeth.
“Is that so? Could you please sing for us, Kagome?” Mrs. Hirohito requested totally forgetting about Inuyasha and his baby pictures. Mr. Hirohito, hearing the entire exchange because of his youkai senses smiled at the young couple as Kagome glared daggers at his son and Inuyasha acted like he just won the lottery, his arm draped around Kagome possessively.
“Please indulge us Kagome…” Mrs. Hirohito smiled at Kagome gesturing at the grand piano near the fireplace.
“Come on, hon.” Inuyasha whispered.
“I hope you're ready to be purified baby.” Kagome whispered back, her voice draped with forced sweetness as she left Inuyasha's embrace. She smiled at Mr. and Mrs. Hirohito before sitting in front of the piano.
I'm afraid I'm starting to feel
What I said I would not do
The last time really hurt me
I'm scared to fall in love
Afraid to love so fast
Cuz every time I fall in love
It seems to never last
But every time your love is near
And every time I'm filled with fear
Cuz every time I see your face
My heart does begin to race every time
One half wants me to go
One half wants me to stay
I just get so all confused
I'm scared to fall in love
Afraid to love so fast
Cuz every time I fall in love
It seems to never last
But every time your love is near
And every time I'm filled with fear
Cuz every time...
My heart does begin to race every time
I'm scared to fall in love
Afraid to love so fast
Cuz every time I fall in love
It seems to... never last
But every time your love is near
And every time I'm filled with fear
Cuz every time I see your face
My heart does begin to race every time
It's every time
It's every time
Cuz. . .
Every time your love is near
And every time I'm filled with fear
Cuz every time I see your face
Could it be that this will be the one that lasts?
The fear does start to erase every time
Oh could it be that this will be the one that lasts
For all my times
Ooh yeah
For all my times…
Kagome let her fingers skim the piano keys after her song ended and smiled.
“Are you still afraid…?” Someone called from behind her and she swung around to see who spoke.
“What?” She asked the tall, silver-haired man lounging casually by the room's entrance, a small smile playing on his face.
“Are you still afraid to fall in love?” Came the reply.
“Sesshoumaru!” Inuyasha hissed.
“Hello, Inuyasha. It's not happiness to see me, is it?” Sesshoumaru drawled as he let his gaze linger on the young Miko.
Author's Note:
The drama starts here. You've been warned. Hehehe. The song Everytime is by Janet Jackson.